The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Inner city: Noodle Shop: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, Caim, Teri, Angelus, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Jenny chuckled a little at Devon's statement.
"Way I see it, with what I'm planning to tonight, I can't dig myself any deeper in a hole when I'm in a mineshaft." She joked as Wanderer seemed to with hold the Mentats as well as claim that she was an addict.
"...Wanderer...They are mints, right? Just sugar and flavorings. Thy aren't exactly meth, now are they?" She sighed in an annoyed tone as she got her dish: Fugu Sashimi.
What she didn't know was that it was basically just a random fish she paid thrice as much for, Thanks Kala!
Still, she sat and listened to Kala's story about how she came to be here, lightly nomming on her meal as she did.
"Yeah...I remember when I first met this group....ohhhhhh, Don't make me go into detail there...Still, wouldn't have met Blade, wouldn't have met Angie, wouldn't have met you. Heh, Funny how things play out, isn't it?" She said as she happily dug into her non-poisonous fish dish.
"But this is the way of things, I guess. Least Melethia is with people who care about her, Slindis knows that."

David meanwhile was just cutting up his omelette as he listened.
"So how you and Slin met? Heh, better then our first meeting: She literally like, Teleported into this old Spanish Castle some asswipe named Ken was hiding out in. He released...I think...8? Killer monsters onto the world. We were raiding the join so I got all thick with her, like "Who are you working for!?" and all that. Another important detail was I was wearing a explosive vest at the time. We were then at a wedding together before the week was out with Ella's sister trying to hook us up! This fucking ship is crazy like that." He chuckled as he remembered times since passed, while this ship was hard work, there was no shortage of stories to brag about.
It was then that Devon spoke about his family, namely her sister having a baby.
"Seriously? Man, we need to pay her a visit sometime then! Gotta see how it played out, can't just read spoilers on Facebook, now can ya?" He joked, but then he said something extremely stupid, as per custom.

"Granted, she might not recognizes you on account of th-...." He froze when he realized what he said and saw the others looking at him.
"...Hey! I was going to say Bard Training! Y-you know?...Magic? Swords...Music, that-thatkindathing."
He then promptly shut up and shoved a forkful into his mouth as he gave himself the hardest mental kick he possibly could.

Merlin | Edge | Violet.
Location: G-Corp | Canteen.
Time: Night.

Giving a graceful nod to Violet, Merlin gave the greeting and immediately went back to his bowl of noodles but suddenly noticed the lack of both broth and noodle, he was done. Giving a small annoyed look, Merlin placed his fork neatly on the side as if he was a servant in the castle of Camelot. Picking up the herb bread once again, it was the small left over knob and the Magus lopped it into his month and quickly munched and swallowed it before looking to Violet with a questioning look.

"He knows me already Sir Edge, alas let up talk more about the business at hand." Merlin's hands both clenched in excitement. "For me to learn more about these gems of Darkside, I'll need an example to research upon ... and probably some living arrangements further from the public life of these halls." Merlin said and gave a light mischievous chuckle.

When the Scientist/Look-alike Modern "Alchemist" came to the table which the two sat at, Merlin was very close to the Excalibur replica he had summoned, as if it was a duty to protect.

Wanderer, Jenny, David, Devon, Kalastyrn and (Insert others).
Location: Noodle Shop | Personaverse.

Before Kalastyrn started her own story, the meal of the good Doctor came along. The Waitress placed it upon the table in which the Wanderer gave a quick calm nod. While the story was being told the Wanderer was in a state of focus and listening while giving long looks towards Kala. The other state he was in was with the Katsudon. Being one who lived in a world of fast cooking noodles, old food and weird cooked creatures, this food was like a five-class meal to the Wanderer who had not seen rice before.

While listening to said story, a quiet sniffing sound came from the table of David and Wanderer. It had seem that the ultimate survivor had taken a liking to examining the food of this world before slowly eating it, taking time learning to use the utensils the restaurant served.

By the end of the story, the Wanderer had already learned how to use the chopsticks, it had seemed to learnt quite quickly. By the time Kala looking over his face was in a blushing bliss. Taking a break from eating the pork in favor to take a calm sips from his Whiskey bottle. Giving a few thankful nods at the end of the story, the Doctor side of him heard the worries of Jenny.

"Nope, it is a drunk ... more like your kind of drug you find in a supermarket. It isn't anything strong you would gain from a Doctor ... and it is definitely not illegal. As I said, the drug for the smarter man who wants to focus." The Wanderer gave a cautious but went into a defensive state when the mention of illegal drugs came up. The good Doctor killed some drug dealers to make some addicts better.

Merlin | Edge | Violet.
Location: G-Corp | Canteen.
Time: Night.

"Oh, Totally! Yeah, we can arrange that. Though Kaz might be a little pick about who he lets see the Gems, but I'm sure provided we follow protocol, he won't mind." Violet said as he picked up the plastic container his salad was in began to walk and talk with Merlin and Edge.
"Come on, we'll take the lift." He said as he motioned for the duo to follow him back into the elevator.
"Override Code: Shocking Pink. Take us down to the Vault." He spoke into a speaker in the elevator before it brought them down into the bowels of G-corp, racing past the ground floor and into the earth below.
[Ding: User Dr. Lee Violet and 2 non-Personnel requesting access to Lab Level...

Access: Granted] a monotone voice on the intercom said as a series of scans waved over the trio before the elevator opened to The Labs.
"Okay, few ground rules: Everything here is G-Corp property and the only way to this level is the elevator. Don't. Touch. anything. These are Kaz's words, not mine." Violet then said as he began to punch in a code for the Area 3 door.

Merlin | Edge | Violet.
Location: G-Corp | Vault.
Time: Night.

Following the scientist "Alchemist" with Edge tagging along, Merlin stepped into the glass elevator. "So why are we in this small roo-" Merlin was saying before the glass "box" started moving. The Wizard stayed quiet for a while as he felt the movement of the elevator. "A moving room ... interesting." Merlin said as he tried to think up of the way this glass box was moving, and the fears that came with it, this didn't unnerve the wizard, in fact he was really interested in how someone might die in this place.

