The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Airship Rising Dawn

Dimitri, Melethia, Fionn, Rugal, Slindis

Fionn was wiping the sweat of his brow with his hat as Dimitri cut in. Contrary to what he heard, the controls were NOT self explanatory. He had no clue as to how much time he had left to get the ship out, and whether or not someone who could actually do something would show up.

"Greetings, User: Fionn. I am AI Dimitri, personal assistant and aide for User: Teri Gravel, 7th level Cleric. Aside from that, I am also an aide in the upkeep of the Rising Dawn, and I see you are attempting to make use of the flight controls. Would you like my assistance in this endeavor, or do you find manual controls sufficient?"

"THANK CHRIST!!" His face lit up when Dimitri intoduced himself, although still bewildered with shat to do. "Yes Dimitri, we're being sucked into a rather nasty looking space phenomenon, is there anything you can do to get us out of it?!" He anxiously awaited a response from the AI as the others entered the bridge. He was a Gun Mage, not a pilot!

"Okay, Mister Fionn, what's goin' on here?"

"Well, that thing outside appeared, I came up here to find out what the hell was going on, and the only person here was that poncy git in the fancy armor. As you can see, piloting an advanced airship isn't quite my forte." Fionn managed to successfully remain deadpan upon the arrival of Slindis, Rugal and Melethia. It was relieving to see them (even Rugal of all people) arrive on the bridge, at least there were some people around who had their heads on straight. He hoped anyway.

Airship Rising Dawn

Dimitri, Melethia, Fionn, Rugal, Slindis

"Yes Dimitri, we're being sucked into a rather nasty looking space phenomenon, is there anything you can do to get us out of it?!"

"I shall see what I can do! Hold onto something, this bit phenomena is a tricky one. There may be more turbulence along the way..."

And so the AI's fingers danced across the digital representation of a keyboard of the Dawn, working the thrusters and controls to the best of his processing abilities.

If anything, at least the shaking was stopping....

Airship Rising Dawn

Dimitri, Melethia, Fionn, Rugal, Slindis

Melethia walked up to the controls after hearing Fionn's explanation. "Well, it might not exactly the same as a regular ship, but they all speak the same. Mind if I help?" She went to the controls and began working with Dimitri on the outside, but the way the ship was reacting to what was going on told her that there wasn't going to be any altering the path they were on unless she wanted to tear the ship apart. There was also readings of low humidity, so they'd be somewhere dry.

"Hold tight, guys! We just have to ride this through!"

Slindis Sat down and focused, because there was no telling where they'd end. She had to be prepared for the people there to be hostile, after all.

Airship Rising Dawn: Bridge


The second he entered the bridge, Rugal began to give out orders and instructions he learned from reading the ships manual.
"AI Units (Dimitri, Vermilion): Reroute all power to the front engines and hit it in reverse, it'll sap power from the portal and hopefully get us away from it.
Melethia, Go to one of those access panels and cut the wires in it in the order: Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Orange. They are for the ships safeguards, with them out of the way, we can boost the power to the engines.
Fionn, read me the distance in kilometers from the portal, if all else fails, we can use the Portal's pull to "Slingshot" us away provided we have the space for banking.
Slindis, help me find the manual controls.
LETS MOVE PEOPLE!" He ordered as he cast his jacket aside and began looking for the ships wheel, despite having no eyes.
Clearly, he didn't want to end up in another realm.


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Airship Rising Dawn:
Rugal got an announcement that someone had entered the ship, the security cameras showed it looked an awful lot like Dillon but Rugal Didn't think this was the teenager. His gait was all wrong, this person seemed to put all his weight into each step, he also seemed to almost charge, Dillon walked with confidence, this guy was akin to a bulldozer.
He was heading for the medical bay which was sketchy.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn
Time: Lunch - interruptus

Lucieon | Lucretia | Matt

Luke watched the group leave before turning his attention back toward Lucretia. "You have found the man you were looking for. Congratulations," He walked over and picked a cigarette from her pocket and popped it in his mouth, his eyes were a deep mournful blue filled with sadness. He lit the cigarette with a small bout of flame from his hand, "what shall you do now? Killing him seems out of the question. And seemingly we have encountered a very grave situation indeed," Luke turned his head slightly to peer out of the great windows at the swirling portal, "yes indeed."

