The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Rising Dawn: Newly Re-furbished Hanger: Entire Crew


"Well enough then, Kalastryn. While I will still be monitoring the situation from up here, You may make your way over to the Daedalus once I deem that the situation requires their assistance. And not a second before." Kazuya answered Kalastryn, He wasn't exactly on speaking terms with the president so a fresh face might be an asset in this situation. (That and she would be a better pick then Violet).
"Now, unless there is any other pressing issues, Your deployment begins now. Keep in contact over your comms and with all going well, we'll be in and out before they'll be able to put up any meaningful resistance. Good luck." He said tot he group before they were each escorted to their transports.

Black Mesa: Hydro-Electric Power Facility: Strike Team
^ Visual aid is kinda important to understand character positions

The flight over was tense for all involved, while they didn't seem to have any major air defenses, the pilots were still on edge as they nervously landed on the roadside nearby the Dam.
Hovering over the ground, the grunts, backed up by Katya's marines, secured the LZ, worryingly realizing that there was no guards to be seen, even if it was nearly morning, the lack of even a napping watchman was kinda un-nerving.
David was amoung one of those securing the landing zone, looking around before stating "LZ is clear. Bring up the rear. Lets get moving people. We don't want to get parking tickets." as he motioned for the rest of the crew to get out.
Rugal was one of the first to get out, opting to merely wear his tank top vest in the desert heat instead of his full suit, as he quickly took over near one of the concrete barriers over-looking the river valley below.

"Alright...The intake tunnels come out on the front here. Teri, you are either going to have to go in though the outflow river here or the reservoir in the back. It's a bit of a climb to get down there from the front, but it might be safer then whatever measures they might have on the dam itself. Once you are in, you need to block off the tunnel or damage the rotors inside it to cut the power. Make sure to do a good job or else they'll bring it back online." He explained to the cleric as he looked around, much like the others, the fact they weren't being shot at yet was starting to make him uneasy.
Blade meanwhile hopped off the VTOL before spilling an entire water bottle on the dirt and sand below, rubbing it in to make it nice and muddy before smearing it all over his green lizard-like body.
"Green isn't the most useful camo in the desert..." He casually said as he was now covered from head to toe in
a thick layer of brown dirt, wiping aside only a small amount under his eyes as "War Stripes".
"Tch, get a load of "Arnald" here!" David lightly jabbed as he laid down near the fencing by the edge of the cliff, pulling out his rifle to do some recon.
"...Dam seems clear...No activity...Weird...Wait-...Got something..." The Sniper said as he zoomed on what appeared to be-...A coffee cup floating in midair?
"...What the crap-"

Right as he said that, a massive bang filled the air as a tank shell impacted against one of the landing VTOLs, followed by a deafening series of cannon fire into the skies above, all coming from seemingly nowhere.
"CONTACT! CONTACT! BASTARDS JUMPED US! TAKE COVER!" David shouted as he tried to figure out where exactly the fire was coming from, it seemed to be coming from everywhere and nowhere at the same time.
The rest of the teams air support kept doing flybys of the area but they were unable to get a read on the enemy either, preventing them from doing much else aside from give the enemy something else to shoot at.
Rugal quickly pulled Teri behind cover when the shots began to ring out, forcing her to get down until there was a lapse in the cannon fire.
"Dammit! Think it might be a hidden gun emplacement or something. Stay down and keep out of their line of sight, They'll blast us into next week if they get the chance." He warned as he slowly edged along the side of the valley as the cannon fire raced by over head.
Blade meanwhile was far more proactive in his approach, sprinting into battle onside the rock face, his dirt cameo doing much to spare him from the onslaught.
...Well, this operation seemed to start as it meant to go on...

