The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Kalastryn had been sleeping aboard the rising dawn before the flash, she woke up a while after it in some sort of dark hole, and only waking because she smelled blood... her own blood, to make things worse she'd been shoved in one of the lockers in the girl's changing room... but how could she fit?! she felt around and braced her back against the opposite wall, and with both feet kicked the locker open. which was the locker 5 to the left and one below to mele's locker, she then saw herself in the mirror and, with blood dripping from her forehead, recognized she was a tiefling again... and only a few years older than mele. around this age she started training as a wizard rather than a sorcerer... she had learned every arcane spell below level 5, but could only use a few at a time, before she had to read her spell-book to recharge and reconfigure.

"What the hell?! Why was I in that locker? and what Happened to my clothes?!" she exclaimed before examining that the clothes she had on... she wasn't wearing anything red. In this body, that's a problem!

she started digging around some of the student's bags before she found a ruby embedded locket and put it on, then she saw the hall monitor. Her bleeding had stopped but she had just been caught stealing. So she quickly tried to talk herself out of trouble.

(rolls diplomacy- 17) "Sorry for the theft ma'am, though honestly a life was at stake."

She didn't quite buy that, seeing as how she just put it around her neck.

(rolls bluff- 17, no better) "You see I detected a curse on this amulet here, I pity whoever owned it before, a trip to the nurse's office is in their future."

That wasn't easily bought either, so she decided to flip back to reality and explain the situation further.

(re-tries diplomacy- 33) "alright, my previous statements were... well one was true and one was tweaked. A life was at stake, and there is a curse... the life at stake was mine, and the curse isn't on the necklace, but on me. You see it's a curse on my family that if we don't wear red, we fall unconscious and bleed out. You may notice my clothes are blue, and gray... and smelly" she noticed she was in gym clothes, and they hadn't been cleaned in the last few... whenever. "although I don't know how I ended up in that locker, or who changed my clothes, but if it wasn't for this necklace, I'd be dying at the moment... when I find a substitute I can rightfully own I will return it I swear."

With a thorough explanation in place, and partial truth to the statements before it, and the intent of returning the stolen item... the hall monitor thought for a moment and while she couldn't condone stealing... it was more or less just borrowing, and without any other choice presented to Kala. She then remembered hearing the bell for class in her sleep... and seeing as how she's in a locker room, and in gym clothes, she assumed she should head to the gymnasium, and started off, taking note of Mele, but wanting to get out of this situation as soon as possible.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

Gym: Melethia, David, Kalastryn

Melethia waved David over as she saw what looked Like someone she'd known. She couldn't quite place where she knew the girl until she saw the rather tacky ruby-studded locket. Nobody wore something like that unless they were forced to, but she saw the drops of blood on the girl's head and quickly remembered who it was. "Hey, Kally! Over here!" As the overly large teacher began calling attendance, she urged the young Tiefling over to her side in between herself and David, and a younger Teri wasn't too far away.

"This is some kinda school here... I can see Wheathair there, but somethin's happened to almost everyone here! I think I'm the only one that wasn't winged by it - maybe I was too young? In any case, ya smell kinda bad. Maybe ya have some spell to clean yourself off?"

What Melethia didn't know was that all wizards did have a spell for that very purpose. It was a limited one that wasn't much more than a parlor trick, but Prestidigation would be more than able to clean off these clothes. Kalastryn may have been far too focused on making sure that she didn't die to think about it, but the option was there.

Outside the Locker Room: Devon, Matt, Ken

After a bit, Devon ran into the other two that weren't up to any good. Still, sticking with them may make it easier to move around. "New students from the Rising Dawn? I saw you in the Canteen earlier, and I just don't really see the need to head to P.E. today. SO how about we take a look around? I could probably get us a few drinks, at least."

However, he saw that the two weren't so fond of this idea and made his way back to the gym. "Never thought I'd see someone that would argue with a free soda..."

Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices: Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Miku | Rugal | Sean | Slindis | Ton Ton

She started by responding to Storm and Miku as they got close to the group. "We were just finishing up a meeting here about missing students. If you want to get a feel for here, it would be a good start to check out your classroom, see what you have in there. Keep an eye our for people we know by checking for the rings, and for now it would help a lot out if you acted like a regular teacher. When it comes to the living arrangements, they may have set up a room for the both of you if you are a couple. It's unlikely, but possible."

Shortly after that, Alucard arrived in the room. "This is a transfer school for some special students, if I saw right from the pamphlet here. Some of them specialize in the sciences, while others focus in on other talents. Fairly straightforward." Although she didn't make a large commotion about it, she knew a vampire when she saw one. For one to be able to walk around in the sun with no issues, even if he had on some kind of lotion the blocked the sun's rays, meant he had to be one of the higher-ranking ones. Of course, the Aura of Good that Slindis had could be felt by Alucard as well, easily pointing her out as some kind of Paladin.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Gym (P.E. Class): Aftan | David | Devon | Dmitri | Ella | Garm | Jenny | Kalastryn | Kura | Lucretia | Melethia | Puce | Rodem | Teri

The girl, who looked like she belonged more in elementary school than High School, smiled at Melethia, Kalastryn and Devon for a moment before offering her a courteous handshake.

"Maya." Maya responded with a more than relieved look on her face as she gestured for Melethia to head towards the Gym.

"I'm glad that you've decided to go to your first class. As a Hall Monitor, it's my job to find anyone who's ditching and send them either to their class or to the nurse's office or worse... detention." She said, whispering the word "detention" in a quiet and hushed tone. As the two walked towards the gym, Melethia could see that the girl walked in a rather confident manner, considering her stature but was reminded that despite her own diminutive height, the elf was still a force to be reckoned with.

"What do your parents do anyways, Melethia?" Maya asked as she opened a door that lead to a hallway that would eventually lead them towards the gym... and froze with wide eyes at the sight that greeted the two young women.

The only thing that the two could tell about the bloody body that was crucified to the wall was that it had once been a boy. Whether he was one of the meta-humans that attended the school or one of the regular humans that attended the school could not be determined. What could be determined was why the boy had made no noises as his body had been mutilated and put up for display in what would have been the busiest place in the school at the end of the period. His throat had been cut from ear to ear in a macabre smile, his tongue having been pulled through the slash like some bloody neck tie. His eyes, nose, fingers and other identifying marks had been cleanly removed from his body as had the skin on his face, revealing the musculature underneath.

Next to the boy's body, written in his blood, were the words "REMEMBER NYC!"

The silence that enveloped the three girls and one boy was broken by the sound of retching, Maya's retching as her stomach was overcome by the sight.



It was impressive that someone wearing a black leather facemask/respirator was able to user a whistle in the first place but it wasn't the sound of the whistle or the face that Coach Maxim was able to use the Whistle in the first place that caused the First Period P.E. class to freeze in their tracks. It was the fact that the Coach was built like a Mack Truck sitting on top of a bulldozer.

"ALL RIGHT CLASS! LINE UP! MOVE IT! MOVE IT MOVE IT!" The Coach barked as the class fell into line.





Turning to Rugal, Maxim's voice adjusted itself to that only he could hear it.


The Hallways: Kenneth | Matt

As Matt and Kenneth moved through the buildings unchallenged, there was a coughing behind them, alerting them that they had been spotted by someone.

"Just where do you two think you're going?" Asked a feminine voice from behind the two.\

Turning around, the two young men found themselves face to face with a tall and leggy blonde student, wearing a badge that declared her one of the school's many hall monitors.