"Is there anything you are wishful of doing? I can help you in your quest. I am, after all, inclined to help everyone aboard the vessel, the being that probably summoned me here." He tipped his staff and let it lightly touch Lucretia's frame, casting Remedy on her superficial wounds. A young girl should not be so scarred, "What can this Undead Quartermaster help you with?" He smiled, his eyes glinting in the light of the portal, in reality he had indeed implied the question: how did you know of my undeath.

David West

After escaping the canteen and the first meeting of his daughter, David ran though the hallways in a attempt to get to the bridge but soon found himself running into who he thought was Dillon.
"Dillon!? Oh thank god! Listen, Someone used the portal tech on the ship incorrectly and this whole flying piece of shit is about to be torn apart. Please tell me you set up some "Make everything better" Button or something?!" He pleaded, the stress and distress from meeting Lucretia on top of his incoming demise starting to get to him.

Airship Rising Dawn: Bridge


"Um, yeah...." Fionn noticed that Rugal was blindly searching for a ships wheel. A wheel that didn't exist on the bridge of the new Rising Dawn. Fionn shoot his head (again) and jumped over to Rugal, thinking he could at least try to guide him. "Lets just get you AAHH-" the crew were once again flung in the direction of the bow of the ship as they closed in on the Portal. For all of Dimitri and Melethia's attempts at getting the ship clear, the ship was going in.

You know how in most Sci-Fi programs the ship that goes in the wormhole is just rocked about a little with the occasional violent swerve at worst? Yeah, this wasn't like that. As the Rising Dawn was sucked into the portal, it was bounced all over the place by vortexes, electrical storms and all other manner of unpleasant inter-dimensional things.

Inside the wormhole, things were no better. Bolts of electricity surged across the tunnel of light, abstract shapes danced about, seas of fire painted the background, it was truly a sight to behold! ......Too bad the passengers of the ship were being thrown about like airplane luggage. There was no letup in the pandemonium, in the bridge, Fionn was being flung about like a ragdoll. "Are there any kind of stabilizers on bo-" His head hit the ceiling, sending him into a slight daze.

Gravity also had no meaning here, and with no active gravity generators, everyone began to float. Well they would, but the whole being thrown about thing prevented anyone really noticing at first.

The ship was holding surprisingly well to all of this, although the engines certainly took a battering, a stray bolt of electricity struck the left turbine, sending the ship spinning as well as tossing and turning.

Anyone remember to fasten their seat belts? No? Oh dear..........

David West, Dillon (?), Teri

Teri wandered in on the two men, still atop an enormous black wolf's back, and looked at the scene playing out before her, "Portal tech? We have that on the ship too..? I swear this thing has a more eclectic design than a 5 year olds coloring book! Regardless, I was on my way to the Med-Bay and I saw you two. Do you have any more updates about the situation? Dimitri's told me nothing since he hopped onto the Rising Dawn's grid...."

She looked at Dillon with a curious glance, and wondered quietly to herself when the man got there. Wasn't he looking for his family? Why remain here?

Unfortunately, that thought was cut short by the jerking and shaking of the ship; as well as the anti-gravitational silliness kicking in. With a cry of, "HOLY SHIT!" Teri latched onto the wolf's fur like a koala to eucalyptus; not wanting to let go until the horrible ordeal was over.

Caim, Angelus

Being banged in one's private chambers, no matter what the romantic movies might have told you, had no real appeal in reality. At least, it wasn't in the context presented here. As the duo (Ton Ton and Cadolbolg had left for a snack moments ago) literally bounced around their room, Angelus could not help but curse aloud,

"Why is it every time we go to another dimension, something violent has to happen?!"

The warrior could only shrug before the anti gravity kicked in, and the two found themselves floating in mid air...

"Well, this isn't as bad..."

You say that now, Caim; but when that anti-gravitational field fizzles out, you're going to be hating yourself in the morning.

Cutie Bruisers

Even in times of crisis, one could not deny the need to feed... On snacks, that is! The cute duo were making their way to the Canteen before the massive surge of violent shaking began; and found themselves bouncing up and down the halls like ping-pong balls. Were it not for their durability as dragon and Tonberry (as well as being pact bound); it probably would have left the duo with some nasty bruises. Still, once the lack of gravity kicked in, the duo found that flying around in a space where there was no gravity a much more efficient means of travel, and continued along their original path... If they weren't already turned around by all the aforementioned bouncing.


