The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Rising Dawn: Jenny's Room: Jenny, Alucard

Jenny looked up at Alucard for a moment, her eyes and cheeks red as the Vampire went on and one about the royals of Europe and how he had slept with most of them.
This went on until she finally snapped and shouted a phrase she didn't think she'd ever would:


Her outburst over, she then rolled back over in her bed, covering herself with the blanket before resuming her cry.
Clearly Alucard was doing little to aid her plight.
"Just ~Sniff~ leave me alone..."

Rising Dawn: Boss & Edge's Quarters: Edge

Edge flopped down on his cot without so much as taking off his belt. He had not had a difficult day; he had a difficult week, and was looking forward to just sleeping for a month. He'd take care of his swords and...other things later.

"Hey! Edge!"

Boss. Heathen fucking. Edge grunted something unintelligible (even to him), and waved Boss away.

"Don't worry, I won't be long." Boss said, picking up one of Edge's guns. "Is it OK if I borrow one of these things?"

Edge grunted again, and rolled over. A few moments later, he was out like a light.

Rising Dawn: Training Room/Armory: Boss


Boss appeared in the training room, pointing to the armory. "Would any of you guys be willing to help me find a pair of swords for Edge? I mean, he has his guns, but he's always had swords, at least as long as I've known him." Boss held up one of Edge's guns. "Also, I would like to get more bullets for this, but I have no idea what it is. Guns are not my thing."

Rising Dawn: (Formerly) Empty Cabin: Chris

Chris laid down in the bunk that had been assigned to her, her arms folded back behind her head as she contemplated the ceiling. The dark room is empty save for her backpack slung in one corner. Almost everyone seems nice enough here, but it's not home, old or new. She sat up in the bunk, stretching slightly. Still... I may be here for a while, so I may as well get acquainted with my surroundings. She stood up and paused for a moment before reaching for the door, looking at where she'd set her hat when she'd entered. "Better to... not look like I'm hiding too much. That's... not what friends do, after all." She gave a small smile to herself as she started to walk down the corridors of the ship, trying to get acquainted with the layout, her bare feet barely making a sound on the deck as she passes.

Teri's Room - Teri/Garm

After releasing Dimitri back into the mainframe with a "Much appreciated, Madam", the Cleric and her wolfy companion made short work of getting a shower and a good brushing in. Being in a desert for far too long was NOT something either of the two really cared for. After the lengthy bath for each member of the duo, Teri walked out of her room to find - A book? It was a simple volume, bound in black leather, and with a red ribbon to act as a bookmark; as many good books do. Next to it, lay an envelope, with a letter tucked inside:

Putting the letter back in it's respective envelope, Teri bent down to grab the feather. Her eyes misted up when she felt the familiar sensation of the feather in her hand, bringing back memories of the one it belonged to. Wiping her face on a sleeve, a small sniffle escaped the Cleric, and left a confused Garm in her wake. The wolf gently bumped his nose against her shoulder with a sympathetic whine, "Hey, you okay? You don't look so good."

Teri forced a small nod, and grabbed up the book, feather and letter, stuffing each into her satchel (Sadei in her bracelet form) before forcing as smile and patting Garm on the head, "I'm... I'm just a little sad, Garm. A poopy head sent me a letter. But, that's why I wanna leave this room at the moment; so I can take my mind off it. Make sense?"
"....I guess so? At least you didn't tell me you were okay; it's good to be honest about that, right?"
Giving her wolf another pat, Teri's smile became a little more genuine, "yeah... you're right. Let's get out of here, for now."

With that, the duo began to walk the halls in search of their comrades, not exactly sure what to expect; or who to run into.

Canteen - Caim/Angelus/Wanderer

Like everyone else in this narrative, the first thing Caim and Angelus took care of was a shower. The desert was not kind to either of the pact partners, both in body and in spirit. Being separated for so long, as well as dealing with a skin searing environment? It was time for some catch-up; in more ways than one.

However, the rooms were not equipped with miniature refrigerators, so the duo had to follow a different base instinct after some time alone; mainly, wandering to the Canteen. Food aside, it was a main hub for the Rising Dawn, and if nothing else, it'd be easy to find other party members.

As Caim began to gather some food for the both of them, Angelus gave a wave to Wanderer; it slowing faintly when she noticed both the intimidation of the imps, and the glowing green stuff,

"Two questions. The first, is it necessary to scare the kitchen staff? The second, what on earth is that... mess, in that tube? Last I checked, glowing green materials weren't good omens."

Hallway - Chris

As Chris wandered the halls, a crackle of energy began to pulsate in the ceiling before her; starting small, and then beginning to form... A portal of some kind? Before she could react properly, two shapes were shot out of the portal shape, both hitting the floor with a hard "BAM!", and each giving a small groan;

"Ow... That didn't feel good."
"Man, can't portal rides be nicer? Owwieee~!"

Before Chris, were two strange creatures, each about the size of cats. The first, was a greenish sort of lizard creature with a star floating above it's head; baring a knife and a lit lantern.
The second, a strange little creature that would best be called a turtle-dragon. At least, it had a turtle-like shell on it's back, but it's neck, legs and tail seemed to be a bit long for it (not to mention the obvious dragon-shaped head, and the wings!)

After the two little creatures disentangled themselves from one another, they noticed took a good look around, and the turtle shaped one spoke first, "So, you think this is it? The Dawn?"
"Looks like it. I can sense... Something with our pact bonds. I think so anyways? It's been so long since we've seen them, I'm a little doubtful of WHAT I'm sensing."
"What about that lady in front of us? You think she'd know?"
"Lady? What are you- Oh!"

And Chris was now the center of their attention. Giving a wave of Lantern or paw, the duo gave their greetings,
"Hi there! My name's Cadolbolg, and this is my buddy Ton Ton. We're looking for our parents!"
"This is the Rising Dawn, right?"

((Sheets will be posted in a few.))

Rising Dawn: Jenny's Room: Jenny, Alucard
"Jesus, cool your tits. Here's how this is going to go. I ask you. "What's wrong?" then you answer and explain the situation to me. Then you ask me to help, then i agree to help you and we get to go on some WHIMSICAL adventure where i get to use some of my special toys that integra keeps from me. I get to fly my blackbird and you get to get back whatever." he said, looking at her. "I also brought gold, if you want that. I have no use for it since there are only so many hookers to kill on the planet." the vampire said shrugging.

Wanderer, Caim, Angelus.
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn.