The President, Wanderer, and Merlin Feat. Dr. Zero and Kommander Kane
Location: Angel Research Sector | USA: Black Mesa Research Facility
OST: .Hack/Infection: Castle Dungeon extended

Back inside the base, Kane lead the group towards the fabled "Angel Research Lab", but even just entering it gave them the chills: This wasn't no lab they've been in...
Just stepping into the room instantly rubbed Merlin the wrong way, there was a overwhelming dark aura around the entire area as they were led past either foreboding statues or large glass containers with Angel Wreckage, weapons and...well, Outright Angel POWs being stored within them in a sickly green fluid.
The Base's commander led them towards the back of the lab were a man in a dark cloak was examining a damaged blade with holy runes on it, looking over it with a viewing glass attached to his desk.
"...Feast your eyes on the Lord's own craftsmanship...Tch! Even Jesus seems to hire out to the lowest bidder!" He said as he casually broke off a piece with his bare hands before putting the shard and the sword back into a protective case.
"Gentlemen. This is our resident Angel Researcher and Dark Arts master, Dr. Zero. The President and his men here wanted to see our head of research." Kane explained as Zero stood up, his mere presence sending out a Dark Aura of sorts that made their skin crawl slightly, but Merlin's especially, it was like that of a Warlock more then anything human.
"Is that so? Thank you Kommander Kane. I take care of them, wouldn't want take up any more of your time."
Exchanging a quick bow and salute among co-workers, he then turned to the President before asking "So...Mr. President...What brings you to my lab this day?..."

Rising Dawn: Newly Re-furbished Hanger: Kalastryn, Kazuya "Oh, you mustn't worry about that. I understand full well how to follow direction. I would not be suggesting to withhold myself if I wasn't willing to follow orders up here." She says with an affirming nod.

Black Mesa: Hydro-Electric Power Facility: Strike Team
^ Visual aid is kinda important to understand character positions

As their deployment vehicle exploded and there seemed to be some rather heavy artillery fire racing overhead, ARES analyzed the area with lightning fast speed. Not unusual, considering that their "brain" is a computer. The enemy was no doubt aware of their approach now, but though time was of the essence, so was protecting the rest of their squad. After all, unlike herself, they were simply not expendable. Taking note of a sturdy looking building on THEIR side of the damn. Getting behind the same cover as Rugal and Teri as she pointed out her intentions. "I may be able to get the door on the building on this side of the dam open. I'm not sure what's inside, but though time is of the essence we can hopefully file in while we try to find what's shooting at us. If anything it's a small advance in our favor, right?" She said before inching away from them, and just a bit closer to the building in question, so that any retaliation wouldn't be in their direction. fully charging her plasma cannon and unleashing it at the door ahead! Not waiting to see the result of the impact, she activated her jets afterburner's for a boost of speed in it's direction, dropping to the ground on their back and- somehow, proceeding to slide over the ground unimpeded by friction. Getting their feet under them as they reached the door, kicking off what of it remained and darting inside.

The President, Wanderer, and Merlin Feat. Dr. Zero and Kommander Kane
Location: Angel Research Sector | USA: Black Mesa Research Facility
OST: .Hack/Infection: Castle Dungeon extended

Upon entering the dark research sector, each of the trio had their own feelings swell up inside of them. The President was surprised. From the information his team gathered before his Presidency term, it seemed to be that the Angel tech was entirely destroyed or removed, but, that was only the majority, not completion. "How the Hell did they ... " He muttered under his breath, only to stop once he witnessed the captive Celestial Beings. Jesus, was all he thought.

Merlin on the other hand felt overwhelming power. The technology, the magic, the prisoners, those objects contained holy power that could level towns in mere moments. Yet, this room was not all it seemed, it was dark magic, the complete opposite to holy, and it suppressed the objects the lingered here.

Internally, Merlin could feel the wrongness that this was. Seeing Doctor Zero break off the Angelic Sword made him show a little emotion. Only your evil could make such things brittle and fragile, dark one, Merlin rebuked in his head. "Hmm, interesting." Merlin said, his face showing his usual non-emotion, but it did not contain a smirk. After all, Merlin did certainly dabble in all magic, but for one who was close to Excalibur, dark magics did not affect him much.

Wanderer was the most expressive out of the three. Once entering the room his eyes opened wide, and sweat began to show. The crimson gems that glowed within the sight of Wanderer seemed to growl in caution. "The Hell is this?" He said quietly at first. Before another could peep, he found himself biting down on his lip, enough where a small leak of blood came from the corner of his lip.
This ... This is true evil.
Yes this is. But this is the very thing we stop.
Y-yeah. The two personalities said mentally, the more darker one feeling less confident.