"Should you two be in class?" She asked politely, though from the sound of her voice, she had a rather "don't fuck with me or I'll ruin your day and possibly end your time as men" voice.

Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices: Alucard | Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Miku | Rugal | Sean | Slindis | Ton Ton

Kurumu turned to Slindis, and gave her a funny look.

"That's the strange thing. I recognize a few of the people already here. I recognize the Science Teacher, Doktor von Kripplor. He's someone who worked for the Hammer Empire but... he's all strange. He doesn't seem to recognize us at all. Same with the Nurse. She's the one that died when Puce was kidnapped by the Hammer Empire. Ekou was a lead of the Hammer Empire. Something just feels wrong about all of this." The Succubus responded as the door burst open and Alucard revealed himself to the faculty.

"Professor Alucard... European History Teacher... Eh, i can live with it." he said then looked around. "Who are you people?"

"I'm Kurumu the ... erm... sex ed Teacher and this is Slindis, the school's librarian. That's Doctor von Kripplor, the Life Sciences Teacher and Nurse Peach the School Nurse." Kurumu said before gesturing at Sean and Miku

"That's Sean and that's Miku, the Music teachers. Cadolbolg and Ton Ton, Dance instructors, Angie, the Art Teacher and Caim, the Fencing Instructor and Ancient History Instructor... you two might be working a lot together." The Succubus added as the door opened to reveal a rather bulbous looking man with a distiguishing looking white beard and moustache.

"Ahhhh zeee Azzizztant Headmazzter makezzz hizzz appearance!" von Kripplor said cheerfully as the Assistant Head Master headed towards the front of the room.

As the meeting was preparing to start, a student aid walked entered the Faculty Lounge and handed Miku a note.

Please see the Head Master at your earliest convenience

"Attention! Attention please!" The A.H.M. called out as he started the meeting.

"For those of you who I have yet to meet, let me introduce myself. I am Assistance Head Master Charles Darwin VIII and let me be one of the first to welcome you to the beginning of a new school year at AAHS." The pompous man said in his pompous voice.

"Let's start the meeting with the formalities shall we? The rumors about some students not showing up to their first classes is true. We have confirmed that 30 Meta Students are not at their classes though their parents have confirmed dropping them off on campus. At this time, we are starting up an investigation but at this time we aren't sure what happened. I urge you, as the guardians of these children, to be on your guard at all times whilst we try to ascertain the cause of these disappearances." The Rotund great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Charles Darwin said before moving on to the next topic.

"Also, we have new reporting protocols in place. I suggest that you all go through them in your spare time. There's no need to memorize the materials but to let you all know, the recruiters will be paying special attention to these reports so be thorough."

"Finally... let's all have fun this year. I understand that those of you who were here last year were hesitant to return but I am delighted that you have. For you new faculty members. Welcome! I hope you'll find that our programs are some of the best in the world and cater not only to meta-human students but their normal counterparts." Ending his speech, he paused, half expecting a round of applause. Seeing that none was forth coming, his shoulders drooped as he left the faculty lounge.

Matt and Ken introduced themselves to Devon when the girl showed up behind them and asked what they were doing. "Well we was just on our way cafeteria since we haven't had bite to eat. You would be cruel woman to deny us that," Matt said with a southern accent(think rich Civil War Confederate) just to ham it up a bit. Of course this was just a ploy to buy them a little time as they prepared their escape.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Avatar Adventure Highschool


"Where..." his voice rasped heavily in the warm air. The darkness began to fade away from him, and his eyes adjusted to the light. A landscape sprawled out before him, absent of the Rising Dawn, Blood Tanks, and Dropships he had so painstakingly acquired. His skin felt soft, and his light blonde hair fell in a soft cascade over his face, hiding his eyes in a luminescent yellow glow. He pressed his hands against the grassy earth ad pushed himself off the ground, which smelled faintly of sweet nectar.

His silk cloak was heavy around his shoulders, and stifling in the heat of the sun, and his throat was mildly aching from whatever had happened. Lucieon forced himself to his feet, which were weak and buckled under him. His right hand fell toward the Catalyst and plunged the oaken staff into the ground... and it was remarkably light.

He turned his ice blue eyes toward the staff and silently noted that it had regressed into a normal sorcerer's catalyst instead of his Manus Catalyst. The it took a few moments to realize that the clothes that hug off his skin was no longer the smooth old leathers he had discovered in Cataclama, but rather soft silks and velvets telling of a young member of the Candorian plutocracy.

Indeed, he felt a few inches shorter, and much less... old... than he had been in his permanently-21 year old body. It took a few more moments for him to notice the school complex before him, sprawling out as if it were a seminary instead of a Secondary Institute of Elementary learning. Without much thought he began to walk toward that series of buildings, disoriented, thirsty, hungry, and weak.

He raised his head and the hood from his cloak fell from his face. Though his skin was fair and impeccable, his hair loose and golden, and his eyes brilliantly blue, he had a strange quality to him, almost as if he were dead. It was something in his eyes that spoke of a broken soul. The Undead Merchant had regressed in years certainly, about a hundred and four years to be exact, placing him at a physical age of 17, but doing nothing to fix his humanity-starved soul.


Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Hallways: Devon | Gronk | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Natalia

The girl froze not when Matt spoke to her, though she did find his Southern Accent charming the way others found her slight Russian accent charming, but rather she froze when she saw what Devon, Kalastryn, Melethia and Maya saw: Name the crucified and mutilated boy who had been pinned to the wall.

"What the bloody FUCK?!" The young woman exclaimed as she edged towards the boy's cold and blood covered body.

"GRONK! I NEED YOU!" She called out seemingly into thin air, which was followed by the thundering of footsteps as some... THING burst onto the scene.

Gronk... he looked like the offspring of a spider and a gorilla and a hippo and an elephant all rolled into one. A hair 8 limbed muscle bound beast of a THING that used four of his limbs to propel himself forward and had two pairs of limbs in reserve for some serious pounding.

"Natalie ... call... GRONK?" The monstrosity grunted as he stood there, oblivious to the body of the boy on the wall and once again getting Natalia's name wrong, though Natalie was as closest he'd ever gotten to calling her by her real name.

"Take these students to detention... I need to lock up this area." The leggy blonde said as she accessed a panel on the wall, giving her access to the barrier system that was installed in the school. A moment later a soft beeping started and large blast door started closing in around the scene of the boy's body.

"GRONK ... take... where?"

"Detention! Now" Nat sighed, wondering why she relied on the ignoramus so often.

"GRONK ... take... where?"

"Miss Kassel, perhaps we should just talk to these students now. Taking them to detention might only make things worse." The retching girl, Maya, said as she wiped the snotty mess off of her face.

The Baseball Field: Lucieon

Lucieon soon discovered that he was not alone out on the outskirts of the school. As he headed towards the buildings, he found himself passing by a set of metallic bleachers that flanked a baseball diamond and underneath said bleachers were a quartet of students, two male and two female.

"HAHAHA! Where'd you come from kid, the Renn faire?" One of the boys called out with a laugh as he lit a small white cylinder in his hands, causing a puff of white smoke to issue forth. The smell was not at all like tobacco but rather it smelled the way a skunk would if it were run over by a car and lit on fire.

Looking at the quartet of students, Lucioen could see that they were dressed in some sort of uniform.

"Leave him alone Gary." One of the young women said as she shoved the one who had addressed Lucieon on the shoulder, causing him to spill a can of beer on his uniform.

"BITCH! Look at what you made me do!" The one named Gary said as he shoved the girl backwards, causing her to bang her head against a metal support and knocking her out.