Once the tube leading the three down gave the view of the large walkway room. Merlin followed the Scientist again but leaned to both left and right, eyes widening in something between shock and interest. "My, my ... " Was all he could say before giving a spit off the handrails and into the apparently bottomless pit. Looking up the "Alchemist" Violet was at a door pressing some kind of mechanic.

"The gem is down in this underground vault, must be good at security."


Merlin | Edge | Violet.
Location: G-Corp | Vault.
Time: Night.

Edge, Merlin and Violet rode on the elevator Violet noticed the elevator indicated they were getting close to exceeding the capacity of this tiny elevator, but that couldn't be they'd have to have a fourth person in the elevator who weighed a lot, but there wasn't much there.
Though now that he though about it there was this one spot he just couldn't look at it, its like the minute he looked in that direction his eyes glazed over and shifted to somewhere else.
He decided he was just over thinking it.

Icarus was in turmoil he didn't quite know if he could defeat Darkside he couldn't do it alone, there was one method, he remembered a technique his father used, but that was dangerous he only ever saw it once but it was in his mind as if branded into his brain.
he shook his head he had to keep calm and pay attention.

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: G-Corp | Canteen.
Time: Night.

Violet had noticed there was something up with the Elevator, enough to warrant concern, this was one of the most secure locations in the entirety of G-Corp.
If there was someone else down here, it would be EXTREMELY bad, along with the Gems and several corporate secrets, he'd be fired on the spot if someone managed to break in while he was in charge.
"...Yes, It-it's the best in the world..." He said as he quickly paced back to the elevator, looking rather nervous as he did.
"...C-computer...Lock down..." He mumbled as the sole access to the surface was sealed and the elevator returned to the lobby.
"Don't panic!-Just...Umm...Standard operating procedure. You know...This place is...very-...very secure..." He reassured the others as he slowly began walking back to the console for the Area 3 door.
"Okay...Now, we-...Just...Need to open the...the door..." He then said, shaking with nerves as he did as he keyed in the code and the massive bulk head door began to slide open.
Inside was a pair of armed G-Corp soldiers guarding a huge Vault Door.
"Ohhhhhh, Hey Guys!...How's...Everything?...*Ahem* Right, just open the see the gems...inside...".
Thus Violet began to unlock the vault, the Soldiers keeping their trigger fingers ready for anything.

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: G-Corp | Canteen.
Time: Night.

As Violet unlocked the vault, a small ball appeared in his pocket with a note saying IN USE OF EMERGENCY.


[quote]Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: G-Corp | Canteen.
Time: Night.

Icarus was nervous which wasn't good for his concentration. Was Violet onto him, he wasn't sure but his illusion was starting to falter, something he definitely didn't want he held his illusion as long as he could. he slowly crept away he was able to move a panel climbing out of the elevator but due to his illusions no one noticed. It could make Violet relax as the feeling would had to have gone away.
"Damn it this isn't going to work." he cursed under his breath as he climbed up the elevator shaft.
"It's all Kazuya's fault he's so damn stubborn It's not my fault everything came to this." he said bitterly.

Inner city: Noodle Shop: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, Caim, Teri, Angelus, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

When David more or less dropped the ball on what was a happy and peaceful conversation, a hushed silence fell over the party. Teri looked down at table (being a late arrival was prone to making food arrive late as well), her lips stretched into a thin line, "I wasn't expecting our meal to come with bad feelings till after we finished it..." Ella could see it clearly that the Cleric was thinking on a home long lost, especially given what Devon had mentioned before about his sister.

Ton Ton and Cadolbolg sank in their respective seats too, as children they were often very sensitive to the events flowing around them. They were almost barometers for the area, so to speak.

Everyone generally poked at their food before Angelus shot a look at Caim that seemed to say "Do something!". In response, Caim gulped and thought to himself, "She's asking ME to do something? I thought this was more her specialty..."
"If you don't doesn't that make that resolution to me to be a better family member a little hollow?"

Caim sighed, knowing that Odin was right, and did the thing he knew best, give David a light slap across the head before speaking from the PDA: "Way to go, West. You'd better hope I can patch this up... What David was TRYING to say was that a lot has happened between each of us, whether we've come from other worlds or were born from this one. And, with all of the adventures we went through, some things are bound to change about ourselves. For example, I never expected to become a father with someone who I previously regarded as a battle partner rather than...erm, 'more'."

Angelus hopped in after that, piggybacking off of the opening Caim presented, "We of the Rising Dawn are something of a strange tribe: A collection of several members of different clans brought together through adversity. Regardless of whether we've lost worlds, families, or other precious things: At bare minimum; we can support one another. From what I've seen and learned, it's vital to us all as a group. And I believe it's why we should focus less upon what we have lost, as much as it pains us all. However, I will admit that a nice flight in my old realm was nice; no planes to watch out for."

With the words of encouragement, the Cutie Bruisers relaxed a little, and both whispered words of encouragement to their sibling/aunt/whatever, and Caim relaxed faintly, hoping that was enough to keep everyone from being terribly awkward. With a small lean towards David again, the man in the armor "whispered" with the PDA: "Do try to think before talking next time?"

Angelus on the other hand, being the ever observant one, turned her focus on Jenny's meal and Kalastryn's story: "As I said before, something about individuals struck with calmaity seem drawn to the Rising Dawn. It's rather strange how that works... and Jenny, what exactly is that meal again? Fugu? Smells like fish..."

Teri on the other hand, was still a bit mum about things, but contacted Ella quietly over the rings (handy little medium, that), "I can kinda see where David is coming from though. Even with all these cool and interesting things happening to us, I miss home A LOT. These clothes I'm wearing now, going out on the town, doing all the stuff we were earlier when we were in the mall... It reminded me a lot of when I was in college, and just hanging out with my friends. Or going shopping with my old Mum and Dad for school supplies."
"It's kinda stupid how much we used to want to be special, but when it happened, shit really hit the fan. Hell, we probably could have come up with a better way to break the bonds aside from some Writer bullshit and some Goddesses. Wonder if Boss Upstairs is pissed bout that?"