With the ninja elite guard, they hesitated to walk into the room, and the President ordered them to stay at the entrance with a single hand gesture. Gladly obeying, the squad awaited at the door, worried not just for themselves, but for their leader that walked into the center. With Doctor Zero asking for their intentions, The President cleared his throat. "I doubt you can tell us everything, but I have three questions. How the hell did you get this? What are you doing with this? And why the fuck does Desperado Enforcement have some? !" The Leader said using a bold tone and emotional gestures.

By this point, The President held a little sweat on his head, Wanderer looked a little crazed, and Merlin's eyes were the sharpest.

Black Mesa: Hydro-Electric Power Facility: Strike Team

"I don't like this." Edge said. He was dressed in his robe and hat again, although his hat was currently resting on his back, two strings pinning it to his robe, wind from the rotors billowing the loose clothing all around his body. He stood at the lip of the helo, scanning over the dam, looking for be worried about, and finding nothing. "It's too easy."

"Neither do I." Insano said. He had re-donned his lab coat, and had his dubstep blaster, along with a utility belt filled with a large array of gadgets. "Albert Wesker is too fastidious to neglect any kind of defense."

Edge turned to Insano. "You know Wesker?"

Insano scoffed. "Only by reputation. Although if what they say about him is true,he's one of the few other 'mad scientists' I would be worried about."

Edge nodded, and Nickolai (who was piloting) turned to face them. "LZ is clear. We are landing."

Insano chuckled, and took a swig from his tin flask. "Who knows. Maybe we'll luck out and this will all be-"

Without any notice, the top of the helo exploded, and the entire flaming mess plummeted to the ground. Insano, somehow, was not in it. He was thirty yards away, lying in the sand, grappling at a seatbelt that wasn't there anymore.

Insano sat up and looked around He saw the VTOL they had just been in hit the ground-now reduced to a pile of slag-saw everyone scrambling for cover from something they couldn't properly see.

"DOC!" Even though his voice was barely audible over the sound of the large-caliber gunfire, Edge's voice shocked Insano out of his stupor. "ARE YOU ALRIGHT?"

Insano turned to look at Edge. His shoulders and part of his face were covered with shrapnel; blood was running down his entire body, but he either had evolved beyond such minor things as pain, or he was doing a damn good job hiding it. "ME! ARE YOU ALRI-"

"I'LL BE FINE, I CAN HEAL!" Edge shouted, and helped Nickolai to his feet. "WE NEED TO MEET UP WITH THE REST OF THE GROUP!" Edge pointed to where Rugal, Teri and David had taken refuge behind the concrete barriers at the edge of the dam. "AND WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING TO HELP THEM. ANY IDEAS?"

"I'LL SEE IF I CAN FIND WHERE THE FIRE IS COMING FROM!" Insano shouted, then switched his goggles to scanning mode, going over every possible way that any kind of gunner could be hiding from them. Nickolai, similarly, pulled out a pair of binoculars and scanned the area.

The President, Wanderer, and Merlin Feat. Dr. Zero and Kommander Kane
Location: Angel Research Sector | USA: Black Mesa Research Facility
OST: .Hack/Infection: Castle Dungeon extended

"I doubt you can tell us everything, but I have three questions. How the hell did you get this? What are you doing with this? And why the fuck does Desperado Enforcement have some? !"

"...Nice to see that you are just as formal as you are in your interviews..." Zero deadpanned as Kane took a moment to bring his hand to his ear piece.
With a worried expression, he suddenly paced quickly out of the room with his guards in tow, what set him off?
Either way, Zero examined the group and noticed that a bunch of them seemed uneasy in his domain, namely Wanderer.
"...You seem uneasy Doctor. Don't be. Despite my appearance, I can assure you, we are both humble servants in the pursuit of human advancement though knowledge." He calmly explained, trying to be comforting but failing miserably.
"All of the creatures you see here were detained during the Angel War. The taint of their dark lord still flows though them. And yet, no one has seemed to come for them, to bring them to salvation...Perhaps there is a limit to God's Forgiveness?..." He said as he walked over to one of the pods (Though there was no footsteps to be heard) and lightly rattling on the glass with his finger, prompting the Angel inside to stir slightly.
"During the early phases of the war, humanity soon realized that we were woefully outgunned. After all, it's not every day that our very creators seek our demise. As the situation drew dire, some of your military leaders realized that perhaps that the answers they seeked didn't exist in the light, but rather in the dark. Hence why I was brought in."

