The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Caramel Frappe:

Kala looked puzzled for a moment... then turned to Cadolbolg "You seem to be mistaken... which I suppose is my fault. I don't hate authors, I don't even hate mine. What bothers me is the fact I may never find answers as to why. I don't hate anyone for things beyond their control, it wouldn't be right if I did. Teri, Devon, and I suppose by all means Ryan did the right thing, which earns my utmost respect. I said they might never escape the harshness they experience, though did I ever say this was deserved? No, and for good reason... they've tried to their fullest to fix everything, one of them even sold their soul to make it right. she said looking sorry for having ranted and raved the way she did while they were right there. "Authors in general don't bother me, hell we all have imaginations... it doesn't bother me what's gone on so much as... well, with you, Teri, and the rest of your family, everyone's done everything in all their strength to fix it..."

she seems on the verge of tears as she continues. "But mine remains hidden and silent, doing nothing to set things right with me, or god knows however many other ideas. That's what scares me, I guess. Teri, Devon, and Ryan all did the right thing for everyone they hurt, while I'm stuck licking my own wounds and crying myself to sleep... and I'll never understand why... I'm sorry if I hurt you, I know how words can cut like knives... I'm sorry..." She says, as she just sits for a few minutes in silence...


Caramel Frappe:

It had only then registered what Ryan was saying with his story. "Wait, one of your creations both tried to kill you, and couldn't be returned to their previous state?" She then looked at the well displayed emotions of Teri, Ryan, and the rest of who heard her rant in the group. "I'm sorry... I guess I really put my foot in my mouth there... I focus too much on the pain I was caused, and I guess I was blind to the misery I just caused you." She said, her now hushed tone not drawing much attention. "Ryan, though I've just met you, I suppose I know where your coming from... but I don't think your other creations would have tried to kill you... even if the rules didn't apply. I know because when I figured out my life was written out for me for a long time, I wanted answers, not bloodshed. You didn't know you were hurting those people, and they knew you were making it right once it was discovered you were. I find it hard to believe that if they lived because they were so close to your heart, they'd want to destroy you for it, and this is looking at it from the perspective of someone who was made hell-bound from the start, I don't think you did anything that bad did you?"

She then turned her attention to Teri "and how bad could you have made it for Caim and Angelus if they not only forgive you, but tackle each breaking wave with you? If their capable of that level of mercy, forgiveness, and friend ship... frankly I don't see where you could have went more right!" She says with a smile. she lets out a sigh and apologizes once more to each there with "Maybe someday all will feel right again... here's to then?" and smiles warmly.

Caramel Frappe:

... Kala didn't know what to say... she was really talking to someone who did all that? and on friendly terms no less? Hell, even fiends like Pit Fiends who do some of the most vile things for themselves can at least provide SOME sort of reason other than "For the sake of a 'fun' time." I mean she was a strict believer that people can change, and that... "Oh do let me guess..." her shadow interrupted from the depths of her mind, continuing in a mocking tone... "out of darkness comes light" "not all of any one group are alike" and all that bullshit, but be honest here... you wouldn't be all in the wrong to hate him now would you?" Despite her shadow's nagging voice seeming to have more power here, she was still wiser and more strong of will than letting it effect her thoughts too deeply. He wanted to change... like she did. That is to say for the better... heck, if she was to say he was beyond saving, she'd have to say that about herself... and recent events had more than proven otherwise. She spoke in a volume that wouldn't attract attention to the group, at least not any more than they had, which is to say silent enough to limit the hearing range right around just over a whisper and just under talking.

"Well, moving forward is all anyone can ever do... it doesn't help anyone to dwell on the past... I'm not saying anyone should ignore their wrongdoings... but you made it right... as right as you could anyway, and that's all anyone else can ask of you. Now... you said you were interested in joining up with the crew right? Personally, I'd have no objections... on one condition. Promise you'll not be so reckless with your creations later... simple? I mean... well to be perfectly honest, I don't think the... what I assume was a change... to some dragon-thing was a good move... I mean... you know what never mind, point is, if you find it necessary to write something at some point, think it through and have a peaceful way to resolve it if you can, alright?"

Iwatdatoi Station - Strip Mall - Beef Bowl Store: Som(?), Teri, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg, Ryan
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"Thanks for the kind words, Cadolbolg, even if I have messed up. I'm still tired of the shifting around in their tones that makes it feel like I'm both being cursed and praised. there any way I could be a better bigger sister?" Even with Cadolbolg's praise, it was hard to shake the feeling that Devon was still responsible for too much that had gone on... Maybe the curse was just some way to punish her.

Heck, the longer it went on, the more Devon wanted to be out of there instead of hearing this cycle of small praise and scathing scoldings over something that she couldn't really do much to fix. Still, she had to stand up for herself even if neither one of those two knew that it was Devon speaking. "Just because someone writes doesn't make them omniscient. Would every grocery list be chiseled in stone? No, things come up. Maybe you want different ingredients in the food. Sometimes amateur chefs mess up with some of the ingredients and something bad happens. Is that reason to damn the chef forevermore?" It wasn't a lot, but the confidence boost from Cadolbolg was a bit clear.

"Well, just follow the plan here and we should be good, okay? It's not too hard, and it really is for the best in the long run. Plus, we both know you like how soft that hair is, right?" Ella's explanation was rather brief, but it did clarify some of the actions that had happened over the day.

Paulownia Mall | Beef Noodle Shop: Cadolbolg, Devon, Ella, Kalastryn, Som, Ryan, Teri

"But you're right. I never forget what my writing has done."


The Hunter had found himself seated in front of a steaming bowl of what appeared to be soup that consisted of meat, broth and noodles and yet he had no idea how he had arrived at that location or who the two "people" seated at the table were. His last memories were being seated at a fountain with the wolf (Garm) just before the Minature Dragon (Cadolbolg), The Demoness (Ella), The Cursed Bard (Devon) and the Air Ship's Medical Officer (Teri) had arrived. Everything else seemed to be a blur of pictures and - and -

"AAAAAAH-CHOOOOOOO!!!!" Som sneezed, managing to cover up his mouth and nose with the inside of his elbow.

"Even when I broke the connection between myself and those I used to write for, I am reminded constantly of what the title of Author means. And I know that I deserve it."

"AAAAAAH-CHOOOOOOO!!!!" The Hunter sneezed again finding that his sinuses were under the attack of some sort of alergic reaction.

"P-Pardon m-m-AAAAAAH-CHOOOOOOO!!!! me." Som said, his voice sounding as if he was drowning in his own mucus. His thoughts felt the same way as the Hunter struggled to figure out just what it was that was causing this sudden bout of allergies.

Pulling out a vial from his alchemy pouch, the hunter started placing various herbs and materials into the container before pulling holding it over the flame of a candle that had been placed in the middle of the table. As the contents of the vial heated up, a bit of smoke swirled out and rode the invisible air currents that circulated around the room.

"AAAAAAH-CHOOOOOOO!!!!" The Hunter sneezed once again as he tried to keep track of the smoke as it wound it way around the restaurant and started reacting with the allergen that was causing Som so much discomfort.

Soon, the Hunter was able to not only identify the allergen, but the source as well as Som's blood shot blue eyes locked onto Cleric Teri.

"*COUGH COUGH COUGH*You did not happen to drink anything that would alter your pheromones did you?" Som asked miserably as he began concocting a drink that cease the torrent of nasal mucus that sought to gush out his nostrils. As he continued to look at the Cleric, he pointed at the two new comers with his eyes, silently questioning the Ship's Medical officer if they were friendly, though it could have been a distraction to draw attention away from the fact that the Hunter was edging away from the Cleric slowly until such time as his allergy rememdy took effect.

Shadow Zone | Strike Team #2: Constance, David, Slindis, Ton Ton, Yu

Constance had not moved since the appearance of the Shadow and whether it was due to the traumatic way that David had snatched her weapon from her or the berating that she received from the Irish Sniper and Slindis, she found herself unsure as to how to proceed as the world around her seemed to shift under her feet.

No, this was not another attempt at Bast trying to swap places with the Vampire, it was yet more proof that the Daughter of the Sorrowfeld Clan had a long way to go before she could save anyone, let alone herself.

It was the birth of an artificial sun in the form of David's Persona assaulting the Shadow that finally caused Constance to move to attack the dual headed menace that was attempting to destroy her Crew Mates.

"BAST!" Constance called out, unleashing the Feline Headed Persona upon the world.

Seeing the creature's electrical assault, the Feline Persona summoned a whirlwind that raced along the floor of the area, picking up the massive shell casings that had been discarded by the aerial assault. Once satisfied, Bastet's claws errupted into flame, causing the whirling metal casings to melt together, the spinning motion causing the molten ball of metal to spread, at first into a thin disk and then a thin metal net that errected itself between the creature and the Crew Members of the Strike Team.

"What are you doing?!" Constance asked, not understanding what was happening until one of the creature's electrical attacks struck the barrier and was dissipated along the metal veins.

"Ohhhhhh. Okay!" The Sorrowfeld Vampire said with a smile in the voice as she went to check on Ton Ton.

"Hey! Are you okay?" The Vampire asked the Tonberry.

Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - Sweet Shop: Akane, Deadshot
"Well...Shit..." Deadshot loudly stated as he eyed up the beat cops that were attempting to arrest them.
"Hey, contact your CO, tell them that Misturu authorized this Operation and we're working under her orders." He said as he pushed the Infected man between him and the police, bullets tended to hurt humans like him you see.
"This man is suffering from a Biological Hazard and he doesn't have much time left. Get us EMTs and a escort to the...the....Fuck, what was the name of that building again?...Oh, The Kirijo Group building!" He then ordered the police, switching the Ammo type on his gun to Rubber bullets.
Just in case...