"What the FUCK Gary?" The other male said before backing off.

"She had it coming... and as for Mister Renn Faire. You didn't see nothin' did you?" Gary said as he tested the weight of the beer can in his hand, wound up, and threw the can at Lucieon's head.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Gym (P.E. Class): Aftan | David | Devon | Dmitri | Ella | Garm | Jenny | Kalastryn | Kura | Lucretia | Melethia | Puce | Rodem | Teri

On seeing the murder scene, Devon immediately talked to Miss Kassel. He was not about to have this pinned on him, but the engraving struck home to him. "If it's not a problem, I would like to make it absolutely clear that we only encountered this scene. Sure, some of us may have been a bit late to class, but I can assure you we have no clue how this got here." It was a bit more effort, but he pulled the energy to cast Prestidigation to clean off Maya.

Meanwhile, Mel turned to Miss Kassel. "If ya plan on takin' us anywhere, I'm gettin' my stuff out of my locker. Ya can escort me to there, but I'm taking the stuff out myself. It'll only take a second, but I'm not leaving it in there." Her tome made it quite clear to the teacher that she was adamant about this decision.

After cleaning her off, Devon went to his ring and whispered to it to talk with Slindis discreetly. "Slindis, I know you don't like me, but there's a pretty badly cut up body by the restroom area by the side entrance to the gymnasium. Will inform of more when possible."

Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices: Alucard | Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Miku | Rugal | Sean | Slindis | Ton Ton

Slindis' suspicions were only furthered, and as she took a look outside, she noted how very isolated this area was. It did make for quite the view, but she had the feeling this was a gilded cage if anything. Not to mention it wasn't clear at all for whom they were recruiting for, making even more warning bells go off in her head.

When she got the alert from Devon, that was the last thing she needed to have a talk with everyone that could communicate with the rings given to them by the Hagane.

"Killer running throughout school. Stick in groups, make yourself less open to attack, and do what you must to defend yourselves. I repeat, we have a hostile situation." Her grim tone was to the point and had the stern authority of a leader. It would be jarring to anyone that knew her, since she'd never taken up this kind of tone before.

Sean, Miku & etc.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices.
Time: First classes in progress.

The duo were listening to Slindis until she said about the living arrangements.
This Storm's immediate attention (Since he hasn't even had a girlfriend before.) and Miku went bright red and held her head, imagining what could happen. Though a soft karate chop to the head swiftly landed on her, Miku turned left to see a smiling Sean. "Thank you for that, we'll go look at our classrooms, maybe some information about he missing kids and then see where we live for this time." Sean announced as he grabbed Miku as the meeting started.

During the meeting, Sean was holding back his urge to laugh.
The name Charles Darwin was just all too funny to him now since he met Angels and such.
Now he regretted now asking about many questions which Charles Darwin would ask ... or spit in their face.

"Pfff~" He held back another chuckled as the meeting finished and the two left with their teaching supplies, Sean actually managed to hold the Violin case.

Quite a couple of details rolled over in Sean's head as they left the room.
1. How did they know their real names. "Probably bugged our room on the RD"
2. Missing kids. "Gotta look out for information."
3. Their rings. "Mine was left on the armor and M didn't get one."
4. Living Arrangements. "LivingtogetherLivingtogetherLivingtogetherLivingtogether"

Sean sighed with embarressment but his shirt was grabbed by Miku.
He turned around to see her holding a note.
"Please see the Head Master at your earliest convenience"
"Better now then never~" He sang as the two traveled down the hallway to the Headmaster's office

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Hallways: Devon | Gronk | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Natalia

As Devon cleaned the Hall Monitor Maya off with a cleanly cast Prestidigation, Gronk, the daft bastard, widened his eyes in amazement as his two sets of hands began clapping as the Giant started laughing at Devon's "neat trick."

"You did not just cast a spell around Gronk did you?" Natalia asked with her eyes rolled so far that you could swear that she could see the frontal lobes of her brain.

"He did." Maya responded, knowing that this would not end well at all.

"AGAIN! AGAIN!" Gronk said as he picked up a trashcan and dumped it all over poor poor Kalastryn, the sound of bananna peels and spilled soda hitting the floor as he ensured that the entire contents of the 18 gallon trashcan was dumped on the poor young woman.

"AGAIN! AGAIN!" Gronk continued as Natalia turned to Devon.

"I'm absolutely sure that you had nothing to do with it. However, we do need to ensure that word about this doesn't spread around the student body and cause a panic. The last thing we need is for accusations to start flying between students at the school." The blonde said as she wiped a stray bit of gum off of her shoulder.

"Miss Kassel, there's nothing that we saw when he got here that could help the investigation. All I know is that when we showed up the student was already in that state and given his current condition, he's been like this since just after the bell for first period rang." Maya said as she attempted to keep the assembled students out of Detention.

"AGAIN! AGAIN!" The Giant yelled, a bit louder this time as he grabbed another trashcan and attempted to dump it on Melethia.

"The only way I can let these students go is if they swear themselves to secrecy... and you know what that means." The Lead Hall Monitor said as she pulled out a case and revealed ... a book.

Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices: Alucard | Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Rugal | Slindis | Ton Ton

Kurumu nodded as she started worrying about Puce once again.

Meanwhile, in the corner of the teacher's lounge, Gabrielle was still sweating and shivering uncontrollably.

"Exzzzzuzzze me, Fraulein Slindis. Vas iz wrong vizz you frind over zere. She hazzent zztopped jjjaking for kvite zum time." The Doktor said, his voice sounding a bit concerned.

The Hallways (Near the Head Master's Office: Muki | Sean

It was a rather unfortunate thing that Sean and Miku didn't have the rings from the Hagane... rather unfortunate indeed. The first sign that they might be in trouble was the whizzing that passed Sean's head and the explosion of concrete as the projectile impacted against the school's wall.

As if that wasn't enough, the sound of stun batons being ignited all around them filled the Spartan's ears as he realized that a group of 6 soldiers in Thermo-optical camouflage armor had surround Miku and him.

"Grab the girl. The other one is disposable!" The leader of the attack group said as he motioned towards Miku.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Hallways: Devon | Gronk | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Natalia

Devon tried talking in a soothing voice to the oddly enthusiastic giant. "I know you liked it, but if I did it all the time, it wouldn't be so special. Maybe I can show you something later? I know you'd like to take a look at it, but if you wait until then, I promise you'll enjoy it~" At the same time, he'd subtly cast a Detect Magic spell while he was facing the book. It would take a second to focus, but if that book was enchanted, he'd know.

Melethia, however, took a far more direct approach as she moved to an open-ish area of the hall to avoid the trash dump. "Nope, we don't know. An' the way it looks, ya might try holdin' this over our heads if we don't do this promise. I'm young, not stupid. I ain't about to do some promise when ya go out of the way to keep it vague."

Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices: Alucard | Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Rugal | Slindis | Ton Ton

Slindis had heard the suspicions from Kurumu earlier, and the alert of the murder on the campus put her on a rather high alert. "If my time back as a combat medic and field therapist in the forces taught me anything, she's suffering some kind of shellshock. I do not mean to disparage you, but I would like to help this situation. No offense to you, of course, but this school likely keeps you busy enough through tending to the students. Let me help you by handling this." She had a calm confidence in her voice, easily masking the thousands of thoughts racing through her head on what was going on here and where she would go from this point.

As she walked up to Gabrielle, her pup Lupito licked Gabs on the face to cheer her up. At least one of them was enjoying the place so far.

