Rate the song above you!

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6/10. While very interesting, it goes on a bit to long to retain much lasting attention from its listener.


Sounds like I should know that song. Then again it's so obviously designed to be pop-py and catchy that I really can't say - for that it's too close to being one of those typical radio songs, the kind of auditory fast food that never tastes bad and is good once in a while but ultimately lacks nourishment.

You should know the song if you're a Doctor Who fan!

Now, for the song itself?
7/10. The instrumentals are good, but the melody seems quite inconsistant.

Capatcha: face teh music

3/10. Just, no.


I've started to think that bands of this ilk are trying to be legitimate pop punk musicians but their one screamo mate just keeps hanging around and no one has the heart to tell him no. Because the mix hasn't grown on me at all yet.

8/10.... Nostalgia it burns! and actually without nostalgia goggles on that songs actually really good...<.<


I like the contrast with the calm parts here a lot. It never sounds overburdened in terms of instrumentals and each time where I feel it's too close to being too noisy it takes a step back again and works with some very relaxing acoustic sounds - like in that great interlude at around 1:40. I really like that. On the other hand, I'm really not a fan of those vocals or the kind of noisyness employed occasionally - especially that distorted part at around 3:15 really annoys me.

6/10 I was ready to hate it when you mention the Dropkick Murphys... since I find them basically unlistenable roughly 80% of the time... but this was pretty good... Though I hate how drinking song a lot of it sounds... especially in the beginning... I can;t stand drinking songs... that and the way the singers voice cracks up when he raises his voice bothers me a bit, it's just far too clean and generic to really work for anything really... also the instrumentals do a really bad job of mixing the influences... it's essentially a polka song with distorted guitars in the background that don;t add anything to the song...

Writing about quasiparticles while listening to a band named quasi is too good an opportunity to pass on right now >_>



Oh yeah that's good stuff. The electric organ sets the scene perfectly with an addicting and interesting beginning that I really enjoy before the singing sets in at about 1:45. The following provides a great curve from something a bit more relaxing up to a nice climax complete with a regress afterwards that closes the song satisfyingly. Unfortunately, the track is a bit too short for this development and I think one or two minutes more would have been a boon to that song. Moreover I'm not entirely captivated by the vocals here.

...I think I've never heard a band in recent times that deserved the label "in your face" more than these guys. I absolutely have
no idea why I'm hooked on them since I discovered them yesterday...

8/10 that was pretty good.

0/10 I'm gonna be honest, there was nothing good about that. It wasn't creative , it wasn't fun, it wasn't emotional, it wasn't charming in any way; it was just the most unenjoyable generic mush of words and notes I could imagine.

4/10. I just can't get into Japanese music.


I dug the video a little. I liked the whole 'stage show in a post apocalypse' thing.
Musically it was eh. Not entirely my cup, but there were little moments I enjoyed.

As they say in my town.

8/10. Great song.

Awww, the logo had me thinking it was going to be a crazy rural american inflected rock/metalcore group similar to Maylene and the Sons of Disaster or possibly Red Fang or even Cancer Bats.



Certainly has a nice dirty metal style to it, that's for certain. Still, the rest is just unfulfilling - too repetitive with nothing ingenious going on in the instrumentals and the vocals also do nothing for me here.

6/10. Typical black metal. Nice riffs, mediocre vocals. Still, the fact that they didn't bore me in the first five minutes deserves some mention.

How about a band that I saw live yesterday?

8/10. That was pretty good.

4/10. I liked the orchestral flourishes, but beyond that, no thanks.


I really hate this. The music is good, has some good tempo and rhythm to it and the occasional interlude with guitar and synths give the song some character despite the fact that I miss a climax somewhere. But then, the vocals just spoil it for me with that ethereal, inconsequential sound that never leads anywhere interesting.

6/10 I would've really preferred that as an instrumental, the singer kinda ruined some of the atmosphere...

Japanese band, but they are singing in english <.<

6.5/10. The music was decent, the vocals were kinda crap though.

Fun fact: This song is about those kids who made the "3 Guys 1 Hammer" video.

3/10. Typical metalcore.

6/10 Kind of mixed... Definitely not bad and listenable.

Punk rock cover of The Who's song.

5/10. Not bad, but not my choice genre.

Probably my favorite song ever, the video looks interesting and the song just gets my adrenaline pumping!

7/10 really bordered a bit too much on Ska for my tastes, with all of the guitar chugging... but it's hard to beat the Kids are Alright... just a classic song... and I loved how low the production values are, actually felt like punk rock... compared to what the genre has turned into nowadays...<.<

9/10. Love that song, definitely one of Pendulum's best songs.


Appears you got ninja'd, just like you ninja'd me haha

5/10. I was liking it but that horn part (trumpet maybe?) sounded pretty bad and out of place and that bit at 2:40, why was that in there?

The video clip doesn't really make too much sense for my song because it's part 4 of an 11 part thing so the first 3 parts help piece it together.

6/10 While not bad, I just don't care for FOB's new album.


whereas shrug=6.2
edit: I'll elaborate. I don't even try to get Metal genres straight, all right? So I'll just say it's that kind of music - which I get. Picture me on a long car drive; I've got only the radio with mostly commercials and shit on but suddenly this song is being played. I will turn it loud and enjoy it. But then again, shrug ;)
also edit: corrected my rating.

4/10 I feel like it's self-parody and there's just some kind of joke I'm missing...

Starts kinda oddly...

4/10. Sounded like a bad Metallica ripoff, and those samples from the game are annoying.

Me again :)

Same thing as above but I wonder why there's an angry witch screaming. A good 5/10[1].

let's try distorted guitars, then:

[1] Not applying video game review scores here, btw

7.5/10. I love The Vines, I wonder what happened to them.

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