"I was once a mere scholar of the Dark Arts, I did not know what I could do to avert humanities demise at the hands of the Dark Lord Tomoya. But then I did what I always do: Learn. A scrap of metal here, a discarded limb there, piece by piece I learned how the servants of God himself existed. Though my research, some of few victories that UNIT and the US Military could pull off against the enemy were born. Once the Rising Dawn brought the end to the Dark Lord and the Angels came back to "Save" us, I found myself without purpose once more...Then your Dr. Birkin contacted me, informed me of the foundation of this fine vessel of human intellect, of the containment of Live Angels...How could I say no?..."

"My work went on, Humanity learned more. Not only merely in warfare, but even in the most mundane manners. You ever noticed how since you took office, the quality of your WiFi connections improved to the point of being able to download entire terabytes at a time? That upgrade was taken from a mere communicator taken from the glove compartment of that aircraft over there." Zero then explained as he gestured to a crashed transport ship, the scorch marks of the missiles that shot it down still clear as day as it laid suspended in that strange gel.
"The more my research proceeds, the more we learn. The more we learn, the more we are the masters of our own fate. Who knows? Perhaps one day I might even learn the secrets of God himself..."
It was at this point he realized, he was rambling, a slight embarrassed look appearing on his face before he broke into a small laugh.
"oh my...My apologies. I tend to get rather passionate about my work. Now...where were we?...Ah, yes. This "Desperado" you speak of? I am sad to say I know nothing of them. When my services are commissioned by the government on a certain project, they are done though official channels. What I can give you is a listing of my most recent works and where they were sent off to. If this "Desperado" got their hands on my work, I can assure you, it was though no fault of ours, but I could imagine there being a possible breach of security elsewhere down the chain of production that they might have exploited."
Closing his eyes slightly, his entire body slowly turned into pure shadow before quickly racing back towards his desk, reforming on top of his chair as he went to bring up the files from his computer.

"Now, aside from this invoice, is there anything else I can do for you gentlemen?..."

Disclaimer: Some of the silly content below was approved by the DM before I posted it.

Rising Dawn: Newly Re-furbished Hanger: Entire Crew, Kazuya

Caim blinked at Kazuya's directions, but gave a nod, understanding the need for him to be groundbound and providing Angelus as few of distractions as possible. Grabbing Ton Ton and putting the Tonberry on his shoulder, Caim 'spoke' quietly, "You'll be going with me then, little one. Cadolbolg, be sure to follow your mother's lead if you go with her, understood?"
"I'll do my best, Mr. Caim."
"Of course, father~!"
"And Angelus?"

Wrapping an arm around her shoulder, the Warrior Prince gave a small peck on the dragoness' cheek before brightly requesting, "Give em hell."

Black Mesa: Hydro-Electric Power Facility: Strike Team

Angelus, Cadolbolg

Angelus (and her silver scaled son) winged over with the VTOLS in the air, the great red dragon giving a frustrated growl at the proceedings. From what she could gather on the ground, some invisible or intangible menace was giving them trouble, and she could not detect any anomalies in the air, Cadolbolg complaining, "Mother, I don't smell anything funny, just gunpowder and smoke!"
"Likewise... I wonder, however - do you suppose anything else lays in wait? Keep an eye out up here. Your father is competent enough on his own, much less hearing our worry through pact bonds."
"Yes ma'am!"

Caim, Ton Ton
At the sound of the shots beginning to fire out and Blade shot forward, Ton Ton pulled the little hood to his cloak down as far as he could to avoid the green of his skin from poking through and began to cling to Caim's shoulder for dear life; for he knew damn well what the warrior was about to do. And true to Ton Ton's prediction, Caim reached into the Wheel for and pulled out a serrated blade. Following that, he braced his legs before leaping up to the high ground Blade had taken, and began charging ahead into the fray, Ton Ton still clinging to Caim's shoulder (and silently praying to the Mistress that he wouldn't get shot along the way).

Teri, Garm
Teri began thinking over how to best enter the Dam's waterways, when Edge, Doctor Insano, and Nicolai entered the scene; each looking a little banged up from the VTOL explosion. Putting the waterway aside for a brief moment, Teri popped half of a piece of gum in her mouth, chewed vigorously, and muttered a pair of incantations before pointing to the survivors of the VTOL crash and David. At the end of the incantation (and Teri spitting the gum out), the quartet of men began to feel the effects of their wounds beginning to stitch back together - and not only from Teri's Aura but from something else. Furthermore, whatever fatigue or disorientation they felt, had disappeared in one fell swoop. However, with that out of the way, that left the waterway.....