The Break Room
Location: Versaille | "France"
Time: December 25th 1776

Darren | Kyre | Red Mage

Kyre was red in the face and looking away from the two grown men as they wallowed in their sorrows, or rather, Darren wallowed in his terrible existence and Red Mage was oblivious to any of the prior angst he was experiencing. She felt betrayed, locked out almost. As if they were a part of something that she was not, and that they were excluding her or something. However, the feeling was only a result of her rude and sudden awakening at the hands of Red Mage. She yawned and rubbed the sleep from her eyes, deigning to turn around after a few brief moments of personal solace.

Red Mage was looking at Darren, still wiping the tears from his rosy cheeks. "Why don't you just take the mask off?"

"Why I think that's a fine idea Red Mage," one of the courtesans said blithely, walking forward. She looked Asian in descent, having fair skin and a petite figure, however her hair shone blonde, a deep rich gold that shimmered in the dim candlelight of the bedroom, and her eyes, her eyes were a verdant green. Beautiful in their uniformity, an infinite grassy softness that contrasted sharply against both Kyre and Red Mage's sharp emerald eyes. As she took the steps closer to Red Mage and Darren, she lifted the heavy silks that adorned her body, slipping off piece after piece of the layers that bound her body. By the time she reached Red Mage's side, she was wearing very little. In the light her skin seemed divine, every soft curve of her body highlighted in the yellow warmth. Kyre eyed her jealously and bit her lip, remembering a few little things that lingered at the back of her mind.

The courtesan wrapped her slim fingers around Darren's mask and removed it slowly, drawing the white slate over his eyes and bathing his vision in welcoming darkness. When she pulled the mask from Daren's face completely, she wasn't wearing the silk corset and small clothes she was before. White metal gleaned from her, distorted with glaring red eyes filled with a demon's hatred. Her midriff exposed from the bottom of her breasts to the end of her navel, but the rest of her was wreathed in metal, blue and white. A terrible looking metallurgy crafted from inhuman hands. The mask morphed in her hands into a steel sword and she turned around swiftly. In one beautiful motion, Red Mage's head went flying into the stifling air, splattering the room with crimson red. "This time when you're reborn you will remember nothing." She spat on his headless corpse, collapsed into a bundle of crimson robes on the velvet carpet.

Kyre screamed and ran forward, wrapped her arms around Darren's neck and pulling him backwards. The rest of the girls in the room had disappeared. The Anti-Mage held onto Darren protectively, instinctively. He was still out of it, his face splattered with Red Mage's dark blood.

The courtesan-turned-demon got up and floated in the air, eight petals materializing around her into a fan of swords. She held out a clawed hand to Darren, "Come now, you wanted a drink, and here's all the wine you can stomach." She licked her lips and moved forward, the ground beneath her tearing as she passed over. "Give up your quest to die, and I'll show you true ecstasy... A world where no one can die, and everyone can live guilt free. Or I can do anything else you want, I just cannot have you dying at this moment sweetling."

Kyre was on her feet now and dragging Darren to his. Her voice rang loudly and cold against the candlelight, "Darren, we have to go! Get up! To your senses! We have to leave now!"

"Come," she motioned, "I am the one that will return all to as it should be. I am Kusanagi."

Location: Rising Dawn

Cz | Lucieon

"Are you really going to hold me here against my will?" Cz said. Her eyes tracked Lucieon as he paced about the room's wide floor space, his hair bobbing gently as he did. There was a noble manner to this "Undead Merchant" who now was not actually undead. Lucieon shot her a look and answered, "I am to hold you and make sure of your survival, not your comfort or personal happiness." She was tied to a chair, her arms bound together overhead and looped around and knotted to her ankles. The pose kept her back straight and posture perfect even through sleep, but it was extremely indecent. Lucieon didn't seem very amused by it personally, but apparently some girl named Titania had thought it'd spice up his vigil.

Cz looked away. Annoyed and incredulous she struggled against her bindings again and gave up quickly, finding them as rigid as they were an hour before. She had already lost track of time, ever since they got back from the Shadow Zone, Lucieon had kept her tied up and kept vigil over her in this dark room. The only light came from the dying sun, through a window on the far side of the place, hidden behind a set of thick curtains. "What ever happened to chivalry." It was more of a statement than a question or rhetoric.

"It died with the last of human decency in the Dark Ages." Lucieon replied. He fumbled through his cloak and pulled out a small tome before cracking it open. He didn't say much afterward.

It could have been better, Cz thought, but Lucieon had even refused to let her eat or drink herself. Instead insisting on hand feeding her. He was smothering, there was no privacy. He watched every moment of day and night. Though he did let her have some autonomy in the washroom, it was not without his stone-cold gaze tracking her every movement, the rope always in his hands to make sure she was restricted if she needed to be.

She didn't believe in God, if only because Cz had met her before, and taken orders from her, but she oped to any God out there, Mauser included that the heroes would return soon and she could be free of such a ramshackle and tedious existence.

Inner city: Noodle Shop: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, Caim, Teri, Angelus, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

David merely sank a little lower in his seat, needless to say, this was not his desired outcome.
"...gotcha and...ahhh...sorry..." He mumbled before Caim and Angelus tried to calm the situation down.
Seeing how awkward he just made everyone, he took a moment to wipe his mouth with his napkin before getting up from his seat and walking away from the table.
"Where are you goin-"
"Restroom." He dully answered Jenny as he walked to the bathrooms, though he had a little trouble getting to the right one at first, he was soon able to get inside the mens room.
Once he was in, he began to bash his head against the wall repeatedly, much to the confusion of the Easterners around him.
"Stupid, Stupid, Stupid." He kept grumbling as he did.

With David's untimely exit out of the way, Jenny finally got back to Angelus, stating "Yes, it's some class of Japanese pufferfish. It's not that bad actually.".
It was clear that Kalastryn's plot to avoid Jenny from poisoning herself had worked, provided that no one pointed out the food she was eating looked more like Cod.

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: G-Corp | Canteen.
Time: Night.