As the couple came in, Wanderer looked up and gave a courteous nod, he proceeded to placed the marker down along with the container with the green liquid. Taking a little sip of his coffee, the Doctor cringed a bit before quickly placing it down. "Uh ... bleh, cold coffee" He spat out before turning to Angelus, "Hah, funny thing with them. I ... he went off at them and ruined the kitchen. So I am a little paranoid that they might spit into my food. No excuse though, I should apologize some time." He sighed before picking up the phial of green liquid.

Smiling, Wanderer wanted to answer this curiosity. "Curious?" He said and turned the phial, it was clearly labelled with his own title.

Storm-1788, Alpha, David West, Boss.
Location: Training Room/Armoury | Rising Dawn.

Thinking about David's examination, Storm placed both pistols down. "You are certainly right, my targeting consists of mostly my own ability, I do have assistance though ... " He said before looking at his sitting partner in the training room. Looking back to his guns, he began reloading with another clip that she had bought along. The thoughts of her did not leave his head, when David asked out of concern Storm wanted to say.

"We were on bad terms on that last mission, things are a bit tense ... " Storm said before a small yelp came from the training room. Immediately turning his gaze, the figure of Boss was standing there, with a surprised Alpha sitting behind, also gazing at the man. Storm tried to smile at Alpha, but she quickly turned her head noticing her partner's concern.

When Boss asked them about swords and guns, Storm gave a confused shrug. "I know about blades, but ... I don't exactly know her style. I am more of a katana and alternative user. As for guns, I only know my own world's models. David can you help him with that while I use this last clip?" Storm turned to David as he loaded his last clip.

Storm-1788, Alpha, David West, Boss.
Location: Training Room/Armoury | Rising Dawn.

Boss nodded. "Yeah." He said. "I can wait. I'm...I'm Boss, by the way. I'm not entirely sure I know you guys."

Boss sat down next to Alpha. "So I've got some time to kill. What's your story?"

Storm-1788, Alpha, David West, Boss.
Location: Training Room/Armoury | Rising Dawn.

Facing his own target, Storm was about ti squeeze the trigger, "The name's Storm. A Spartan ... or soldier." He said before firing at the targets within his range. The gun was firing quite rapidly, and it seemed to not recoil at all, either due to the mechanics or the user's strength. Storm was fully absorbed into his shooting, ignoring the sweat dripping off his white long hair. The thoughts of Alpha were running through his head, he wanted to fix this tension. ("I miss that smile.") He thought before firing the last of the clip.

Alpha, who was sitting outside the firing range saw Boss sit down and try and talk to her. Giving a gaze to the firing range, she sighed before staying silent for thirty seconds. "Oh, I'm Alpha. One of the Rising Dawn's AI, I'm new to the job but I look after security since the others have a lot of other roles" Alpha said, her voice was a bit robotic, but her tone was quite sad.

She pointed to the firing Spartan, his determined look showing through. "That ... and I'm his suit AI. It's a partnership, yet, things are quite tense between us ..." She said once more, sounding a little more awkward this time, since this was about the two's relationship.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Wanderer, Angelus, Caim

A brief walk later, Rugal entered the canteen, still reading the news from his PDA.
"Evening all. Huh, G-corp stocks down 18%, Kazuya's been busy..." He said as he quickly got himself a piping hot Cappuccino from the imps before sitting himself down.
Glancing up for a moment, he paused when he saw Wanderer writing on what appeared to be bags of blood.
"...Wanderer...Do you mind not working with blood in the canteen? Where we eat our food? I figured they would have taught you proper protocol at whatever institution you went to." He said in an annoyed tone as he shook his head before returning to his news feed.
"So how did you two get the trip back? No one caught some kind of trans-dimensional plague or anything, did they?" He then joked to the Pact Partners as he sipped on his coffee.

Rising Dawn: Armory/Training room: David West, Storm, Alpha, Boss

"Yeah, sure, just a sec..." David said before taking the gun off Boss, using it's model to pin point what ammo type it needed before quickly making a few clips for it.
"Still, Anything you wish to talk about there? I mean, I'm the last guy to talk to about relationships, but hey, least you'd be getting it off your chest then..." He then suggested to the Spartan as he effortlessly filled up some mags for Edge's pistols.
"What'd you do to piss her off anyway? Could tell me that at least."

Rising Dawn: Jenny's Room: Jenny, Alucard

Jenny refused to budge from her position on the bed, just waiting on Alucard to lose interest and go away.
"No, I'm not telling you because all you'll do is just go off and kill people and make things even worse!" She responded, knowing how much "Fun" Alucard liked to have solving "Problems".
"Besides, there is nothing you can do...Just leave me alone..." She concluded as she curled up even more in her blanket.

Hallway - Chris, Ton Ton, Cadolbolg

Chris paused, her body freezing as the portal started to crackle and open in front of her. Such things usually weren't good, although it seemed a bit more common here than any place save her homeworld. She relaxed a bit as she saw the two small beings coming through the portal, more as they started talking. She knelt down on the floor to bring herself a bit closer to the pint-sized pair's eye level, trying to put them more at ease.

"Y-yes, this is the Rising Dawn..." She gave them a friendly smile. "It's... nice to meet you, mister... Ton Ton and mister... Cadolbolg. My name is... Chris." She looked down the hallway for a moment. "Your... parents might be here, although... can I get their names?" Her cheeks darkened slightly. "I... don't know everyone here, but... I'm sure I can help you find them."

Rising Dawn: Men's Restroom: Deadshot, ???

After an eventful session of drinking, Deadshot needed to heed the call of nature and he had yet to get the mess he had made from his last escape attempt cleaned up.
Making his way out of the brig, he then stumbled over to the public men's restroom on the ship, groaning loudly as he did.
"Ohhhhhh...Why the hell I add that Jagermeister?..." He moaned as he shuffled over to the urinal and opened up his fly.
His peaceful piss wasn't peaceful for long as all of a sudden, a bright orange flash appeared in one of the stalls behind him before disappearing.
"EHEH!? The fuck was that?!" He exclaimed before quickly finishing up and pulling up his zipper, as well as arming his wrist guns.
On instinct, he then kicked the stall door open in order to find...nothing?
"...Huh...Weird, Frankie said that I only start seeing things after my 10th bottle, I'm only on 11..."

Famous last words before someone struck him from behind and smashed his head against the bowl of the toilet, knocking him the fuck out.
"OHHHHHHHHHH-downIgo......." The Assassin said as he accepted his sudden blunt force induced nap.
The unknown attacker then made hobbled out of the bathroom...

Storm-1788, Alpha, David West, Boss.
Location: Training Room/Armoury | Rising Dawn.

Boss took the gun from David and nodded. "Thanks, man." he said, and teleported it, and the magazines, back to his room.