David West, Dillon (?), Teri

The TXD watched as both of the younger people seemed to be looking at him when sudden the ship started going crazy
-Input Command: Activate: magnetic clamps

The internal command was silent to everyone but hen the ship started spinning like crazy he found he was able to hold himself, however the other two were in some danger.
"hey unless you wanna find yourselves pulverized you may wanna grab onto me." he told the two holding out his arms he caught Teri and David, the cleric Didn't exactly like 'Dillon' touching her but considering the alternative was being thrown around like a tumble dryer there wasn't much choice. though this was rather eerie, last time Dillon had touched her, putting his hand on her shoulder, at least his hand had the properties f a normal hand, as in it had warmth, this time Dillon's hands and his whole body felt cold and oddly hard as if his skin had little give. then she noticed to more oddities, one he wasn't wearing glasses, and two his eyes

Airship Rising Dawn


Rugal was the first to be sent flying by the ship's decent into madness/the portal.
Punching into the ground/wall/ceiling/whatever it was, he held onto the metal he had grabbed and used it to secure himself in place during the turmoil.
"TELL WHOEVER OPENED THAT DAMN THING I'M GOING TO KILL THEM!" He shouted as he felt the bridge roll and shake all around him.
All the while, he kept his senses about him in case he could grab anyone and spare them from most of the tossing.


Taking the Cue to grab the robot as the ship went haywire, David grabbed onto one of the T-X-D's arms and holding on for dear life.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHA!NO!I'MRETIRED!I'MNOTGOINGI'MNOTGOING!" He screamed like a little girl as clung onto the robotic Dillon.


During her attempts to reach the bridge, Jenny too was caught up in the ship's barrel roll.
Placing Reflect Barriers all around her, hitting her head in a situation like this could be fatal, she prayed that it would end soon and she could return to her clinic in New York, far away from the madness of the Rising Dawn.

Airship Rising Dawn

Slindis, Melethia

As soon as the turbulence started off, Slindis kicked off the walls to get a hold of Melethia ans shield her from the impacts. Even though Melethia probably had a decent bit of experience in these kinds of conditions, Slindis wasn't going to let Melethia get badly harmed. It was also around this point where Slindis was glad that Lupito had gone to rest in her room, but she could also hear the Dire Wolf clearly panicking from the sudden awakening.

Devon, Jenny, Ella

The moment the turbulence started, Devon immediately held Ella tightly as a cyclonic sphere began rotating around him and protected the two from the majority of the jostling. Sure, their hair looked like hell, but the few impacts they suffered would be fairly minor. Since the two had been following after Jenny, Devon was able to put bit a decent bit more effort to help the Gardevoir as well.

"Jenny, are you okay?" He raised his voice so the Gardevoir could hear him, and as she turned to the Bard, she could see the winds around himself as well. It didn't take a genius to find out that Devon had been the one to put up the protective winds.

A little imp cralwed out of the ashes and Danny, despite the energy, was having to hang onto Dillon until he could stand again. Dillon might recognize the imp.

He was tring to sneak away, run from them. "I know where he sent them, i'll get em back, but you might want to deal with him." the boy said, pointing at the little red dude.

Through all the madness, Soul was sitting there eating a sandwitch depressed. He had been sitting when it began and the effects of the turbulence had really no effect on him. even reality didn't want to touch him.

Airship Rising Dawn

Slindis, Melethia, Rugal

As the Drow and the Elf attempted to ride out the storm, Slindis felt a hand grab her ankle.
She was about to instinctively kick it off her until she saw it was Rugal pulling her down to his little hanging notch.
Ushering the pair to lay low as he punched his other fist as well as stabbing his feet into the floor and covered them with his body, stopping them from getting flung around and protecting them from flying objects.

Devon, Jenny, Ella

Kicking off one of the walls to the safe haven of Devon's wind Sphere, Jenny shouted over the storm "WHAT IS HAPPENING?!" as she clung onto the pair, not wanting to be thrown around.

David, T-X-D, Teri


Airship Rising Dawn

David, Dillon (?), Teri


Under a DC of 20, Teri attempts to cast a 0 level spell, Create Water... She rolls a 15. Oh dear... 12 seconds before she can cast another 0 level spell.

