The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Shadow Operatives Building, Conference room: Team Health Inspectors

Jenny was clearly shaken by something, though if there was one thing a Therapist knew it was when someone was lying.
And how they hid it.
"Yeah, Just...I don't know what's in that "Parrying Oyster" of his, but...I think he like threw in a few Energy Shots into it or something. I feel so....I dunno...Still, Um, I think he's going to the Club and Akane might be doing with him She lied as an excuse for her build up of nervous energy, unaware of the fact Akane was actually going with them.
Rugal wasn't buying it, Takes a liar to catch one after all.
"...Jenny, Are you sure you are alright?"
"About as good as I can be, yes. Now, shall we be off? I don't think they'll wait around all day for us to Investigate them. Hahahahaha...hah..." She joked, her ruse doing as well as she thought it would: Badly.

Rising Dawn: Firing Range: David West, Jenny, Akane
"You know, I'm kinda surprised you never learned how to shoot before. I mean, Muskets were starting to phase out swords back in, what? 1500, 1600? You HAD to bump into a least one or two in your lifetime....
Unless its like 100 years for me would count as 5 for you. Which would make you...25?..." He mumbled, clearly talking out of his ass, though he did eye her up a little after saying that.
"...Which truth be told does seem surprising accurate to me..." He added as Jenny nervously stepped up.
"...Hey, Um....I was thinking...Jus-....While we were on the me too?..." She asked, clearly still mulling over if this wise or not.
"Yeah, sure J. That's what I'm here for. Hang on, Got just the piece for ya."

Akane raised an eyebrow when David began talking about muskets and swords being 'phased out', then he segued into a terrible pickup line. She supressed a small grin at his words, satisfied in her ability to hit the target and being used to the firearm now. She clicked the safety on like David had showed her and placed it back into her sash by her tails.
"Now now David-kun, it's rude to ask a girl her age. As for these guns, I come from a place where you used Magic or bows. Remember I can normally throw fireballs."

Then David handed Jenny her pistol and did some more talking as Akane watched in interest at Jenny testing the pistol. Then the Pokemon's finger fell inside the trigger guard and closed on the trigger. Before she could call out Jenny had squeezed it and shot David in the foot. Akane gasped and before she could try to comfort Jenny she bolted. David seemed somewhat okay despite being shot... So Akane knelt down and helped him.
"Come on you big strong man you, let us get you to the medbay. Slindis-san or Teri-san?" Akane asked as she helped the Sniper to his feet.

Rising Dawn: Firing Range: David West, Akane

David was helped onto his good foot by Akane, hands bloodied by holding his foot in pain, but he seemed stable, hole in his other foot not withstanding.
"Thanks...Ohhhhh, this is far less funny then it is in cartoons..." He stated as he managed to stand by himself, albeit limping.
"Naw...Just get me there, Wanderer, big guy, might have met him, Shoots himself in the face recreationally. Bastard carries some shit on him I can use, Stimpaks I think they're called. Really good for bullet wounds. Grrrraggghhhh...Okay...I'll admit to that being largely my fault. Heheh, I mean, Can't trust J with booze, right? Heheh-Owwww...fuck..." He joked as the pair of them made their way there.
"...Well...Least we can say this is a learning experience, right? Better it be a few toes then some gray matter..."

Moving things along now~!

Shadow Operatives Building: Annie, Garm, Teri

"After confronting my Author, I have gained knowledge on the fact I have no control over my life. Since he owes me a great deal, I wanted to know how Authors can release possession over their subjects. Mind you, I am not abandoning anyone in the Rising Dawn. Rather, I wish to be free from ever being told what to do against my will again."

The Cleric looked up at the Titan Shifter, and lowered her eyes again, pain crossing her face as she slowly spoke up, "...It varied from Author to Author, how they released those under their thrall. Mark wrote an extensive letter of release to each and every person or creature in his name, Darren probably Wrote off his control, I don't know what Jake or Devon did, and I... I took a very foolish route. I didn't release my control via Writing, because I thought it wouldn't take, seeing that I was in a universe outside of my home universe. So... I brokered a deal with the Fates, a trio of goddess, and offered up some gifts to the goddesses so that they would break the connection. It worked, but I paid more than the offering I gave."

Her hands clenched bits of robe, and her eyes went to the floor again, "...Just tell Ryan to Write out the connection in a place where Author based abilities will work. Do it however he likes, letter, official ceremony, whatever. He just has to mean it. That'd be my guess. Just don't let him make my mistake, and try to broker a deal with something he doesn't understand. Now, if you would excuse me."

Teri got up from her seat, giving a wave to Garm before making her way to where Mitsuru and Fuuka were gathering the groups, Toyotama ringing in her ears, "Wow, that didn't come off as rude at all... You could have told her you wanted some time, or to hold off on the questioning after you just found out Jake died. Speaking of, have you made any sort of expression of being upset aside from that initial 'Oh no'? Do you realize how hollow you sound? You're stressed "
"Leave me, Toyotama."
"No, I won't. You need to talk to someone, or your grief will consume you... Ain't that right, Sadei? Someone here needs to open up some more."

((if that's not enough of an answer for Annie, Caramel, it will have to be put in a flashback.))

Following that, after a moment for the party to gather themselves, the two groups were put into a set of vans each, and found themselves at their locale of choice.

Paulownia Mall: Club Escapade Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu
This sounds like club music... right?

Upon arrival to the club the group there found that despite reports that the club was supposed to be closed, it was up and running. The music was hopping, there were people at the front of the bar getting ready for any customers to come in, and a spare waiter or two could be seen dancing to the beat of the music. But, oddly enough, no customers were in sight. Perhaps it was because it was early in the day, or perhaps it was because the aforementioned repairs; but either way, the party was free to start looking about; even if some of the workers were starting to give them funny looks. After all, it was more than a bit early to come and grab some drinks...

Iwadatoi Strip Mall: Wild Duck Burger Akane, Angelus, Caim, Cz, Jenny, Kalastryn, Melethia, Ryan, Rugal, Slindis, Som

True to Mitsuru and Fuuka's word, when they arrived at Wild Duck Burger, the establishment was roped off by police tape, and there was a sizable force standing outside of the establishment. After a few moments from their ever helpful aides, the party was able to make their way inside of the restaurant. And, just as some had remembered it (at least, those who had visited the resturant the day before), the smell of grease and salt filled the air, the staff still working behind their register; despite the police containment. Odd, it was almost like they didn't even care that they were lacking any customers aside from the party, coupled with the fact that it was deathly quiet; save for the sound of cooking food...

Paulownia Mall: Club Escapade Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu
Datsik & Excision - Vindicate AKA Dubstep Gun Theme 2

David seemed to be a mellow mood for much of the trip over, mostly because of the stims, "Borrowed" from Wanderer's stash he used to get over the fact he was shot in the foot.
Now, his foot was fine, but he didn't want tell Teri and to out Jenny for her crime, he bet she was mortified enough.
Still, once he was in the club, he seemed be to able to move about handy enough, even hitting the bar.
"Can I get a Double Vodka, with Ice, and a 7-up?" He asked as he did his best to mingle with...No one.
"...So...What's with the tire marks?..." He asked before pointing to the rubber on the dance floor.

Iwadatoi Strip Mall: Wild Duck Burger Akane, Angelus, Caim, Cz, Jenny, Kalastryn, Melethia, Ryan, Rugal, Slindis, Som

Jenny was extremely skittish during the entire ride over, clearly wishing to whatever gods there were that Akane wouldn't spill the beans on the fact she shot David.
This new Bombshell was pure gold for her shadow.
Despite everything, she managed to keep tight lipped for most of the trip, glancing at the Kitsune once or twice, pleading for her to keep quiet about it.

Rugal meanwhile was the first one in the door and understandably confused when the employees were still working.
Turning to the nearest officer, he then asked "Officer...Why are these people still here? Did you not bother to check if the building was empty before you taped it off?! Gah, forget it. Just get me Nise Mono and quickly, this place smells like hemorrhoids wrapped in bacon..."
Thus he moved in, keeping his guard up as he did, least until he came to a large soda on one of the tables.
As a test, he casually knocked it onto the floor, letting the contents spill out.