Charity Case:

A look of absolute disdain washed over Kalastryn's face as a person with less manners than a Half orc dumped the entirety of a trash can over her... she was about to tell him off but two things came to mind... firstly, he was a lot bigger than her with a lot more limbs, and a lot more muscle. and second, the hall monitor was right next to them and appeared to have befriended it, all things considered also they were at a murder scene and she didn't want to seem violent. she decided to just grant him that magic trick and be polite, even if manners seemed to be something he was lacking in.

"Look... Gronk I take it? I understand magic is a very interesting thing, especially to those who don't have access to it, but please don't do something like that again, I understand we're at a murder scene, but manners are still important. It tends to piss people like me off, and when I get pissed off, it's never pleasant for the other person in question. she said as she cast prestidigitation to clean herself off, the smell from her clothes disappearing and the garbage seeming to disappear in kind.

"Remember NYC? Hmm... my memory is more than a little hazy at the moment, I don't even remember how I got here... but I do feel as though I should remember something about it myself. Eh, it's no use, although I do wonder what brought about my sudden amnesia, my memory hasn't really failed me before."

then Natalia brought out the book. "what, might I ask, are you going to do with that?" she asked politely.


"Killer running throughout school. Stick in groups, make yourself less open to attack, and do what you must to defend yourselves. I repeat, we have a hostile situation."

"Of course there is...Most of the young ones are in the Gym for PE class. I'll keep an eye on things there and try to get them out. resume your search, Rugal Out." Rugal said though his ring as the class got into teams.
He walked over to Maxim and said "Sir, We have a problem. The body of a student was found in the bathrooms, Killer is still at large, We need to get these kids out of there and find who did it."
Cue rejection and "Keep calm and Carry on" in 3...2...1... He thought, if this school was like what he thought it was like, they needed to get out of there and fast!


After being picked as Team Captain of RED, David spoke to his team.
"Alright people, Name's David West, Stick with me and we'll get through this. our game plan is simple, focus on dodging until the other team are out of balls, then we strike. Catch as many balls as possible, if you do, you won't be out when the ball hits you. Communicate with each other, let your team know your intentions. We have this is the bag. LET ROCK!" he ordered his team as the game got underway.
I've played Rugby. How bad could this be? He thought as Maxim blew the whistle and the match got underway.


As the match got underway, Jenny peeked out from Kura's school bag at the proceedings, Rodem mimicking her actions.
" least the others are here..." she thought as she did her best to look like a doll to avoid unwanted attention.

Sean, Miku & etc.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Hallway.
Time: First classes in progress.

The calm yet childlike atmosphere busted in a imaginary bubble as the concrete exploded and shattered in front of them.

As the demonic hissing from the stun batons ignited, a smart smirk appeared on Sean's face.
"Oh you have no idea who you are messing with." He said to the enemy which had started.
Miku turned to him with a shocked face as she saw him pull out a very familiar futuristic gadget out of his trench coat pocket. His smirk turned into a very aggressive one after that.

He checked out the invading team for a brief second.
Optic camo,
unknown projectile weapon." Sean said as he went into Storm mode.

Storm pushed his now physical partner back towards the lockers, behind himself and out of bad hands.
"Stay behind me at all times. Call out instructions to me like you usually would." He said with the intention that their teamwork is almost impossible to bypass, though the suppressed superhuman body may make this a hard time.
"Let's play a nice classic game of pick up 50 ... body parts that is. Don't worry though, one lucky winner shall receive the priceless item of survival, though he will be missing one of his legs." He stuck out his tongue as hi pose changed.

Suddenly the plasma extended from the energy sword handle, forming a blade which hissed louder then any of the stun batons. Without a seconds notice Storm had already charged at the man to the left, doing an impaling motion. Alpha stayed directly behind him but out of harms view. Storm's speed was that of Usain Bolt and his strength/power was that of a professional wrestler, except his whole body moved in one swift and graceful movement.

If it was anything he should be moving like a Dragon Ball Z character without his armor on.
With it on he could move as high car speeds. All of this made his movement some the fastest.
If you wondered why he had these high levels whilst suppressed by some unknown drug. In the Spartan program his body was boosted in many ways with the drugs they injected him with. Though after many years of both physical and mental training, Storm's body evolved naturally as well. So even with the suppressors, Storm is one of the finer examples of humanity with speed, strength and intelligence.

Though as you can see here and past scenarios, his luck falls WAY below average mark (It's either REALLY good luck or REALLY bad luck. 50-50 chance). In many other situations Storm has a weak mental state, for example the violin case triggered his memories of when he was a kid where his parents were murdered and he was kidnapped, then turned into the person he is today.

Gym Class
Kura walked into the gym, not changing and not putting down the backpack just yet, but activating her sharingan. "Well, i'm here. Hey rugal." she said in general, walking up the the teacher. Then she turned to the massively built teacher. "I'm not changing as i don't need to, and i'm not putting my stuff down in a locker as it's far too valuable to be left in the hands of someone else or out of my sight." She said then walked over to a corner of the gym. Kura crouched down and orientated the bag in such a way that Jeny and Rodem could look out of the zipper opening.

"You two gunna be ok overhere? I've made sure you're out of the firing line." she asked them quietly.

Teachers Lounge
"Thanks." Alucard said then began to walk out of the teachers lounge. "I think i'm going to take an enthusiastic stroll around the school." Alucard said. For anyone who had even hear the name alucard, knew the deadly strolls associated with him.

Gym Class: Rugal

"Kura, Wait up!" Rugal said before closing the distance on the ninja.
"Listen. A Dead body was found in the bathrooms. Killer is still at large. I don't think I need to tell you this, but stay alert and be careful.
It was at this point Rodem made his presence known.
"Rodem!? You're here too? Kura, Take care of him. I would hang onto him myself, but I have my own problems. Just let one of the others know if you need assistance. I'm not sure what all the students can do, but do NOT underestimate them.
Now, I got to get back to my post..."

Once Kura set down the bad, Jenny nodded.
"Out of sight, out of mind. Just how I like it. No go on, We'll be fine." She said as he played with the kitty Rodem.

Charity Case:

"Well, I may not have some magical eyes at the moment, but I know a tome when I see one. I'm not going to touch that book, as magic has ways of screwing up, even when it's an artifact or written on paper. However, I do assure you that your in no danger of having this secret pass through my lips to anyone. Besides, who have I to tell without risking my own tail, I must admit I'm not the most social of the party here, and don't know many people I can trust further than I can throw here. I won't be touching your little tome there, but I assure you that, if for nothing else than my own safety, no one will be told of this." she says...

(bluff- 35) It's actually somewhat believable under the circumstances...

"Besides, in spite of my apparent age I've been around a crime scene or two in my old city... not a very wholesome place to grow up. I'd like to help with all this if it'd be possible? I may be a new student here, however, I'm not a pushover. mentally or physically. If you think it acceptable...

I may also be interested in finding the missing students... let's be honest, if it's just a rumor, it's pretty major to lie about and ALL around. The quicker both cases get solved, the better. and I have a bit of mental alacrity when it comes to the mysterious."

"I'd just like to say that whatever happened here, we didn't do it. May we please go to the cafeteria now, my poor friend here is as hungry as Oliver Twist," Ken said, hamming up that last part a little bit. Matt then got on his knees and in an Oliver Twist accent said, "Please sir, may I have some more?"