Then it hit her. Teri removed her satchel and placing it around a perplexed Garm's neck, before drawing a water bottle out of it. After doing so, the Cleric pointed to her bag and said to her faithful wolf companion, "Garm, you know what I keep in there, right?"
"Your spellbooks and other stuff, right?"
"Exactly. Since I'm going down there to the water stuff, I need you to sit tight and guard that while I'm away, okay?"
The wolf gave a solemn nod before lowering his head down to the ground, and the Cleric turned to her father, her plan forming as she tapped his shoulder, "Dad.... I have an idea. But I need you to do two things for me. One, trust me and two, throw me towards that water."

Rugal didn't say anything initially, before slowly blinking and asking very pointedly, "...I'm sorry, what?"

Holding up the water bottle, the Cleric motioned towards the water, "Okay, so when I summon Squishy, he comes out of one of these, right? So, if I was launched towards the water, I could summon Squishy, and he could vortex to catch me. But I need you to throw me that far, I can't jump that far on my own."

"...Alright, just be careful..." He said before hoisting Teri up over his shoulders before lobbing her high into the air right in the middle of the valley. Flying through the air, the next part of Teri's plan unfolded. Quickly unscrewing the top to the water bottle, the Cleric tapped into her Water Devotion feat, and called forth her elemental with a panicked, "SQUISHY, VORTEX!"
Throwing the bottle towards the waters below, the Cleric closed her eyes and braced for impact as the sound of rushing water grew closer and closer until - SPLOOSH! Rather than feeling the pained throws of death, Teri instead felt herself surrounded by a 30 foot tall vortex of water, as per commanded to her elemental moments ago. With the magic of the boots activating, the Cleric could sigh in relief before swimming down towards the entrance of the waterway, instructing Squishy to disengage his vortex form and follow her along. As the two made their way inside, those possessing rings heard a triumphant, "I'm in!"

Teri Casts Healing Lorecall and Mass Lesser Vigor. Healing Lorecall allows Teri to remove negative status conditions when using a Conjuration (Healing Spell). This buff will last for 8 minutes. Mass Lesser Vigor grants 1 person/2 caster levels (4 people, in this case) Fast Healing 1, which is essentially a weak Regen. Combined, the two spells give David, Doctor Insano, Edge, and Nicolai Fast Healing 1 as well a removal of fatigue. The Fast healing will last for 19 rounds, or 114 seconds (1.9 minutes)

12 seconds until next 3rd level spell
30 seconds till next 2nd level spell
Teri also uses her Daily use of Water Devotion. If she wants to summon more elementals, she will have to use Turn attempts.
Turn Attempts Remaining: 6 Undead/5 Fire

Black Mesa: Dr. William Birken's Office: Inuart, Albert Wesker Dr. William Birken

Inuart entered Wesker's office in a hurry, still adjusting a strap on his gauntlet as he burst in, "Albe- er, Doctor Birken! I got your phone call, and I came as quickly as I was able, seeing as I had to get the majority of my battle gear on....What's wrong? It's not like you to sound as...worried, as you did."

Location: Hydro-Electric Dam | Black Mesa
The Devil is not so black as she is painted.

First Lieutenant Dolores Selmy

Too quick! Way too quick!I couldn't hear anything through the ringing in my ears. The first barrage of shells detonated so closely to me that it had knocked me flat on my stomach. I could feel it then, a churning heat in my chest and belly, a sudden realization of a tremendous and absolute fear.

Somehow, one way or another, I had found my way to cover. Behind a cement wall I had laid my head to rest. The entire world was shaking with explosions.

The other Rising Dawn members were shouting. This is the type of shit they get up to? There was no way. There was no way that this was the norm. Even the other heroes were in a state of shock.

My body hurt, everything felt tender. My heart was sore to the beat and every time I drew breath my ribs ached sharply. I could almost feel the bruises forming under my skin.

Calm down. I closed my eyes and tried to focus. Calm down. Visualize the surroundings. See everything at once, and see everything in its entirety. Look at the world and control the world. Another shell detonated prematurely and shook the foundations, tossing me a few inches into the air.