While Icarus slipped off, Violet opened the door, though he was still edgy about there being someone down here.
As the soldiers fanned out and checked the room, it opened, revealing a room full of lockboxes, each with a keypad for a special code.
"Okay....Useless Attack Gems...Useless Defense Gems...Useless Speed Gems..., Ah! Here we go! Magic Gems!" He said as he pulled out his PDA and requested it for the lockbox to open, using his ID to request it.
The box slid out of the pile before opening automatically, revealing the gems that Darkside attempted to steal.
"Alright...Ummm, Merlin, Edge, you can take a look and don't worry about those other gems, you'd get more power from a household battery..." He pointed out as he went back to the main chamber, the soldiers taking positions outside the vault, armed and ready in case Merlin or Edge tried anything funny.
It wasn't anything personal, it was just protocol.

Icarus meanwhile was able to find a way up the elevator shaft, though the number of sensors and alarms linked to those sensors made him wonder just how paranoid Kazuya really was.
And the level of detail made him realize that this was set up long before those Gems got this attention.
What else was down there?...

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: G-Corp | Underground Vault
Time: Night.

Edge was no fool. A giant freaking underground vault didn't just come from out of nowhere, and those soldiers weren't there for nothing. "So..." Edge began. "Out of you have anything else stashed down here? Giant diamonds? Film reel of the shot from the grassy knoll? Maybe the Dragon Dagger in case you need to call Gamera or something? There can't just be magic gems in here."

The Break Room
Location: Versaille | "France"
Time: December 25th 1776

Darren | Kyre | Red Mage

Darren was quickly starting to regret doing anything with one of "The Meh Kingdom's" characters as he tried to pull his jaw off the floor.
First the "Library" place, then he ended up in France somehow and now he was staring down a Renaissance hooker crossed with some kind of "Chaos Space Marine" who just killed one of the few people he actually reasonably knew from Meh's cast.
Kyre was shaking him in an attempt to wake him up.
"...I miss Mount Everest...I miss Zangief..." was all he said as he lightly pushed Kyre while his mind tried to catch up with what happened.
"...You know what?...I don't even care anymore..." he said as he picked up his fire axe from the ground, recalling how he managed to get some sort of "Enchantment" akin to a Tonberry's Knife (Or something, it was just a really really sharp axe).
"Either way...I kill you...or you somehow manage to kill me off...I win...lets freaking go..." He stated as he brought up his axe and began swinging at...whatever this thing was with all the skill and grace of Jack Nicholson in "The Shining".

"Yes Angelus, tragic backgrounds seem to be commonplace. Then again, as I said before, I wouldn't have it any other way. What I experienced before tempered and refined me into the person I am today. I shudder to imagine what I would be like if it weren't for everything that happened to me. I'm glad I met all of you as well, which again wouldn't have happened if I didn't have a place to return to. Still, this place is home now. Much better, I might add, than where I come from. In the end I guess things have a strange way of turning out for the better." She said with a smile as she finished her meal.

As David got up and left, she did actually feel the slight bit of awkwardness from the situation. It wasn't really her place to ask how this happened to Devon, or if there was a way to fix it. Still, she did have a bit of thinking on how hard it would be to go visit your family when they wouldn't recognize you. I mean when your not even the same gender as you used to be... well things would get very awkward very quickly. She, on the other hand from David, knew enough control not to say that. What she did say next however, was probably a healthy bit better than what she really wanted to ask.

"After the night, morning comes. As grim and dark as things have been before, the future can only brighten." She said, a small smile across her face as she spoke.

Rising Dawn: Captain's Quarters: Rugal, Garm

After their heart to heart back at the Shadow Ops Canteen, Rugal finally got around to cleaning up all the broken glass and other damages from his room, the wolf lending a hand/paw/?? (Even if it was just holding the trash bag open).
It took a while, but he and Garm managed to get the place looking less like an angry German bodybuilder he started WW3 against all inanimate objects
"Thanks again. I know you didn't have to. And...Try to keep this quiet." He said as he tied the bag before going down the hall with it to the nearest trash slot in the wall.
"Everyone else has their issues, but I'd rather keep this one out of the public domain. Last thing Teri or the others need is them thinking I'm going to try and murder them in their sleep..."
There should be more here, but there isn't. :/

Rising Dawn: Cz's Quarters: Cz, Lucien, "A Hero"

Luckily for Cz, her pleas for help were soon answered.
The only thing that wasn't consistent with her hope was actually getting one of the REAL heroes to save her.
What she got instead was this:
"What will we do with a drunken Sniper,
What will we do with a drunken Sniper,
What will we do with a drunken Sniper,
Early in the morning?"

Deadshot barged into the door, having to take a large amount of liquor in order to drive the images of Cannibalism out of his mind from the meeting, those pictures hit far too close to home for his liking.
The smell of drink was overpowering as he managed to out do himself yet again, the fact this benders were common was the only reason he was even standing.
"Put him in the brig until he's sober,
Put him in the brig until he's sober,
Put him in the brig until he's sober,
Early in the morning!"
he kept singing until he managed to shamble into the room's en suite.
A uncomfortably long piss later, he was back in the room and only now realizing he was in what appeared to be an amateur bondage party.
"...Wait...This isn't Amsterdam...What are you guys doing in my room?"
Now, Lucien could explain to the Assassin that he was in fact in the wrong room, but he seemed too far done for any of it to process.

Merlin | Edge | Violet | (Icarus).
Location: G-Corp | Underground Vault
Time: Night.

Hearing the agitated tone of Violet made the Wizard shift a little in his spot, but he stood still once more to keep the calm, if the "Alchemist" was not calm, something might surely be around or behind them. The next thing Edge and Violet saw was a small book appeared in Merlin's hand, the cover was a similar magic symbol which the holy replica Excalibur appeared from. It even gave off a faint blue glow on the book, it may even be the magic keeping the pages into it, as the other two saw, it seemed to contain more then hundred thousand pages.

Keeping the small magical book at his side, the magus' other hand contained the replica Excalibur which emitted small amounts of holy magic, this was hoisted upon his shoulder to carry around, for he does not have the sheath of it or enough strength to keep it by his side. "I'll have to ask you if you have anything from the Merlin or Arthur legend too ... wouldn't want you guys to have a Excalibur here." Merlin's voice was cautioned almost annoyed at how much is kept here.