Akane stiffened somewhat next to Deadshot even as he swung the victim in front of himself. Forcing herself not to draw steel she softened her stance and spread her arms wide in friendship. "Ehe... We were told to be discrete... Come come now! Put down your weapons, we have not drawn ours. We really are workign with Mitsuru-san of Kirijo Group. Let us all stand down and talk this over like people, who is your commander? We have no time to waste."

Port Island Station - Rafflesia: Garm, Rugal, Walter o'Dim
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Walter looked around a little more, and waved a hand to pull in Rugal's attention, "Tanaka sent you bout deliveries, so you got to me, right? So, he probably mentioned a couple people interested in those 'items'. Skin, Narla and Samuel were pretty keen on em; as they were private dealers. But the guys by the Strip Mall, they used it to make their own... Look, I'm just a delivery guy. I smell it to make sure it's the real thing, then I ship.

Point being, lots of dealings went on behind there. Hell, I think most of us got our supplies there... I tended to grab things by the Shrine myself, when those monks were looking. But ever since that dead guy turned up, I've been avoiding it like the plague. Don't want to be wrongly accused, you know?"

Walter seemed to be sniffing around a bit more, seeming more nervous about dropping this information at all. Then again, being a member of a drug ring was never good for the nerves. However, the part about Mr. Skin was a bit more disconcerting too. If he was a private dealer, then that mean he sent Rugal off to stall; and could be long gone by now...

Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - Sweet Shop: Akane, Deadshot
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Upon hearing both of the two members namedropping the Kirijo group building, as well as Mitsuru's name, the commanding officer stopped, and dialed in a number on his phone before talking over something for a few moments, and turned back to Akane and Deadshot. Putting a hand up, he signaled to his men to put down their weapons,

"He's right. The Kirijos are overlooking this.... Now get these people out of the way, we don't want anything to spread! Someone get a first aid kit out, we need to staunch that bleeding!"

And with surprising efficiency, the police were able to push back the crowd to the bare minimum required to be able to traverse the district, and the policeman began to speak with Akane and Deadshot again, "Kirijo-san should be here with an ambulance soon. She'll take you and this man in a few..."

True to the policeman's word, Mitsuru and an ambulance arrived not too long afterward, motioning the two into the luxurious looking car while the man was unloaded into the ambulance. Upon getting in, though, Deadshot (being familiar with this sort of scenario) realized that Mitsuru had arranged them to be in their for privacy of speech, rather than transportation back to the Kirijo Group Building,

"Nicely done on finding someone among the living with the virus. However, you weren't exactly the most discreet.... Drawing a weapon in a candy store is bound to draw a little attention."

She gave a chuckle (which did sound a tad bit rehearsed), and continued, "That being said, I cannot deny that you did a great service in finding that man. However, I feel I should ask a couple questions about this scenario before I go back to my office and work on the paperwork that keeps this sort of thing under control.

First, could you explain to me what happened, to the closest degree. We need to know as much as we can about what this person may have been wanting or acting, so we may get a better profile on what to look out for. What was he doing, did you see him look at any people, any sort of details."

Iwatdatoi Station - Strip Mall - Beef Bowl Store: Som(?), Teri, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg, Ryan, Kalastryn
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Teri's eyes stayed to the table, shivering faintly when Bruiser's name was dropped several times, and shook her head at what Kalastryn said regarding Caim and Angelus, "Angleus has given me kindness that is far beyond what I deserve, but she still keeps her distance. Not that I really mind, as I'm thankful that she's been understanding But Caim... Caim has not forgiven me for what I have done. And, to say it kindly, Kalastryn, I have done quite a lot; so much so that I'd rather not recount it all here. Perhaps, to put it lightly, if they told you their story of being with the Rising Dawn, my hand was involved before even then. And for that, I would not be surprised if he stayed angry at what I have done for a long time."

She looked to Ryan with that same wry smile, "You're lucky though, Ryan. Even if you had some fights along the way, it looks like those you wrote for seem to be at peace; even the alternate version of yourself. Be glad for that much. If Inuart knew who I was, I think he would have gone for my head immediately. Then again, by the time he ever saw me, I had already broken the connection. Even for what I had to pay for it, I think it was worth it, if it freed all those lives connected to my own."

Saying this made the Cleric seem to droop again, but at least, from what the others were seeing, she was beginning to eat her meal again.

Well, it would have stayed that way if Som didn't sneeze up a storm and stare very closly at the Cleric, the expression not being too far off from Caim's famous death glares. With a slightly shaky voice (which was in no doubt inspired by the recent re-introduction to old wounds and being stared down like a diseased animal), she said quietly, "I drank a drink called Pheromone Coffee? I didn't think it actually did anything... as for those two, the dragon shaped person is Ryan, and the woman is Kalastryn. They're old friends of ours. Can you please stop giving me that look now?"

Ella, looks like your hands are gonna be full cheering up some Authors in the establishment.

As for Cadolbolg, after giving an "Okie dokie!" to Ella, he gave an almost catlike rub against Devon's arm to comfort her, and spoke again via the rings, "It's perfectly fine, Devon. If that lady wants to keep talking mean stuff, you ignore it. You obviously feel bad enough as is. You don't need someone telling you messed up for the same mistakes. As for being a better big sister, you don't need to do anything. Me and Friend Ton Ton are very happy with you being yourself.

"I do have a question though... What was this 'connection' thing friend Teri was talking about? I understand that Author Mark used his connection to me to make me a real dragon baby, that is, before breaking it; and that it was powerful enough to let him do that to me. And Creator Puce severed his connection and myself so that I could think for myself... Is it like those? Why did the Authors want to do this connection breaking thing?"

Shadow Zone (Group 1): Akontia - The Anti-Shadow Weapon, Annie, Cz, Jake, Jenny, The Wanderer, Melethia
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The following was written with bluecrimson's express consent.

Melethia's negative energy and joint destruction was the first attack to land on Akontia and her Persona, causing the robot to freeze in pain as her life was literally drained from her body and her joints rendered less than useful, Bellona fading in the process. Following up that was the Wanderer's barrage of bullets, which, at this range, (and Akontia's joints currently being locked) were dead on target, filling the robot with more holes. Once this was finished, Annie's chance was given, and Gaea was able to bring a mighty strike down onto the robot; and acquainting her properly with the floor. After all was said and done, the light in the robot's eyes began to fade, as the emotionless voice rang out, " down...." before the javelin slipped from the robot's fingers. It was disabled.

Now, as much as the party probably wanted revenge on the robot, Fuuka's voice range out and pleaded, "Wait! Please, while I understand you have no doubt nothing but ill will for this Anti-Shadow unit, if you destroy her it will make us lose one important piece in this puzzle! If our sources are correct, Akontia has a vial of the virus in her body, and she may have information about the forces holding her prior to her reactivation, the forces under Nyarlatotep's control. Please, I beg you, bring her back with you. We can put her in safe containment now that you've disabled her; and be able to properly extract and analyze the virus in her systems.

Now, give me a moment before I try to find you a way out of here...."

Without further prompting, Melethia grabbed the robotic adversary and threw her in the bag of holding with the less dangerous magical items, giving a look that almost asked to be questioned about the action. When prompted about throwing the robot in the bag, she simply stated, "I listen to suggestions, not orders."

Fuuka paused, noticing that the child out of the lot of them was the one to handle the body, but after a moment, spoke again, still sounding a bit rattled in the process, "...I have found a point in which you could exit on this floor. Make your way East, and you should find it...
And, again, I'm sorry for what has happened here."

Shadow Zone(Group 2): Caim, Constance, David, Slin, Ton-Ton, Narukami
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After Narukami's and Constances' attack, Slindis' Smite, and David's air raid, the Shadow was clearly overwhelmed; and began to swell in size before exploding into a pile of black goop; sending chunks of the stuff everywhere. However, not long after the goop appeared, it began to evaporate into black smoke.

"Great Job! It's gone... Now, Lemme try to find you an exit on this floor, so you can get that generator out of here when the time comes.... Also, your other group of allies were able to find and subdue the Anti Shadow Weapon. However... there were some casualties in the process, and the one noted as AWOL is still as such... I'm sorry."

This left the party alone with themselves, and- Was that crying?

Ton Ton, who was very much thrown off by the literal fireworks, was shocked when he felt himself being thrown off of Caim's shoulder, as well as seeing the man getting pulled under into some dark abyss, not unlike how he was first brought into the world of AA. As the Tonberry looked around for his misplaced benefactor, his voice grew shriller with panic as he waved his lantern around the Shadow verse;

"Caim!? Where are you?! Please, come back! Please... What am I gonna tell Cadolbolg if I come back without you or Angelus?"

When Constance came to his aid, Ton Ton looked up at her and everyone else, and in those little beady eyes, (and tone of voice), Constance could see desperation clear on his face, "It's Caim. I was sitting on his shoulder, and we were waiting out David's fire storm before we could attack the Shadow. But, when we were waiting, something attacked us; and he- he threw me out of the way, so some big, shadowy black thing wouldn't swallow me up. And now he's gone! I-I'm scared... I can't just leave and tell Cadolbolg that his parents disappeared! What if he's dead?! I could be the reason he lost his parents!"

[1] He never did see it...

Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - Sweet Shop: Akane, Deadshot
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"First, could you explain to me what happened, to the closest degree. We need to know as much as we can about what this person may have been wanting or acting, so we may get a better profile on what to look out for. What was he doing, did you see him look at any people, any sort of details." Mitusru asked.