"Heh, the killer will need to be worried about me." She said then nodded to his comment about taking care of Rodem. "Yeah yeah, i'll watch out for him. He's a great animal and friend. After whatever this is, is over, i'll need to talk to you and him about a summoning contract." she said before running off into the match. She joined the side of the blue team and immediately began going matrix on the group, her sharingan providing her such an unfair advantage.

This became obvious when she pulled an amazing move...

It Nailed the kid next to David in the face with enough force to send him off his feet. She caught the next ball that was thrown at her. This one began to spark electrically. She tossed it up into the air and spun around, pullng a backflip into the air and her foot connecting with the ball at the peak of its toss and the fasted art of her kick. It became covered in electricity as it was on a railroad track at a blinding speed at David.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Hallways: Devon | Gronk | Kalastryn | Kenneth | Matt | Maya | Melethia | Natalia

Devon detected the heavy magic enchantments on the book and it was clear that it would stifle this investigation. Kalastryn could probably also handle this, bit from what he heard of Slindis' voice, she was probably one of the only ones that had kept her age. One of them had to be able to tell her everything they saw, otherwise the killer would be free to rum rampant through the school.

And with that reasoning, he cast Glibness on himself to ensure his bullshit he was about to spew would be believed.. "Trust me, there's no need for the oath to secrecy. We wouldn't spread this around the school because we'd be seen as the freaky dead body guys and because they'd think we did that. And again, we're new students here with no way to contact any of our parents or the outside world. The oath isn't really needed."

Melethia looked over at the two fellow pranksters, impressed with their act. I like the cut of their jib. They were certainly persuasive in their own way. "Yeah, I'm really hungry as well, an' you're gettin' mad at us because we saw this? We're just poor students that came here to learn, an' you're treating us like the bad guys..." She started to sniffle up, hoping the tears would do something.

Gym: David

"JESUS CHRIST! WHAT THE FUCK!?" David exclaimed as Kura started using her more superhuman skills on their team.
"HEY! NO SUPERS!" He protested as she charged a ball she was just handed with Electricity before Bicycle kicking it towards him.
"...Why me?" He asked before he was struck in the face with a high speed electric dodgeball.
To any watching, it was like a car crash in slow motion as David was knocked back with a spray of blood coming from his nose before slamming back on the floor in a rather painful fashion.
It looked more like he was punched in the face by Rugal then hit with a ball as he tried in vain to get back up after that.

Avatar Adventure
Location: Baseball Field | Avatar Adventure Highschool


At first, Lucieon was sluggish and slow to realize what was happening. But as soon as the beer can found itself airborne, and hurtling toward Lucieon's face, his body flew into action. His left hands swept across his body and slammed into the aluminum of the can, obliterating the structural integrity f the object and turning it into little more than scrap metal before flinging it away from his main body. His right hand had slipped away from his staff and found it's way to the Estoc, a large wide-bladed rapier, and thrust it into the boy's stomach.

Before he could even realize what happened, Lucieon was standing against the bleacher, his left hand against the cool metal and his right hand on the leather handle of the rapier. When his actions finally registered in his mind, Lucieon was suddenly struck by disbelief, his right hand shook as he tried to pull the sword out of gary's abdomen,but his strength had already left him. He could do nothing but stand, locked in his crime. He had killed a human being, a living creature. Something that did not exist at all in Cataclama. Too used to killing the undead visages of lost humans that he had become ignorant of any aggressors, casually writing them off as hollowed or insane. So now, with his sword imbedded within a reasonable creature, he shuddered in disbelief as the crimson blood ran down the Estoc is small rivulets.

"I'm sorry," he muttered under his breath, his chilling blue eyes open in terror, and his airy blonde hair draping lightly over his forehead. His silk cloak blew outward in a coming wind, and Lucieon glared at the other two students, "I'm so sorry."

He was at a lost, what could he do. For a moment, a thought flashed across his mind, and he slowly accepted it as fact. He could kill the others. Again the words found themselves on his soft lips, "I'm so, so sorry." But why was he so guilty? He never knew these children, and he would never meet them again. Yet his heart seemed to be a wretched mess. In fact, his heart was silent and still. He couldn't control himself any longer, he realized. He didn't want to see the look on their faces, he didn't want to see the fear, the terror, the mortality of such beautiful creatures.

But then another nagging voiced chirped in his head. A reasonable noise that told him to take a step back. However, because these two voices, of savagery and reason, of humanity and desolation, he stumbled and took a step back. The razor edge of the Estoc ran alongside Gary's abdomen and split open the flesh and muscle, spilling the boy's entrails into the air. Lucieon looked on in shock as he continued to back up, bloody rapier in hand. He looked at the other two students again, "I'm so sorry." he gasped out yet again before taking a step toward them, motivated by a darkness that seemed elementally human.

"Please forgive me..." he said as he raised the Estoc in his right hand and prepared to strike out at the other two.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Gym (P.E. Class): Aftan | David | Dmitri | Ella | Garm | Jenny | Kura | Lucretia | Puce | Rodem | Rugal | Teri

If Rugal could have seen the features hidden by Coach Maxim's mask and respirator, he would have seen the crease of concern that marked the man's already scarred visage under the mask. The Coach seemed to mutter something that Rugal struggled to hear but it sounded something like "So it has already begun..." before he turned to his assistant coach.

"UNDERSTOOD, COACH BERNSTEIN. AS MUCH AS I WOULD LIKE TO GO HELP WITH THE INVESTIGATION, THESE STUDENTS ARE OUR CHARGES AND IT WOULD BE BETTER FOR THEM IF WE WERE TO CONTINUE WITH OUR SUPERVISION." Coach Maxim said, his voice raised enough to only partially rattle Rugal's teeth but not so loud that the children playing dodge ball could hear them.

Looking out towards the court, Coach Maxim was not surprised to see the Meta-Human students already using their powers to give themselves the advantage as Ella took to the sky and Kura started using her powers to dominate the court.

"GET UP YOU WEAKLING!!!" Coach Maxim screamed at David as the young man struggled to get up, his face a mess of blood and snot from Kura's Electrical ball.


Ella watched in amusement as Kura took out David as she took to the sky above the court. All around the basketball sized court, there was carnage as the regular humans were taking the brunt of the Meta-Humans' powers.

A kid, hiding behind his Meta-Human team mate, took one to the face as peeked over the Meta's shoulder, never realizing that the game was being played on three axises now rather than the traditional two.

As the game wore on, more "casualties" of the wargame as Aftan was taken out by a well placed ball to her chest, the woman rubbing her sore area as she went to sit on the sideline next to David.

"Are you alright Master David West?" The Knight asked as her Phoenix Tattoo glowed and she layed her hands on David's broken face, the sound of bone popping back into place as the Sixth Pheonix Tattoo went to work healing the bloody mess.

Looking back out on the court, Lucretia blinded a few of her opponents with a well timed portal and took out an array of four of her Blue Opponents with a well placed and well timed array of portals. When all was said and done, it was Kura and Ella against Lucretia.

"Got any last words?" The Half Succubus taunted from across the court as she tosses a ball up and down in her hands and looked towards her teammate.

The Hallways (Near the Gym): Devon | Gronk | Kalastyrn | Kenneth | Matt | Maya | Natalia

Natalia looked at the gathering of students as they each made up an excuse on why they shouldn't be forced to lay their hands on the book before sighing and closing the case in which the book was housed.

"Very well. I understand your reluctance to take the oath but never the less I have recorded your names. If work of this gets out to the student body, I know who you all are. As for you two..." She pointed at Kenneth and Matt, "You are free to go to the cafeteria. But after you eat, report to your second period class." She said before turning to Gronk.