What the fuck! What the fuck! I can't do this. This is absurd, not just for me, it has to be absurd for the other heroes too!

Wet, my hands are wet. What happened? Is this blood? I looked down and found nothing on my hands other than dust and rubble. More of the warm liquid dropped onto my hands. It took a second, but I realized it suddenly. I touched my cheeks and my fingers came away wet. I was crying. I didn't want to cry. Why am I crying? My hands trembled. Suddenly I couldn't hold it in and the breaths came out of me without my will. I gasped and gasped as the tears rolled down my cheeks. I'm going to die.

Something tugged at the back of my uniform and pulled me up. And a voice, something even louder than the barrage of shells shook my bones.

"LITTLE BOY. DO NOT BE AFRAID. AZAN IS HERE. THERE IS NO ROOM FOR EVIL. THEY WILL NOT HARM YOU." Azan had his great-mace hoisted over his shoulder. He looked outward toward the dam with an arcane expression.

Little... boy?

The giant of a man ran out toward the middle of the pathway and swung his mace as he went. The great hunk of steel cracked the concrete and let craters the size of tires.

"COME OUT AND FIGHT AZAN LIKE A HONORABLE SOLDIER. COME AND FIGHT AZAN!" He bellowed such absurdities that I couldn't help but be transfixed at how absolutely fearless he was. By the time he reached mid-way through the dam, he started to attack the structure in earnest. He took his mace in both hands and thrust it repeatedly into the concrete below him. The first hit bounced off, but the second cracked the static-materia. The third tore chunks from the structure, and then the following strikes dug more and more into the artificial stone. Cracks started to appear on the surface of the structure.

What in the world is he doing!? He's going to get blown to smithereens!

Though moments passed and none of the cannoneers directed their fire at Azan. The bridge knight just kept smashing into the concrete like a human wrecking ball. After about two minutes he had already dug about a foot into the structure.

He's... he's calling their bluff? Are they not firing on him because they're afraid they'll damage the dam?

Suddenly that absurd brashness that the knight embodied no longer seemed so naive and earnest. I realized that beneath that moral and stupid persona lay a cunning and brave soldier. I should get up. I should get up.

I am First Lieutenant Dolores Selmy, eldest daughter of Major Rhodes Selmy. I am the inheritor of these accursed eyes. I will most definitely not fail before this mission begins in earnest!

I am she who suffers!

Manifest! CHAIN REVOLVER! Dimension Rending Guns! Arcus Diabolus: Bolverk!

Black Mesa: Hydro-Electric Power Facility Exterior: Strike Team Vs. NOD Stealth Tanks
OST: C&C: Tiberian Dawn - Prepare for Battle (Remix)

ARES Plasma weapon was more then able to blow apart the metal door to the building on their side of the dam, but when she went to jet in, she suddenly impacted against...thin air?
After the force of the impact, there was static charge in the air as A advanced looking Tank suddenly appeared, it's stealth cloak getting damaged slightly after ARES impacted into the front of it.
Not caring for the war bot's interruption, it then rolled out of the building as a few dozen Armored soldiers piled out from one of the stairwells that lead down into the dam and used their Tank as cover as they began to open fire on the incoming forces.
The Tank (which the serial number labelled it "NOD-4") meanwhile came to a halt in order to toss ARES off it before it's mounted cannons pointed downward at the mech on the ground before opening fire.

Insaneo was able to use the terminal mode on his goggles to make out a series of 4 tanks in the air, all but one (The one ARES just got to know) using their camo to avoid detection.
NOD-1 was parked in the middle of the road going over the dam, in front of the Blast Doors they would have to take down to enter the base, NOD-2 was mounted on the building itself behind it, NOD-3 was on their side of the dam atop the mesa and the last one was currently rolling into battle right in front of them. (Tank Locations Diagram).

While he wasn't entirely sold on Teri's idea first, upon hearing her confirm she was on the inside, all doubt left Rugal's mind.
Once she was done and inside the dam, he wouldn't help but feel a bit of pride, stating "That's my little girl..." as Edge began asking for their next move, snapping him out of it.
"We need to take out that those tanks before they take us out! See if you can get under them, armor will be weaker there. Me and West will handle the grunts. Garm, follow my lead and and don't let that thing turn you into road kill. Go-GO!" He ordered before bringing up his Dark Barrier over his arm like a shield and charging into battle, attempting the draw the fire of the infantry.