Boss looked at David, then at Storm, then looked at Alpha. "You..." Boss pointed at Storm. "..pissed off someone that lives in your armor?" Boss turned back to Alpha. "How did he manage that? I mean, I've pissed off Edge before, but not so much that he'd stop talking to me."

Rising Dawn: Captain's quarters/Canteen: Rugal, Slindis, Caim, Angelus, Wanderer

Slindis had taken the time Rugal had been using to get caught up in current affairs to clean off and limber up after her time in the desert, then knocked on Rugal's door curtly. "When you freshen up, would you like to get a bite to eat? You know how this ship runs, and it's only a matter of time before we are sent on something else."

True to her normal focused demeanor, Slindis was already thinking of what was set to happen next. Considering the things that had happened on the ship though, why shouldn't she? She'd already experienced threats while they were supposed to be cooling down, and there was no reason to not expect otherwise.

After they got in, Slindis flatly replied to the Wanderer. "I don't know where you were raised, but I would think you'd learn not to mess with those that prepare your food." She punctuated that by patting one of the imps on the back as they gave her a spiced tea to sip on.

"Caim, any foods you'd recommend? I'm looking to try something a bit different today, and I'm sure you know of something interesting."

Rising Dawn: Jenny's room: Jenny, Ella

Ella was walking down the hallway when she heard Jenny's rather lous shout and made her way to Jenny's room and messaged her over the rings, not really looking to enter. "Jenny, want to duke it out a bit in the training room to vent a bit? From what I can hear out here, sounds like you need it."

Rising Dawn: Teri's Room: Teri/Garm, Melethia

Melethia had finished getting a quick sandwich to eat after getting back on the ship when she ran into her sister and companion wolf. "I'm glad to be back on the ship... Sis, want some of the sammich? Those Imps showed me a bit, an' I think you'd like it..."

She also stroked Garm's sleek and clean coat as she looked up. "Never knew ya got a book while we were in the desert. What is it, some mew spellbooks or somethin' like that?" Her enthusiasm for seeing the tome was radiating off her as she tugged the cleric's robes, causing the letter to slip out from Teri's satchel.

Rising Dawn: Hallway: Chris, Cadolbolg, Ton Ton, Devon

As Chris talked with Cadolbolg and Ton-Ton, Devon knocked politely on the door. "Chris? I heard that this was the room you were staying in from Dimitri, and I was wondering if you wanted someone else to talk to. May I come in?" She'd have waited for longer, but the trio exiting brought a smile to her face.

"Ton-ton, Cadol! You're back, and I see you've met the newest person on the ship! She's pretty shy, but she's a pretty pleasant person to be around." She then picked up the diminutive duo as she walked alongside Chris, letting the pair find their usual spots on her.

Ton Ton = 15650D
Cadolbolg = blue (may be revised later)

Wanderer, Rugal, Slindis, Caim, Angelus.
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn.

Turning around to Rugal, the Wanderer took a prideful stance, "Institution? I only learnt a tiny bit from my father, even after that, I only performed only on the finest patients and prisoners!" The Wanderer said with a tone either full of himself or with enough pride for a demon to feast on. "Besides, I'm only labeling the damn bottles, I need to do this while I remember who these all belong to. I work in the lab ... also, you have a little less protein in your diet." The Wanderer finally said, placing his blood phial down.

After being 'educated' by Slindis, the Wanderer rose from his seat to object, a metallic rattle was sounded in the room, yet he remained silent. The man was actually occupied by a violently vibrating hand, his head turned towards the room's windows. "N-not now!" He tried to whisper mistakenly said it a bit louder. If anyone saw his face, his eyes would be glowing more than usual and with a darker tone. After the vibrations stopped, the Wanderer turned around to clear his throat.

"As ... as I keep saying, I was raised in a already ended world. A place where I can't trust my chef, because the last time I did ... I was served human flesh in the disguise of a pie. O-obviously, I killed them all afterwards, those guys should count themselves lucky!" He said in a dark tone, a memory he did not want to remember. It was also the reason why he only prepared his food and drink. Giving only a grunt, the Doctor sat down and started to finish his coffee, only giving off a dark look.

Storm-1788, Alpha, David West, Boss.
Location: Training Room/Armoury | Rising Dawn.

Once the Spartan had finished the last round in his pistol, he placed the pistol down on the bench. Turning around he scratched his eyebrow, "I ... I actually don't know. Being in the military for almost all of my life, I've never had the experience of a proper romance before. Our ... partnership escalated on one mission in our home world, we said it would be nice to have a relationship with each other, even if we had both of our bad points. So once she had a real body, we easily relaxed into a relationship." Storm said while trying to stay quiet, but he gave a quiet groan.

"It was definitely during that last mission. At that end, we began to talk again during the last battle ... I believe I said "I don't need help from you". oh God ... I did say that" Storm said and immediately lowered himself to his knees, as if trying to crawl into a ball away from view. "I know it seems stupid, but I don't know what gets into me during missions."

Meanwhile, Boss tried to talk to Alpha, but she remained quiet until he asked how it happened. "It's personal" She said and got up slowly and left the room. Storm noticing his partner leaving got up and tried to chase after her, but stopped as he noticed his shotgun on the floor. "A relationship is hard." He said to both men behind him, picking up the shotgun he walked back to the range to work out some aggression.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Slindis, Wanderer, Angelus, Caim

((Prior to getting to the Canteen))

After all that had occurred, it was nice to see Slindis outside of either tending to townsfolk wounds or inflicting them onto enemies.
"Sounds good, Though I wouldn't get too accustomed to being on call 24/7. The last thing I want is for the powers that be to get encouraged..." Rugal quipped to the Drow as they made their way to the Canteen.
"Besides, What say if I decided to be selfish and haul you away all for myself for a few hours, Hm?" He then joked as he wrapped an arm around her while they made their way down

((And back to now!))

Shaking his head at Wanderer's remarks, he then said "Look, just refrain from managing your samples of the crews blood in th-..."
He paused once he finally processed what he said about his diet before then adding "...Okay, How and When? I don't recall having samples taken...And my Diet is just fine, thank you very much!" before taking another swig of his coffee, wondering how Wanderer got his blood.

Rising Dawn: Armory/Training room: David West, Storm, Alpha, Boss

Once David heard Storm's side of the story, he paused for a moment as he turned to face him with a look of confusion, least until he burst out laughing.
"It that all!? You said something dumb in the heat of battle?! Ah, sure you'll be grand then! Tch, I thought it was something serious!" he snickered as Storm went to work with the Shotgun.
"Hey, people do and say dumb shit in battle, it's because of the adrenaline and stress. Hell, as a combat AI, one of her duties would be to keep track of such medical data, make sure you don't overdo it and start shooting everything that moves. Still, my point is you aren't the exact person when your under fire or engaging the enemy as compared to when you are at the bar, having a few laughs. No need to blame yourself for that." He explained as he picked up a box of Shotgun shells before lobbing it over to him.
"Just wait for a quiet moment, say your sorry and for the love of god, make sure you mean it, all part and parcel of relationships man."

