The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Wishes to be Santa.

Wishes to usurp Santa and deliver nothing to the children!

Secretly wishes to be an angry midget and get paid just for being one.

Secretly wishes he wasn't sideways.

the person above me wishes that Christmas was called Gabemass

Wishes that Hal-Life 3 would be worth the wait.(let's face it, if they ever release it it's never going to met expectations)

Secretly wishes that aliens would invade.

Wishes that those aliens would be friendly. And to be able to post more often.

To make such an awesome first post that it would be remembered in internet history.

Wishes to be responsible for the next internet sensation.

Secretly wishes that aliens would invade.

Wishes her thread would last forever!

OT: Wishes to crush the next internet sensation.

Wishes to be the next internet sensation!

Wishes to be a lizard.

Wishes he was David Icke

Wishes he was Batman.

Wishes to be a Batman villian.

For his dinner to explode with flavor.

Secretly wishes that flavor was cherry.

Wishes to see something strange and mystical.

Wishes to be the very best.

Wishes to travel across the land

Wishes to search far and wide.

For a dictionary to be named in his honor.

Secretly wishes for super soup.

Secretly wishes to be eaten for dinner.

Secretly wishes to do the eating!

For the leftovers for their dog.

For a giant melon of their choice.

For a sword made of poop.

For shoes that give a +5 to speed.

For a hat that gives + 6 to all stats.

To collect ALL the hats.

To collect everything.

To have a sneak peek at the life credits that play when you die.

To read a book backwards.

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