The person above me secretly wishes for....

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to not have an orange tint

To have accuracy.

To have a yacht made of gold.

To have a yacht made of diamonds.

To have a yacht made from stylish hats!

To make stylish hats out of yachts, some of which are use to make a yacht made out of stylish hats.

To direct the next inception movie, on a yacht of hats as the setting :p

The person above wishes to be a making a hat out of yachts, on a yacht made of hats, in the background of the new inception movie, inside a yacht that contains a hat factory.

Should definitely have gotten a forum award for mind fuckery :p haha

Wishes to post here more.

Wishes to post less.

Wishes to be the lord of posters!

Wishes to be the lord of poster's cat.

Wishes to be king of the cheese.

Wishes to dance on lords!

For hairballs not to exist.

Wishes he had a hairless cat.

To marry his cousin Elizabeth

To marry his cousin Elizabeth

No, I wish to marry my cousin Jane, but then settled on Elizabeth when it came to my attention that Jane had better prospects in the form of Mr. Bingley.

The person above me wishes he had a better grasp on Victorian literature, gah.

Wishes to have been born in Victorian times!

Wishes he wasn't so perfectly correct

Wishes for more posts.

Wishes he had posted less in the past

Wishes they weren't so superior.

For some bleach for that stain.

Wishes that mind bleach was a real product.

wishes to have a more armor

Wishes to be part of the Clone Army and fight the droids

Wishes his Taco curse was lifted.

wishes to turn taco into a real boy

Wishes to rip-off the plot of Pinocchio

For people to truly understand what it means to be Zombie bait.

Wishes to be something else that just a something, indeed.

Wishes to be 50% fancier.

Wishes to be more crass

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