Rising Dawn: Jenny's Room: Jenny, Alucard, Ella, Unknown Attacker

Groaning slightly at the fact that Ella was now calling her as well as Alucard, Jenny sent back "Look, I'm not really in the mood, I just need some time alone...".
Finally looking back to Alucard, she then said "...Urg, can you just please go away? I never invited you in to begin with...", hoping she could just talk him into leaving.

As Ella pondered what was going though Jenny's mind, groaning noises could be heard coming from behind her as someone made his way over...

]Wanderer, Rugal, Slindis, Caim, Angelus Icarus
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn.

Icarus Entered the canteen, he entered very quietly, on the way he had heard someone yelling loudly but he didn't want to get involved. he silently approached the canteen. if anyone were to look at him hey;d notice that despite having been in direct intense sunlight his skin had still retained it's normal ghostly pallor. He very silently sat upon a stool not yet making eye contact with anyone. He gently rested his hands on the counter-top. He was quiet, very silent, he wasn't even showing much energy. Overall He seemed to be very faint, and easy to look past.

Rising Dawn: Captain's quarters/Canteen: Rugal, Slindis, Caim, Angelus, Wanderer, Icarus

"So how did you two get the trip back? No one caught some kind of trans-dimensional plague or anything, did they?"
Caim gave a light snort at Rugal's quip, his PDA buzzing off, "You tell me, Rugal. I was with your group, after all."

As he began raiding the fridge for his and Angelus' breakfast, Slindis made her request known: "Caim, any foods you'd recommend? I'm looking to try something a bit different today, and I'm sure you know of something interesting."

Caim gave it a bit of thought, and pointed to some of the salted pork in the fridge, as well as some of the coffee brewing fresh in the Canteen, "This is just something I remember from back home, but I had a preference for leftover meats from night's before; such as salted or preserved stuff. Otherwise, I'd suggest the stuff called 'Bacon'. Both go really well with some eggs."

After grabbing his and Angelus' portions of Salted pork, some bread, as well as a couple eggs for the dragoness, the warrior sat down by the table and nibbled on his meal, seemingly nonplussed by the Wanderer's "medical practices".

Angelus gave a grimace at Wanderer's admittance to having the party's blood, as well as personally sampling it as well, "...I'm not even going to ask how you got all that blood from each of us. However, I cannot say that human makes for a particularly savory meal. I've caught more than my fair share of humans in my draconic form during a battle. Sometimes an arm or a leg falls through when I'd have them in my jaws. Tastes similar to pork, but a bit more bitter, I suppose? Either way, not something I'd prefer to partake; I much prefer beef or mutton.... Back on topic, however, I do admit to a fair bit of curiosity regarding the green liquid. Some form of potion?"

Similar to the Wanderer, she sipped her drink (tea with a hint of cinnamon and cloves), and her eyes drew to the morose Icarus, "Something the matter, boy? Get yourself something to eat, you look like you're wasting away to nothing."
Although her words were harsh, it was shown that Angelus cared, in her own way.

Rising Dawn: Outside Teri's Room: Teri/Garm, Melethia

She also stroked Garm's sleek and clean coat as she looked up. "Never knew ya got a book while we were in the desert. What is it, some mew spellbooks or somethin' like that?" Her enthusiasm for seeing the tome was radiating off her as she tugged the cleric's robes, causing the letter to slip out from Teri's satchel.

Teri gave a laugh at Melethia's enthusiasm towards her new volume, and after a moment's deliberation, decided to be honest about the source of the item (a decision that Toyotama approved of in the back of her host's mind), "Well, I just got it, to be honest. Do you remember Lucifer? The Angel who hung around me for a while?"
Garm gave a wag of the tail at Melethia's affections, and a chuckle at Teri's expense, "I think that's putting it lightly, Tear-ri..."
The Cleric gave a sigh at Garm's snark and held out the book to Melethia, "Anyways, he got back in contact with me, and said he wanted to start doing book swaps, a peace offering. Apparently, he penned this one himself?"
As Teri spoke on about the nature of her new possession, Garm nosed at the fallen letter (Teri unaware that it fell out of her satchel at the moment), and attempted to gingerly pick it up, a motion that wasn't lost on Melethia.

Rising Dawn: Hallway: Chris, Cadolbolg, Ton Ton, Devon

"Y-yes, this is the Rising Dawn..." She gave them a friendly smile. "It's... nice to meet you, mister... Ton Ton and mister... Cadolbolg. My name is... Chris." She looked down the hallway for a moment. "Your... parents might be here, although... can I get their names?" Her cheeks darkened slightly. "I... don't know everyone here, but... I'm sure I can help you find them."

With a wagging tail, Cadolbolg answered the query of names, "Thanks a bunch! Mother and father are named Angelus and Caim."
The little duo gave a nod of appreciation, before Cadolbolg cut in with, "I just noticed something. You talk really slow, is there a reason for that?"
"Cadolbolg!" Ton Ton gave the turtle-dragon a pointed glare, "You shouldn't say things like that to people, it's really rude; especially with Ms. Chris being so nice to us!"
Ton Ton gave Chris as best as he could approximate an apologetic shrug (what with having little to no facial features) and added, "Sorry about that, he's really young and-"

"Ton-ton, Cadol! You're back, and I see you've met the newest person on the ship! She's pretty shy, but she's a pretty pleasant person to be around." She then picked up the diminutive duo as she walked alongside Chris, letting the pair find their usual spots on her.

The duo gave their friend a big hug on each of Devon's arms before crawling to their usual spots (each to a shoulder), and excitedly chattered about their recent arrival on the Dawn (though it was a bit more muddled with the two talking at once),
"We just back from the Mistress and-"
"The nice lady over there said she's gonna help us-"
"Which reminds me, Cadolbolg rude to her a moment ago-"
"Mother and father are still on the ship, right?"

From what Chris could see, the two were as excitable as their apparent youth implied; but their hearts were in the right place.

Wanderer, Rugal, Slindis, Caim, Angelus, Icarus.
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn.

Angelus described her own experience with human meat, this led to the Wanderer cringing and almost scowling in some sort of pain. To him, it was not about the taste, it was fine due to it being contained in a pastry pie, but the memories of that certain night came flashing back, images of blood, guts, and murder. A lot was lost, and much more was stolen, one of the small factors that led him down this dark and light path.