Teri struggled to make the appropriate gestures and speak the right lines for the spell she hoped would stop her wolfy friend from being tossed about; but with the madness falling about them, the cold hand holding her in place, and the stress of seeing Garm flailing about in the air, the spell fizzled, leaving Teri to watch in horror as her companion was tossed about.

After the recharge time passed, the Cleric weakly tried the same motions, but the spell fizzled out again, and Garm continued to be battered about by the ship's tossing.

Airship Rising Dawn: Bridge

As the crew held on to whatever they could grab for the rest of the journey, the portal gave out one last belt to the ship was it was flung out over orbit of an unfamiliar planet, anyone actually paying attention to the scanners/sensors could see the planet resembles earth in most ways, except the scale of the land was a bit off, and there were a few extra continents.

The turbulence calmed down now, and the gravity began to come back gradually, gently setting everyone back down on the floors of the ship. Fionn landed beside Rugal, Slindis and Melethia, clearly still dazed. "Jim, did you catch a glimpse of that train?"

However, the ship was now plummeting to the earth, the speed of the fall now rapidly approaching terminal velocity. Fionn was soon picked up by the forces and slammed into the back wall of the bridge.

"Fionn, do you need help?"


As the Drow turned her head, she could see the ground approaching quite quickly......

Breecher's Pass, clifftop.

An exploring Wizard was in the middle of cooking bacon over an open fire, lamenting his humiliation at the Academy last week. "I told them a comet was going to land here, I'll fucking show them...." As he served himself his dinner, he shook his head. "Maybe I'm just an old fool". It was then he cocked his head up, and spotted a massive fireball approaching the earth. "I TOLD THEM IT WAS COMING, DIDN'T I!? YES!" The Wizard began to dance around, only stopping when he noticed the fireball was coming closer very quickly. "Wait, where is it landing....... Oh, SHIT!" He leaped on his horse, disregarding the rest of his equipment, and bolted off.

Alright Gentlemen and Gentlewomen, BRACE FOR IMPACT!!!

Storm-178 (and Alpha).
Location: Rising Dawn | Hanger | Currently being screwed by a portal.
Time: 4Pm

During the Storm in the hanger.

While Storm was asleep the ship was about to be rocked.
A sudden knock made him fly to the side and slam into a the right wall of the hanger.
"CUNK!" Was the sound it made, the noise woke up Storm instantly.
"Fuuuuuuuck, here we go." Storm said, luckily enough the suit absorbed most of the impact.
Once more a knock hit the ship, hard. Storm flew upwards towards the ceiling instead.
"I have a really- ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!" Storm could only say as the whole hanger's supply of loose weapons and vehicles began to fall upon him.

Luckily enough his ship had planted itself on the floor. Though this did not stop the problem of boxes, bikes, sharp things and other sorts of items falling upon him. "You might want to do your thing now." Alpha said in a worried mood, "Fine, fine." Storm said as he jumped and dodged the weapons and then managed the kick away most of the bikes.

Then a tank suddenly came at him. "who seriously had a tank!?" He yelled as the tank hit him hard enough to send him back to the ground, though the Spartan had grabbed the tank and held it up with his strength. "RAAAAAW!" He screamed with his muscles and threw the tank directly to the other side of the hanger.
"Anything else you want to throw at me!" He yelled and then laughed like a mad man afterward. Though the ship responded by throwing him back down to the hanger floor instead of the ceiling. "I'm going to be sick." Storm sighed. The ship had began to fall ... to where though?

The Void

Dillon glared at the little imp,
"I got this"
Dillon walked over to the tiny little imp. His wings glowed harshly the little imp covered his eyes, Dillon's boot connected and sent him flying. Dillon went back over to Dani and helped him walk letting Dani hold on to his shoulder.
"Let's get to Amaya she can get us out of here while i keep this thing busy. then We can get you guys attend to once we're in the dawn."
He searched for his family's souls.


Airship Rising Dawn

David, Dillon (?), Teri

The TXD was annoyed by the screaming of the boy he activated a special sensory method where he was in a reality that imitated exactly the same as the normal one with the exception of David not existing. in other words he was ignoring him.
He did look at the cleric trying to save her large wolf from tumbling around as the airship stopped spinning around he felt hoped this would cause relief but he suspected a rough landing.
"Hey girl you doing OK?" he asked he meanwhile was looking around hoping maybe the ship would stabilize.