Stepping up to the lock-box, Merlin breathed heavily and the air seemed to change. It was magic being released, Edge would be able to sense it and even Violet could feel a change. Letting go the replica of the holy sword, it did not fall, it did not obey the laws of Newton and it just floated in the air sideways besides Merlin.

The thin fingers of the Magician went over each gem, nodding to himself as he checked each nook and cranny of the gem. "Well, indeed it is true that these are magical. Yet I cannot sense which type of magic it is, yet it has the strangest familiar feeling to it." Merlin hummed in a uncertain tone and his smile turned into an uncertain pout. "Do you sense anything?" He called to his second friend of this world.

Rising Dawn: Captain's Quarters: Rugal, Garm

Garm gave a happy wag of his tail after everything was cleaned up, but it waned when Rugal mentioned the need for silence,
"I won't say anything cause you asked, but really, you guys are bad about talking to one another. REALLY bad. Which reminds me, wasn't that whole Shadow thing about keeping all your feelings hidden too long? I think that's what Tear-ri told me anyways. Point being, if you want the angry man in your head to win for keeps, keep doing what you're doing."

The wolf slumped and put his head on his paws, looking up at his male Alpha with a pseudo-puppy dog expression, "It's kinda funny, actually. This conversation makes me think a lot of the ones I have with her. Well, more like when I listened. I couldn't talk for a while, you know. She'd sit there and pet my fur, and talk about stuff that stressed her out, and then get upset because she felt like she couldn't really talk to anybody about it. Kinda like you are now, actually, but with less cleaning and more scratches behind the ear. I really don't understand what makes it so hard trying to share experiences with the rest of our pack. We're a pack because we're supposed to take care of each other, right?"

The Break Room
Location: Versailles | France
Time: December 26th 1776

Darren | Kusanagi | Kyre


"Threat detected! Deploying Combat Petals! Nullifying Target!" her cries were sharp and twisted, bearing down on the tranquil atmosphere of the room. Her petal danced around her, long swords crafted of the same aetheric metal her armor were made of. As they came down upon Darren, he swung out and the swords splintered into nothing, breaking apart mid flight before dissolving into the air from which they were magicked. The room fell apart, liquefying into an amorphous nothingness. The candle light dimmed to nothing, and the blackness took hold in the dark. Kusangi was radiant, bright blue light shone from behind her, all around her. A twinkling flurry of beautiful stars. Except.. they were not stars.

"Stein Gunner! Arrows of Heaven!"

The light surged forward and struck Darren, blowing through his being. His arms and legs went numb and his infinitely sharp ax did very little to protect him against simulated-particle-wave motion projectile. The stars swirled around Kusanagi again, twinkling in the darkness before returning to mass and launching another volley of starlight at Darren. The light tore through him, again and again, rendering his body completely numb and stiff. The swirling stars came and came, circling around the two until it was a solid stream of twinkling blue that enveloped the both of them.

"This reality is computer-generated. I have full control," she said, "all this world is mine to manipulate, to recreate, to reform. Yet the people who live within continue to be without my jurisdiction."

All the while Kyre was standing near the door, the only opening left to the comfortable reality they used to inhabit. The flickering lights of the posh hallway was consumed by the infinite void of the space they were in. She stood frozen for the first volley, and then the next. She watched the Stein Gunner manifestations continue to launch the shards of light toward Darren, recharge and fire again. The cycle was becoming infinite, with energy feeding back into itself, obliterating bits of Darren and sending his blood and flesh into the void, where it was consumed and returned to energy to fuel the next volley. Yet the man would not die. Each and every time the light bore through him, he healed through it. Whether it was conviction of insanity Kyre could no longer tell, however she could no longer stand idly by. She drew Talon out of his sheath and held him against the darkness. The obsidian sword was invisible against the blackness of space, the only visible affirmation of its existence was the glowing green runes on it's pommel. She wanted to move, but found it difficult to do anything. What could she do against such an absurd creation. Surely, given the slightest movement Kyre would be obliterated by those cannons... and she was not so lucky to be permanently immortal. They needed to run, they had to get away from the monster. There was no way to do it. No way.

"If you are so deigned to die, why do you not simply accomplish your task!" Kyre screamed suddenly, angry and exasperated. She held Talon in both hand and took a step forward. Instantly one of the starlight cannons turned on its invisible pivot and launched a lance at her, piercing her through the arm and dropping her left to her side bloody and useless. "Why are you so reckless when you know you are weak! Why don't you run when I tell you to!? What's wrong with you!?"

The swords came quickly, reappearing from nowhere, the petals pierced through Kyre's body, sending a spray of luminescent blood into the endless pitch.

Kusanagi turned toward Kyre and scowled, "Whore, do not interfere with affairs of which you do not understand. You have no divine protection, you will not be brought back if you die. Now... perish."

The petals turned inside Kyre in eight directions at once, tearing though her leaving huge gaping bloody holes where skin, flesh, and bone used to be. She was still standing after the fact however. The blood trickled onto the floor and splattered, leaving a soft pink glow in the night.

Then for a brief moment, the Stein Gunner barrage ceased as Kusanagi turned her entire attention toward Kyre. "Why is it that you are not yet dead?"

Kyre stared at Kusanagi, her eyes already blind. Her arms hung to her sides useless, and her body was destroyed, dead, all thing considered. The wounds were terrible to behold, nearly her entire torso had been felled open, and chunks of organs and flesh clung tepidly against her bones. The petals turned in mid-air and came barreling back at Kyre. The petals stopped just short of impaling her a second time.

It had to be Darren, or all people, to have stopped it. His ax embedded in the base of Kusanagi's exposed back, cutting deep into her spine. Her legs went limp and she turned around, her eyes starting at Darren. "Why do you fight alongside that OC bitch." Darren tightened his hands around the ax and pulled though, cleaving Kusanagi in half, spilling her blood and guts into the darkness to be consumed and changed into light. The light faded from her eyes and her upper half fell to the floor, the darkness ebbing away from the room and returning everything back to the way it was. Yet Kusanagi lived, and she spoke without breath in a voice without life. "Merely a doll, Author. This one was merely a doll..."