It was another day in the DC Wasteland, a couple of mutated scorpions killed, two raiders decapitated, it was the usual in this environment. The new Doctor Wanderer had found a house, someone actually ran up to him begging for help, being useful in the medical field, a life was stayed, a baby was born.The family gave thanks by allowing him to stay the night at that out of place family's home, those images returned. It was a night where the Wanderer was still naive as a new sun, he made a trip to the bathroom in the dead of night, yet saw the unknown basement door, looking rustic with red.

Unlocking the door easily, down in that dark cell was horrid images, blood rusted butcher cleavers, torture devices, buckets and bottles of old and fresh blood. Worst of all, meat and organs on the table. Just like how they removed the organs, more of the innocence the Wanderer held dear was stripped away. The door opened as he was about to throw up, of course it opened, the family must have been worried about a normal human staying over ... or worse, they were going to make him into this kind of cattle.

Hiding inside the darkness of the cellar, bellow the wooden stairs, he had found bones, lightly stepping so they would not snap. The door fully opened and a lantern changed the colour of the walls. "Why in golly is this darn door open. It must be fucking Dale ... " An old voice answered out, feet coming down the stairs, a metallic object hanging by his side. Of course, a pistol, no dumb person would allow their greatest secret be revealed.

Nausea was done with the current aged Wanderer, anger had just begun. Whispers of thoughts alluring him to action. A screwdriver was pulled out from his pocket, at this moment in time, he had no weapon-loaded armoury instantly at his service, only a small amount of weapons. This screwdriver was old, yet not disturbed by death. Trying to hold in his breath, lungs were beginning to groan in pain. The old man was in front of the buckets, examining the contents with finger and tongue.

Awkward stepping were allowed, his feet stepping in front of each other. One meter behind the cannibal figure, he suddenly turned around. Eye met eye, the light blue eye tissue met a dark brown, a border separated the two from each side. An angry scowl was fitted as the Wanderer lunged with screwdriver in hand, the pistol the old man held was rising all too fast, yet the screwdriver had arrived first. Entering the man's cheek with blood exploding, the other hand of the new Doctor was fitted into the grandfather's mouth.

The enemy was sure biting, but the Wanderer wore reinforced leather glove. There were no loud noises, only the dark mumbling of a wild man, yet the screwdriver was being plunged like someone took a potato masher to potatoes. The weapon was freed, yet the adrenaline chose his next target, the two eyes, and eventually death to the head. Not moving, the Wanderer had finally noticed no pressure on his hand, or movement from the old man. The many realizations kicked in, sure, death was no stranger to him.

Yet so much new information was revealed, this family was infected and sick. The Wanderer's eyes were suddenly dilated as he pulled out the weapon with ease, only looking at his hands, both covered in blood. Each hand both held the crimson trickle going down to his elbows, drenching his blue vault jumpsuit. Silently placing the screwdriver down, he stood up and walked to the blade table, picking up a simply kitchen knife. Whispers telling him to deliver punishment.

Walking back up the stairs, tracking bloody footsteps, knife in hand, the defensive killer was finally about to turn into the opposite. Walking up the stairs, the Wanderer examined the house as he had done before, almost sick that this looked like a humble farming family. Liars they were, liars they would die as. Room by room, he opened the door, easily stabbing each family member in the throat while they slept, each gargling with blood as they drowned.

Son, daughter, grandmother, father, and mother. All adults, each knew the risks of this life, Wanderer was left without mercy, until one certain room was visited. A room covered in small toys, colourful decorations, and blue wallpaper. Dropping the knife at the door, he stepped into the middle of the room, eyeing the biggest object in the room. He collapsed to a kneel, for the youngest figure in this house was in this object, a cot. Many, many thoughts were racing.

Sudden eyes become undilated, to a small size of a bead. The body moved on it's own, another metallic object shined in the still lit room lantern. Rising with the thoughts of the owner. The Wanderer's eyes were glittered with moisture, his mouth opened and teeth shut.

"This ... this is no life to live!"

Angelus' voice pulled him from the intrusive dream, Wanderer looked up from his coffee, flinching with fright, for in his eyes a shadow was sitting opposite to him, red eyes shining. They were gone as he looked to the side, picking up the blood phial with the weird liquid. "This ... this is my blood." He said and looked to Angelus, holding up the phial with a scared, almost crying look. Knowing, truly knowing, he isn't human anymore.

Storm-1788, Alpha, David West, Boss.
Location: Training Room/Armoury | Rising Dawn.

Boss looked at Storm (who was still on his knees) then to Alpha, then to Storm again. "You're upset with him because he said something stupid?" Boss said. "Do you know how insane that is? Hell, he even just apologized. He knows what he said is stupid. Do you know how often I say stupid things to Edge? On purpose? Just to get a rise out of him?" Boss shook his head. "I promise, it's a lot. Maybe every third or fourth thing I say to him. And I never apologize."

Boss pointed at Storm. "You. Alpha. You make up with him right now, or I swear I'll bring Edge down here. And he is very grumpy."

Boss got up and stretched his arms. "Now you." He said, turning to David. "You said you could help me find some swords for Edge? 'cause he'd like that. I think." Thinking for a moment, he also asked, "Is there an actual bath anywhere in this ship? 'cause I checked; our room only has a shower."

Rising Dawn: Hallway: Chris, Cadolbolg, Ton Ton, Devon

Chris smiled as Devon approached. "Hello, miss Devon..." She gave a small chuckle, listening to both of the excitable youths. "I... see you already know our... visitors, and... thank you for the... kind compliment." She raised her eyebrows a little. "Have... you see miss Angelus or mister Caim since... we got back on board?" She shrugged, remembering how almost everyone had disappeared to their cabins for some needed rest. "It seems like... everyone went their separate ways for a while, to get some... privacy again."

Her cheeks darkened in a mild blush as she heard Cadolbolg's question about her speech patterns. "It's... okay mister Ton Ton, I... don't mind answering questions." She smiled a bit more to Cadolbolg as she stood up now that they were up on Devon's shoulders. "Mister Cadolbolg, English is... not my native language, so I... sometimes take a little extra time to ensure that I... say the correct things to people to avoid... misunderstandings" She continued walking down the hall next to Devon, not completely looking where she was going as she turned her head to converse with the trio. She offered them all a faint, almost apologetic shrug. "I... also like to be sure that... I'm saying something worth... people taking the time to listen to, which makes it... even more important to choose... the right words."