Canteen wall.
Soul was thrown up against the wall. HE activated his battle disc and transformed. His hair grew spiky and his coat opened up. He looked more badass in general.

He managed to draw a hand and smiled at it. "Dark magic curtain!" he shouted and played the card. His nose began to bleed as his body flared with pain. Then out of his deck and onto the playing area popped the dark magician. Before him, the master mage was summoned.

"Dark Magician, get me off this wall!" Soul ordered. With a nod, the magician nodded to his master and now Soul was floating under the Dark Magician's power. His head was pounding, but the duelist still was able to think. He looked at his hand and made his way up to the bridge with his creation. Seeing rugal protecting some people, he motioned for the dark magician to blow out the bride windows.

With a blast, he destroyed them, sending a rush of air into it. The dark magician flew out as Soul played magic formula, and increased the magician's attack. He then summoned Defender, the magical knight and played magical dimension, allowing him to sacrifice the knight to summon his dark magician girl.

The dark magician girl looked as if she was abused and badly beaten, something odd. and some of the wounds looked fresh, such as the lash marks on her back and a swollen cheek on her face.

However, he wasn't done yet, as he finished up by playing Magic cylinder as one appeared infront of window to the bridge and a massive one appeared up at the nose of the airship.
"Fire" he ordered them to do and each of the magicians fired into the barrel, the magical beams firing out into the cylinder infront of them and coming out of the larger one at the nose of the ship, pressing against it.

Considering this was enough power to level a few city blocks, the ship began to slow down due to newton's laws of motion pressing against the ship. It slowed it down enough before the ground for it to just belly flop a few stories, greatly lowing the impact everyone would have received.

Airship Rising Dawn

David, Dillon (?), Teri

"Hey girl you doing OK?"

Teri struggled against the T-X-D's grip, "Please, let me go! I need to check on Garm!"

When the robot released his grip, he saw the Cleric rush to her wolf's side and give the beast a once over; and then laying her hands on it's side, white energy glowing over the wolf for a moment before disappearing.

Teri casts Cure Serious Wounds and heals Garm for 39 points of damage, fixing that wolfy right up! 30 seconds before the next 3rd level spell!

With a satisfied smile, Teri gave the wolf a happy scratch behind Garm's ears; before the impact hit and both were launched into a wall, Garm taking the brunt of the harm (again).. With a groan, and a sheepish grin, the Cleric patted her sore wolf friend and gave the promise of another healing spell when the recharge kicked in.


Airship Rising Dawn
David, Dillon (?), Teri

after the airship made it's rough landing the TXD dropped David, his eyes scanned Teri and the wolf for broken bones.
"It would appear we have landed I'm going to activate and charge up the medical equipment."
"But The crash may have broken it." said Teri
"That's not going to be a problem." he said he entered the medical bay there was some damage but he morphed his finger into a black spike and released his nano-machines they began to repair the damage
"No need to try and control the system just a minor repair will do, though diagnostic wouldn't hurt." he muttered to himself as he got the medical equipment online.

Storm-178 (and Alpha).
Location: Rising Dawn | Hanger | Breecher's Pass, clifftop?
Time: 4Pm

After the final blow during the crash, Storm flew across the whole room and landed.
Landed in a nice pile of boxes. "Well ... that wasn't done before. Storm commented on the nice pile of boxes, and he got up to examine the hanger which was in ruins.

Looking around Storm could see scattered weapons and vehicles, swords were stuck in walls and hover bikes now laid dissembled on the ground. The only a couple of things had survived the storm, this included the Lightning Hawk which was anchored onto the hanger's floor and a few other things.

A happy sigh came from Storm after he saw everything. "Least I didn't throw up in this thing. Alpha you there?" Storm asked his own helmet. "Yep, I'm still here." She said with a pleased tone that her partner was well. "I'm going to check to see to see if everyone is okay. You might want to check with the other AI to see what the ship looks like." Storm now said with a serious voice. Alpha looked nervous but nodded as she inserted herself into the ship's system.

Storm started to walk and see if everyone was okay.