"AND YOU! You dumb oaf, scale it down a bit." She ordered with a grin, the hilarity of Gronk's actions not being lost on the normally serious Captain of the Hall Monitors and Student Security Club.

The Eight Limbed giant, sensing that his beloved Natalie was getting impatient with him, nodded before he closed his eyes, struggling to generate enough brain power to concentrate. As the gathering of students watched the giant, started shrinking... and shrinking... and shrinking... until he was naught but barely over four feet tall.

"Sorry, chaps." Gronk apologized as he found himself better able to express himself. "Sometimes I get a bit carried away when I'm... you know... bigger."

"If you'd like Miss, I can have your clothing laundered and cleaned. I'm terribly sorry about the mess I made" Gronk said as he looked at the crime scene.

"Miss Kassel. I believe that you should look at this." Gronk said as he reached over into the dead student's pocket and pulled out a cellphone.

"The student was filming when he died." The "giant" said as he paused the recorded movie, displaying the "face" of his killer or rather it would have been a face had there not been a blank mask covering the killer's face.

Natalia stood there, looking at the picture when the sounds of Sean and Miku's ambush reached their position.

"Goddammit!" She cursed as she motioned to Gronk

"Maya. Keep an eye on these kids. Make sure nothing happens to them." Natalia said as she ran off towards the sound of battle.

The Hallways (Near the Faculty Lounge): Alucard | Miku | Sean

Alcuard had barely made it out of the teacher's lounge when he spotted a leggy blonde and a ... THING running towards what sounded like a fight.


It must have been Sean's lucky day as he drew first "blood" and the plasma sword slid cleanly into the chest of one of his assailants. However, it was also Sean's unlucky day as the Assailant didn't die, nor did he seem to notice the normally greivious wound that he sufferred. Instead, he walked towards Sean with his stun baton raised, his body acting like a sheath to Sean's plasma sword.

"Awww... didums think that that would hurt me?" the "man" asked as his stun baton started arcing down towards Sean's head, intent on frying his brain.


The thrown combat knife entered the "man's" skull and the light that seemed to blaze with life before, quickly died.

"Who in the hell let the combat drones out?" A feminine voice asked as she drew another blade, this one about as long as her arm as she rushed towards the remaining 5 assailants.

Another bullet caused the concrete wall to explode next to Miku's head.

"Gronk! Take care of that." Natalia ordered as she rushed into the battle.

Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices: Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Lupito | Slindis | Ton Ton

Gabrielle hardly reacted at all to Lupito's kisses as she laid there shivering. Listening closely, Slindis could only hear the normally energetic madwoman repeating the same word over and over and over again.

"tails... tails... tails.... tails...

Meanwhile, Kurumu could only look at Gabrielle with a certain amount of disbelief, though she was unable to hear what Gabrielle was saying.

"I've seen this before. It's like she's going into withdrawal. Maybe she needs blood?" Kurumu asked as she went over to the Nurse Peach, determined to see if there was a stash of blood somewhere in the school.

"tails... tails... tails.... tails...

The Baseball Diamond: Lucieon

The second of the young men died quickly as he placed himself between Lucieon and the second girl. The discending blade lopping off an arm as he tried to ward off the blow with naught but his hand. Looking at the bloody stump, the boy's scream turned into a gurgle as the blade found the boys throat, ending him quickly as the piecing Rapier sliced through the boy's esophogus and spinal column.

The second girl put up a much more valiant but ultimately vain defense as she brought out a can of mace that her daddy had given her for such an occation. Unfortunately, he'd never taught her that there was a safety she was supposed to disengage before using the repellant. Ultimately, her fate was sealed as soon as Luceion descended upon her.

Looking around him, the scene was a wash of blood and gore. There was still one survivor, however, unconscious through it all and yet... there was something strange about what he sensed from her... a flood of humanity... overwhelming and intoxicating. If Lucieon was a sink hole of human essence, then this girl was a fountain.

As he looked at her... she began to stir.

Avatar Adventure
Location: The Baseball Diamond | Avatar Adventure Highschool


The Undead Merchant took a few deep breaths as he tightened his grip on Estoc, whose might blade was now stained with the rust of blood. This girl before him... she was warm. So warm, so beautiful. Though his eyes only saw her human shell, how her uniform hung from her limp body, how her hair fell over her face, those closed eyes that seemed to struggle to open. Yet his soul saw something different.

It was a swirling mass of humanity, a thousand black sprites collected into one human being, squirming and swirling, reproducing and devouring. Lucieon was in disbelief, even in Cataclama he had never seen such a person like this. He felt so warm in her presence, his limbs seemed to melt away from his body, and his cold dead heart seemed to beat with the song of the flood of blackness. He bit his lip in disbelief, it couldn't be he thought. A firekeeper? He shook his head, blonde hair falling gently from side to side. Firekeepers were just a myth, something the Undead told each other when they were gathered around a bonfire and exchanging stories.

A covenant of beautiful women, who hold the endless essence of humanity within their breast, within their heart. A mas so strong that it was said that they pushed against the skin above her heart, and if you looked carefully, you could see the millions of sprites teeming inside of her body. It was myth, it had to be. yet, if it were, what was this girl that lay before him, whose body was about to awaken.

Lucieon needed to be sure, if it was indeed a firekeeper, her soul would be an invaluable asset to him. If kept alive, she was an infinite source of humanity. He gently placed the blade of the Estoc against the top of her blouse and drew the blade downward, cutting open the cloth and exposing her bare skin. He held his breath, waiting, hoping, to see the indicative scar that all Firekeepers were born with. He continued to run his blade slowly, making sure not to pierce her skin at all.

But it was very unfortunate that she awoke right before he had confirmed it. He stood over her, a leg on each side of her torso, silk cloak flapping in the wind and blood staining the earth, his clothes, and his sword. A sword whose blood stained blade was pointed directly down at her, cutting through her uniform. lucieon's chilling blue eyes seemed to express shock at her inconvenient awakening, especially since his hand stopped moving and the blade stopped.

Dumbstruck for an explanation, the Undead Merchant simply asked the girl, "Are you alright?"

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Baseball Diamond: Lucieon


Darkness. Darkness encircled and enfolded C.C. as the back of her head hit the reinforced metal support of the Baseball bleachers. She'd always been scared of the dark and the coldness it brought to the world. Under the weight of the darkness that tried to pull her down deeper and deeper, C.C. struggled with all her might until finally, she broke free and her eyes opened to the light.

As eyelids uncovered golden eyes, she was met by a sight. A man, clad in a silk cloak, pointing a sword at her chest which felt naked against the cool Autumn air. Panic ensued as she struggled to remember what had happened before she had been captured by the darkness.

"Are you alright? The man asked her as she looked at him with uncertain eyes that wandered towards the gore and blood. Whose blood? Whose bodies were these? Did she know these people? Her mind struggled to remember many things but failed.

"I... I think so... where? Where am I?" The girl asked as she looked around, unsure what to make of the sight of the three dead students, unsure if the man who stood above her was friend or foe. Regardless of this, she knew from the blood stains on his sword that he was responsible for their deaths.

"Are... are you going to hurt me?" She asked, looking at the blade that he had pointed at her, her mind trying to keep her body from going into absolute panic.

"I dunno what these people did to you... but I'm sure they deserved it. I promise... I won't tell anyone. Just... please... don't kill me." She added, her body shaking a bit as she struggled to maintain control of her body which, under Lucieon's watchful gaze seemed to pulse with life... save for one place that was devoid of life. She was barren.