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Slindis, Wanderer, Angelus, Caim, Icarus

"....Such a strange, strange man..." Rugal shook his head at Wanderer's minor "Episode" before resuming his own beverage, leaving the Doctor to whatever the hell was going on in his twisted mind.
"Well, none thus far Caim, According to our Doctor here, All I have is some nutritional imbalances, if anything." He then answered Caim, scoffing a little at the idea of his diet being sub-par.
An aside glance afterwards brought Icarus to his attention, prompting a "Good Evening Icarus. Glad to see that you are still with us. How are you after the mission? Great job back there, by the way" from the former Crimelord.

Rising Dawn: Armory/Training room: David West, Storm, Alpha, Boss

David merely shook his head with a amused smirk, drinking in the fact he seemed to be the senior one in this situation, something that never really happened.
"Ah, sure, give them a break, Boss. They're only kids." He couldn't help but say before he asked him about swords.
"...Ummm....I'll answer "I don't know" for both of those. 1. I'm a Marksman, not a Knight and 2. I never really bothered to check. What? Just didn't want a shower?" He then said, instantly loosing his senior status in this debate.

Wanderer, Rugal, Slindis, Caim, Angelus, Icarus.
location|Rising Dawn: Canteen

Icarus flinched when Angelus Mostly he had been trying to be almost silent,
"Its Just my metabolism, all the extra strength and speed has a cost and that's my Body burns calories, Its an angel thing have you ever seen a chubby angel? once we pass the cherub stage our metabolism goes through the roof. he grabbed a large sandwich from the fridge, deli meat, cheese and lettuce.
He started eating silently his eyes keeping watch of the others.
"Hey doctor You can keep your needles to yourself I don;t need any blood tampering, I had enough of that bullshit recently." he said in between bites. se he moved there was a slight clink it was the brass sheathe that held the scepter, he hadn't touched the scepter not since he retrieved the trident, said trident was within the reaches of the void a fitting place for a twisted weapon, but always at his use,
Then Rugal spoke to him.
"Me? I'm feeling a lot better outside of a desert I hate heat, I hate sand, It gets everywhere, Oh and thanks but your quite the martial artist yourself, I'm not best with a crowd, the real skill is one on one locked in martial combat a true test or martial arts." His eyes had gained a slight glint but he caught himself,
"Anyways At least I don;t have to worry about getting burnt by sunlight, oh and I wouldn't recommend using the large shower room for a while, the drain has a lot of sand in to deal with." he said some red creeping onto his face.

Shinia, Selena
Rising Dawn| Library

Selena had just finished pouring the cooled off sake into a large glass flask when Some appeared it was of course surprising catching her off guard, her first instinct was o stash the scepter into her bag to conceal it, she wanted to keep the relic secret especially that it was in her possession.
"O-Oh my A-are you alright?" she took her wand charm off her bracelet and it grew to full size she used a simple spell to move away the clutter. Selena saw the girl laying on the floor, with a wave of her wand the potion set became samall charms on her bracelet. she then helped the young girl stand up.
"Are you alright? I don't think I've met you"

Jenny's Room
Alucard, Jenny, Ella, Other dude

"Right... i'm not gunna go, but i'll shut up. it's obvious you don't want me here, take the gold." he said and walked into the wall. from inside of it, he saw ella outside and heard the same groaning. He looked around for what could possibly making the noise.

Shinia Selena

"Well, ouchies... i hate that thing. Anyways... i guess i am." she said, grateful for the help. "I'm shinia." she explained, holding a hand out to shake. "I have a bad tendency to teleport everywhere... and it's random." she explained to the witch. "and are you a witch? you kinda remind me of madoka..."

Storm-1788, Alpha, David West, Boss.
Location: Training Room/Armoury | Rising Dawn.

The topic was easily picking up a awkward vibe. Trying to bring back the tone to a more professional standard, the Spartan fired one of his last shotgun shells before lowering the gun and turning to the two. "I'll handle our problems later. As for these swords, may I ask what his style is like. I'm guessing he isn't like that "Dragon Rider" and can handle large blades?" Storm said, wearing a smile which hoped to get into a more 'manlier' topic.

Especially since both these two did not seem to know much about love and romance, although the same to easily be applied to the couple. Quickly checking his ammo, the Spartan nodded and made a figure with his fingers, then he walked over to the armory of the Dawn. Checking through the bladed weapons he scratched his head, wandering how old these might be or where they come from. "I might run into Excalibur at this rate ... He said jokingly and a uncertain grin.

Wanderer, Rugal, Slindis, Caim, Angelus, Icarus.
Location: Canteen | Rising Dawn.

The agitated Loner barely heard the 'high being' talk down to him, not knowing what his job was or what the blood samples were for. Wiping away some kind of moisture from his left eye, the Wanderer troubled look was replaced by a scowl. In the last situation, he saw the 'Angel' fight, black wings of doom looming overhead. This created a lack of trust for the fallen Angel, due to the situations he has went through, ("Our backs are wide open!") Replied the dark thoughts to this entity, trying to move Wanderer away from the previous memories of a bad past.

Clenching his hands, a dark mood moved onto the Wanderer, those looking him in his eyes saw a flickering of blood crimson. Looking inward to the 'high being' eating, bright red eyes looked upon him with a dark emotion, almost sickening even to the man with these eyes. "Too. Late." Is all he said before making a sudden turn, placing the phial with his own inhuman liquid back with the other collections of blood. His eyes shining with a red glaze, with a hint of sadness in the middle

Picking up the box containing the many labelled phials, the dark brooding Wanderer left the room quickly, and certainly not in a good mood. Presumably he travelled back to the ship's medical bay, in his more darker and insane thought. Yet this would leave a weird awkward air in the canteen.

Rising Dawn: Captain's quarters/Canteen: Rugal, Slindis, Caim, Angelus, Wanderer

"Rugal, a few hours would be fine if we can grab them. The problem is finding the time..." Her reply as the pair settled down (complete with the slightly unnerving talk from the Wanderer) was rather sedate, and she took note of Caim's recommendation.

"Thanks for the recommendation, Caim." She went over to the fridge and grabbed the slices of Bacon as well as some eggs and toast the imps had made, digging in. In all, the meal was good except for one slightly nagging issue.

"Bit too salty... I do appreciate the smoky flavor, but there's only so much salt that I can have before being reminded of trail rations." After that, she kept an eye on the others as they all had their food, passing over some of her unwanted bacon to Rugal.

"You want to finish off the strips? I'd rather not be chugging water to offset all the salt." It was also accompanied by a small chuckle as she swigged and swished some water around in her mouth to try and offset the taste.

Rising Dawn: Jenny's room: Jenny, Ella

"Got it, Jenny. Just let me know if you need to unwind, okay?" SHe was about to walk off, but the sudden and frankly unwarned noise startled her, bringing back some of Caim's basic training...