Airship Rising Dawn

Slindis, Melethia, Rugal

When the crash finally stopped, Slindis stopped shielding Melethia with her body and took a look at Melethia and Rugal and checked them over while ignoring the aches in her own body. Since she had grabbed Melethia from the start, she was essentially unharmed minus a few scrapes and bruises. Rugal's arm was in a worse state considering he had punched through the wall, but it was nothing a few Cure Moderate Wounds couldn't fix.

Slindis casts Cure Moderate Wounds twice, healing a total of 42 points of damage to repair Rugal's lacerated arm!

SP remaining: 250/266

Melethia stretched, having clearly been uncomfortable with how she'd been protected yet thankful at the same time. "...Thanks, Mom. I coulda handled myself, though." She also sounded a bit embarrassed, but Slindis was clearly just happy to see that she was okay.

"Melethia, do you mind checking on the others in here? I'll hand you a spare wand or two to patch up the others if they need it, but I need to check on Lupito. He's already headed to Teri, but I still want to make sure he's okay." She handed her daughter a wand made of mahogany as she went off to check on Lupito.

Melethia looked at the others there to see if any of them needed some healing.

Devon, Jenny, Ella

Devon was a little bit tired after that stunt, but it was nothing a cup of coffee couldn't fix. It was certainly worth making sure Ella and Jenny didn't get too roughed up in all of the collisions.

David, T-X-D, Teri

As Teri finished with Garm, she saw Lupito head over. The way he was limping showed that he'd probably gotten knocked around a good bit more, but the Dire Wilf wasn't trying to let it on too much. He was stubborn, much like Slindis could be. The TermiDillon could see that the wolf didn't seem to trust it too much, but that could be because of its artificial state.

Airship Rising Dawn

David, T-X-D, Teri

Teri shifted uneasily upon seeing Termi-Dillon's display, and knew perfectly well why the man seemed so much colder than the Dillon she had met before. Even if he was (in her eyes) a rash and fool-hardy idiot; this permutation of Dillon was much calmer and more concise. She'd have to warn the others soon.

However, upon Lupito's arrival, Teri and Garm sprung to action; and the Cleric tended to her other Lupine friend immediately, allowing her healing Aura to begin it's work as she looked Lupito over.

"How're you holding up buddy? Anything hurt in particular?"

After the attack was completed, the ship belly flopped and Soul fell out of the air, turning back to his depressing self, but unconscious with a bleeding nose. The Dark magician disappeared, but the Dark Magician girl stayed and turned around with a smile on her face, cheering. "I did it Mas-... Master?" she said, becoming concerned at his unconscious body.

After a second, she dove for his body and got down to the floor rather quickly. She cradled his head in her lap, making sure he was breathing fine, just before the panic set in. "Master? MAster! you gotta wake up master!" she panicked, looking around and spotting the others. She picked up his body with some pain, as it was obvious now that she had allot of bruises, cuts and black and blue marks from who knows what and a number of them were fresh and bad.

Soul's body hung limp in the girls arm, the girl almost in tears. "Where is the infirmary!?!" she sort of asked and demanded of them.

Belly of the beast, Danny, Dillon.

Danny stood up, snapping his fingers as Amaya appeared, clutching the two babies. "Dillon!" she shouted, rushing towards him. All visible scars on them faded as Danny did his magic and healed them. Tears of releif streamed down Amaya's face as she came into contact with dillon. "It's finally over." she said to him.


Belly of the beast, Danny, Dillon.

Dillon began to cry tears rolling down his face as he held Amaya close to him.
"I- I'm so sorry." he manages through his tears his breath is irregular the once noble mighty warrior reduced to a puddle of shame.
"If I hadn't left you-"


Airship Rising Dawn

David, T-X-D, Teri

the TXD noticed the wolf, he didn't like dogs they could always sniff him as not human, but best not to seem hostile.
"Ummm Nice doggy" he said hoping that helped.
"I think the ship's in a rough state, may take a lot of work to fix it."
he looked at the others he was wondering if he should tell them the truth or see if he can keep up the charade.

I like Humans

Then why do you spy on us?

Airship Rising Dawn

Melethia, Rugal, Soul

Melethia went over to the man, healing some minor cuts and bruises where she could with the wad and a few potions before pointing out where the medbay was.