"Well, I bought some takoyaki as I haven't eaten since I got here. The clerk pointed out the victim when I asked about the new fashion in town. She also mentioned the person who does the shift after her also stopped showing up after dressing the same. We could always hit her up for more information, but I had to move fast. I entered the shop and Deadshot-san moved to take down the victim, who said he 'didn't want any sort of trouble, just leave me alone' before charging towards the door at full speed. I stepped in front of the door and shouted at him to stop, but he dropped into a shoulder charge. I meant to cut him in half but I drew my sword sheathed for some reason and merely struck him full force as Deadshot-san hit him with some sort of lightning shock. Deadshot-san secured the victim and we proclaimed ourselves police and left the shop quickly, apologizing for the damage. We didn't get far before meeting the actual police, and now we are here. Aww, my takoyaki!" The Kitsune explained.

She nodded to Deadshot, allowing him to add in his side of the story.

AA Universe: Syria.

"Well, seems we have reached an agreement then." responded the man draped in shadows and darkness, his eyes sitting behind a pair of sunglasses he just put back up on his face, glimmering with evil intent.

"You've got what you wanted, now hold up your end of the deal Mr. 'D'." said the official. His clothes were stained with sweat from about two hours of negotiations and the presence of being close to this dark man.

"Gladly." was all he said before pulling out a massive pistol and blowing the man's skull open with it. The rear half of the room covered in blood, he stood up and began to walk out of the room. "Go get the plutonium."

"Right sir!" a female voice came from a corner of the room and ran out of the room with haste.

A common sight.
Insane!Wanderer & Shadow Attack force 1.
Location: Shadow Zone 1 | Personaverse.

Sad musc

After doing his part in the battle with the dance of lead, the Insane!Wanderer stopped, indeed he wanted to do more to the robot but he understood what the girl 'Fuuka' was saying. "*Tisk* Well that is a shame ... I wanted to find out more about it. You know disassemble it and all ... my other side doesn't care thought." He said out loud to everyone as he had picked up the bloody javelin and handed it to Melethia.

With his eyes still burning red from changing to his insane mode, the darker Wanderer walked over to Jake's corpse. Taking off the dark mask with one hand, this face of the Wanderer was still the same. Looming over the body, the Wanderer still had a smile, yet he pulled out a cigarette and lit it. Looking down he stepped into the Author's pool of blood. "Sorry bud ... it seemed the dice you rolled were against you ... but we both know that you didn't truly die" He had whispered to the dead body and gave another light chuckle.

If anyone was looking at this spectacle they could see the different Wanderer hold his palm out to where his cigarette ash fell, was this an act of respect or something else? "Enough from me though ... tag out!" He called to the nothing surrounding him and the Wanderer's eyes faded back to glowing blue. Looking down he saw the cigarette and the now normal Wanderer sighed as he stepped out of the pool of blood and extinguished it, but it faded away shortly enough.

Before placing his mask back on, the Wanderer clapped his hand together twice and then placed the two palms together forming a praying stance. "Amen." The Wanderer called out once more before the black mask was on him. Looking back to everyone the Wanderer himself had a couple of words to say, "I suggest we say our words to the Author ... then we can decide what to do with the body. My vote is cremation but ... " The talking turned slowly to silence as the Wanderer thought about how little he knew of the Author.

"I see too much death ..." He silently whispered.

Missing souls.
Yu Narukami & Shadow Attack force 2 .
Location: Shadow Zone 2 | Personaverse.

Sad music

Seeing the rest dominate the battle and destroy the Shadow made Yu calm in his injury, yet the sight of David summoning made his Persona made him somewhat happy. Yet the news from the other party was relayed back to them, it was not good, this turned Yu's mood bad and silent. Then the crying of Ton-Ton came from nowhere, Caim was certainly missing from the group and this did worry Yu too.

With his Persona faded away due to lack of energy and sadness, Yu tried to stand up by himself but he felt a pain in his legs. Stumbling back down to the floor, he was quick to look at his leg. Burn would were all over one leg. Seeing this made his face twist in pain and soon he began to fear that he could do nothing. Yet still he tried to get up, using his Katana as some kind of crutch.

Storm & Alpha.
Location: Hanger (Workshop) | Rising Dawn | Personaverse.

Back inside the hanger of the Rising Dawn, silence was something that waved in the air. The lone Spartan was inside the workshop fixing up his weapons and armour that were damaged with the battle against Annie. His beloved Alpha were back in their room sleeping, the Spartan was determined to fix this so he may participate in the next event that this group seemingly keep going through without break.

Storm had to lower himself a little, his body was almost seven foot-tall. Yet he needed to use all of his body to fix up all of his gear, the only clothing he wore was from the weight down and the sweat was drenching his upper body. Wiping the newly appearing sweat from his brow quickly, the Spartan took out the final piece of his newly repaired armor. Special glass was forged and with several hits from a hammer made it curve perfectly to hit the helmet.

Shortly afterwards the new armour and weapons were placed within the armour-loader. This did everything else that Storm could not do. It painted the armour perfectly with the signature colours of this certain Spartan, it edited the armour to perfectly fit Storm and it imprinted and programmed the insides. Spartan-178 stood perfectly still, showing no movement as it scanned his body.

Then the final process began to initiate, the armour was finally being placed onto Storm. This only took a minute, but as if it forgot a single thing, the emblem of this Spartan was painted quickly. Then the noise of escaped gas came out of nowhere and Storm jumped his way out of the machine, feeling as if he was reborn again.

Looking around he could see everything in place and the HUD was working correctly. Making sure that his normal weapon package was attached, the Spartan found his two pistols, shotgun, grenades, energy sword and family sword all in place. This made him happy. Quickly taking it off with the machine again, the Spartan made sure that all checks were final. Happy with his finishing progress he took a look at the other weapon packages he had made before happily skipping to his beloved.

The Storm Group foundation
Author Shaun & Shorn.
Location: Moon Base | Moon | Space | AAverse.

The Moon's surface remained void of all life, air and nature. Yet this eyes of the Grandmast tactician, wizard and swordsman Shorn looked upon it with great interest. As the man remained inside the large bubble of oxygen he was examining everything on the Moon's surface, from the dust to the smallest crater.

This was no ordinary place that he could explore, this was thanks to the Author of these Personifications, the now man Shaun. Near the small entrance to the Moon base was a much more ordinary person, checking the Lightning Hawke, their spaceship, if it had come across any damage. The Author Shaun sighed, he only knew how to write and nothing else apart from being completely normal and having a abnormal knowledge of both gaming and anime.

Looking towards his creation of Shorn, the tactician he bought over from Fire Emblem: Awakening he began to wonder about what they really wanted, yet he would not ask the man himself due to anxiety. Sighing once again, the Author left the Wizard to his investigation as he went back into the base to expand it or more it look better then before.

While doing this he thought about the other two characters he let out into this world, since their minds were connected he did know what was happening, yet he wanted to hear it from the characters themselves. Then a thought went out to his 'retired' character ...

The retired life.
Tomoya Okazaki.
Location: Hikarizara | Japan | KEYverse.

The blue hair dangled in front of the lighter blue ocean in front of him. Tomoya felt a shudder down his neck and braced himself for warmth. Focusing upon his sights he saw green, green grass and the yellow of many, many sunflowers. In the middle upon these sunflowers was the two he cherished most in life, his daughter Ushio and wife Nagisa.

To this very day he has not regretted yelling the statement to everyone that he wanted to go back to see his family. Some of the Rising Dawn crew were silent and yet some were a little more ... loud. Giving out a sigh he know he should not care about that world anymore but he had wished that he either made it up to some of them and knocked some sense into the others, but in this human state and being in this world, he could not do either.

Once more with the focusing he saw his daughter and wife, a smile came upon his face again. The family were actually visiting his relatives, his father and grandmother, they lived near the ocean. This not only gave him some time for family, but it gave time for the former Archangel of lightning to think.

"I would do anything for them." He said softly to himself, yet he shut up too quickly as both his grandmother and father bought out drinks and lunch.



Kala didn't know what to say to either of them... Teri was so upset she didn't think anything could really help from her end, though she'd more than like to try. and her "distrust" to Ryan wasn't exactly anything special... I mean she just met him, she wouldn't put her life in his hands, sure, but she wasn't worried about being stabbed in the back or anything either, it was really no more or less than someone you just met. Anyway, she thought it was certainly a time for a change of subject... in a rather impartial tone, not due to not feeling for them, but due to not wanting to draw attention as usual... "So with what I've seen with us being busy as always... where are the rest of us? and I assume we're not here for a vacation right?" she let out with as comforting a tone as she could muster with all the information that just hit her.

Port Island Station - Rafflesia: Garm, Rugal, Walter o'Dim

"....Hm...Clever bastard...Right, well, thank you for your time..." Rugal abruptly said before walking away from Walter, no longer caring for the Dealer or his ruse for that face.
I knew I should have just smashed up the place... He thought as began pacing away from the shop and out onto the road.
Pulling out his PDA, he called Mitsuru and said "Rugal here, I need an APB on one Mr. Skin. He's making a run for it. Wire the Police Scanner data on screen. This man has something to hide, I want to know what!"
Garm was still watching as the Crimelord stood in front of a car and held his hand out to halt it, causing the driver of it to screech to a halt barely an inch before hitting him.
Without bothering to listen to the cries of protest of the driver, Rugal instead opted to walk over to the drivers seat and pull the man out of the car before throwing him on the tarmac.
"Oh don't cry, tomorrow you'll be laughing about this." He casually said as he hijacked the car before speeding off down the road back to towards Club Escapade, keen to find out where Mr. Skin ran off to.

Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - Sweet Shop: Akane, Deadshot

Deadshot was glad that for once the chain of command HADN'T screwed him over, unlike in Moscow...
"Well I'll be dammed, she kept her word. Think it was because she's young and idealistic or just not an asshole?"
As much as I'd like to say the latter, I'm leaning towards idealistic...
THe assassin and his Shadow thought as they boarded the Ambulance while Akane give her side of the story.
"Basically what the Fox says. Target was wearing tons of winter clothing, much like the John Doe back at the Shrine. As bad as waving guns around kids are, I'd wager that someone dropping dead would be even worse. Besides, we might be able to poke and prod him a little, get some insight into the virus before he passes his expiration date." He said, not really hopeful that that Infected would live but rather convinced that they could get something off him before he died.