Kala's appearance didn't seem to phase the police on her way back into the place she least wanted to remember, but more pressing in her sense, they did seem to be a bit used to the unnatural... that was the only explanation she could find. She couldn't believe she never asked who employed them. In another case, She still wasn't sure if it was her shadow that knocked her out the other day, or the smell... walking back into the fast food place, both options were still equally viable. Even if her shadow did knock her out, the smell probably helped. She didn't pay much attention to Rugal spilling the cup onto the floor so much as she did notice the employees working away as they do... at a now closed business. The cashiers simply manning their workstation when there was no need. Stranger to some, and certainly to Kala, they didn't seem to take any heed to their entrance. Rugal she could understand being relatively unheeded as he actually looked human, but not even a sideways glance was tossed in her direction.

The Path of Inspiration, a "religion" She had at some time needed to force out of Stormreach, often played a similar game in their attacks. People they beguiled into looking into their "religion" went to their church for the first time and never came out the same. Every one of them seemed to in some way preach how it in some way changed their lives for the better. There were no critics that came out of their halls, though plenty had gone in. ...... They controlled them. Broke their will to shambles and controlled their minds. When she didn't fall for such tricks, she was able to put an end to the establishment with force, though there was no solace for those without their will... they couldn't be restored. She then walked to Rugal and whispered. "I have more than a small feeling the employees are not in their right mind... be careful. Then kept an eye on them while waiting for the rest of her party to enter.

Yu Narukami and club co.
Location: Club Escapade | Paulownia Mall | Personaverse.

"I'm guessing it was the Deadshot we are looking or the first club incident tracks." Yu said to David who had his drink, if David looked over he could see a shortsleeve shirt fit for summer, no jacket and Yu holding a glass of god knows what. The face of Yu looked incredibly casual, it was something that not many people have seen before.

"Hopefully ... we'll find Deadshot somewhere, the sooner, the better." Yu's smug face said and leaned on the bar.

**Shakes Writer's block 8-ball**

Paulownia Mall: Club Escapade Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu
This sounds like club music... right?

There was a understated desperation in Sadei's tone as she tried getting through to Teri. After all, it was painfully obvious to Sadei what was going on here. "Teri, you really do need to open up more. What, do you think that not telling anyone will make it better? You can go ahead and call out that Bard on that false bravado, but you're really calling the kettle black at this point. If you want to keep up with this, though, I will start contacting Slindis or Ella."

Ella approached the counter and placed a few bills down to draw the attention of the Bartender after they served David. "Word around here is you know a scarred rowdy foreigner that's looking for a good time in here. You toss him our way or us his way, there's some more yen where that came from." It was certainly a bit crude, but the language of money was hardly foreign to the Barkeep.

Devon, though, focused on whatever it was Narukami was drinking and shook her head. "The King's Game again? Oh lord... Ton-Ton, Cadol, don't order any drinks here. Me, Ella, or Teri can handle it well enough. SHe hoped that this wouldn't turn into a drinking contest when there was an asshole of a mercenary to save from himself yet again. Devon almost thought that Deadshot was going for a Darwin Award at this point!

Iwadatoi Strip Mall: Wild Duck Burger Akane, Angelus, Caim, Cz, Jenny, Kalastryn, Melethia, Ryan, Rugal, Slindis, Som

"You know, Kalastryn, they shouldn't acting like it's business as usual with that shutdown. Since there's no customers at all today, the employees would have a large reason to not be in today. Heck, it doesn't make sense from a business standpoint since the employer's losing money having the workers in today." It was clear that she was just as suspicious as Rugal when it came to the restaurant, and she moved over to Jenny after getting inside.

"Jenny, I understand that a lot has to be going through your mind, but you have all of us here. If we handle this intelligently and work as a team, we should be able to handle whatever's in front of us." It was clear that she hadn't heard about the accident with David, and perhaps that was for the best.

Meanwhile, Melethia seemed to be in full soldier mode as she checked all of the blind corners and vents. Her failing to do that had been what caused Jake's fall yesterday in her eyes, so she wasn't about to let herself get caught unaware if she could help it. It was a bit jarring to see how little emotion was in the girl's eyes, however; it was almost as if she was shutting down anything that wasn't related to the task at hand. Although it was a somewhat bad trait for a well-trained soldier, it was downright eerie to see it from Melethia.

So she wasn't the only one feeling the same. She spoke back to Slindis. "So I'm not the only one who suspects this place eh? Good thing you can see it to. Even if they are employed here there should have been no way for them to walk in to work if the police have it shut down... are they here all the time working like this? I mean I'm *so* sure they enjoy their work here..." she sarcastically stated. "But there is no logical reason for them to be here, there's no customers here, and the police wouldn't have let anyone in even if they worked here in case of a lock down." "Let's hope my flashbacks to the Quori Mindsunder I destroyed long ago don't mean much." *ahem* "I doubt we'd find such a thing here, but I'm fairly inclined to say there's something similar going on..." She said, keeping her hand near to the blade at her waist.

Paulownia Mall: Club Escapade Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu
Party All The Time - Eddie Murphy AKA Generic Ass 80's Music

"Chill Yu, knowing him from basic Training, He'll most likely turn up in the restrooms or something. Ain't a matter of If but When." David said to the Student as Ella covered his drink as well as hers.
"Just if you did see him, might be best to not make any sudden movements or loud noises...Yo T! Want anything?" He then added after Ella before turning to the cleric and pulling out his own wallet, Least before Devon made her opinion known.
"Relax, I know not to go on a Bender while on a job. Besides, like those kids are legal anyway..." He then added, figuring neither Ton Ton or Cadolbolg being the drinking sort.

Iwadatoi Strip Mall: Wild Duck Burger Akane, Angelus, Caim, Cz, Jenny, Kalastryn, Melethia, Ryan, Rugal, Slindis, Som

"Even with everything that happened, I can't imagine anyone working minimum wage being so..."Willing"..." Rugal said hushed to the others, knowing how little low wages instilled professionalism.
Still, he walked on, glancing at the other employees as he did.
"I think I know why the police didn't kick them out...It's like they don't even see us...Caim, take the front door, No one in, No one out." He ordered the Knight, figuring his "Hospitality" would been enough to deter a escape attempt.

Jenny meanwhile was still at the door, covering the rear as Melethia went all SEAL Team 6 on the place.
Following after the Elf, she just sneaked behind her as the rest of the group.
"...I don't like this...Are they being controlled or something?..." She said out loud, before she finally got a whiff of the place.
"...*Sniff*...Ewwwww...I never understood what was with Humans and this "Fast Food"..." She groaned, the thick smell of grease doing little for her recovery from last night.
"Uhhhh...I'll be in the restroom..." She groaned before making her way towards the ladies room.

Paulownia Mall: Club Escapade Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu
I love this song unironically.

Cadolbolg tilted his head to the side with curiosity, and asked Devon again, "So you mean like the cake-shot things Teri made last night? These drinks are a no go too? Welp, if anything else, the music's kinda nice? I'm gonna look up top!"

With a flutter of his wings, the turtle-dragon baby floated up to the upper levels of the club and called out, "Er, anyone's welcome to join me?"

Ton Ton gave a shrug, and readjusted his spot on Devon's shoulder, "Dunno. I don't know the Deadshot guy too well... But, if what Mr. West says is true, I guess we could check the bathrooms? As for the alcohol, Devon, you needn't worry. I think the stuff tastes terrible! But, I suppose I should wander around too..."

Taking a hop down, the little Tonberry began to wander the place for something of note, devoting his attention to the sound stage, and mumbling aloud about whether a body was hidden under there or not...

Teri gave a nod to David and called after him, "I'll take a shot of Kraken myself, if they have it. Besides, the legal drinking age is 20 over here, so no worries of legality on my part."

As she sat down besides the sniper and knocked back the first shot of the booze (and then ordered another), she answered back to her staff and Persona, the strained look on her face being more than clear to David and Yu (that and neither had really seen her drink all that much) as she talked back to those lying in her head, "Yes, I'll admit it. I'm upset that Jake died and Annie just HAD to come and talk to me about Author stuff. There, my feelings are real and I'm expressing them-"
"Through drinking? That shit ain't healthy for you or you're newly-sorta-legal liver. Just look at what it does to David. You need to talk to someone or do something to chill out after this battle, or we're taking it into our hands. It's not good for us to repress this shit in our heads. It feeds ME, remember? I thought you weren't for that..."
"Get off my back, Toyotama."
"Nope. If you don't stop this self destructive shit, me and kiddo are gonna take matters into our own claws. Mainly, sicking Ella and Mum on you again. And you don't want that. The moment all this shit dies down, you're gonna talk to someone, even if it's uncomfortable. Baby steps, dude... Or, you know, I could just hijack you and start forcing secrets out. Bet that'd end well..."