The other courtesans looked shocked at the bloody scene, and Kyre collapsed on the spot, overcome by her unbelievably fatal wounds. Though, despite all that, it seemed that she lived still. Within a matter of moments there were two other girls standing by the door. Darren recognized their white-red robes as those of White Mages, and with great haste then knelt and began to heal Kyre.

But who had sent them? Darren stood up, bloodied and confused, yet strangely triumphant. His mask lay next to Red Mage's beheaded corpse, returned to normal form.

"For Christ's sake, what happened here!?" the answer came in the form of a blue haired succubus in the doorway. "I called the medics because I heard a fight going on here but I never imagined..." She paused as her eyes caught on the actual mess, Red Mage's corpse and Kyre's destroyed body. Her eyes widened and she held up her hand to her mouth. "What... What in the world happened!? How are you two even here!?"

The break room, a realm where only those who are intermittent in their existences could exist. A place where people from established franchises could spend their down time resting and relaxing... a place where Original Characters were definitely not allowed.

Location: Rising Dawn

Cz | Deadshot | Lucieon

Lucieon was less than amused. He opened his robe and drew Estoc in it's full glory. "This is not your room Deadshot." He took a step to the side to cover Cz, who was more than in a compromising position at the moment. "I advise you kindly to leave, drunkard."

As the last word rolled off his tongue, a swarm of magic missiles materialized above him in a crescent, poised to strike out at Deadshot.

Cz, from behind Lucieon, weighed her chances. Deadshot was a member of the dregs of human society, likely to by very unscrupulous... but that was little for freedom. At least she hoped that Deadshot would free her from her bondage. The other possibility was slightly depressing for her to think about.

"Kick this prettyboy's ass!" Cz called over Lucieon.

Lucieon turned around and glared at Cz incredulously, "Do you want to die!?"

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: G-Corp | Vault Level
Time: Night.

"Truth be told, I have no idea what Kazuya keeps down here. All I know is whatever they are, they are most likely here for a reason." Violet explained while Merlin looked at the Gems.
"The only person who knows the entirety of this Sub Level is Kazuya. Hell, I don't even know what's behind the other Blast Doors." He added when Merlin asked about the other legends of Arthur, before asking a "Friend" what he taught.
"....W-what?...Th-there is someone else down here?" He stammered slightly as the Soldiers nodded to each other before fanning out of check the room again, this time looking down the bottomless(ish) pits, looking for any trace of anyone other then Violet and his guests.
"...Well...What does he say? D-does he know anything?" He then asked, thinking perhaps that Merlin might be talking to some kind of spirit or something rather then Icarus.

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: G-Corp | Vault Level
Time: Night.

Getting confused a bit at Violet's extra caution and paranoia, Merlin pointed to Edge. "I believe I was referring to Edge here ... I do not believe that I know anyone else in this world, not even the spirits that I call to sometimes." Merlin said as he took his sword once more to allow Edge to get a good look at the gems, hoping that he might know what the feeling is, for Merlin cannot describe what it is, but knows that there is something indeed special about these gems. Even if they are not magical.

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: G-Corp | Vault Level
Time: Night.

Edge shook his head. "Sorry, Merlin. Magic isn't my thing. If I could tell anything about it, other than it was magic, I wouldn't have asked you to look at it." Edge stroked his chin. "If you had more information about the gems, could you maybe tell more about them?"

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: G-Corp | Vault Level
Time: Night.

Violet began to mumble slightly as the Soldiers began looking at him before shaking their heads in annoyance and going back to their posts.
"...Oh....Um...O-okay...ummm....Well...Perhaps we should come back later then. After all, I need to set up that search for Boss and I'm afraid that I can't have anyone down here unattended..." He said, a nod from the soldiers confirming that fact.
"So unless there is anything else you wish to try, I think we might as well leave..." He said as he went to undo the lockdown on the elevator, bringing it back down to their level.

The Break Room
Location: Versailles | France
Time: December 26th 1776

Darren | Kusanagi | Kyre

"....My head hurts..." Darren groaned, competely confused by what happened, about how that demon was like on of Death, only she wasn't and this was infact that Matrix-
"....That...BITCH!...OHHHH!....NOW I GET IT!....NONE OF THIS IS REAL!....Titania!...She couldn't kill me!...Nothing can....Ohhhhh-hohohohohoho Ohhhh, She's laughing at me right now. Sure! Let's trick the Dumb Author! The Cowardly one! He won't mind, He's too dumb to care. I bet he won't even notice! He's stupid!" He began to laugh at himself, this was the best reaction I could come up with, seriously, Like me, he's really lost the plot altogether.
Then "She" showed up, his target, but if this was a simulation, then she wasn't real, well only one way to make sure.
The bloody insane author walked over to the blue haired woman, grabbed her by the shoulders and said "Please tell me you're real..."

Location: Rising Dawn

Cz | Deadshot | Lucieon

"...See...I want to say I'm tripping balls, but...I don't see Frankie anywhere so...I dunno..." Deadshot mused as he tried to look for his Anthropomorphic Uzi friend while Lucieon was posed to wipe him from the face of the earth.
"Kick this prettyboy's ass!"
"...Wait, was that for me kick his ass or him to kick my ass?..." He asked Cz to clarify while Lucieon yelled at her.
"...Oh well. Remote Claw!" He groaned before he brought up his Wrist Gun and aimed for Lucieon's weapon, a grapple firing and latching onto it before quickly whipping it against the wall, causing the weapon to fly out of Lucieon's hand and impale the wall.
Figuring this would trigger the Magic Missiles, he then rolled behind one of the desks for cover before adding "Freeze Shot!".
With the new mode of fire, he then leaned out and double tapped Lucieon in the legs, freezing them in place.

Inner city: Noodle Shop: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, Caim, Teri, Angelus, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Ella was waiting for her noodles when she replied to the various talks. "Look, I've had just about enough of all the drama for today. Can we all just have a nice, simple, fun evening without some massive issue?" Sure, it was rather blunt, but as she found on this ship being blunt was the best option most often.

The speech did seem to help out the Bard, though, as she held up her small family members. "I should be fine, you guys. Better to look at the future, right? Besides, Caim, we all do stupid things. I think it comes with the territory of being on the ship." She then contacted David over the rings.