Shadow Zone (Group 1): Akontia, Annie, Cz, Jake, Jenny, The Wanderer, Melethia

Not long after Akontia was shit down, Jenny began to stir, having spent most of the fight knocked out by one of the Shadow Weapon's attacks.
She attempted to stand herself up, only to be met with a sharp message from her mind.
"Tch, Stop embarrassing yourself. Just stay down, they'll send someone to pick your worthless ass up..."
As if on cue, The pokemon stumbled in her attempts, landing right back where she started.
"...Can someone help me up?..."
"Oh for the love of Arceus, what DON'T you need help with?...Uhhhh, just go back to being knocked out, this is sad to be a part of..."

While Pokemon could take more of a beating them humans, seeing how they fought for sport in their realm, That fire blast did knock a lot of strength out of Jenny.

Shadow Zone(Group 2): Caim, Constance, David, Slin, Ton-Ton, Narukami

David was too busy riding his Battle High as Apollo literally blew the monster into next week.
"YEAH!...SUCK it you stupiduuhhhhhh..." He then groaned as he went limp from the energy it took to have his persona attack, collapsing as he did.
As he was busy reeling from the mother of all head rushes, Ton Ton began to fret over Caim's safety.
"oohhhh...Hey...Caim don't die easy...He'll...turn up...You lot go on ahead...I'm just going to lay here for a while..." He said as he groaned as he tried in vain to stand himself up, quickly deciding he would just wait it out instead.
", how's your day been going?..." He asked, clearly still not "All there" mentally.

Shadow Zone (Group 1): Akontia, Annie, Cz, Jake, Jenny, The Wanderer, Melethia

"...No...Not so far..."
Jenny weakly said as Annie carried her out, while she wasn't any good at lying, her injured state helped pick up the slack.
From what Annie could see, she had some minor burns on her skin as well as few cuts, though what was really affecting her was the force of the blast, she wasn't exactly built to deal with that.
Glancing over to Wanderer, she said "Bring him back to the ship...He would have wanted it that way."
Another lie, but who the hell would want their remains stuck in a place like this?
Besides, that place collected some of the strangest and most powerful people in the world, surely they could find a way to bring Jake back, at least long enough for Jenny to truly say sorry to him.

Iwatdatoi Station - Strip Mall - Beef Bowl Store: Som(?), Teri, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg, Ryan, Kalastryn
Mood Music

"Okay, that's very good and all, but we really have to get going now. We've got things to see, people to do- gah, it's supposed to be the other way around!" Ella was hoping to break the talk that seemed to have ruined the moods of Teri, but hopefully that humorous slip would help things. In any case, she stared Ryan down since she knew that Teri probably wasn't comfortable with such a forward approach.

It certainly seemed to help Devon a bit, because she stood up with the half-full bowl of noodles and spoke up as well. "Yeah, Teri... maybe we could head to that other place we heard about? I'm sure Cadol'd love it. Wouldn't you, little bro?

She also responded to Cadolbolg's question mentally as she placed the tip on the table. Okay, Cadol... I don't really know what that 'being myself' means any more, but I can answer the second question. Basically, the broken connection gives Brother and Angie the freedom to be who they will no matter what Teri says. And yes, Som, I think it was something in our coffee. Don't know what, but it sure did taste good~"

The odd thing was that Devon hadn't quite known who she was talking about when she'd said Brother to Cadolbolg... had it been Ton-Ton or Caim?

Shadow Zone (Group 1): Akontia - The Anti-Shadow Weapon, Annie, Cz, Jake, Jenny, The Wanderer, Melethia
Mood Music

Melethia nodded to Fuuka's response, really beginning to feel the injuries now that the temporary burst of vitality was fading off. "It's a machine, so it won't have any issues in the bag. I can promise you that it won't be moving with those shattered joints." However, she knew that she'd just have to tough the injuries for now; the bullets certainly hurt, but she'd come closer to death more than a few times prior.

With that in mind, she dryly spoke after Jenny inquired to Jake's body. "We're getting him out of here. Wanderer, if you aren't getting him, I'll toss him in with the robot. At least in death, he'll be on top of that thing." It was clear that her main focus was on getting out of there quickly instead of taking care of her own condition..

Shadow Zone(Group 2): Caim, Constance, David, Slin, Ton-Ton, Narukami
Mood Music

After the fight finished, Slindis moved to Narukami while slashing her sleeve with her Evoker. "Joanne, this man needs aid." her Persona responded in kind, placing warm hands on the gray-haired Persona user to rapidly heal him with a Lay on Hands.

The summons was rather brief, though, and Yu was reassured by Slindis as her healing finished its work."Let me know if you need more aid, but it should be more than fine to walk on for now." The Drow's statements were true, as Narukami wasn't fully healed but yet more than well enough to not use his blade for a crutch. The completion of that treatment meant that Slindis could now focus more on the panicking Ton-Ton and the fatigued David.

"Ton-Ton, it's just as David said. Unlike your... Brother? no, sister's the correct pronoun now... sister, Caim can take a good deal more than that. He'll make it out. Maybe not without some injuries, but nothing near life-threatening. It's alright for you to be concerned, but keep reason in mind here. If you're truly so shaken, though, I'll be sure to keep an eye out for any places he might be." After her best attempt at reassuring the stricken Tonberry, Slindis helped David get on his feet.

"That was some fine work, David. I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I say what you did sealed the battle."

Port Island Station - Rafflesia: Garm, Rugal,
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Garm was very much glad he hadn't been noticed during Rugal's recent carjacking, but he made haste in following after the Car, trying to stick to the Shadows as he did so, "Okay, distinct change in plans on your Father's part. He's going after a Mr. Skin? If I heard that conversation right, he's talked to Skin before."

"Don't hurt yourself, Garm. And remember, don't be seen."

"He won't see me. I know where he's going to. I've been following him from the start, and so far, he's only been to the Police and the Club. He got information out of that Tanaka guy at the police place, so I'm guessing he's going to the Club. I'm gonna take the way I went before; since it was walking places instead of car places, he shouldn't see me. However, I don't know if that means I'll get there first."

((Feel free to post about Rugal getting there first. The club will be like how he left it last time; prepping up.))

Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - Mitsuru's Car: Akane, Deadshot, Mitsuru
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Mitsuru was about to comment on the situation, and then paused as her phone began to ring. Giving an apologetic expression, she picked up the phone and her brow furrowed before she answered back, "I'm on it." and hung up before typing some more in her phone (most likely to start getting the message out), "Looks like we have a lead, aside from your aforementioned catch. I don't know what Bernstein picked up from Tanaka, but he seems to have some sort of lead about a Mr. Skin. From what I'm seeing, he's been arrested for possession of paraphernalia, acquitted of charges... Yes, where was I? Right, what you two told me. I've written down the information on this phone. If you wish to leave the site for the day, I'm fine with that. I need to start heading a police operation, so I'll have my men chauffeur you back to the Rising Dawn if you so choose; and I'll let you know what happens to that man you brought in when we get more information on him. Good day."

And as quickly as they were promptly shown out of the car containing Mitsuru began to speed off. In the meantime, a ginger haired man approached the two and gave a light cough, "Ahem. Excuse me, officers? Care to explain to this ignorant bystader as to why the police are running around like chickens with their heads cut off? Given the current situation with Pedestrian traffic, I'm afraid I'm going to miss visiting hours for the hospital, and I REALLY need to go see my sick aunt before she passes..."

(same ginger dude from the beef bowl store, if you've read that part.)

Iwatdatoi Station - Strip Mall - Beef Bowl Store: Som(?), Teri, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg, Ryan, Kalastryn
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Teri gave a whispered, "Sorry" to Som as he continued to sneeze up a storm, feeling bad for having unintentionally set of someone's allergies. However, what she did not expect was for Ryan to grab her hands, "couple's style" and gave his grand deceleration of friendship for his fellow Author. Teri gave a weak smile, seeing that Ryan's words were kind ones, at least, (almost reminiscent of Jake's speeches a long time ago during the Angel Wars), but pulled herself out of the hand holding with a hint of a grimace on her face, "Eh... I appreciate the gesture, Ryan, really, I do; but I'd appreciate it more if that whole hand thing didn't happen again. I'm not really this touchy feely, even with friends..."

After slipping out of the Dragonoid's grip, she stood up, and began to follow Ella with Devon and Cadolbolg, Ella is right. We've more to do than just sit around in this shop. As for your question, Ms. Kalastryn, I'm afraid it's not really one that can be answered in a public place, if catch my drift. Stick around with us a bit more and it should be answered soon enough."

Cadolbolg took up roost on Devon's shoulder again, and answered back, "Oh... Like what Author Mark did to me then... I should tell Father about this soon. Perhaps he'll ease up on Friend Teri if he knew....

As for your question, Devon, that's easy! Just keep being who you are now! Me and Ton Ton like you for being you! I'm here to help if you need it, Devon. But we should go and have some more fun, and try some new stuff too! All this mental flip flopping tires me out."

Iwatdatoi Station - Strip Mall - Wild Duck Burger: Som(?), Teri, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg, Ryan, Kalastryn
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Coming into Wild Duck Burger wasn't particularly difficult, even with the pedestrian traffic being re routed for unexplained reasons. Upon coming in, the group found that true to what the man with the ginger hair said, the place was jammed packed full of people. Teri took it upon herself to claim a table for their group, and handed off her card to Ella, asking for a Beefy Supreme while the rest of the group went to get their meals.