As for the Bartender, he gave the others their appropriate drinks and muttered to Ella, "Dunno what you're talking bout."
before giving a look at the rather large wolf standing next to the Cleric, "We don't allow dogs in this establishment. Get rid of the pooch or leave."

Somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed....

Iwadatoi Strip Mall: Wild Duck Burger Akane, Angelus, Caim, Cz, Jenny, Kalastryn, Melethia, Ryan, Rugal, Slindis, Som

Caim did as was asked, and began a vigil of the door as the party began to pour in, scrunching his nose in distaste as he did so. Something was RANK. Angelus shared the sentiment, and muttered aloud, "Gods above, it smells as if the remnants of a battle between filth and refuse coalesced here, and the rot that follows after took residence. Now, I've eaten carrion before, but at least it smelt better..."

After Rugal knocked over the cup, a waitress walked over and muttered in a deadpan tone, "please sir, don't do that. Let me clean that up.. What were you drinking?"

Her eyes seemed vacant, and her expression slack. In fact, if the words didn't come out of her mouth, one could have suspected that the lines she spoke were pre-recorded in some manner.

As for Jenny, she found that the bathrooms were, to be frank, on the disgusting side. The bins were full of refuse, empty bottles littered the floors, and the sink looked like it hadn't been cleaned properly in days. And let's not even talk about the toilets...

Paulownia Mall: Club Escapade Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu
Keep Quiet - Protomen: Act II (Shout out to Ninjamedic!)

"Yeah, I'll be right up, Sparkz." David made an semi-obscure reference before getting up to join Cadolbolg in his search, but not before getting T her drink.
He paused for a moment when He saw her low mood, no doubt due to a certain death recently.
"...He was a good man. Don't do anything he wouldn't do...." He added before patting her on the shoulder on his way upstairs, It wasn't much, but since when were Soldiers good at that shit?
"We don't allow dogs in this establishment. Get rid of the pooch or leave." Stated the bartender, causing him to glance at him before Garm.
"...Humor the guy, Garm. We'll won't be here too long." He added before finally making his way upstairs with Cadolbolg.

Iwadatoi Strip Mall: Wild Duck Burger Akane, Angelus, Caim, Cz, Jenny, Kalastryn, Melethia, Ryan, Rugal, Slindis, Som

"...It wasn't mine." Was Rugal's answer as the waitress began cleaning the mess, adding more and more evidence to what was extremely clear from the start: Something was up.
This along with the horrible smells and the lack of anything but these employees and waste led him to state:
"...I think we saw enough." He said before striding towards the Employee's Only door and bashing it down, figuring with how robot everyone was, it was unlikely they'd react.

Jenny meanwhile merely left the bathroom a LOT more pale then she did coming in, which is impressive for someone with white skin.

Rugal bashing down the door was unexpected, though the waitress's emotionless comment did support the suspicion of a claim on their mentality. While Rugal was investigating what was on the other side of the door, and Jenny apparently seeing the unspeakable in a place she didn't want to question, she kept an eye on the waitress to gauge if there was any reaction they would be set into. She didn't have much to do but wait for the first move. While Rugal certainly took the initiative in clearing a path... she didn't want to hurt the employees until there was need for such measures. and hopefully... there wouldn't be... "Well since Rugal's taking point I'll keep an eye on the laborers here to make sure they don't pull anything... and if they have any semblance of common sense, they won't. No promises on them if they do though..." she said, eyes unflinching from that duty, at least temporarily. More than half expecting whoever was in control of them to try and use them as a defense. If someone isn't beyond mind control, they probably aren't above using pawns for their dirty work.

Iwadatoi Strip Mall: Wild Duck Burger Akane, Angelus, Caim, Cz, Jenny, Kalastryn, Melethia, Ryan, Rugal, Slindis, Som

Akane had been quiet ever since her return from the shooting practice... and shooting. She hadn't said anything about it as David was okay and the rest of the crew didn't need to know. Jenny obviously had something deeply troubling her and Akane didn't want her friend to feel any worse. She couldn't catch Jenny's eyes though to give her a reassuring smile the Pokémon was that nervous and skittish.

Akane simply stood around, hand upon Jake's longsword, a foul look upon her face from the stench. Angelus was right. This was terrible. At Rugal and Kalastryn's words, the Kitsune was just about ready to start slicing. She had entered angry at this world, and the situation confirmed her anger. She stood right behind Rugal as he kicked the door in, ready to draw her longsword.

This world would pay for it's sins in blood, as she couldn't raze it to the ground with foxfire.

Paulownia Mall: Club Escapade Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu
I love this song unironically.

Devon ordered Cadolbolg a small root beer and smiled as she called up to her younger brother. "I'll follow you. Ella, would you want to keep an eye on Ton-Ton down here?"

Ella was glad to respond and waved to her more focused companion. "Just be careful up there! I'll stick with Ton-Ton and Teri down here.

And barkeep, this 'pooch' is a service dog. My friend here needs it for her anxiety attacks. If you want to kick her out, I can easily call the cops on you and stir up a lot of trouble you don't want here. Are we clear, sir?"

Finally, Sadei delivered an unusually forceful retort to Teri, "Teri, Tama's right. I don't want to, but I will pull rank on you. Honestly, if me and Tama can agree on something, then things have gone horribly wrong. Heck, I might even call that funny bard in! At least she's learned about having to take care of yourself." Yup, Sadei wasn't having none of that business

Iwadatoi Strip Mall: Wild Duck Burger Akane, Angelus, Caim, Cz, Jenny, Kalastryn, Melethia, Ryan, Rugal, Slindis, Som

Slindis' eyes opened wide at the rote speech of the worker there and turned to Caim in clear concern. "THank you, Caim. Something's up here, and it's going to happen soon..."

Melethia, though, pulled out her returning knife and juggled it in preparation of the fight that was bound to happen any moment now.

Paulownia Mall: Club Escapade Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu
Propane Nightmares - Pendulum (Celldweller Remix)

As Annie made her way though the changing rooms, a distinct crunching sound under her boot got her attention.
Glancing down, it was a small piece of red glass that seemed to have been dropped by the janitor on his way to the rubbish bin.
On a sudden hunch, he peered into the rubbish bin and found Deadshot's Trademark Eye-Scope, cracked and broken on top of a empty carton of milk....

Yu Narukami and club co.
Location: Club Escapade | Paulownia Mall | Personaverse.

Moar club music!

As the next song came up Yu immediatly came to attention, not only did he remember this place from a while ago but, "Ah, this is my song." Yu said with his pokerface and drink in hand, soon he had begin to dance, dance like a true king of the dance (I can't think up of any moves). While dancing, Yu was not only enjoying himself, yet more memories of his friends came to him, then the king game. Thinking of that certain time, a smile came to him.

("I wonder if that will happen again.") Yu said and stopped dancing for a bit to take a drink, to everyone it would seem Yu is a totally different person, being cool in a new way. "The King's Game again? Oh lord... Ton-Ton, Cadol, don't order any drinks here. Me, Ella, or Teri can handle it well enough." Was the next thing Yu heard, this made his mind completely stop. There would be no way a person outside his investigation group would know this.

Stopping and beginning to move up stairs to a private room, Yu looked back once he reached the upper-floor. He noticed the face of Teri, he would do something about this. "Come up guys!" Yu's face said with a bit more happiness then usual, yet he was holding some weird objects which were numbered and one were red. ("Something seems wrong with Teri-san and Devon-san knows a lot about me too ... I need to do something about this.") Yu thought as he continued.

Paulownia Mall: Club Escapade Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu
NSFW image with link, but catchy tune

Being that Ella was one for bluffing out of her ass, and the fact that the animal in question stuck so closely to the person with the "panic attacks", the lie seemed to be... Believable! The bartender gave Ella a hard look for a moment, then looked to Garm, and then the droopy Cleric before sighing and relenting, "He better not shit in the store...They got a service animal for everything these days.."

Garm gave a fuzzy rub against the Cleric's arm to aide in the facade before sending to Ella, "Thank you for getting him off me. Though, I think your lie might have some truth to it. Tear-ri hasn't taken the news of the most recent death in our group very well... I can feel it in her hands. They're shaking."