And thus, she went to knee the hapless person behind her in the groin. If they reacted fast enough, however, there'd be just enough time to dodge the attack.

Rising Dawn: Teri's Room: Teri/Garm, Melethia

Mel picked up the letter from Garm's nose, only giving it a cursory glance as she passed it back. "Openin' back up with Firebrand? Whatever floats your boat, sis, jus' make sure ya don't rush in. Not gonna see ya get burned again. If ya see anythin' interestin' in the book, lemme know! I heard his kind come up with some useful weapon-like things." Following that, she stroked Garm's shaggy yet silky fur as she strolled alongside.

"So, headin' for food, or do ya want some trainin' first?"

Rising Dawn: Hallway: Chris, Cadolbolg, Ton Ton, Devon

Devon patted the pair as soon as they jumped on her shoulders. "They are on board, but maybe we can talk a bit less fast for our newcomer? Chris, I'd guess they're getting a bite to eat since we're back here, but there's no need to run." She extended her hand to the drow that was fairly new to the ship, more than ready to help her get more familiar with the layout.

"Chris, give it time and I'm sure we can help you learn how to speak our language, If not, we can always pick up Drow to let you speak more fluidly as well. That sound like a plan? I'm pretty sure Slin doesn't know it too well, but we could both show each other when we have some spare time." Her talking also passed the time while she pointed out the other dorm rooms in the area and the medical bay.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Slindis, Wanderer, Angelus, Caim, Icarus

Out of fear he'd let it go to his head (Like he did so often in the past), Rugal merely smiled and said "Well, give yourself another decade or 2, If you aren't akin to the Grim Reaper in solo combat, then you've been doing something wrong. And don't worry, It'll wash out."
Once Wanderer had ran out of the room, taking his blood and everyone else's with him, He then resumed the spare strips of Bacon Slindis had given, seeing how such madness was so common around here.
"Well, if your not having them and he *did* say I need more protein in my diet." He joked as he gladly chewed on it before he got a news alert.
Pulling out his PDA again, he read it as a puzzled look appeared on his face.
"From V10l3t_luver: "Get out Rugie, K on d way?"...
...Tch, damn spam mail..." He said as he deleted it without a second thought.

Rising Dawn: Armory/Training room: David West, Storm, Alpha, Boss

"Well, again, I'm the gun guy. Might want to ask Caim, dude is nuts for them. Think Wanderer has a few, but he can be..."Protective" of his stuff..." David remarked as they looked around the Armory for anything that Edge could use, though it was like shopping for bras with him: He had no idea what he was doing.
"....Ummmm....What about this one?..." He asked as he slid out a Large sword out from under a pile of other ones.
"When did we get all these anyway? I mean, who brought all these? I only order guns on Richardson's bank account..."

Rising Dawn: Jenny's Room: Jenny, Alucard, Ella, Known Associate

"Hey, do I know yo-!!!OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The figure asked before knee met reproductive organs as he recoiled towards one of the walls, letting out a flurry of insults as he did.
The first thing they noticed was the green as it supported itself against the wall, matched with the reds, in fact, there was a lot of red, though...most of it didn't look like it should be there...
The figure looked at them, wincing at if the act was painful to do as it sunk in just who exactly this was.

"...Ohhhh...cOmE thE fUC...oooowwww" Blade managed to utter as he pushed himself off the wall, attempting to stand up afterwards as he held his crotch while bringing up a damaged forearm blade in a manner that'd look threatening if he didn't look like he crawled out from under a lawnmower.
"Arggggghhh Look...I don't wanna a fight...just herevisittiuhhhhhhh" He slurred before the literal months of hell he had finally caught up to him and he collapsed in the middle of the hall.
Hearing the all commotion, Jenny sighed in an annoyed manner as she got up from her room.
"Alucard! Is it really so much to ask for you to not to have "Fun" right outsid-....BLADE!" She then screamed before rushing over to his body.
"Oh god, No! Nononono! I-...DON'T JUST STAND HERE! HELP ME! Here, Take his other arm!" She stammered before lashing out as she tried to pick Blade off the ground by lifting his arm over her shoulder to bring him to the medical bay.

Storm-1788| Alpha| David West| Boss.
Location: Training Room/Armoury | Rising Dawn.

Boss looked to David and shrugged. Even though the situation seemed ridiculous and convoluted to him, he had to admit to himself that he didn't actually know that much about romance. So if b. "Edge has this habit of sleeping in water." Boss said to David. "I'm not entirely certain, but I think it's because he can heal in water. Well, I know he can heal in water, but..." Boss scratched his head. "Whenever we stop somewhere in the wild to sleep, he picks someplace with some kind of natural pond, and sleeps floating on top of it. That's all. It's probably a moot point if he's already asleep..."

Turning back to Storm, he said "And he makes his own special swords out of a special kind of steel, but I don't know that he can do that right now. As long as you can find two swords that are close to the same kind, he'll be OK."

Edge | whoever the fuck is making all that fucking racket | I'm gonna call this bastard King Henry | someone had better have been fucking disemboweled
Location: Private quarters (Edge & Boss) | Rising Dawn.

Not even a goddamn hour. Not even ten heathen fucking minutes. Edge slowly sat up on his bed, trying his best not to flip his lid. Which wasn't super hard; he was the master of chill, after all.

Edge looked at the clock, confirming his suspicion that he had not even been able to get fucking ten heathen fucking minutes of shut-eye. Edge hadn't had to put this much effort into trying to sleep when his unit was being shelled by fucking artillery, it was ridiculous.

"Blurgle blaggle blurgle bleh!" Fucking racket. They were far enough away that he couldn't make out what they were saying, but close enough that he could still hear them. The loud one had just shouted about how little she cared about how many queens the other one had fucked. That was about the extent of the conversation Edge had caught.

Suddenly, there were a series of bang-knocking noises, and the noisy one shouted. "BLADE!" Edge perked up. More babble, then-


Edge sighed deeply, then got up, opened his door, and walked out into the hallway. Taking a moment to oversee the situation, he walked over to the odd green creature and helped Jenny pick it up. "I can help him, but we'll need some water." he said to Jenny. "You." Edge said, nodding towards Alucard. "King Henry. If there's a shower in that bunk, go turn it on."

Storm-1788, David West, Boss.
Location: Training Room/Armoury | Rising Dawn.

"My guess is that previous guests of the ship pick them up and throw them in here. I used to do it with alien weaponry until I realized I had about five copies of each existing weapon. Was quite the hoarder ... " He said while his nimble hands fumbled through the current occupied sword stands. "if anything, everyone is quite ... 'possessive' about their weapons, I mean they come from their homeworld, which means it is a living memory." He said back to David about the Wanderer's mood toward his weapons.