However, upon standing in line, the varying members began to notice something somewhat odd. It was a Japanese summer outside. Quite a few people seemed to be wearing sweaters or wool hats in this place. Not to mention, something looked kinda funny about the eyes... Was there some kind of winter convention going on in this place?

Shadow Zone (Group 1): Akontia - The Anti-Shadow Weapon, Annie, Cz, Jake, Jenny, The Wanderer, Melethia
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Whatever the party's plans were, Fuuka spoke over their minds again again, "Oh, thank goodness, she's not dead... As I said before, your exit is to the East. I cannot repeat how sorry I am that this all happened. Really..."

((Just write yourselves out of the zone as necessary.

*shakes magic 8 ball*))

Shadow Zone(Group 2): Caim, Constance, David, Slin, Ton-Ton, Narukami
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In light of David, Constance and Slindis' attempts to calm the Tonberry down, Ton Ton took a deep breath to calm himself down, and gave a little nod before sniffling again, "You're right... But, I was just really scared, because the last time I had seen anything like that before, the Dream Daemons of my world dragged me into the universe that we usually occupy. I was worried Caim got pulled under too.... So, are we going to wait for him and Ms. Angelus? I would personally like to go looking for them, but I can't force anyone to help me.."

Fuuka spoke up over their minds again, adding, "I can sense they're somewhere in this Shadow Zone, but it's incredibly unclear as to where exactly it is...

As for an exit, I can sense another of those on this floor. I would not advise taking the generator with you though. If you do, Caim and Angelus could be lost to us in this pocket of Shadow. However, I can bring you back to this floor specifically with the device that warps you out, so there is that."

Shadow Zone (Group 1): Akontia - The Anti-Shadow Weapon, Annie, Cz, Jake, Jenny, The Wanderer, Melethia
Mood Music (It does change believe it or not!)
With that in mind, she dryly spoke after Jenny inquired to Jake's body. "We're getting him out of here. Wanderer, if you aren't getting him, I'll toss him in with the robot. At least in death, he'll be on top of that thing." It was clear that her main focus was on getting out of there quickly instead of taking care of her own condition..

Death is something that has a different meaning for all. For some, it is the end of all, oblivion. For others, merely the next step in the journey. For others still, eternal salvation or damnation. For Jake, it seemed his journey was not over just yet. His soul stood at parade rest by his body as his comrades decided what to do with it. His eyes fluttered open, and he took a slow look around at the situation.

"G'day Jack. Time to go, eh?" Jake said quietly as the Grim Reaper appeared beside him.
The hooded figure nodded. "Yes, it is." He replied in a low tone, gravel and sadness still prevalent.
Jake shook his head sadly. "I only have one regret Jack. I never repaid Angelus. I've made my peace with everything else."

Jake turned to the Grim Reaper. Jack's head lowered, the hood obscuring his face still. Several moments passed before Jack spoke, low and harsh yet with warmth.
"You gave me a daughter... You gave me so much... Before we leave, I will grant you your last wish. At this very moment I could be called to visit the Dragon or her Pact Partner should things go badly. You cannot interfere as you are, neither can I. Come."

Jack spun on his heel and motioned into the darkness. Jake followed and the pair disappeared from that section of the twisted reality of the Shadow Zone.

Paulownia Mall | Wild Duck Burger: Cadolbolg, Devon, Ella, Kalastryn, Som(?), Ryan, Teri

"Sorry... Eh... I appreciate the gesture, Ryan, really, I do; but I'd appreciate it more if that whole hand thing didn't happen again. I'm not really this touchy feely, even with friends..."

With his alergies finally cleared, Som found himself in a better mood and hungry. As savory as the Beef Noodle Soup seemed, he noted that the server had been taking great joy in spiking the noodles with his saliva. As the Hunter was unsure as to whether this was apart of the cuisine, he had kept his mouth closed on the matter, however it did not mean that he was curious enough to taste the spit laced broth no matter how aromatic it was.

Following the Miature Dragon, The Cursed Bard, The Demoness, The Wizard, the Dragonoid and the Cleric, the Hunter noticed a peculiar tensing of his body when the one known as Ryan took Teri's hand into its own. Even more peculiar was the muffled chortle that Som released when The Ship's Medical Officer deftly slipped from the hand holding.

"Out of his league." The Hunter muttered as he continued walking, unsure if anyone had heard the uncharacteristic comment from the Hunter as they arrived at their next food based destination.

This Wild Duck Burger establishment smelled even better than the Beef Noodle Soup shop that the group had just left and what was even better was the fact that the Hunter actually knew what Duck was.

"The owners must have hired some excellent Hunters if they are able to serve Duck in this great a quantity." Som commented, his voice filled with a bit of envy as he had yet to hunt down one of their number.

As he settled down at the table, he finally took note of the conversation that had been ongoing between the Cleric and the Dragonoid who were apparently part of a Divine group of beings known as Authors and of these Author beings was responsible for creating parts of this existence. Though they were the creators, they did not seem to have absolute control over their creations as more than a few of their number had bore the scars of such rebellion.

Could it be that there was one of these beings that was responsible for his and his ward being in this realm rather than home? The Hunter disliked the possibility of such immensely as it clashed fiercely with his inborn sense of independence. Yet, here Som and Constance were. Even though he and the Vampire were under the belief that their arrival had been the result of a violent confluence of magical interaction, they should have been dead, not in another realm.

"Perhaps we should check the local Public House after we have finished with this location. We have yet to investigate that particular establishment and there may be something worth looking into while we are there." The Hunter stated, knowing that at the very least, they could locate something to drink.

Shadow Zone | Strike Team #2: Constance, David, Slindis, Ton Ton, Yu

Constance was relieved to find that Ton Ton was uninjured, though it did bother the Sorrowfeld Vampire that Caim had disappeared during the battle with the Shadow Fiend. The relief was rather short lived as she came to the realization that she had spent most of the fight frozen in place and unable to assist the others. If only she were more experienced, she would be better suited towards assisting the others and eventually she could maybe one day protect her home.

She had a vague recollection of a half remembered dream where Som had been training her to fight. Based on the Hunter's attitude towards her the last few times that had been in the same area as one another, her request for assistance would have probably been met with a scoff before Som walked off.

Looking at the others in the group, went from group member to group member, looking for a possible battle mentor.

The Human, David, seemed too caustic to request the favor from. More of his harsh insults were more than likely the only thing that the Vampire would receive from him. Ton Ton's choice of weapons, the short range chef's knife, would clash with Constance's own favored weapon.

This left her remaining choices as being Slindis and -

"Yu. Are you alright?" The Sorrowfeld Faux-Neko asked as she moved towards the wounded human who was using his Katana as a crutch. As she closed in on him, she noted that there was a deep scar on his leg that would require medical attention, which would not be available until they returned to the airship.

"(Bast? Is there anything that we can do to help him?)" Constance asked her Persona who had retreated back to where ever she dwelled when she was not needed.

"(Of course we can help him. Do you not know what I am capable of?)" Bast asked gruffly as she reappeared next to the still warm remains of the Shadow that had been defeated by the group and bit down into it. Even though the creature was dead, Bast was still able to absorb the remaining life essence from the creature. A few moments later, the great feline headed Persona started channeling a warm healing energy into the wounded Yu.

Waiting for Bast to finish tending to the wounded Yu, Constance turned to the remaining member of the group.

"Miss Slindis. Could I have a word with you?" Constance asked nervously.

"I know that I've been showing how inexperience and untrained I am recently and I was wondering if it would be possible for you to teach me a thing or two so that I'm not such a danger to the Crew?"

Quick Exit.
Wanderer & Shadow Attack force 1.
Location: Shadow Zone 1 | Personaverse.

Hearing the instructions to the exit just made the Wanderer more annoyed at this situation. "It'll be better if you take him ... I rather not touch any blood at the moment, but if you need the body to be patched up for the funeral I can do it." He said briefly before turning away to walk fast back east. The thought of a dead body being stuff into a bag like that made him sick and he would rather not see the sight.

Walking quickly to the exit, the Wanderer ignored most things around him, good or bad. Getting to the exit he hopped through to the other side. As soon as he was in the clear his body swung towards the nearest wall. Soon to be feeling more then a tad sick, Wanderer took the blood vial of the Author out and examined it. "A weapon ... is that all I can think of?" He said again before putting the vial back before he tried to get his energy back.

"If there is anything to do, I would rather rest." He spoke to himself.

Yu Narukami & Shadow Attack force 2 .
Location: Shadow Zone 2 | Personaverse.

As Slindis patched Yu up, he stretched the leg and felt it could be used perfectly fine until he had received some attention of the Shadow Operatives Medical unit. "Thank ... " Yu said with a smile mixed with pain. Turning to the David who had begun to talk to him. "Well ... in all honestly I would say bad." Yu said back to him with a similar mental state to David's.

"But like what Slindis-san said ... you did do good. Right now though, we should focus on finishing our part."

Port Island Station - Club Escapade: Rugal

Right after Mitsuru got the call from Rugal, the Ambulance veered slightly as a speeding car cut across an intersection.
What she didn't know was that car was Rugal finding out where Mr. Skin ran off to the only way he knew how: Shock and Awe.
As he driving, he had his PDA call the club's landline number, having them on loudspeaker until he was able to get info on the APB.
*Ring Ring...Ring Ring* "Hell, Club Escapade? You calling for a reservation, we're booked for tonight."
"Nah, just trying to find a friend of mine, does by the name of Mr. Skin. African American, we were talking earlier, Looks like a poor mans Snoop Dogg?" he asked as he was nearing the mall, serving in and out of traffic as he did.
Needless to say, the employee knew instantly who he was talking to.
"...Sir...If you keep harassing business, we will be forced to call the police..."
"...I see, Hold that thought..." Rugal said as he jammed his foot on the throttle as he lined up the car with the clubs loading bay.
Once he had the angle lined up, he ejected from the car, taking his PDA with him before rolling on the road and stopping just in time to see the car plow into the rear of the club, the crash and chaos reflecting on the other end of the line.
"...There are nearly 4 million cars in this city. Do you want me to send you another?...Tell me where he was going." He coldly asked, not caring for the well being of anyone in the club.
Or even the building for that matter.