After Teri finished her third shot, she gave a sigh and closed her tab, not wanting to put herself too far into the gutter with the alcohol; and stood up, giving a nod of thanks to David as he made his way up the stairs. However, at the repeated calls for talking to someone from both Sadei and Toyotama, the Cleric shouted aloud, "FINE! I GET IT!" before covering her mouth in embarrassment, and reverting into her thoughts again, "Sorry for yelling like that..."
"And this is what happens when you repress too damn much... But hey, it's finally sticking. Now, to find that dumbass with the mask."

Of course, if the yelling wasn't obvious to those downstairs (such as Ella or Yu), that might be easier said than done. Nothing to hamper an investigation like looking a tiny bit unhinged.

Meanwhile upstairs, the tiny turtle dragon baby floated around and spoke aloud, "I don't see anyone.. But there sure to be a lot of orange bottles here. Wonder why?"
Sure enough, in one of the private booths, plenty of pill bottles seemed to litter the floors of the upper levels. Maybe they didn't clean up too well in here? What was even more curious was that all of the bottles had the same symbol on them, most likely of a singular company....

However, this would not be investigated further, as Annie had made her way into the Manager's Office, a very angry looking man stood in her way. Balding hair, a rotund belly, and eyes the color of honey stared at her when she trespassed. However, what Annie did not realize was another item that was also in the room, a large machine that bore semblance to a human heart. With a simple scowl, the man in question ran to the machine and did something before shooting another glare, those honey colored eyes being the last thing Annie saw before darkness overtook her vision for a second time.

As for everyone else in the club, in whatever they were doing, it was quickly and systematically interrupted by the appearance of darkness that swept through the club, filling their sight with black and then...white.

(Diabs, you're up to set the scene)

Iwadatoi Strip Mall: Wild Duck Burger Akane, Angelus, Caim, Cz, Jenny, Kalastryn, Melethia, Ryan, Rugal, Slindis, Som

Caim gave another nod while standing as a sentinel at the door, his family blade already drawn at the ready as the rest of the party barged into the Employees area. Angelus had readied Kingsblood in a similar manner, and readied herself with the rest of the party as the others burst through, seeing the wanted Nise Mono a the far end of the room they entered, a large mechanical item beside her. It looked somewhat like a cross between a human heart and an engine, but to some, they recognized it as the same generator recovered in the Shadow Zone. Then again, Mitsuru mentioned there being more of them than one. Either way, the old woman gave a deep, froglike smile before hitting a switch, and croaking out, "Die in the dark, like the animals you are."

As the colors around them began to invert, twist and remake the world about them anew, the woman faded into the shadow as well, glinting yellow lights being the last thing seen of her before the party realized the awful truth... They were in the Shadow Zone once again, and without a clear exit path this time around.

((Yo Crim, this would be about your spot, right?))

Paulownia Mall: Club Escapade "Moscow" : Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu
Moskau! Moskau!

"What the hel-CONTACT! CONTACT! EVERYONE GET DOW-" Was all that David was able to get out before the darkness engulfed the entire building and everyone in it.
At first, there was nothing, no sound, no sight, just a state of pure non-existence.
The next thing the Sniper knew, he was face down on the ground and that ground didn't feel anything like the dirty sticky dance floor he was on less then a few moments ago.
Instead, it was painfully cold and covered in some kind of powder, his hands gripping it as he began to turn himself over, wiping some of it from his face.
"....S-s-snow?..." He shivered, his usual attire of a Leather Jacket with Jeans and a Tank Top EXTREMELY unsuited for the environment he found himself in.
Rubbing his arms as he picked himself up from the thigh high snow, he stood up against the freezing wind as he tried to make out where he was.
"....H-HELLO?!....ANYONE T-THERE?!..." He shouted against the howling wind as he began to advance.

Then he saw it.

The Russian City laid in ruin in front of him, it's dying moments captured frozen solid as the remains of the infamous European Anti-Terror Task Force deployment littered it.
The streets were covered with frostbitten E.A.T.T.F. APCs and Helicopters as well as horrific ice sculptures of wounded and maimed soldiers.
"...GUYS?!....I don't think we're in Japan anymore..." He shouted again, hoping this wasn't his own personal prison or however these pockets of hell worked.

Iwadatoi Strip Mall: Wild Duck Burger Shadow Zone Akane, Angelus, Caim, Cz, Jenny, Kalastryn, Melethia, Ryan, Rugal, Slindis, Som

"Oh no you don'-!" Rugal shouted as he attempted to charge the woman before she could activate the machine, succeeding only in tackling her a second after she did, resulting in her vanishing before he could rip her head off.
"...Grrrrr....DAMN IT!" he shouted as he stuck the "Ground" in anger at their situation, glancing around the dark for several moments afterwards.
Unlike the training room, they didn't have a way out, least not one they knew of.
"Alright...EVERYONE STILL HERE?!" He shouted, praying that the group wasn't split up, otherwise they may never get out.

Jenny was rubbing her eyes constantly after she found herself in the Shadow Zone again, least until the realization kicked in.
"No! NO! NO! NONONO! NOT AGAIN! AKANE!? ANGELUS!? ANYONE!?" She began screaming in panic at being trapped here, starting to hyperventilate as she held her head as her Shadow relished in the news.
"Well, will you look at that? guess we'll be meeting up really soon and then? Then they will know everything about you."
Pacing around yielded no escape, so she just slowly went into a Defense Curl on the ground as she began to sob.
Someone was going to get killed again and the worse part was, it wouldn't be her...

Moscow Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu

The shift to a much colder climate hit Devon especially hard, and it could be seen from how much she shivered. "F-for fuck's sake..." She rubbed her arms to get warm then staggered through one of the buildings to meet Ton-Ton.

"You o-okay, little bro? We gotta meet with the others..." Devon then sent out a small message over the rings to try and find out where the others were.

One of the first responses came from Ella as she met up with Teri and Garm. "Devon, I'm cold but otherwise okay. Just round up whoever you can and I think we'll meet up near one of the larger buildings." Before heading off, though, Ella kept it brief as she talked to Teri and Garm.

"I look after my own, Garm. Part of that, though, is realizing when one of us is troubled. And Teri? We need to talk when we get out hf here, and that will happen even if Garm's the one carrying you out."

Deep Forest Akane, Angelus, Caim, Cz, Jenny, Kalastryn, Melethia, Ryan, Rugal, Slindis, Som

The entry brought the group into an extremely dense forest that only had a little bit of sounds in the air. When Melethia saw it, though, she almost immediately sprinted off through the trees for some reason. Was it an ambush? No, it couldn't be, Melethia always kept up a bit of calm in these zones!

Almost immediately after her daughter ran off, SLindis turned to the others there. I'm sorry, but I need to find Melethia. I mean, I don't fully recognize this jungle, but it wouldn't have been out of place back at my home..." With that, Slindis tried leading the way only to narrowly jump out of the way of a concealed spike pit containing more than a few rotting corpses. It was clearly designed so if the initial fall didn't kill, the infections from the bodies would lead to a excruciating death via infection.

"Okay... is there anyone with a way to check the ground ahead of us?" Slindis looked to Rugal with a bit of concern, and she knew that this was going to be a miserable day.

Yu Narukami and Russia co.
Location: Moscow | ???

From where David was overlooking the frozen city of Moscow a familiar voice instantly called out to him. "No kidding." It was Yu Narukami, he was sitting down near David, except the dirty bur comfy club couch had turned into a metal, cold and snowed-over seat. Yu himself had his calm face on but judging by his stance, un-buttoned shirt and frozen drink he still held up, he was cold.

"My bet is on this is either Deadshot's shadow zone ... or something sent us to a different version of Russia, my money is on the former." Yu said back to David as he got up, placed the frozen glass on the seat and began to button up his shirt. Rubbing his naked arms for a second, Yu joined David in observing the scenery. "Okay, judging by this world it looks more of a hazard then any we have faced before. It would be good if we could get into some shelter and form a plan." Yu said once more to David before shivering and sneezing.

A big gust of wind came across wherever the group was, this felt more like a cutting blade to Narukami. Yet thankful soon after, he had spotted his jacket, hopping right over he placed it right on obtaining his previous look. Still feeling the cutting cold of the environment, Yu immediately remembered that this might be a shadow zone. Pulling out his glasses from his jacket and his two-handed katana from somewhere, Yu prepared himself.

"We definitely need a plan." He went back to clutching his body for warmth, his katana now in a awkward position.

