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^ Yes he is. Now sit down.

< I can return the shoes. The headset is currently with my dad's soldering iron.

v My life is super interesting.

^ Maybe, but I doubt it.

< Needs to pay bills.

V Where are the monies?

^ Certainly not in my pockets.

< Maya crashed and I had literally just finished and went to save.


^ Ah yes spunge berb.

< Hip with the kids

V Fears the day a young person will ask "What's the Simpsons?"

^ I'll probably run to wikipedia to confirm whether they ended it.

< Oh, I just did it again in half the time and made it better by the way.

v Conscious during the early hours of the morning hoping for good fortune.

^ I do get up early.

< It's for work :(

V Unemployed student.

^ #relatable

< When I go to my local library it feels like primary school again. All of the staff feel teachery and I'm surrounded by wholesome posters and children's books.

v Wants to sell me something!!!

^ Hey, if it means so extra cash for me and you'll actually buy it, why not?

< Had a pretty decent night on Overwatch.

V Too bad the best thing I got out of the loot boxes I earned was a new highlight into for Phara.

^ That's good if you play Pharah I suppose.

< When you get the coveted 1/200 drop in 2 kills...I had some drinks prepared for a night of grinding, too.

v Feels mannequins are overused.

^ Only in foggy resort towns.
< Wouldn't touch Overwatch if you payed me; I despise online shooters.
v Has a similar prejudice against some other game genre.

^ Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm- no.

< image

v Angery.

^ That thing looks like a prototype to Mousers from TMNT.
< Remembers that they pooped money.
v Krang sucks.

^ There were many enemies in the first Ratchet and Clank game that looked like those Mousers.

< My friend lent me a spare headset he has while my dad attempts to repair mine. I asked him if he minded me throwing out the box and he said yes. I said fine and asked if he wanted to keep his silica gel too for later. It's funny because I was basically telling him to kill himself, at least by popular belief with regards to silica gel.

v That's what friends do.

^ Like the Disney Princess on Drawn Together. "You'll feel better after you kill yourself."
< Doesn't know what you're talking about with silica gel.
v Cloud tried to steal my Lego an hour ago and ran away, but now she's purring on my chest.

^ My cat is a pulsating tuffet.

< Why do I feel I'm going to regret getting involved in that JonTron thread?

v Don't hurt me, I'm in way over my head!

^ Aren't we all, in a way?
< Typed that once already, but Escapist lost Internet while I was typing.
v was a good show.

^ Smalls and the big man!

< that was an idea for a show, a throwback to the days of mismatched opposite buddy cop shows!

V Trust the nydus touch!

^ That was an interesting Benny Hill remix.

< Sad because I never got my shiny Magikarp. Did they make it 1/100? 1/50, even? I'm so disappointed. All my luck seemed to go into getting 10k eggs... (oh shit nevermind apparently the karps are still available)

v Rugrats.

^ Courage the cowardly dog.

< Big fan

V 90's toons?

^ Extreme Ghostbusters!
< Better yet, Beast Wars!
v Describe to me an 80's cartoon other than Transformers that has aged well, I dare you.

^ Garfield!

< was that expected?

V WHO ARE YOU!?! I've been asking myself that same question. Am I the son of a goose? The son of a panda? A student? A teacher? Turns out I'm all of them! I AM THE DRAGON WARRIOR!

^ Why are dragons afraid of the dark?

< Because they are hunted by (K)nights.........

V Is not amused.

^ I am haha-ing that way you normally laugh at puns. Not a genuine laugh, but a vocalisation that conveys "I see what you did there".

< FUCK YOU, Sasuke!

v You, are my NAKAMA. And nothing will change that you FUCKING BITCH.

^ I don't think that word means what you think it means.
< Every story ever made is better off when not including unrelated characters who tell each other the story.
v It's a waste of bloody time and those characters usually suck.


< The weather played an April fools joke. It was basically Summer and then it became violently April.

v Nice chutzpah.

^I question my own motives.


V Beaten Dark souls.

^ Only the tutorial, I still need to git gud.
< Making great progress in Fuel, though.
v Never heard of the biggest sandbox on consoles.

^ Are you talking about Dark Souls or something else? Because everyone has heard of Dark Souls.


^ That's good if you play Pharah I suppose.

Unfortunately I don't really play her at all.

V Have you been to Mars?

^ I've eaten a Mars bar.

< Pretty sure nobody eats Parma Violets unless it's a compromise or they're eating out of boredom.

v Packing peanuts.

^ Hate them.

< Likes actual peanuts though.

V Prepared for everything.


^ Are you talking about Dark Souls or something else? Because everyone has heard of Dark Souls.

(Dark Souls is certainly not the largest map even if it counts as sandbox.)

^ Only the tutorial, I still need to git gud.
< Making great progress in Fuel, though.
v Never heard of the biggest sandbox on consoles.

v I wasn't ready for that face-palm.

^ Hey, I said everyone has heard of Dark Souls. I did not say everyone knew everything about Dark Souls.

< Has never played Dark Souls.

V Spends all their time making angry posts on other forums.

^ Only some of it.

< How on earth did I come to know of Hagar the Horrible? I remember seeing books (or cartoons?) featuring the character when I was very young.

v Foggy.

^ Nope.

< Needs to do stuff that he doesn't want to do.

V Captures all the hearts with their yodeling skills.

^Yo de lay yoohoo!

<Flirts with the grace of a sledgehammer.

V excited for the Invader Zim movie.

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