Tokyo Streets: Ambulance: Akane, Deadshot

"HEY WATCH IT YOU FUCKING PSYCHOPATH!" Deadshot shouted as he watched the car race past in the windows of the Ambulance.
He paused when he heard the words "Police Operation".
"Mind if I ask what that's about or is it above my pay grade? in any case, Yeah, the ship is cool. Yo, Starfox (Akane), you have anywhere you want to do while we're sightseeing?" He then asked both women as he checked the infected.
"Also tell them to step on it, Dead people often shit themselves when they die and I sure as hell don't want to be in here when that happens..."

Shadow Zone (Group 1): Akontia, Annie, Cz, Jake, Jenny, The Wanderer, Melethia

After Fukka gave them the all clear, Jenny saved her strength for the most part as her Melethia, Cz, Wanderer and Annie began making their way out of the Shadow Zone and back into the Shadow Operatives building.
Needless to say, she would be making another trip to the Med Bay, something that her Shadow was keen to remind her of.
"You know, it's not really a good thing when you can't keep track how many times you've been in the medical bay...Least the others managed to walk themselves there..."
Annie could feel Jenny cringe a little at her Shadow's spiteful words.

Shadow Zone(Group 2): Caim, Constance, David, Slin, Ton-Ton, Narukami

"Yeah...wooo...God, I feel like I just give blood to half an 3rd world country..." David said as he finally managed to get up off the ground, still rather shakey as he did.
"I'll admit, it's nice to be the one with the big gun for once...HEY! NRA GUY! (Apollo) THANKS." He then shouted out into the Shadow's at his Persona's sniping den, getting an answer in the form of:
"IT'S APOLLO AND YOUR WELCOME!" The Sniper Persona said as he faded away, his work done for now.
"Right...I'm most likely wrong on this...but we need to regroup and get a serious Search and Rescue effort going. Us wandering around here waiting to get snatched up like Caim did won't get us any closer to finding him. Fuck-ya (Fukka), lead the way..." He said to the team, clearly not in any state to do the old "Walk a straight line" test...

Post part 2 because I derped!

Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - Mitsuru's Car: Akane, Deadshot, Mitsuru
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Glad to get away from the soon to be dead infected, Deadshot then turned to the Ginger man asking what was going on.
"Believe me, Goldeneye, when we know, it'll be on the news. I wouldn't worry about it. You just go see to your Aunt, you get a ticket for speeding, Tell me and I'll tear it up. Now move along." He then said, covering for whatever the hell Mitsuru was going on about.
"...This is something that'll be on the news, right?..." He then asked his "C.O.".

Iwatdatoi Station - Strip Mall - Wild Duck Burger: Som(?), Teri, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg, Ryan, Kalastryn
Mood Music

The interior of the Burger Joint brought up more than a few questions to Ella and Devon. First, the food didn't even smell all that good to the pair. To be honest, it made McDonald's smell like gourmet food. The pair glanced at some of the fries that the bundled-up patrons were eating and were wondering whether they'd been sitting under the warming lamps for three or four hours, but at least they looked better than the burgers.

Since Devon had been a burger person for a long time, the sheer amount of people herding in for this stuff felt off."Um, Teri? I really know it sounds flippant of me, but the burgers here are... well, I think we could find better meals at a truck stop gas station. Or anywhere, really. Why does everyone here seem to think they're good? I mean, it's not even like the McDonalds 'fast made with small but good aromas' good. And with all of these jackets?" While she was lost in that thought, she also responded to Cadolbolg's statements.

"Okay, Cadol. Just don't make me eat these burgers... the smell makes me not want too eat meat any more. Ick! Still, try out new stuff? It does sound better than what's going on now with me, after all. I'm sill a bot sore from yesterday." Like all of the other statements that had come from Devon about her fighting the night before, she was undercut by how stiffly she had been moving around when the others weren't looking - It was clear to Cadol that his sister was still really hurting even if she didn't say anything.

Ella had her suspicions as well, and she leaned over to Teri and Ryan. "You know, this is kinda creepy... are they serving the burgers with Kool-Aid on the side?" Even if she was looking forward to some food, she didn't want any from here. Heck, Ella almost wanted to drag Som out of there before that gut feeling of hers about the shop proved to be true.

Shadow Zone (Group 1): Akontia - The Anti-Shadow Weapon, Annie, Cz, Jake, Jenny, The Wanderer, Melethia
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Melethia didn't even blink while putting Jake's still-warm body in the bag, having it land right on top of the deactivated Akontia. "The others will be on our tail, so it's not too bad. Annie, you can manage until we get out, but I'll lead the group out if you don't want to Evoke." With that, the youngest there (Well, unless you were counting Cz's form at the moment) led the group with bloodstained hands without missing a beat. If anything, she seemed rather cold and calculating. Her reaction was odd even for the Rising Dawn; it was a matter of how much she'd flirted with death back at her home.

Shadow Zone(Group 2): Caim, Constance, David, Slin, Ton-Ton, Narukami
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SLindis calmly approached the young vampiress and curtly replied to the request. "If you really wish it, I can find the time to aid you in combat. I won't say it'll be easy, by any means; I've done a poor job if my students haven't cursed my name at some point in the training. If you endure it, you'll find yourself very capable in combat." She gave the girl some time to mull it over as she talked to the others there.

"The rest of you should head back out and rest up; I'll stay with Ton-Ton and aid him. It's better than any of you overextending yourselves, and David might need that aid." Her voice didn't seem critical of those there, but there was a clear edge in it.



"To say I agree with your statements on the smell is an understatement... the stench here could kill a troglodyte's appetite." She said... and overlooking the unintentional rhyme she was quite serious... actually fighting the urge to hold her nose as she spoke. "That's not the only thing I agree with either... I mean, it's pretty warm out for people to unanimously wear such warm clothing... forgive me but I never caught your name, Ma'am." she said to who was, unbeknownst to her, Devon.

Before waiting on an answer however she got out one last thought. "and if even one person could find the time, and a less than public place, I'd like to be filled in on all that's going on... I mean since I arrived here I've felt rather... drained... she said, not explicitly saying that... well when you feel nearly boundless magical energy coursing through your veins for years... such as a sorcerer does, and then suddenly lose most if not all of it in the course of a 3 second landing somewhere your unfamiliar with... you tend to take note of the loss.

Mad Bull energy drink, "Guaranteed to make you see the truth"
Yu Narukami & Shadow Attack force 2 .
Location: Shadow Zone 2 | Personaverse.

Walking to the front of the second and recuperating group, Yu Narukami saw Constance and recounted the warm feeling he felt before, this was before Slindis helped him too. Wiping his face, the blood on Yu had dried up and he looked at this rip in his pants. Yu felt annoyed by the rip in his leg, but was relieved that he could still walk. Pulling out a can his bought earlier at the Shadow Operative Center, it was a energy drink marked "Mad Bull".

Pulling the tab, the loud escape made a "TISSssss* sound near Yu. Drinking it, Yu could feel a tad more energy come into him as if he had started to run laps around his school. Walking to Constance, he gave a low bow of his head. Stopping to open his mouth, "Thank you if you helped me as well ... my eyes were not clear at the time, but thank you once again." he simply said before making his way to David and offered him a drink of his energy drink.

"Need any?"

Shadow Zone (Group 1): Akontia, Annie, Cz, Jake, Jenny, The Wanderer, Melethia

Still not wanting to reveal her Shadow's intent, Jenny merely said "Just some of the burns sting, don't worry...Just get to the exit, Staying here won't do us much good."
[i]"What? Worried I'd turn up? It's going to happen sooner or later..."[/i]
The Shadow then said as Jenny began to count down the seconds until they were out of this crazy place.

Shadow Zone(Group 2): Caim, Constance, David, Slin, Ton-Ton, Narukami

David made a note of Slindis's idea, but he wasn't exactly a fan of it.
"Listen...Caim managed to get snatched up in the space of a second where we weren't looking. If you and Ton Ton stay here, you'll just increase the chance of the same happening to you. No, we need to get back to our realm, work with the Shadow Operatives and use their equipment to track them down before we go for a rescue. Mightn't be the fastest way, but we need to think this out more beyond "Waiting in the Dark"." He said before addressing Ton Ton.
"Look Ton, I get what you are saying, but what happens if you and Slin get snatched up? I know I'm not really one to talk but if that happens, that will SERIOUSLY hurt our chances of finding both them and you two...Just saying." He added, knowing full well that he wasn't exactly in a position to say no or to stop them.
When Yu offered the drink, he quickly took a few glups before handing it back.
"Cheers...Ew, wish they could make one of these that didn't taste like piss..." He said before wiping his mouth with his shelve before pressing on, letting the Drow and Tonberry make up their minds on whether to stay or not.
"So Yu, you actually do this shit for a living?...These Shadow's, Personas, What rank are you in your group? Just this is Grade A Soldier Bullshit right here..."

Caramel Frappe:

Responding to Ryan's kindness with a small portion of modesty she said "Oh no I'm quite fine... it's not a drain on my strength or anything, rather... something else..." she said, still not wanting to say in the middle of so many unfamiliar faces, that she feels as though she lost the power to apply 16 years of practice and learning since the activation of her sorcerer's abilities. "Well not physical strength anyway... I'll talk about it once we're done here... damn, so many things I can't just outright say here... hmm..." she pondered, seeming slightly annoyed. ("But hey, it's not like you haven't been keeping secrets since you turned 10 right?") her shadow taunted, again from the reaches of her mind... but she... IT did have a point...