"David, it's okay. Want a drink on me? I'd rather stop this awkwardness, since you are a pretty chill sniper..."

After that contact, Devon heard Kal's story and finally replied to her. "Kalastryn, that is true. I'm sure we'd all rather things didn't happen the way they did, but we're all here and we're doing the best we can. I've got a gut feeling it's all coming to a head tomorrow, though."

Ella did hear Teri out, though, and she smiled in her ring response. "Devon misses it all the time, even if she doesn't say it. Truth be told, I think it might have been the best hearing how disconnected Devon was from her sisters... Something would have come to a head sooner or later."

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: G-Corp | Vault Level
Time: Night.

Edge nodded. "Agreed. I need to get to sleep, anyway. We can focus more on this tomorrow." Edge turned to Merlin. "Thank you for taking a look at the crystals." Edge turned back to Violet. "If there's anything I can do for either of you, or Kazuya, let me know, but if possible, wait until morning. I really need some sleep."

Inner city: Noodle Shop: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, Caim, Teri, Angelus, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

When Devon called David over the rings, she got some weird interference on the line.
*Thud* *Thud* *Thud* *Thud* "Just a minute..." *Thud* *Thud* *Thud!* "...Alright, just...urgg..." He then answered, sounding like he was in pain slightly before she saw David walk back to the table.
While he didn't look much different, there was a minor red spot on his forehead from where he was smashing it repeatedly against the wall.
"...Anyway, I'll get the first round if anyone wants a "Proper" drink..." He then said as he finished the rest of his meal before waving the waiter over.
"No no, I got it-"
"Please, it's the least I could do, it's where most of my cash goes anyway." He joked as he got himself a double Vodka to mix with his Soda.
"Anyone else want anything? Wanderer? Caim? Kala" He asked around the table as he sipped his own drink.

"Nah, I got mine!" Jenny cheerfully said as he topped up her wine glass, staring to appear a little rosy cheeked.
"And I'm with Ella-ella-ella-ey...Get it? It's like that song-...*Ahem* Still, wonder if this place does dessert. God, some Chocolate would be heavenly right now." She joked as she flicked though the menu again.
While she didn't see *AS* hyper as earlier, anyone who knew Jenny knew how bad she was with liquor.
"Hmmm...What's the Japanese for Chocolate? Tch, Blade and Hiryu are mental about this language, but it's all lost on me..."


Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: G-Corp | Vault Level
Time: Night.

Violet got a message on his phone
"Perhaps I can offer some clarity on your Gemtsone I would rather not disclose my Identity at this moment, if you wish to hear my information come to the docks in Tokyo, you may bring Edge and Merlin, but Do NOT inform this to Kazuya or the deal will be off.

Icarus had left the building and an illusory disguise made him unrecognizable he was in Kazuya's city, hostile territory.
what was worse though was to stop this monster he'd have to let something that he truly despised have a presence in the world. He took out an artifact a small scepter. With black stones and rubies, just the mere act of holding it made him feel cold. The Scepter Reacted to him
"Is it ready yet? I Can't wait here forever."
"No and don;t get any ideas, I have no plan on breaking the seal I may have gone through the effort of getting this thing out of that ruin, but I Don't need another monster running amok"
"Dear Icarus You wound me with your judgement, When have I done nothing but help you, surely Darkside, as we have agreed, is worse than me."
Icarus shuddered he didn't know why but he just didn't like that voice that slow low pitch, it was tempting but it had something, as if he heard it a long time ago.
He was at the docks in his illusion he appeared to be what might have been a man in a grey trench coat and a wide brimmed hat you couldn't see much except for muddied boots and a glint of their eye, on the docks no one paid this stranger heed Asking the wrong questions made you disappear.

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: G-Corp | Vault Level
Time: Night.

As Edge wished for some sleep, Violet got Icarus's message.
"Hold that thought, Edge. It's Icarus, He wants to meet us. He's over at the docks. While Kaz would hate it, it might be our best lead on the Gemstones and possibly weaponizing them against Darkside." He explained to the others as he called his driver.
"...Hey, it's me. Get a limo for 3 to the docks ready...
...No, it's not Violet Girls...
...No, it's not for shopping...
...I don't do that anymore, the taste of leather was starting to kill the mood for me.
...Yes, 15 minutes? Thank you. We got a ride, let's get topside. Second this is over, we'll break until morning."
He explained to the others as they went up the Secure Elevator again.

Inner city: Noodle Shop: Jenny, David, Kalastryn, Wanderer, Devon, Caim, Teri, Angelus, Caim, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

With Ella, Caim, and Devon generally calming the group down, conversation started back up again, beginning with David's request for alcohol. Caim simply held up his glass of whiskey with a smile and said, "I'm doing fine with this, David. I'll let you know if I want some more or something else. Then again, I wonder what other kind of spirits this realm has devised? I wasn't the heaviest drinker, but it was nice to sip one every once in a while."

Angelus shook her head at David's request, and relaxed her posture, pleased that the party had calmed themselves down, as well as answering for Caim, "I dare say you are correct, Devon. Everyone on the Dawn has made a misstep in one way or another. Some throw ourselves in waves of enemies and get bloodied up, while others simply put their feet in their mouths." She gave David a playful shove in the shoulder and added, "I will try the tea, however. I am curious as to how it's brewed here..."

The Cutie Bruisers, at the sound of David ordering another round of drinks, instantly clamored to the offer of a pre-paid drink,
"I wanna try the berry blast fruit blend?"
"Oo, the pineapple sunrise sounds nice! Wait, what does virgin mean? Is that important? Devon, Ella? Someone?"
Ton Ton looked a bit befuddled by the designation, seeing that he never really cared to learn about alcohols. Sure, he could drink them without any bad side effects, but that didn't mean the Tonberry didn't have an intimate knowledge of the stuff.

Teri, on the other hand, did have a liking for alcohol, and was willing to try something new, such as: "I'll try this Fuuki Plum wine thing, David.

And Jenny, funnily enough, the Japanese word for Chocolate is チョコレト。[1] It sounds just like the English version. It's a loan word, like the word for bread, パン[2] is from the Portuguese word for bread. But the waiters have understood us fairly easily, I think... Oh, the desert section is right there on the menu. I can see ケーキ[3], or cake, and チョコレト right there..."