Matt and Ken silently congratulated each other over their victory before Ken turned towards Maya. "I have a question for you. How are we 16 years old? My friend and I were adults before we woke up at this place. And don't say something like its probably just a dream because when I was actually 16, I was deep underground in a secret base being trained to become a weapon for United States," Ken told her.

The Hallways (Near the Gym): Devon | Kalastyrn | Kenneth | Matt | Maya

"I have a question for you. How are we 16 years old? My friend and I were adults before we woke up at this place. And don't say something like its probably just a dream because when I was actually 16, I was deep underground in a secret base being trained to become a weapon for United States," Ken asked Maya as she watched Miss Kassel and Gronk run off towards whatever disturbance was occurring nearby. However, when the words Ken spoke actually registered with Maya, she looked at him in a rather dumbfounded manner. One that spoke volumes. One that said, "Bitch you crazy!" Despite the look, Maya was much too polite to actually say those words. Instead she looked at Ken and Matt and pondered the question that she was asked for a moment.

"I don't know how really know how it's possible... or rather how it's possible in a practical manner." She explained as she threw out a couple of suggestions off the top of her head.

"Well, you could have partook of Urd's Well or The Fountain of Youth. Someone could have sent your consciousness but not your bodies back in time. Someone could have sent you through a singularity and it ripped your bodies to shreds before being reassembled in its current form. We all could be dead or someone could have altered your reality into the one that we're in right now." She responded as she tweaked her head to the side, trying to think of more answers that she could give Ken.

"Of course, this could also be the next step of your training. It's not a big secret that some of the strongest humans and meta-humans on campus get recruited right out of campus." The little girl said, before adding, "that's just a rumor of course, the faculties never really admitted this but some of the older student swear that they've talked to different agencies from all over the world."

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Hallways (Near the Gym): Devon | Gronk | Kalastyrn | Kenneth | Matt | Maya | Natalia

Devon and Melethia heard the story from Maya as Melethia returned back fully changed and with the 5 pouches around her hips and stopped for a moment. "So you're saying this is some kind of Charles Xavier academy and there's someone strong enough here to do these kinds of killings? Are you sure the head of this school isn't Albus Dumbledore?"

The statement got an odd look from Melethia as she raised an eyebrow and talked to Devon. "Who the heck is that?"

"A headmaster for a school of wizardry that constantly puts his students in danger and somehow gets the parents to send their kids back year after year even though there's an alarmingly high chance that the kids could die."

She grinned and held back a laugh. "Sounds like a fun kinda school, but it's not for everyone."

Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices: Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Lupito | Slindis | Ton Ton

Slindis thought for a second then smacked herself on the head. Gabrielle was so attached to Akane's tails that being without them for so long was a form of torture to her. Well, that and the rather close relationship they had made the separation all the much worse. "We'll try to find Akane for you, Gabrielle. I'm certain she's somewhere here, but for now, would you be fine with Lupito?" The puppy's fur, while nowhere near as soft as Akane's, was still comforting in its own right.

As the pup snuggled next to her, Slindis told Kurumu the gist of what was going on. "Cold you help me look for her? I'd focus fully on finding Akane, but there's more things that I need to look into here."

She exited the room to move through the school...

The Hallways (Near the Faculty Lounge): Alucard | Miku | Sean

And saw the rather large brawl brewing in the hall. Although she hadn't seen much of what was going on, she knew that Storm and Miku were getting attacked. Thanks to that, she didn't need much to get in and back them up as she went in for an ambush on one of the skirmishers. Although her blows did deal a moderate amount of damage, it was the fact that they shifted to Ice and ELectricity caused the machine the most problems, and in the span of 6 seconds, the furthest attacker had been thoroughly destroyed.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Hallways (Near the Gym): Devon | Kalastyrn | Kenneth | Matt | Maya | Melethia

Maya smirked for a moment at Devon's comment and despite the politeness she had been raised with, she couldn't help but respond to Devon's comment about Dumbledore.

"Didn't you notice the Quidditch stadium on the way in?" The diminuative girl asked with a barely concealed smile before her upbringing snapped her back into reality.

"In all seriousness, I've never met the headmaster here. Assistant Headmaster Charles Darwin VIII was the previous headmaster lastyear but over the summer, the schoolboard voted to bring someone new. I don't even know the new Headmaster's name." She said, her smile having been replaced with her normal neutral expression. She held her tongue for a moment but decided to speak about the more pressing matter at hand.

"I'd heard that there were a few students that were killed or wounded in various accidents last year but this is the first time I've heard of a murder happening." Maya said, acknowledging the fact that this was her first year as one of the Hall Monitors.

The Hallways (Near the Faculty Lounge): Alucard | Gronk | Miku | Natalia | Sean | Slindis

The appearance of reinforcements brought an absolutely logical and rational response from the assailants as they moved to keep the group busy. A door on the opposite end of the hall was nearly ripped off its hinges as an additional number of Robotic Training Dummies came in to replace the fallen and to maintain numerical superiority.

While there were 4 students and 2 teachers there against the remaining 5, 9 more of the cybernetic dummies entered the fray, 2 for each of faculty and students, save 4 who were tasked to acquiring their objective, Miku.

"Lethal Force authorized. Begin supression of opposition" The lead bot commanded as he twisted the handle of the stun baton, causing the other end to sprout a series of wicked looking blades that continued to emit arcs of electricity that grew in intensity.

"AAUUUUUUGH!!!" Came a scream not far from the site of the battle as Gronk was not only over taken by a number of the bots but shot in the chest by the unseen sniper. As the formerly massive THING fell to the ground, anyone close enough could see that the life had fled from his eyes.

"GROONK!!" Came a sorrow filled scream from the Head of the Hall Monitors as she witnessed the Gronk's death. Gritting her teeth, the woman became determined to avenge her friend's death as she impaled yet another of the Training Dummy's heads and grabbed one of the electrical maces.

Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices: Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Lupito | Ton Ton

Lupito... Slindis really didn't know what sort of situation she was putting you in did she. Nope.

"tails...tails...tails...tails..." The school psychiatrist muttered as she began squeezing Lupito with an amazing amount of zeal, while the shivering a sweating subsided for a moment.

"Uhh... Gabrielle... don't you think that you should loosen up for a moment. He does need to breath you know." Kurumu said as she reached over to take Lupito... only to be met with an feral snarl from the disguised vampire.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Hallways (Near the Gym): Devon | Kalastyrn | Kenneth | Matt | Maya | Melethia

Devon chuckled a bit, glad he relieved the tension if only for a moment. "Yeah, although the Bludger nearly took my arm off. Could you try to keep a better eye on it?" He did find that it was a bit odd that the Headmaster wasn't known, though.

Melethia checked up on Kalastryn as she looked up to Maya. "So, people gettin' hurt's common around here? Really? Thanks for the warnin', Miss Maya! I'll try to be careful, an' I really appreciate it." The Hall Monitor noticed that the young girl was a lot less worried about the fact that someone had been killed, but she knew Melethia wasn't guilty of anything thanks to her having escorted her in and out of the locker room.

The Hallways (Near the Faculty Lounge): Alucard | Gronk | Miku | Natalia | Sean | Slindis

Slindis could make out the fact that Miku was their main target and cast Resist Electricity on herself as she moved to assist Miku, delivering a rapid assault on one of them as she got closer and used Shadow Fade to make herself invisible to the naked eye and much harder to hit.