Pulling out two nice black blades, he handed them to Boss, also examining the large one David had pulled out. "If I remember from the field, Edge prefers two blades. The question is cutting or thrusting?" Storm said as he examined the ones he had in hand. "My specialty is alien and human CQC weaponary." He admitted to the two, almost recovering his background which involved some sensitive information.

Location: Wanderer's lab Medical Bay | Rising Dawn.

Marching down the corridor, the now crazed Wanderer walked right outside of the Medical Bay. His foot was shaking and suddenly the foot slammed the door open as his emotions were almost out of hand. Hearing voices down the hall, they were quite loud, yet it seem he could not fully understand them. "Hey! Shut the fuck up!" He yelled down the corridor, both hands cupped around his mouth, hoping that whoever was making that noise would be quiet.

"Damn kids fucking like rabbits." He muttered in annoyance as he walked into the Medical Bay and closed the door with a slam. Setting down the blood samples in his 'own' blood vault, it would keep each sample in good containment, yet he placed his own blood in a weird metal box in the vault. Closing it, he decided he would start experimenting on it later. For now, he simply pulled out a Deathclaw head, and began to play around with it violently.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Slindis, Wanderer, Angelus, Caim, Icarus
Icarus finished his sandwich when he felt something, there's someone approaching with a very distinct energy to them it was familiar too.
"Hey umm guys Someone is approaching, And from what I'm sensing they are definitely ready for a fight." he said his eyes drifted to he windows in the lounge, he slowly walked over to it searching.
looking for a sign of the approaching entity, it was definitely familiar, his eyes widened this energy this anger, this paranoia. He backed away his mind was going nearly auto-pilot. his hand stretched out, He called out the Dark trident from the void, he twirled it around getting familiar with the weight again. He glared at the window
"They're approaching fast I don;t think They're interested in asking for permission to board." he said aloud looking out the window.

Rising Dawn: Library
Shinia, Selena

Selena sighed
"Yes I am a witch, and before you ask No I don't eat young children, I don't have iron Teeth, and I don't live in a house with chicken legs." Sighing, She got a lot of wild accusations. The children eating was the weirdest and most absurd, the worst part was She was accused of it when she herself was a young girl, Parents pulled their children not wanting them to talk or play with other kids thinking she'd somehow try to eat them, her eyes had glazed over getting lost in memory the scar burned again with memory which snapped her awake as she realized it was exposed her wand moved quickly casting an illusion spell hiding the scar it wouldn't last but hopefully the strange girl didn't notice it yet.
"So is this Madoka a dangerous thing? nowt all witches are the same you know." She kept her wand in hand the last thing she wanted was to be trapped in a room with a witch hunter.

Rising Dawn: Canteen: Rugal, Slindis, Caim, Angelus, Icarus

At Icarus' sudden call to arms, (as well as Wanderer's... 'Wandererness') the pact duo did not move from their seats. They had seen more than enough carnage and fighting upon the ship, what was another threat to bother them? As Angelus swallowed another egg (whole, including the shell. Look up how snakes do it, cool stuff), Caim gestured to his properly outfitted self, "You're mistaken, Icarus. We are ready. We're always ready for something new. Living here generally puts in the mode that something is bound to happen. No use panicking about it."

Turning back to Slindis and Rugal, Caim couldn't help but shake his head, a playful smile on his face, "I'm afraid you wasted the bacon, Slindis. A shame, it's very good."

After finishing swallowing the egg, Angelus couldn't really say much towards Wanderer's outburst, nor his green blood; seeing as he left the scene. However, unlike Caim, she was a bit less relaxed about the possible intruder, and asked over her shoulder, "Where are sensing them from, Icarus?"

Rising Dawn: Teri's Room: Teri/Garm, Melethia

Teri turned beet-red when she realized what Melethia was looking at, and could barely murmur anything as she snatched the letter back from Melethia. After all, nobody likes the equivalent of having their diary read; even by a sibling that he/she was on good terms with. After grabbing the letter and carefully placing it inside her new Demon Compendium (which was in turn placed in the satchel), the Cleric tried to strike up conversation again (her face still returning to a lighter hue), "Yeah... I don't really plan on rushing things again, not after last time. Erm, if anything, I'd like to focus on improving myself and my work before I think about a relationship. I've been working on my meditation, as well as trying to practice a calm temperament in battle. I'm improving, yes, can't say I'm doing exceptionally well with the later, especially with Toyotama being something of an emotional side of me... Which is why I was going to answer 'training' for your question. After all, I know you and Mom are some of the best at keeping calm when everything is going to hell."

The Cleric gave her sister a reassuring smile and wrote a quick something on her tablet, "Besides, I can take of breakfast.", which prompted a biscuit to appear in her hand.

As for Garm, while he wagged his tail at the petting, spoke up as well, "A bit of exercise in the morning is good for growing pups like yourselves. I will be more than happy to aid Tear-ri and you, Melethia, if you should call on it for your exercises."

Rising Dawn: Hallway: Chris, Cadolbolg, Ton Ton, Devon

Cadolbolg listened intently to Chris', and gave a slow nod as he tried to understand what she had to say, "I think I get it... You wanna make sure you say the right stuff, so you say it slow! Sounds as good as reason as any!"

The tiny turtle-dragon's tail wagged with excitement at their new friend, and Ton Ton spoke after his pact partner, "And Devon's right, we'd be more than happy to teach you more English. As for learning this 'Drow' language, I suppose it could be as exciting an endeavor as any! Then again, I've never learned another language before... Which makes me wonder, Ms. Chris, aside from your pacing, I think your English is very good. Where did you learn it?"

Cadolbolg cut in again, his jovial mood leaking in his words with the ever-wagging tail, "Oh, come on, Ton Ton! Didn't your Mistress say you needed to go and do new things? This is a new thing, and it sounds like fun! We could all pretend we're secret agents and talk to each other in Drow to pass secret messages, like 'Nyarlatothep is a poo poo head!' And, Chris won't have to feel so awkward, cause we'll talk like she does in English and we'll all be learning together and stuff! Isn't that right, Devon? Now, where are we going again?"

"I don't think that matters too much, Cadolbolg. If I was to understand correctly, this is more a 'Journey' than actually going to a specific place."

As it was readily becoming more apparent, Cadolbolg seemed to be the more adventurous of the two Cutie Bruisers (and probably younger too), and Ton Ton was the more restrained, yet responsible one. Of course, given their relationship with Devon, that begged the question of where the bard sat in all of this.

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