Kala awoke next to the group, and was in shock about where they found themselves. This certainly couldn't be? No... it wasn't right. After Melethia ran off she started shaking with panic... then, of all things, it was her shadow that calmed her down. "Oh please get yourself together, just because the place looks as dangerous as it used to doesn't mean it's any more dangerous right? You, Slindis, and Mel practically traversed the place to knowing where every bush was planted! You survived this place every time you set foot in it right?"

She had a point... and it would Seem they were more than one short. Even in the face of this she was visibly calmed with the realization that this place is likely equally dangerous as home... as strange as that sounds to be comforting. "Alright, where do we go from here? Mel probably ran off trying to scout ahead, and it'd likely be safer to follow where she went, for us AND for her." She suggested, as though it wasn't on everyone's mind already. "Although this particular neck of the woods doesn't seem like something I'd recognize..." She said pondering... waiting for the next move. Though she certainly had the intellect for it, she never felt comfortable being a leader. as uncomfortable perhaps as some people that used to work with her were with *letting* her lead.

"Moscow" : David, Yu
Soviet Connection - Michael Hunter

David glanced over at Yu who seemed to be slightly better equipped for the Zone then he was.
"...No...This is Deadshot's. There are only 2 p-people who got out of here alive. And I'm one of them." He explained as he motioned for Yu to follow as they made their way deeper into the frozen wastes.
Another harsh wind blew when he had an idea, summoning his Persona by crushing his tarot card.
"Apollo!...Got something for this?..." He asked, motioning to the thick snow and ice in front of them.
Appearing on one of the frozen rooftops, Apollo reached into his Red Weapon's chest and pulled out A flaming Sniper.
The next thing they knew, Bolts of flame began to rain from sky above them, melting away the cold as well as helping to warm them up as they walked.
"ooohhhhhhh THANK GOD! Brrrrrrr...Man, I wish I had that weapon the last time I was here..." He exclaimed as he rubbed his hands beside one of the fires.
Now thawed out, David then sent over the rings "West here. Report. Yu is with me, we are just beside the ruins of the Kremlin. State your position. We have to regroup."

As he did this, a shadowy figure stood on one of the nearby rooftops, watching the pair before walking off.
He had been planning this for a while and he wasn't going to let it all go to waste.

Deep Forest Akane, Angelus, Caim, Cz, Jenny, Kalastryn, Melethia, Ryan, Rugal, Slindis, Som

"Melethia! Wait!" Rugal protested when the Elf ran off like she did, only to stop dead in his tracks when he saw the spike pit and the bodies in them.
"...This land is trapped?..." He remarked before sharing Slindis's concern, If this was a Shadow Zone, then it would be based off someone's personal experiences and he had a good idea of whom's...
Kalastryn suggested that Melethia was just scouting, but that did little to ease his doubts.
"Ryan, Take point. Expect everything, Pit Falls, Tripwires, Snares, Bear-traps, everything." He repeated as he gazed into the pit Slindis had triggered.
"...And everyone stay together. These traps are designed for pain over everything else..."

Yu Narukami and David.
Location: Moscow | Shadow Realm.

After David's persona lit up a bunch of fire around the two, Yu copied David and threw his arms our to warm them up and his body. "I would say something about no attracting attention ... but survival also seems to be a priority now. I never knew Shadow Zones could be made into this." Yu said to David who was just about to contact the others.

Feeling his six sense warning him, Yu looked behind at the buildings surrounding them, yet nothing was out of order. Shrugging Yu had thought that eyes were watching him. After David had tried to contact the other groups, Yu looked around more. "The only thing we should hope for is that shadows will be less active in this kind of weather ... maybe we should pick something up along the way so we don't have to keep giving our position away." Yu gave a shy smile as his right hand touched his left forearm for more warmth.

"Hopefully ... the enemy, w-won't have tanks ... especial-especially little girls ... with tanks." Yu huddled near a dying fire to savor some warmth.

Yu Narukami and David.
Location: Moscow | Shadow Realm.

David looked up at Apollo's perch before nodding, prompting the Persona to fire off another flaming projectile beside the fire they were warming up at.
"Yeah, Well, If this is Deadshot's "Zone" then I'm not surprised. Lisbeth really did a number on this place..." He said as he awaited an answer from the oth-
"...Few years back, In our world, some jackass unsealed a hoard of massive monsters on the world. Back then, I wasn't with the Dawn, I was with a group called the European Anti Terror Task Force. We were sent in to repeal Lisbeth's attack, Didn't work out too well...I thought I was the only one who lived...Clearly that wasn't the case." He explained to the Student, though it was clearly a topic he wasn't fond off.
"Hopefully ... the enemy, w-won't have tanks ... especial-especially little girls ... with tanks."
After that comment however, David turned slowly to Yu and said "...Yu, I'm reasonably sure that there were no little girls in Tanks...
...Vaguely remember something about a girl with Jet Engines for legs though..."

Yu Narukami and David.
Location: Moscow | Shadow Realm.

"A girl with jet engines for legs ... no no no." Yu waved his hand denying their existence. "Even if that happened in your world, it surely wouldn't happen here ... haha." Yu gave a light uncertain chuckle. The fire was lit once more and Yu had to quickly jump a bit backwards to avoid the flames, yet he did not complain about stealth or risk of burning himself alive due to the Persona.

"Sounds like you have been through a lot ... just like many characters among us. Even I or Mitsuru-san have gone through our own adventures. It seems that all this bad stuff is attracted to us it seems." Yu sat near the fire, keeping his calm face on. It had seem that whatever he drank had worn off.

"If we don't get in contact soon, moving should be our task ... I would hate to be pinned here if we were attacked." Yu said with a stern and serious look to David.

Yu Narukami and David.
Location: Moscow | Shadow Realm.

"First thing I learned after Moscow: anything is possible." David smirked, if Yu's half was half as eventful then he was going to see a LOT of weird shit before he was even 30.
"Right...Lets get out of the open." He then said before making a hand gesture towards Apollo before the Persona began making his way across the roofs scouting for the pair.
"Repeat Message. Its West and Yu. at Kremlin. Report your positions. And keep low and quiet, I have a feeling Deadshot's Moscow mightn't be as pleasant as my own." The Sniper then sent though the rings as he and the student made their way though the snowed up streets.

As Apollo scanned the area, he noticed a blonde woman (Annie) making her way though the snow.
Pulling out a scope equipped with a flash light, he pointed it at Annie before flashing it rapidly in a style like Morse Code, though it was mostly to get her attention as the flickers though the dark sky.

"Moscow" : Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu

The *pop* in the sky got David's attention, as well as Apollo's.
A few more coded flashes stating "I'll Cover You." from the Persona and the Archer of the Gods said before picking out a New Rifle.
"Oi, Polly, What was that?" David asked from below, only to be answered by the Persona sticking his head out and mouthing "Annie".
With the message passed on, The persona then went about covering Annie's approach as she made her way past ruined APCs filled with Frozen remains of young soldiers that looked no older then herself.
While they were frozen, a lot of the wounds didn't seem consistent with freezing to death as many had stab wounds and bullet holes.

"Moscow" : David, Yu
Soviet Connection - Michael Hunter

Ella, Devon, Teri, Garm, and the Bruisers began moving through the city: the Authors and Ella didn't freeze to death in the cold for some reason, although they found that Mother Russia was still a harsh mistress in winter. David, this is Ella here with the authors, Garm, and Caim's kids. We hear your contact point on the Kremlin, and we will be inbound after confirming a black smoke signal.

Since they weren't familiar with Moscow's street layout, the loosely packed group worked on finding a map for the city as well. It wouldn't help them if they got lost any more than they already were, after all.

Deep Forest Akane, Angelus, Caim, Cz, Jenny, Kalastryn, Melethia, Ryan, Rugal, Slindis, Som

It was a good thing that Ryan decided to his axe as a pit detector, because there was seven more pit traps of varying types, including some which looked like they were made to trap a leg in them along with extremely thin wires crisscrossing the path at oddly-spaced intervals. It was hard to tell where those wires went, but they looked a good bit stronger than spider web lines.

After that, though, Rugal felt a slight amount of give when he stepped next. Since he was so concerned with the traps, he may have had a chance to pull his foot off in time. Kalastryn, though, might not have been as lucky when she felt her footing give way. In addition, the group could have sworn they heard someone in the forest whisper about fed bait? Wed mate? It was hard to hear exactly where it was or what it was coming from.