After the quick cultural note, Teri answered back to Ella, the small smile on account of being able to pull off the lesson, "Oh, I never knew... Poor Devon. I bet it feels worse from not being able to fix that bond at all. Has she said anything else to you about it?

I can kinda understand the situation though, if only a little. I was estranged from my elder sister even before going to college. Aside from that, I had a relatively happy family. Lots of stepsiblings on account of my parents' marriage, so I was the youngest of a total of eight. It still feels weird being the eldest out of me, Mel and Sadei, when it used to be ME that was the youngest, you know?"

[1] Pronunciation: Cho-ko-re-to
[2] Pronunciation: Pan
[3] Pronunciation: Ke-ki

Looking to the red spot on David's forehead, Kala couldn't help but chuckle. In response to the drinks however, She was happy though serious in saying "David you really are far too kind. I'm sure you'd like to get to sleep tonight without the realization that you've emptied your pockets. After all, paying for all of our meals and our drinks... I'm sure your not that rich to have no dent in your pockets after it. I'll pay for my own drink if that's alright?" She said, primarily because she's not one to take generosity for granted... secondarily because she didn't want the only thing she spent anything on tonight to be bribing someone to give her friend cheap fish.
Albeit for a good reason, she wasn't exactly proud of bribing people.

She flipped through the menu and ordered a "Blue Glow-tini"

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: G-Corp | Elevator.
Time: Night.

Merlin gave a nod to Violet and Edge, rest would be something he would welcome with open arms. World travel isn't something you should stay up after using, since it both requires much magic and energy, luckily enough Merlin had enough at the moment. When the lockdown was undone and the group began to go back to the elevator, Merlin had closed the Gem lockbox, yet in his small alchemist satchel located on the back of his pants, a glue gem was contained.

Well this was for the better good so that Merlin may study it later, it may even contain some more power to learn. Going up the elevator wit the other two, Merlin would follow them to meet this other person they know. Yet Merlin gave Violet a weird look as he was on the phone, but was it the subject or the phone that made him look like that.

Wanderer, Jenny, David, Devon, Kalastyrn and (Insert others).
Location: Noodle Shop | Personaverse.

When David came back to offer drinks, over on the table where David and Wanderer sat were a small pile of empty bottles on the Doctor's side. It had seem he drinked quite a bit, and even beyond that were three empty bowels stacked on top one another. While all of this was in front of him, Wanderer was finishing off his fourth bowl of Katsudon, barely stopping for a few seconds to look at David with a stuffed face.

Slamming in chest to swallow the food, Wanderer finally opened his mouth to talk. "Uh, no thank you, I already had my fair share here. Good thing I can't get drunk otherwise tomorrow would suck butt ... and sorry for the mess, this food is ... well, just great. I mean I haven't tried other culture food except from the quick noodles on the ship." Wanderer said and ate the last bits of his meal before finally laying the chopsticks on the four bowel stack.

The Break Room
Location: Versailles | France
Time: December 26th, 1776

Darren | Kyre | Kurumu

Kurumu stared at Darren. She was confused, very deeply confused. "Real? What do you mean?" She pressed her hand against Darren's bloody gloves and peeled his fingers off of her shoulders. There was a look of concern in her eyes, "Darren, are you alright?" She put her hand on his forehead. She recoiled a bit, "Darren! You're burning up! What's wrong!?" She glanced over Darren's shoulder at the terrible mess of the room and closed her eyes, giving the situation some deep thought, "...Real. Where do you think you are Darren!?" What was concern in her eyes were not stricken with a mixture of fear and foreboding.

Location: The Rising Dawn

Deadshot | Cz | Lucieon

"Whichever one seems reasonable to you!" Cz yelled over the noise of combat.

Lucieon puled harshly at the ice on his feet and broke the bindings into fragments that dotted the air in glittering dust. Yellow light caught the ice shards and filled the room with a host of light, blinding Lucieon momentarily. As Deadshot predicted, Lucieon let the magic missiles out of their bindings above him... but little did he expect them to curve in mid air toward him, bypassing his excuse for "cover."

Lucioen drew his catalyst from behind him and brandished the staff in both hands, it's crushing weight nearly staggering his human form. Her took a step forward, swung the hammer-staff in a full circle about his head and tried to bring it down in the general direction of Deadshot. Oil spilled from behind him, and liquid flame scorched the room, obscuring the ice-light with the hearty glow of hellfire.

"I am in no mood for games!"

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: G-Corp | Elevator.
Time: Night.

"Good." Edge said, waiting on the lift with the others. "Good to know he's alright. did he get your phone number? Never mind, it's not important." Edge quickly changed the topic. "Funny question for you guys; who is the most powerful being you've ever encountered?"

Merlin | Edge | Violet | Icarus.
Location: G-Corp | Elevator.
Time: Night.

As Merlin made his way to the Elevator, he was grabbed by the wrist from behind before being shoved into the wall.
Before he could process what was happening, he was subject to a TSA style pat-down by the two soldiers, giving him a full search before pulling out the gem he tried to steal.
"Mr. Mishima has us down here 24/7, year round. Don't push your luck." He grumbled at the Wizard before pulling him off the wall and pushing in towards the Elevator.
"MERLIN! Are you trying to get me fired?! Man, Do you have an idea what Kaz would have done if you pulled that off!?" Violet got nearly violent (WORDPLAY!) before the trio went back up to the lobby.
"Man...You could have gotten yourself killed, you've seen how trigger happy Kazuya can be when he needs to." He explained as he paced though the front office, the one part of G-corp that they have seen that actually lived up to the name instead of the army.
When they left the lobby, it was then they saw a Middle Eastern man holding a sign labelled "Pink Girly Man" standing next to a White limo.
"Ahhh Mohammed, wasn't it?"
"And I see you have taken a break from romancing every animal in zoo and started abusing generosity of your Boss. Great!" Just get the damn Car."
"...Umm, it's actually a-"
"Just get in, Head-Dick! I didn't move here from driving cabs in Las Venturas to hear the shit that comes out of your mouth."
With the formalities out of the way, they all got in and were making their way towards the docks.

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