His own world.
Yu Narukami & Shadow Attack force 2 .
Location: Shadow Zone 2 | Personaverse.

"Honestly this is the first time I tried this stuff ... it is from this city, I never get it where I'm from ..." Yu said again to David, the sweat on the student's forehead was wiped off quickly. Letting the energy and blood flow from the energy drink, David mentioned what was Yu's position in this whole problem and secret world hidden from the eyes of the world.

Soon enough past memories began to surface just like many times before. "I am not actually apart of the Shadow Operatives, they simply asked for my help and I gladly do so ... this is because we are both involved in the same investigation. A few months back I did not even know these guys, but after a certain incident we got involved with one and another." Yu said while covering how he knew about these Operatives, then he got to the bulk of it.

"Back a while ago I got into another incident, this one was before I met Mitsuru and such. I moved to a small town due to my parents' jobs. My uncle and cousin gladly had me stay for the year. Once I had settled in with school, weird murderers began to happen around town. Soon enough I got involved with some new school friends whom turned out to become my very closest best friends ... I had even began to love a tomboyish girl later on ... " He gave a sweet smile as he began to recall mostly his friends and the good times.

"Then we all got involved in these murders, me and my not-yet best friend discovered a world inside the TV, rumors called it the Midnight Channel, then discovered our Personas ... fast forward we saved each other from being killed by our Shadows and soon enough we began a Investigation group with me leading it. To this very day I am leading it, even if I am far away from my friends." Yu's happy face turned serious as he began to get to the point of it all, yet his face seemed to remain neutral.

"As days turned to weeks and into months, our friendship and investigation group became bigger ... soon enough we had gained enough clues we found the guy throwing people into the TV world, killing them. Yet this was not the true culprit, that was Adachi, my uncle's young detective partner ... he formed this crime." Yet Yu laughed and covered his face as if he recalled being fooled all those times. "But ... in the end, we found out that the true culprit was a deity devoted to keep us 'happy', to keep us away from the truth ... so we beat it and saved the town. The funny thing is that is not the end for our investigation, after that a couple more things happened which lead me here." By the end of this tale, Yu's face had lightened up well and looked like the pain was completely wiped away from it too.

"It was worth it ... in the end we solved the mystery, saved the town and had fun in-between. Still, bad things happen, yet the good things overrule it ... but what am I kidding, I'm only young." Yu said as he crushed the can in his hand and looked towards David.

"Enough about me and my life story ... what about you?"

Iwatdatoi Station - Strip Mall - Wild Duck Burger: Som(?), Teri, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg, Ryan, Kalastryn
Mood Music

Devon almost shook her head in disappointment after realizing what Kalastryn was feeling... She couldn't really claim to have it too bad when Kalastryn really needed her magic for so many things."Well, you feel drained? It happens in the area, but you just need to find the few odd spots where you can work your magic, so to say. Even in those zones, you really need to be in the right mindset.

I can't believe I failed to introduce myself, though. I'm Devon, and I'm glad to see you. Probably the exact opposite of what I feel about the food here, really." If Kalastryn was paying attention, she could see that Devon glanced to the red jewelry the Tiefling was wearing, and the faint smell of Hell and something else could be smelled around Devon.

Ella had her suspicions as well, and she leaned over to Teri and Ryan. "THat's a good point... Ryan, Teri, are you about ready to go? Of course, I'll get some food to go." With that, Ella made her way to the back of the line and waited until she got her burgers (The cheapest she could findd on the menu, along with some cheap fries), Although she never opened the wrappers. It was silly, but she wanted to know if there was something in the food that was causing so many to eat there.

Shadow Zone (Group 1): Akontia - The Anti-Shadow Weapon, Annie, Cz, Jake, Jenny, The Wanderer, Melethia
Mood Music

Melethia curtly inquired to Annie as they made their way through the area. "Annie, it's good that you're monitoring Jenny, but keep an eye out for other flankers. Who knows if there's any more skirmishing Shadows?" The young girl had the vigilance of a soldier as she kept an eye out for any last attackers on their way out.

The Wanderer's a bit too unstable. Should I really be trusting him in a fight? Hypocrisy, thy name is Melethia.

Shadow Zone(Group 2): Caim, Constance, David, Slin, Ton-Ton, Narukami
Mood Music

"Narukami, it was no issue aiding you. After all, I feel that you would have returned the favor for anyone else within our group." It seemed that Slindis was satisfied with Yu's condition, although the same couldn't be said for David. After all, she could clearly see how worn-down he was.

"You do have a strong point, David. However, it does not mean that abandoning him is the right option. Perhaps we could find some place that I and Ton-Ton could meet Caim at?" She then knelt to Ton-Ton's eye level to hear his decision on their heading out.

Notice: Cleared with Bluerocker

The Shadow Teams managed to make it back to to the Shadow Operatives building before another attack or disappearance occurred.

Shadow Operations Building (Group 1): Akontia, Annie, Cz, Jake, Jenny, The Wanderer, Melethia

A long walk later, the group managed to get back to the room they entered though, a bunch of Agents standing by to both assist the team as well as collect Akontia for research.
Jenny let out a massive sigh of relief to be out as she motioned for Annie to set her down against one of the walls.
"Thank you...I'm sorry I wasn't more help..."
"She's useless you see."
her Shadow taunted as a Agent came over to apply medical treatment, quickly applying Burn ointment and gauze to the burns she received from the Android like Deadshot before her.
"...I...Still can't believe he's gone...what are we going to tell Akane?...." She then said outloud, remembering how close the Kitsune was to the Author.

Shadow Operations Building (Group 2): Caim, Constance, David, Slin, Ton-Ton, Narukami

"Don't worry, I have no intention of doing so, the second we get out, We'll bring the whole damn army if we have to. But for now, we need to get out of here. Standard search and rescue." David repeated to the duo as Ton Ton seemed adamant to stay.
"Listen Ton, I know nothing about any of this shit, about Deamons, Shadows, the Supernatural, Anything. The last few years of my life has taught me that. And that is.....ummm....dammit, forgot where I was going with that. Look, Come on, Trust me. We can't do anything staying here except give whatever attacked Caim a shot at us. I ain't leaving him here, We're coming back. I promise." He then said, causing the Tonberry to finally relent.
Thus their team began making their way to the exit, David started to perk up a little as the sugar in that drink began to kick in.

While they walked, he heard Yu recount the events that brought him here.
"...See, you lost me after you said "discovered a world inside the TV."...I mean, Arcane Magic? Another Realm? Time Travel? Whatever, but Televison?..." David managed to say, kinda surprised that anything was able to perk his interest any more.
While he had been to hell, fought angels, broken into military bases and fought a Titan, the "TV Realm" thing was still a new one to him.
"Well...Guess kids do need to read more...As for me, I'm just some git from Ireland who flunked College and joined the Military...Least before Moscow..." He sighed, remembering the disaster that occurred there as they neared the portal.

The second he was though it, he began saying "All units, We have a man still in there. I want all the resources we have pooled into that and finding the rest of our team. We also located the Shadow Generator and marked it, get in a team in there...oyyyyy...".
Once he relayed his account of the mission, he then sat in the nearest chair as he began trying to perk himself up for the Rescue before the Sugar wore off.


Well, at least she was apparently NOT the only one who lost a bit of magic here or there... but... Devon... "Is that a common name for women around here?" she said partially in jest, and partially in the hopes it WASN'T the Devon who wrote Slindis and Melethia into existence. (Oh COME ON! How obvious could it be?!) her shadow stung her mind in frustration. (Damn it can't I be even a little optimistic?! I'm NOT an idiot!!) she retorted having heard about enough of this bullshit! (Look, I don't care who or what you are, let's just get this the hell over with, do or get what you need from me and shove off!) She would regret that very soon... as she barely made it to the seat where Teri was to cushion her fall... before... passing out.


I do change the music. It's up to you to notice. :P

Paulownia Mall - Club Escapade: Garm, Rugal,
Mood Music (Something I think Rugal would approve of, given his mindset)

When Garm arrived on the scene, he took to hiding behind some of the wreckage as he began listening in to what Rugal was saying and doing, his ears flattening to the back of his head, "Oh boy... You won't like this, Tear-ri. Alpha Rugal just crashed a car into the club. And I think he meant to..."
"Lord... Okay, what else is going on?"
"Aside from the damages? Just asking the people where the Skin guy is, I guess. I hope it doesn't get too out of hand. I might have to step in if it does. After all, from what I've seen in this pack, the killing of those who do not directly confront us is a no go?"
Garm could hear a distinct pause for a moment before Teri answered back, "You pay attention REALLY well. Good boy."

Meanwhile, in the club, most of the occupants dived behind the bar, or tried to hide behind something before one of them shakily calling out, "Mr. Skin disappeared with some of the workers right after you left. We've no idea where he is! Besides, even if we did, we wouldn't tell you!"
"SAYS YOU! He's busting up my shop for that asshole! You're fired!"

And with that, a scrawny looking teenager was thrown from behind the bar. Looking up at the German body builder, the youth blanched and pointed at the back where Rugal came in, "Went out that way towards the shrine. Please don't hurt me."

Iwadatoi Station - Strip Mall - In Transit to Shadow Operatives Building: Akane, Deadshot, Mitsuru
Mood Music

"I can assure you that you can get more takoyaki later, Akane-san. At the present, the case has taken priority, especially where this person is confirmed. Excuse me -"

She turned her head to the driver (as per Deadshot's instructions), and barked in a surprisingly harsh tone, "What part of INFECTED do you not understand?! If we do not hurry, this man will die, losing both his life, and what little chance we have to stop this madness! NOW MOVE!"