Devon, Jenny, Ella

Devon checked on Ella again, seeing if there wasn't anything that had opened up in the massive turbulence.

David, T-X-D, Teri, Lupito, SLindis.

Lupito's limping told Teri that the wolf had taken some rather bad hits. It was a surprise that none of the bones were broken in all that, but it just went to show how tough the wolf was. Shortly after, SLindis approached. Upon seeing, Dillon, she immediately went to Detect evil, but it was clear that he wasn't evil at all. At worst, he was neutral. Still, it was worth keeping a very close eye on him, especially since there were some things about the man that were closer to the Warforged than regular humans. Lupito also picked up on the strong metallic scent(Well, strong to him and Garm) and had a very strong feeling that this was one of the metal and wood walkers from Eberron.

"Teri, how are you and David holding up? I already know that Lupito's not doing too well with that beating everyone took." A quick glance told Teri that her teacher had taken quite the beating, but Slindis seemed to take it in stride as she went next to Teri.

Matt slowly got up after it was all over to notice that a large warning flashing across his HUD. The warning was about a foreign object lodged in his chest. Matt looked down to see a steak knife sticking out of chest very close to where his heart was located. Scans showed that the knife had missed his heart but had punctured his lung. The computers in his head were telling him to seek medical help as the nanomachines were a little to slow to fix this. He then proceeded to slowly walk towards the medbay.

Airship Rising Dawn: Corridors Devon, Ella, Jenny

He finished checking her up and saw that she was pretty much fine, even if she'd been jostled around a lot in that wind shield he'd pulled off. "Well, it could have been from the kiss, Ella. Would you like to test it again to see if that's the case after we find out exactly what happened here?" He held her close, and Jenny could see from the way that Devon brushed Ella's hair that he deeply cared for Ella.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Crash Site - Rising Dawn - Finlandia?
Time: Disaster

Lucieon | Lucretia

The Undead merchant landed tentatively on his feet after the Airship crashed landed onto the hard earth. One of the few things he had picked up in Cataclama was a proficiency in falling. Under any circumstance he could land on his feet, albeit not without hurting himself.

He produced a small emerald flask and downed the burning fire within, and the Estus healed his body back to full.

Luke the picked up Lucretia by her collar with the tip of the Manus Catalyst and cast Remedy on her again. Forcing her into consciousness. "I believe we have reached our destination. Perhaps we can walk to find the others while we discuss how I may help you. And how I can try to convince you not to reveal my little secret."

It seemed quaint to him that he found another time traveler. He himself hailed from that place distorted in time, where thousands of years collapsed into one present of existence. While he mused, he took note of white and red runes appearing on the ground, as well as more orange writing starting to pop up everywhere.

They seemed to call out "What happened, where are we?" As well as other things such as "Knight, looking for Host. Lost. Need Humanity."

Airship Rising Dawn

David, Dillon, Slindis, Teri

"Teri, how are you and David holding up? I already know that Lupito's not doing too well with that beating everyone took."

The Cleric looked up from her working on Lupito, and gave a nod to her master, "Not trying to sass, but you should speak for yourself ma'am. You certainly look like you got a few rough hits in for yourself..."

That was when she got a certain message from a certain paramour: "Dearest. I'm coming to visit." and she paused for a moment, processing the information before 'sending' back,

"Not trying to burst your bubble, but we've just world hopped... Hope you got the mechanics of interdimensional travel down; cause we might be stuck for a little while...."

From Slindis' perspective, however, it just looked like Teri zoned out for a moment and the faintest trace of a smile ghosted her face before she continued working on healing Lupito, her Healing Aura beginning to make it's way around the area surrounding the Cleric...

Expending a turn attempt, Teri activates the use of her Healing Aura. So long as someone remains within 15 feet of the Cleric, they will heal 2 points of damage every 6 seconds. This effect can be extended up to 7 people at a time.

Turn attempts remaining: 6 5 Undead/ 4 Fire

Angelus, Caim

The duo picked themselves up from the wreckage of their chambers with a groan and gave each other the once over. After a slew of playful insults, both determined that they were in decent enough shape, even if a bit sore. Breaking through the now damaged door, Angelus spoke up,

"That was certainly one way to arrive... I'd rather not do it again."
"You're not the only one with those sentiments... I suppose we should get to the bridge and see what's going on."
"Agreed. I'll contact the children. Cadolbolg, Ton Ton. How're you two holding up?"