Ki Left= 85 (15 Ki cost, 10 Ki gained from the attacks)
SP left= 251/266 (15 SP for Resist Energy)

Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices: Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Lupito | Ton Ton

Lupito pushed back a little bit, making it clear that he wasn't comfortable with being squeezed quite so tightly. Still, he wasn't fully opposed to the affection, and if it got too bad, he was sure he could talk with Slindis.


Rugal sighed as Maxim did exactly what he thought he'd do.
"Of course you do..." He sighed before walking away to pretend to make a phone call, talking into his ring instead.

"Attention all, The Gym teacher insists on keeping to the class timetable regardless of what happened. If my hunch is right, this will be a recurring theme. Everyone keep together and walk in groups until we can figure out what is going on here. Rugal out."

Once he was done with his call, David ended up getting struck in the face with a ball by Kura, causing even him to wince at how painful it looked.


Aftan watched as David snapped awake after having his jaw reconstructed, him gasping awake as he pieced together what happened.
When asked if he was alright, he watche Kura and Ella take down the rest of his team and sighed "Another day, another defeat to someone with superhuman powers..."
When he saw Lucretia left, he couldn't help but shout "KID! IF YOU HAVE SOME WEIRD SUPERPOWER, NOW WOULD BE THE TIME TO USE IT!", hoping to egg her onto victory or at least her catching a ball and getting one of the others in.

Sean, Miku & etc.
Location: Avatar Adventures High School | Hallway.
Time: First classes in progress.

Seeing the events unfold before his eyes, Storm noted that the enemy were not human but combat drones spewing forth their blue blood of a cold machine.
Easily enough he should easily be able to cut their body part or behead them with his energy sword.
Kicking the robot corpse which mocked him before, Storm picked up his shock baton (Which turned into a mace when they gave the order) and observed the battle, wanting to kill.

Though two choices presented themselves.
Save his girl?
Or save his helpers?
The somewhat twisted but white heart Sean paused, his partner was an AI though he harbored feeling which he never felt before ... or at least doesn't remember. Though these students are fighting for a random reason, and protected them when they needed help, Sean's vigilante side also wanted to kick in.

In the end of his mind he decided to give a giant middle finger to the choice.
Dropping the baton and sheathing the energy sword, Storm turned around to Miku.
The soldiers had yet to come to them yet. Within a second he swept Miku off her feet, she was going to make a joke about it but refused after she saw a glimpse of Sean's red eyes. Beaming with anger for the robots, but yet refusing to participate in combat, the suppressed superhuman immediately turned around for a second and he yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Everyone we must escape, they have too many numbers. Follow us and survive, MAKE THAT AND ORDER!!!" He gave the order to anyone who wanted to survive this robot and student massacre, which could easily make the newspapers if it got out into public hands. Turning around once more, Sean began to sprint to safety, hoping ... no, praying that they would follow him.

Dimension: Avatar Adventures
Location: Avatar Adventures High School

The Gym (P.E. Class): Aftan | David | Dmitri | Ella | Garm | Jenny | Kura | Lucretia | Puce | Rodem | Rugal | Teri

"KID! IF YOU HAVE SOME WEIRD SUPERPOWER, NOW WOULD BE THE TIME TO USE IT!" David called out as Ella threw the ball at the lone member of the Red Team, putting her superhuman strength behind the throw. If David could slow time, he would have seen the wind resistance warping the normally spherical ball into an ovoid shape as the ball sped towards the girl who stood there... yes... she just stood there.

There was a blinding flash of light, a familiar blinding flash of light mind you but still blinding none the less as Lucretia opened a portal in front of her, a portal that consumed the ball that targeted her. This of course was followed by a second flash of light that appeared behind the Half Succubus and finalized by the third and fourth.

Blinking, the tears out of his eyes, David could see that somehow, someway, the girl named Lucretia had not only caught the ball, but Ella had been knocked out of the sky.

"GET BACK IN THERE WEST!!!" Roared Coach Maxim as the rules of Dodge ball dictated that a caught ball would allow one of the sidelined players to return to the game.

Sparing a glance at Rugal, he saw that the Assistant Coach was busy making a phone call. While he understood the Assistant Coach's desire to figure out what was going on, Maxim was playing it conservatively. If he and Rugal left, they would leave their students alone and possibly defenseless against whatever had killed the student.

The Hallways (Near the Gym): Devon | Kalastyrn | Kenneth | Matt | Maya | Melethia

Maya paused as she considered Devon's and Melethia's questions. Sure it was odd that the identity of the new school headmaster was unknown and sure it was strange that students would get hurt from time to time but this wasn't a normal educational institution really.

"I understand the concerns, I do but this isn't you typical school with a bunch of normal human school children. Sure there's a fair share of normal everyday human kids here to concentrate on science, but still, with the number of Meta-Humans and people like you, Devon, you know, who know magic, there's bound to be a few accidents here and there as the meta-humans learn to control their powers. You're right that this is like Xavier's school for Gifted Children but what the comic book never discussed was the realities of learning to control your potentially world ending powers. You think Wolverine all of a sudden learned how to control his claws in one day? Doubtful." Maya said as she stifled a chuckle at mental images of Wolverine accidentally extending his claws during inopportune moments, on the john, during a hand shake, while having a little alone time.

"As for the Headmaster, I'm sure he'll address the school whenever he gets a moment. He was just hired last week by the school board."

The Hallways (Near the Faculty Lounge): Alucard | Gronk | Miku | Natalia | Sean | Slindis

The cybernetic dummies weren't exactly caught flat footed as Slindis cast Resist Electricity as well as Shadow Fade. Having been programmed to provide a challenge to all manner of powers, the color of the dummies' eyes shifted as they shifted their eyes to look for clues as to Slindis' whereabouts. Checking for her heat signature, checking for and sounds that she might be making. Simultaneously they computed that the drow might be resistant to their electrical attacks the blades at the end of their batons would still cause damage if they managed to make contact.

"Counter move calculated. Begin attack." One of the two Dummies droned as the armored plates were ejected from its body, enabling it to move faster than it had been moving. Moving forward, the second dummy, the tank that kept its armored plates, started a heavy barrage of attacks on the Drow, sending a series of punches aimed at breaking her defenses whilst the faster dummy, the blade, looked to strike from behind.

Everyone we must escape, they have too many numbers. Follow us and survive, MAKE THAT AND ORDER!!! Sean screamed sounding the retreat as the cybernetic training dummies started chasing him, their will being indomitable.

"We are legion. We are many. Bend to our will or face annihilation." They droned behind Sean as he ran. Looking behind him he saw that while some were running, others were crawling along the walls and ceiling. Beyond them, he could see Slindis and Alucard, but there was no sign of the blonde girl whose friend had died.

Faculty Lounge and Teachers Offices: Angelus | Caim | Cadolbolg | Gabrielle | Kurumu | Lupito | Ton Ton

Kurumu backed away slowly from the hissing Gabrielle as she looked about for any signs that Akane was around. None.

"If your frrrriend izz looking forrr zomeone, you could check zee registration, ja?" Doktor von Kripplor mentioned casually as he pointed towards a terminal in the lounge.

Meanwhile Gabrielle, feeling the fur of Lupito started petting the wolf cub gently even as her hug tightened a bit.

"I know you're not Akane... but... you're still sooooft."


Without processing what happened, David sprinted back into the game, picking a ball off the ground as he did.
He knew he was no match for Kura, but she didn't know that he knew that.
Or maybe she did know and she was just pretending to not know as to find out if David knew what she knew.
Either way, he focused more on playing defensively, keeping his ball near his face to block any possible incoming attacks from Kura.

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