Turning back to the duo without a hair out of place, she nodded, and tapped more buttons on her phone as she continued, probably in coordinating the operation, "I don't see why I shouldn't tell you; it does regard one of your teammates after all. Rugal Bernstein has reasonable belief that a person by the pseudonym of 'Mr. Skin' is involved in our investigation. I'm sending in available police forces to back him up in the capture of this individual. Also, just so you know, the body you found by the Shrine has been recovered and relocated the the Shadow Operatives Building. It's being examined as we speak"

Iwatdatoi Station - Strip Mall - Wild Duck Burger: Som(?), Teri, Ella, Devon, Cadolbolg, Ryan, Kalastryn
Mood Music

Cadolbolg giggled lightly, adding, "No thanks on those burgers! I got plenty full from my beef bowl and ginger. But yeah, just try new stuff! I bet you'll have fun~!
What's this about feeling sore though? Are you still hurt?"

Teri gave a nod with Devon's explanation about Kalastryn's sudden fatigue, "Devon's right. If I had my magic on hand, I'd have cast 'Purify Food and Drink' by now! But I agree with both Som and Ella. It'd be nice to get out of here and grab a drink. eh- Maybe not at the club though. Garm says that Dad's doing stuff there, and we don't really wanna be round him right now... How bout we go tell Mitsuru about what we saw here? You are right, this place is throwing up a few too many red flags for me to feel comfortable..."

When that statement was followed by surprised stares, the Cleric shrugged and got up to grab her stuff (the smell of Wild Duck Burger's food being far more than to put her off of it) "Jesus was not against drinking. He turned water into wine and started communion, for pete's sake! What he didn't like was drunkedness. Quite a big difference there. And I turned 20 a couple months ago, so it's no biggie. Wait, what's with the looks?"
"They couldn't have known. You never told them the date, dumb dumb. Not your parents, sister, friends.... Wow. I'm just gonna sit here and eat this non-existent popcorn and laugh at the shit you're gonna get for that. HA!"

However, the reverie didn't last long when Kalastryn collapsed, to which Teri immediately bent down and asked, "Ah shit! Uh... She didn't eat anything from here, did she?"

"I don't think so... You think we can carry her out?"

Shadow Operatives Building:
(Group 1): Akontia, Annie, Cz, Jake, Jenny, The Wanderer, Melethia

(Group 2): Constance, David, Slin, Ton-Ton, Narukami
Mood Music (both sections)

The Shadow Operatives were more than helpful in getting the party to the vans to take them back to the Operatives building, but before they left, they saw Fuuka with a phone, and she called out, "I'll be here with a phone. I'll let you know if I find Caim and Angelus, okay?"

However, the ride back was still equally somber, as the death of Jake hung heavy among the Rising Dawn. Ton Ton, in the meantime, sat quietly in Slindis' lap on the ride back and muttered, "I hope we did the right thing...."

((Feel free to mix and mingle as you like.))

Iwadatoi Station - In Transit -: Akane, Deadshot, Mitsuru
Akane nodded. "Agreed, the case comes first. Rugal-san should be fine. Are there any other leads that could be followed? Otherwise, I defer to Deadshot-san here, he knows more than I do on this action."

Paulownia Mall - Club Escapade: Garm, Rugal,

"See, if you had just said that the first time, I wouldn't have to smash this place up. Tch, You were right to fire this one. Call the police and I'll come back and send a fucking cruise ship though this dump." Rugal said as he made his way past the rubble and back towards the streets.
However he paused for a moment, before glancing back at the bar.
The Owner began to shake as he started pacing back towards him...
Only to then reach behind it and get another beer before, using the edge of the counter to open it while dumping some change on it and leaving.

Once he was out of the now wrecked Club Escapade, he quickly drained the contents as he walked out onto the road as several commuters were in awe of the wreckage.
Eyeing up the next vehicle he was going to hijack, He then said to the owner of it "Hey, For me? Oh thank you!"
"...Wait-Wha-" was all the biker managed to saw before getting the Beer Bottle broken across his face while Rugal jacked his ride and raced off towards the shrine, not caring for what anyone saw, especially Garm. (Even though he didn't know he was being watched)

Shadow Ops Building: Akane, Deadshot, Mitsuru

While Deadshot nodded at Akane's remarks, He paused when Mitsuru brought up Rugal going after a lead.
"Oh him?...Christ, if it's anything like the reception me and Annie got..." He shuddered, feeling bad for the poor bastard and hoping Rugal didn't have a fuel can with him.
"Oh well, Just drop us off here and it'll be grand..." He then said as Him and Akane were dropped off outside the Shadow Ops Building.
"Keep me posted on what you get out of him. Yo, Foxy, Want to raid the canteen on the ship or in the building? No shit off my ass." He then asked the Kitsune, seeing how keen she was for a meal.

Shadow Operatives Building: Akane, Deadshot

"I have no idea what your saying means, but yes, I would love to get some food. I wonder if they will have some of that takoyaki, that was very nice!" Akane said as they stepped out. "Why don't we try the building staff first? They may have something cooked and ready, though the canteen on the Rising Dawn will be ready to cook as well. It always is for some reason..."

She led the way inside, asking a young man on directions to the building's canteen. She didn't even flirt with him! Making quick progress, the Kitsune lead the Assassin in and they grabbed a meal each. Prawn curry on a bed of rice, it smelt good and didn't look like processed food. The odd pair sat down at a table and began to eat.

Tired yet determined.
Yu Narukami.
Location: Shadow Operatives Building | Personaverse.

Yu Narukami was also mainly silent during the transit back to the Operative building, his face still remained deadpan. Yet this reaction was not mainly due to Jake's death, but it was the fact that these people had lost themselves a friend, it only reminded him of how his path to find the murderer was long, in which almost killed a closer family member. His fists were tight, but once the group was in the Shadow Operative Building, Yu looked a whole more lot calmer.

The only thing Yu could do right now is wait until the rescue and with that he took a seat next to David. "I thought of it as more of a portal to another world ... " Yu said calmly to David again, "The TV world that is ... but other then that I am sure you have gone through many, many things with this crew. Has witnessed many sad but happy things ... "

To tell the truth?
Doctor S.
Location: Shadow Operatives Building | Personaverse.

The Wanderer tried to not allow Jake's death get to him, he barely knew the guy and most of all he was an Author. The armoured blue eyed messiah instantly changed into his Doctor's outfit (Basically a Doctor's coat, casual civilian clothes with sunglasses). Giving his bones and body a stretched for a second, he just simply wandered away from the returning group, even at this point he did not want to bother or interfere with the operation to save Caim and such.

"Damn it ..." He said as he wondered in the building and began to walk around. Yet the words of not Jake's but his own Author came to him, the worst part was that they were about Jake. It was like if a million words came to mind and then he heard what Jenny said.
"...I...Still can't believe he's gone...what are we going to tell Akane?...."
This sentence ran through his mind until the Wanderer knew what to do, tell the news to someone he cared about. It did not matter if it was depressing, it was the truth and running away from it would only prove fatal.

Still walking, the Wanderer came to a room only titled "Canteen", this was the place for food, sure the Doctor had food in his invisible inventory, but he wanted to try some food that they had in this country/world/place, he knew it would be different since everyone spoke in Japanese. Shrugging he entered, a couple of people littered around the place, but one guy stood out like a bad scap. "Deadshot ... " He said grimly to himself.

Looking at the man, he noted that a girl ... with tails was sitting opposite him. "This is only getting weirder and weirder ..." The whisper called out, the Wanderer wondered as he usually did, but this time to where the food was. After a while of observing, smelling and using his senses to determine what was safe to eat, he grabbed a bowl of chicken Udon with a cup of green tea. In honesty he just wanted the staff to stop looking at his glowing eyes which clearly came through his glasses.

The tray was guided to a table next to the window, the table was about three across from the fox girl and Deadshot. (" ... you want to observe her don't you ... just like Annie ... ") His darker side/Shadow called out to him with a rather honest thought, ("You ... do not need to say that!") The Doctor snapped back, but the thought of telling her what happened only remained as he half-heartily tried to use chopsticks.

If the two noticed or were looking at the Doctor, he was staring outside but giving quick glances towards Akane ... worried glances.

Club Escapade: Rugal, Garm, Scared Workers

After Rugal grabbed the bike and began to speed off, Garm gave a small sigh and ran off after him, alerting Teri over the rings again, "And he's off again.. Stole another vehicle, it seems; as well as throw a bottle at some worker. Oh, that looked painful... I hope your hunch is right, Tear-ri, because he's not looking very good right now."
"Just follow him and keep the updates coming, okay? I've got some shit on my end. I promise, I owe you big time."
"Understood. I'm gonna need a nap after all this! Chasing after cars wears me out..."

Naganaki Shrine: Rugal, Thugs
Mood music

Given what the teenager instructed, the Shrine was the place to go to find the thugs; and, given by the abandoned cars by the road, that would probably be the right assessment. Going up the stairs, he found his man in question leaning by a well and smoking a cigarette while talking to the assorted men and women hanging on the jungle gym. Looking up, Mr. Skin sighed, "Ah, nothing escapes you, does it? Lemme guess, Walter ratted me out, didn't he? I should have known. The man cares more for his smells than he does his brains. So, why are you so hard after me? I'm but a salesman, peddling wares of the senses to willing buyers. I don't kill anyone. I simply provide a service."

As he spoke, the thugs made a point to get out from being tangled in the jungle gym ASAP and point varying guns and weaponry at the King of Fighters.

Shadow Ops Building: Akane, Deadshot, Mitsuru

"Keep me posted on what you get out of him. Yo, Foxy, Want to raid the canteen on the ship or in the building? No shit off my ass."

Mitsuru would have made a point of her disapproval of Deadshot's language, but with the patient on hand, she didn't feel like she had any room to delay; and she (with the rest of the medical crew) sped along to the medical faculties of the building; with the hope that this patient could endure...

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