Canteen: Cutie Bruisers

By the time the Cuties had made their way to the Canteen, the ship had impacted, and they found themselves being thrown across the room. Again, their pact toughened skins had proven to be their main form of sanctity, as they only came out with some bruises. With small groans of irritation, the duo found themselves peeling their bodies off of the floor before being contacted by Angelus,

Cadolbolg. Ton Ton. How are you two holding up?

Ton Ton looked to his companion and muttered, "It's your Mom, Cadolbolg... You wanna answer her, or shall I?"

The turtle-dragon shook his head and focused in on his mother's 'channel', sending back, "Friend Ton Ton and I are in the Canteen, but we weren't able to get anything before all this rocking and bouncing began. Aside from a headache, we're okay. Still hungry though."

A light laugh filled their minds before Caim answered, "Naturally... Now get yourselves something to eat real quick and make your way to the bridge. We're going there ourselves to figure out what's going on, so we'll keep you posted if things change."

The link faded away and the Cuties nodded to one another before wandering to the Canteen interior for something to nibble on before reporting to the bridge as Cadolbolg's parents advised.

Ugh... NM

Airship Rising Dawn: Canteen Cadolbolg, Lucieon, Lucretia, Ton Ton

Ton Ton regarded the young girl with confusion, and in a kindly tone (little guy is a sucker for kids), "Excuse me miss, but with that kind of vague wording, it almost sounds like you've met us before... Pardon my asking, but who are you and why are you so familiar with us?"

Cadolbolg nodded along with his pact partner's words as he fetched the two some meat and cheese, piling the little snack on a napkin and bringing it to the floor for the two to eat from. After taking nibble for himself, Cadolbolg spoke,

"Friend Ton Ton is right. You talk like you know us, but we've never met you. My question is the same as his."

Airship Rising Dawn: Garm, Lucifer, Lupito, Slindis, Teri, T-X-D

"Greetings, my dearest. Miss me?" The familiar voice asked quietly in the Cleric's ear.


Teri's face split into a wide grin and reveled in the attention she was getting from the Morning Star, giggling lightly as he twirled her around in the air. Upon finding her feet back on solid ground, she happily returned the gesture; wrapping her arms around the Angel's waist and giving a tight squeeze in return.

That would be a 'yes', former lord of the underworld.

After a few moments of this passed, the Cleric loosened her grip, and looked up to get a good look at her sorely missed paramour. With a small laugh, she spoke,

"So much for having to worry too much about interdimensional travel... We've gotten a really bumpy ride out of it. Any damage on your end?"

Hell Goenitz

Goenitz was rather startled when Lucifer managed to free himself so easily, especially how he heard from some of the higher ups of Hell's hierarchy that they took steps to avoid this very occurrence.
"....Well....That was a disappointing outcome..." He sighed before getting up and leaving the now empty prison.

Airship Rising Dawn: Corridors Devon, Ella, Jenny

Jenny was rather shaken up by the ship's crashing but seeing Devon and Ella so calm and loving towards each other took some unrest from her mind.
"Pffff...Get a room!" She teased as she picked herself up, dusting herself off as she looked around.
"All jokes aside, what did happen? I remember hearing a strange sound, then the ship started shaking..."

Airship Rising Dawn: Outside Med Bay Lucifer, Lupito, Slindis, Teri, T-X-D, David

David meanwhile was sitting on the round after the crash, regaining his composure after being tossed around like that.
He felt less hurt and more dizzy and sick.
"Uhhhhhhh...I think I'm going to hurl....Lucretia!" He exclaimed before making his way back towards the horrible reunion he was trying to escape from, while he was still extremely confused, he didn't want his daughter to be killed.

Airship Rising Dawn: Bridge Rugal, Melethia, Fionn

Glad that Slindis and Melethia were okay after the crash, Rugal began to look for the others on the bridge.
Stopping to sense the energy of the other crew members in place of his non-existant eyes, he managed to pick up Fionn's location and began to dig him out from the rubble.
"Alright, time to get you up and about. Can you walk?" He asked as he helped the Gunmage up.
"Dimitri! Vermilion! You still functional?! Damage Report!" He asked while he helped Fionn up

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