"Rugal, I haven't seen trapping along this level since Eberron. These aren't made just to cause pain; no, these are all made to kill."

Kala, it's your call if this trap worked or if she caught herself right before it and hit one of those lines in the air.

Kalastryn was indeed... not so lucky. A crude bear trap or something similar slammed shut on her ankle and punctured holes up her calf as she fell over in pain. She was fortunate that it wasn't one of those pits from before. she took a deep breath, almost a gasp from the pain. knelt down and pried it open, blood trickling from the punctures on her leg. "AGH... damn this hurts. Don't worry about healing it Slindis I can do it myself." She said, well understanding her self sufficience and the fact that paladins can't throw down a lay on hands whenever they damn well feel like it. To the groups surprise, had they not known either that she was a necromancer or that she was able to summon her persona without an evoker... she summoned Demi and was granted and assumed the shroud of the master vampire, becoming as close as possible to someone already dead. Her eyes glowed orange and a reddish black aura, almost like steam, enveloped her.

Then a blackish cloud surrounded her at her feet and lingered. Somehow it was closing her wounds, despite the fact that to the rest of the group it looked FAR less than inviting to touch or step into. It was her death aura, treating her like the undead monstrosity a necromancer can become, it somehow healed her through the negative energy of death and darkness. She took a stance in the air about 3 feet above the heads of the rest of the group. "Well, there's no way in hell I'm touching the ground again if I can avoid it." She said in a tone that clearly displayed annoyance, but also with a hint of sarcasm. As for the whispers... "Anyone else hear that? Where is that?" she asked in a hushed tone.

Frozen Moscow Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu

Snow in the Summer
(after the Shadow Zone hit, before meeting Devon's group)

Teri blinked in confusion when the transition to the Shadow World hit, and looked around in a panic once she realized what had happened. Thankfully, Garm and Ella were right were she was, and she walked to her two friends, doing what she could to prevent the cold from blowing too much into her robes as she approached, "Man, if I had known that we were going to enter a winter wonderland, I would have prepared better spells... Toyotama-hime, come on out. We might need your help soon enough. Cold is our specialty after all..."
The Cleric hit her arcana card with Sadei (staff form) and the Persona appeared before Garm and Ella, holding her trident in a defensive position as Teri shifted to Ocean Stance. However, at Ella's declaration of acting as therapist again, the Cleric could only slump her shoulders. That girl certainly knew how to figure out if something was wrong. Either way, the group began their walk, and eventually ran into Devon, Ton Ton and Cadolbolg, who both gave chilled waves,

"Good to see you all! It is rather cold here..."

Cadolbolg only shuddered at the mention of the word "cold" and huddled closer to Devon's neck, clearly unhappy with the current circumstances, "I don't like it! My blood feels all slow and I don't wanna fly in this weather. Lei Zhenzei doesn't like it either..."[1]

Garm tilted his head to the side at the complaints and gave a small wag of his tail, "Really? I hadn't noticed too much. Perhaps it is because I grew up in snowy areas like this. Either way, it wouldn't do good to sit here too long. Now, does someone have something that smells like David West? I might be able to help us find him if we do..."

In the meantime, Toyotama descended to the tiny turtle dragon baby, and placed a single claw on his brow as Teri chanted a spell, and the little one shuddered only a little less as the Cleric incanted, "Guard the little one from Frost and Fell."
"Anyone else need the boost?"

Teri cast Protection From Energy on Cadolbolg, giving him Cold Energy based protection for 96 points of cold damage. This does not affect general weather conditions, and will last for 80 minutes or until the entirety of the damage is absorbed.
12 seconds until the next casting of a 3rd level spell.

Creepy Forest Akane, Angelus, Caim, Cz, Jenny, Kalastryn, Melethia, Ryan, Rugal, Slindis, Som

Shadow Forest

At the sight of the undead being Kalastryn became, Caim almost went for his blade, but Angelus held up a hand, "Wait, she still smells the same. That is no imposter, Caim. Put your blade away. Now.... Someone aside from Melethia is missing from our number. Where is Jenny?"
No sooner had the dragoness made note of their fellow Dawn member's disappearance, Jenny's panicked cry filled the air, "No! NO! NO! NONONO! NOT AGAIN! AKANE!? ANGELUS!? ANYONE!?"

Angelus' head shot up in the direction of where Jenny's cries were heard, and charged off in Jenny's direction. Her hand went to her Evoker to be ready to summon her Persona, but instead saw that an Tarot Card floated in front of her face. Slashing at it with Kingsblood, a blue mist accompanied the summoning of...A new Persona?

"I am Thou, Thou art I.
From the passion in thy soul, I rise.
I am Echina, Mother of Monsters.
Burn all who would threaten your mate and brood."

A woman, half serpent and half mortal, bearing red scales, vermilion hair, golden eyes and sharp talons at the end of each tapered finger. Her tail, or rather, tails, split down the middle to almost resemble legs, and her wings spread to mimic the ones the dragon was born with. As soon as the new Persona descended, Angelus felt her senses sharpen to what was proper of her draconic half, and she knew where the Gardevior was to be found. It didn't take much longer for Angelus to find the Pokemon, curled in defense on the ground. Giving a small maternal "hush", the dragoness picked up Jenny, and began to hurry back to the party, doing what she could to console the crying Pokemon,
"Jenny, it's me, Angelus. Come here, Echidna and I got you.."

Meanwhile, back with the main party, Caim watched wearily as Ryan and Kalastryn tried to comb around for traps with varying means of success. That's when the idea came to him. His Persona had a spear, and Slindis said that this sort of thing was really bad, then he might as well try to help along.
"Odin, help us!"
Summoning his Arcana Card with a thought, Caim swiped though the card with his family blade to summon Odin into the fray. The cloaked man gave a small nod to his wielder, and at Caim's gesturing, swept his spear around the floor of the forest in a similar manner as Ryan did, Odin's pair of ravens hovering nearby the Persona as it did so. Here's hoping this idea worked out...

[1] Cadolbolg is weak to Ice and Wind, so this place is a hell hole to the little guy and his Persona.

Frozen Moscow : David, Yu, Cadolbolg, Constance, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Annie
Russian Theme - Call of Duty: World At War

Once the team was back together, having all regrouped at David's position, he began to remind them of their objectives because why not?
"Alright...We find Deadshot, then we work on a way of getting out here. We all know first hand how quickly the shit can hit the fan out there. Everyone stick together and don't wander off. This place is basically Deadshot's Hell so let's make sure we don't let it become ours-"


David froze for a moment before drawing his weapon and quickly taking aim at the source of the sound.
"...Case in point...I don't think we're alone..." He asked before the sounds of moment around them began to be heard.
A skeletal hand broke though the ice covering the ground beside them before the frozen remains of a E.A.T.T.F. soldier pulled itself up and stood lopsided before glancing at them.
It seemed to be frightened of the group, slowly backing away from them before several most bodies began to break out of their frozen graves, quickly starting to increase in number.
Despite being a Zombie Army, the soldiers seemed to be scared out of their wits, staring at the group and looking ready to run to the hills at a moment's notice, Hell, a few of them even did!

"...This is...New..." David remarked as he looked at the group in front of him, They looked more like frightened children then a fighting force.
The moment was broken by the sound of the radio on the uniform of the "C.O." began to crackle to life with a message:
"The Enemy is in straight ahead. You have your orders to take them out." Spoke the commander, causing near universal dread to fill the un-dead soldiers.
"...It's them or you, Soldier. I am giving you a direct order: Take. Them. Out. Over."
With that message, the group began to (Reluctantly) attack, despite having no weapons, no support and no chance of winning.

Deep Forest Akane, Angelus, Caim, Cz, Jenny, Kalastryn, Melethia, Ryan, Rugal, Slindis, Som

Rugal froze for a moment as his foot nearly fell into one the the traps that Kalastyrn was unlucky enough to set off.
Letting out a nervous sigh as he was able to stop himself before falling for it, he slowly lifted up his foot and placed it down on the solid ground beside the trap instead.
Once he was sure of his footing, he then glanced back to check up on Kalastyrn, a little surprised at her new form, but he had enough experience to be used to such things.
"...You can fly?...Alright, Just see if you can see Melethia from above and be careful, I have no reason to think that the air is any safer then the ground here..." He said as Ryan and Odin began to work on checking for traps, though he had to admit, the sheer number of them was staggering!
"...Okay...Nice and slow..." He said to himself as he found himself blocked off by trip-wires at all sides.
"...Alright Slindis, I take it back, though I don't think the designers of these traps had a quick death in mind." He said as he did his best to avoid the wires, while his training over the years did make him more flexible then someone his size, in the end, his large frame was far more of a drawback.

Jenny meanwhile was starting to come down from her panic attack after Angelus consoled her.
"Yes, Yes, Let Angelus do all the work for you. ~Would the baby like a bottle?~"
"...Okay...*Sniff* Sorry...Just...I wasn't ready to be back..."here"..."
She sniffed as Angelus began to carry her back to where the group was.
"Okay...You are put me down. I'll just slow you down." she warned before the Dragoness put her down.
"Alright...Now I-" She was going to start before Kalastyrn cried out after getting her leg caught.
"...Ohhhhhh..." She groaned nervously, now frightened of even moving, though for good reason, for fear of someone getting hurt because of her.
"Alright...I'll be right behind you, Step where you step and all...that..." The pokemon then said before staying close to Angelus, stepping on her footprints on the forest floor and not daring anyplace else.

Location: Shadow Realm | Enchanted (Cursed) Forest

Akane | Angelus | Caim | Cz | Jenny | Kalastryn | Melethia | Ryan | Rugal | Slindis | Som

Though silent for a great heap of the events that had occurred, she was not altogether frozen. With the panic around her, the dragon taking tot he skies, and the elf girl vanishing into the shadows of the forest, Cz felt more uneasy than she had ever been. She followed Rugal closely after her awakening, but said nothing for a long time. Her robes and feet touched the ground as softly as a summer's breeze, and her raven black hair bobbed against her bare back. Only now did she remember that her evoker was no longer with her, so calling out Veles, that ruthlessly efficient angel of mechanized death was not an option. Not that there was any sunlight for her to use when she popped out anyhow. Cz thought to herself silently as she observed.

She observed Jenny's return, and took soft note of her vastly degenerated mental health... and Cz frowned. Marred by an abstract unhappiness. There was darkness here, but more so than the physical blackness that shrouded the forest between the trees. Drawing snaking paths through the trunks that led into a pitch blue void. There was the darkness of humanity here, the fear and insecurity of a mortal mind. A fear of mortality, of loneliness. Cz shuddered and wrapped her arms around herself, feeling the goosebumps on her arms staining the unblemished smoothness of her skin. But what right had she to be so full of light and judgement in such a dark place?

Simply, she had none.

Now it was apparent that she was little more, if not less, than the same as these people with who she traveled, touched by the darkness and stricken with a deep unconscious fear of the dark. All things were afraid of the dark. Not blackness, but oblivion. The fear of nothing, not knowing. And when she stared into the forest, marred by blue black pitch, she saw that fear of uncertainty staring back at her with fangs made of steel and spikes. Poison dripping down its fangs like saliva and the soft creak of their hinges like a mocking laugh at her own mortality. It was daytime, and yet the sun shone darkly. It was night, and the moon penetrated the eaves of the trees with little effort. Darkmoon, Darksun, blackness everywhere, Cz thought bleakly. Living was to be meek, to be afraid of death. It was a painful, tedious experience.

She turned her head to Jenny, finally finished with her long-winded monologue about absolutely nothing and said very bluntly. "You look disturbed. Did something happen?"

Even I lost track!
Location: Dark-Light | Shadows - Highlights | Black - White
Time: Distorted

Red Mage

Statcowski sat in his redwood chair and pushed back on his table with his feet, balancing his weight on the hind legs of his four-point chair. A ruby die sat lazily on the desk before, a "19" glistening in its blood-red crystal face. He thumbed his hat nervously and tugged at the leather. It was the same blood-ruby-red as the die, and the rest of his old robes that he wore now. In fact, all of his belongings had been salvaged from the other side by a very haggard looking Nessaj and Armageddon who he had supposed earlier might have perished on the other-side and been wiped out of existence for all of eternity. But as it turned out, for better or worse, the two were a tenacious pair and his fire was only suppressed by the Stone of Dark rather than smothered by it's ruthless coldness. Red Mage paused and smiled to himself. It had been a long time indeed since he even thought about himself with that name... Statcowski... How long had it been since he had turned so serious. What felt like eons ago he could lazily defy laws by sheer ignorance, and join his fried Black Mage in bloody antics... how long ago did he enjoy dressing up as a girl and calling himself Deborah? Now there was a real blood-and-bones Deborah walking around as the "Blue Sorceress" or something like that. He didn't appreciate that very much at all.

"19," he said under his breath. It was almost akin to a sigh. "I'd like to wait for a 20 before we acted... a 19, we won't get anything done with such a high DC modifier staring us into the face."

Red Mage put the dice back into his coat pocket and played with his hat again. His room was empty, very empty. It seemed almost desolate even. But he knew the others were but a blink away. In this endless expanse of nothing, there was nothing. There was his worktable, and his chair, and a bed to rest on when he became tired, but nothing else. An infinite flat expanse of peaceful solitude. But in the horizon he saw the darkness was rising. An ephemeral evil coming to invade even his place of security and solace.

He rolled the dice in his hand and felt the surface of the die again with his thumbs. "19" it stood against his skin like goose-flesh, cold and hard. It was enough, it had to be enough. There wasn't enough time to be waiting around and doing nothing. Not anymore. He stood up and shifted his existence back into the commons that Deborah had conjured for them. A very archaic looking square filled with grass and tall trees surrounded by archaic brick buildings. It was somewhere in Boston, he recognized from his rampage in the Real World two years prior.

Like always, Deborah was sitting under a blue ash tree. He had his redwoods and she had her oaks. Her robes were a brilliant blue that shone in the fading sunlight like sapphires, and her hair was still the same midnight black that seemed to take all the light in the room and give none back. She looked up with her blood-red eyes and licked her finger before thumbing past another page in her accursed tome. He had killed her two years ago, yet she was sitting here with her stupid curves and her stupid eyes and her dumb damn red pouty lips staring him in the face, and mocking him. Her return was disturbing not only to him, but to everyone else as well... people who had died, and died for good, where coming back. And now Statcowski... no, Red Mage felt as strong as ever. As if his vigor had returned to him... had he been truly revived?

"Can I help you with something?" Deborah asked before giving a small pause and adding, "nothing dirty though, I just washed."

Red Mage nearly spat on her in disgust. He walked up to her tree and leaned on the soft trunk, hating the soft smell of the wood and leaves. He missed his redwoods already. "19. I think we are ready to begin."

Deborah closed her book (which Red Mage saw was actually "Fifty Shades of Grey" hidden within the cover of an alchemical text) and looked up at Red Mage, tugging her coat so that her collar was just a little higher than it was. She spoke softly, moving her ruby red lips deliberately, "We have been ready for a long time Red. It is only you with your luck and predictions that has held our operations back."

Red Mage nearly kicked her. Her smug smile was infuriating. He wanted to destroy her. "I have the most experience in dealing with this sort of thing... this continuity causality nonsense that the Writers have broken us into. I decide when we go, and I decide that we go now."

"But BlackHarte has you beat by almost half a year of existence."

Red Mage grimaced and kicked the book out of Deborah's hand with such force that it shattered the tome into a flurry of cream colored pages.

"Alpha is reforming her body already, and T cannot be far behind," Red Mage leaned back onto the tree and relaxed.

"You mean Alice and Tabitha. Both Alpha and t are other characters in this game, you know?" Deobrah responded coyly.

Red Mage frowned and ducked his eyes under the brim of his hat, "I know... I just don't like speaking their names. It makes me uncomfortable."

Deborah laughed.

"Gather the others... we pay the Writer a visit very soon. Our "White Knight" will be arriving soon."

"You mean Haku-"

"Don't speak his name. Not yet."

Deborah smiled coyly again, her eyes narrowed lazily, "The White Mask, then."

Yu Narukami and Russian Moscow forceful force 1.
Location: Moscow | Shadow Realm.

Seeing the party get back together placed a calming smile on the natural Persona master's face. Yet this peace did not last long as undead came to life and began to surround the group, yet Yu whom readied his weapon noticed the uncertain actions of the enemy that they now face. "This is different from what I have seen ... they almost seem sure that they don't want to attack u-" Yu was saying before a voice crackled to life, demanding that they attack the group.

"Okay, I think that is our culprit. Either behind just this or this entire world ... Deadshot. Only a guess though." Yu admitted as he turned around to the group. As the group was being attacked, Annie's Persona scattered the enemies around like a whirlwind of energy. Yu gave her a thumbs up, acknowledging her about her depth of experience of Persona usage now. Yu himself readied his blade as a couple of enemies surrounded him.

Still, the smile of Yu did not disappear. Holding out his hand, it instantly crushed his arcana card and immediately Izanagi was summoned behind him. Following this momentum up, Izanagi knew what to do instantly due to it's connection to Yu. One swipe of his giant blade and the enemies were now free-falling in the air. "Zio!" Yu followed up and a bolt of lightning was sent towards the falling enemies.

The attack connected and most died instantaneously, Yu followed up to defeat the survivors. Yu then looked towards the others to see how they were doing, he was worried that these enemies were different from the ones they have fought before.

Storm & Alpha.
Location: Roof | Rising Dawn | Personaverse.

The roof of the Rising Dawn was almost bare bones of life as usual. It had gotten more life as the Wanderer moved in and built his humble shack near the edge of the metal roof. With the Wanderer out of action and in another world in the medical bay, the only life on the roof was the close couple of the ship, Alpha and Storm. With SID the Wanderer's robot butler also outside watering his master's herbs and plants, the two were enjoying the unusual windless day on the roof.

Storm was cleaning one of the guns turrets that was up here, while Alpha laid on top of it snoozing away. Suddenly sitting up she sneezed loudly and wiped her nose. "Heeey, you okay up there. Is it too cold~!?" even Storm heard it and said with concern, she shook her head at the remark. "No, I just felt something weird." She gave a smile before actually getting back to work on the turret, making sure it is in working order.

The Lone Wanderer & "Mr. Demon frowny pants".
Location: Old Church Ruins | Purgatory.

The battle between the Lone Wanderer and the smaller Demon was short lived. Even though bullets, explosions and his large amount of skills were used, the Wanderer had a large metal hand wrapped around his throat. A husky dark voice sighed in the helmet of the dark Demon. "You seen now human, you are not meant to be here. You never were, I was made to guard this spot into the deeper levels of this place" It said, lightening it's grip around the Wanderer's throat.

"I can give you gold ... full gold bars ... caps, a card ... money, a-anything ya want!!" He was yelling and squirming while in the dark knight's solid and ultimately firm grasp. The Demon didn't even need to launch an attack and it's athletic skill was off the charts. Preparation was something that the Wanderer didn't have. "Now, leave or I will send you to the afterlife." The dark voice responded in a annoyed tone.

"Ah go ... fuck yo-" Was all the Wanderer said before simply vanishing in the Demon's hands. Looking side-to-side once, the Demon could not find his annoyance, he sighed simply before vanishing into the darkness again, guarding the place he has guarded for a unknown number of years.

Medical Bay/Lab | Rising Dawn.

Opening his eyes from travelling beyond the darkness, the Wanderer leaned up and rubbed his head feeling like he was shot. Slowly looking to the right and window of the private room he stayed in, he confirmed in the real world again. Slumping back instantly he was glad to be out of that world. "That was close ... that thing was too fast." The Wanderer said annoyed with what happened, mostly blaming himself for the result.

"I'll prepare next time, but for now ... " He said as he turned to his left and fell asleep, dreaming of a far better place.

The next step.
Author Shaun and Shorn the Wizard.
Location: Lightning Hawke | Airspace above DC | America
Time: THE time!

The Lightning Hawke, the much smaller version of it's bigger brother the Blackhawke was sailing through the American air. A window was rolled down and two figures sat in the pilot and co-pilot seat. It was the Author, Shaun and one of his more latest characters, a wizard going by Shorn. The Wizard had not been in the field of this crazy and weird world before, but his first job was on the way and he was going towards the meeting spot of fate.

The Wizard Shorn knew nothing much about this event, but his Author knew more then his knowledge and his three 'brothers' combined, he has gone through much too. The Wizard's locking gaze was focused outside on the in-coming city of Washington DC, intrigued about this society but not overly excited to gain him attention, his Author had given him much information before this trip.

Looking down, the Wizard noted his robes, they were certainly not going to blend into the crowd, yet Shaun told him not to worry and that it was "All part of the plan" as he said. Holding his book and his sword in it's sheath he was starting to worry about integrating into this world. "You haven't told me yet." The Wizard started the conversation, "Hmm, about what?" The Author said back, keeping his hand on the wheel but scratched his lightly grown goatee and mustache.

"The stone around you neck, I can tell it has a large amount of magical energy inside and around it. It even glows." The Wizard said back tearing his gaze away from the outside city and to the stone hanging around his neck. Shaun's face turned into a light smile, "This ... I think I said it before, but this little thing has caused a whole load of trouble that you don't know about." He said with a serious tone, a tone that made the wizard instantly drop the topic.

Soon the ship slowed down into a hover, looking outside the Wizard saw a large white house, that was right below the ship. "We are surely lucky they cannot see us." Shorn remarked as he got up from the seat. "Cloaking technology of angels my friend, you know how to get in contact with me mate." Shaun said back but saw no one, he rolled his eyes as he began to travel back to the moon base.

Outside The White House | DC | The United States of America.

A large crowd made it easy to do a small distance teleport down to the ground, Shorn had kept his hood down, fearing that he would look suspicious to the many guards that were around the area. Yet a area remained open from the crowd and only two people stood in the opening. Walking out of the crowd and into the opening which was right next to the fence, there was a rather large bodyguard looking away from the fence and into the crowd, the other was staring towards the fence and towards the house.

The instant the wizard came near, the bodyguard stepped in front. "Going anywhere little man? I suppose some stupid n-" He was saying with his deep voice, the guard stopped mid-sentence though noticing the clothing of Shorn. His hand moving for his gun a voice called out and a quick gaze glanced over a shoulder. "Let him through." It called out, immediately the guard stopped and stood still.

The Wizard nodded and walked to the side of the man, looking sideways he spotted a formal suit lined with symbols and glasses. The presence of the man demanded respect and the strength could be felt near him. "Judging by your looks, either you came out from a S&M shop or you like to dress up just like me." A smile came from the formal man's face.

The Wizard was confused with the words of the strong man but responded with a unafraid voice. "I'm neither of those, I wear these for the tactical gain." Shorn responded with honesty, this gained the man to look at him with concern. "I'm actually no-", "Not from around here? Wouldn't be fucking surprised with that, especially with that airship crew and shit. Luckily enough they haven't interfered with my operation from before ... but they met and worked for Burt motherfucking Reynolds. Good enough for me ... but the question is, are you like them?" He interrupted and turned to this cloaked and robed short guy, who would probably mistaken for a terrorist around here.

The only thing Shorn could do was nod. "Good, work for me as one of my officers and I'll make sure no one questions you here." The man responded, "Agreed, I work as a tactician and the name is Shorn." The Wizard instantly agreed, remembering his Author's words to agree no matter what. "Even damn better, call me The Boss ... and ... " The Boss started to talk but placed his foot on a higher ledge and raised his open hand.

"Help me makes this country great again!"

Little did the Tactician Wizard knew that the version of America The Boss wanted would be something incredible to anyone.

To be continued on the next arc of Dragon Bal- ... Avatar Adventures~!!!

Moscow: Annie, Cadolbolg, Constance, David, Devon, Ella, Garm, Teri, Ton Ton, Yu

Everything that happened had happened so quickly that it was hard for the Cat-Ear Wearing Vampire to keep track of the events as they unfolded before her. Between the briefing, the search for Deadshot in Club Escapade and now the frozen wastes of a once great city, Constance Sorrowfeld was left wondering whether this was all a dream that she would wake from. It was the harsh biting winds that made her keenly aware that this was real and that she would not be waking from this situation any time soon.

Trudging through the snow, a shining glittering reflection caught the Sorrowfeld Princess' interest and caused her to break away from the group to investigate. It was a storefront of some sort, one that had somehow survived the devastation that had been wrought upon the remainder of the city. Looking through the window, Constance caught sight of the object that had caught her attention, a brilliantly jeweled orb that caused the light around it to dance and shine.


At least it used to until it was crushed under the weight of one of Yu's flying and frying opponents. Turning around, Constance realized that the group had been set upon by a number of Shadows though it seemed that they were taking care of the enemies rather quickly.

"Whoops!" Constance blurted as she entered the fray, Bast right behind her and ready to shred any Shadows that got in her way.

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