David meanwhile was forced to pull back, I mean, NOD-4 was getting uncomfortably close to his original sniping perch for his liking.
Vaulting behind cover and firing off a few well placed body shots in the process, he was considering his next move then Azan decided to go all man-mode on the dam, trying to knock it down.
"HEY! MIND TAKING OUT YOUR AGGRESSION ON SOMETHING SMALLER THEN YOU INSTEAD!? LIKE THE GUYS SHOOTING AT US?!" He quipped as the pair of tanks posted on the far side (NOD-1 and NOD-2) began to fire upon him, while one could argue the merits of using tank cannons to stop someone from damaging the dam, it still meant they were raining down fire on the Knight.
It was then he noticed Dolores pull out a fair of pretty awesome looking pistols, anything that exploded was always welcome in his book.
"LIEUTENANT! GO FOR THE THREADS! THE ARMOR WILL BE WEAKER THERE!" He called out as he took a few more shots from cover, nailing a few unlucky sods who stood still for too long.
"SO...ENJOYING YOUR FIRST DAY ON THE JOB?! PRETTY AWESOME, AIN'T IT?!" He quipped, even in the heat of battle, he was a slave to a good joke.
Glancing back at Faith and Ryan as they seemed to be casually strolling though the battlefield, he looked back before saying "OI JENN-...FAITH! CAN I GET SOME BARRIERS OVER HERE!? CONCRETE ONLY SO DOES SO MUCH FOR TANK SHELLS!"

Back with Blade, Caim and Ton-Ton, their attempts to avoid most of the fire instead lead them right into the path of NOD-3 as it uncloaked in front of their path.
"I got this!" Blade cockily said to his partners before sprinting towards the firing tank, pulling out a series of kunai before swiftly jumping above the machine and peppering it with about half a dozen of them.
He landed behind them, posing slightly before he pressed a button on his belt, causing them all to flash orange for a moment before each knife exploded.
"Thank you! Tank You, you've been a wonderful audience! Haha!" He gloated as the smoke began to settle...
Revealing a scorched, but very much still intact NOD Tank slowly turning around to fire at him.
"Huh-oh shi-" The amateur Strider said as he realized his mistake before retreating behind one of the rocks as the tank opened fire, right before it rotated back at Caim and Ton...

Back in the skies above the Dam, NOD-2 began to engage the remaining targets, namely Angelus and Nadalia.
The pilot hit a button that made large metal spikes appear on the threads before using them to dig into the rock face, allowing it to "Climb" along side it like a spider up a wall.
Now positioned at a 90 degree angle on the sheer rock face above the valley, the main unit of the tank began to rotate into a better firing position before doing just that: opening fire on everything it saw.

Black Mesa: Hydro-Electric Power Facility Interior: Teri

As the battle raged on outside, the Cleric was able to push though the currents of the outflow tunnel (Squishy taking care of that for the most part).
Before long, she soon found herself staring down the main turbine array for the dam, about 4 series of rotors all spinning dangerously fast from the water current.
If she got too close to them, they would turn her into a fine red mist.
Now, it was just a matter of figuring out how to disable them all, as well as not get sucked in and torn apart.

Black Mesa: Dr. William Birken's Office: Inuart, Albert Wesker Dr. William Birken

Wesk-..."Birkin" quickly turned around his chair before bringing up the fake email that Katya had sent.
"Our fears are confirmed, they managed to find some way to track me down. Cortex is in their grasp and we can only assume they are coming for us next. Now, our defenses are top of the line and we should be able to hold, but I still think you should get out of here. I don't believe they know you are still alive and for your safety, I suggest we keep it that way." He explained as he brought up another display, this time detailing a small transport being loaded up in the hanger.
"I'm doing to try and get in contact with Bison. You meanwhile will take this transport out of the state. Once I get though to Bison, He'll instruct the pilots to bring you to him. We'll need to be fast about it, I'm not sure how much of a head start we have." He then added, speaking too fast for Inuart to even get a word in.
"If they have my name, then they must know where I work, so I'm guessing we have about a day or two before they show up in for-"

"Attention all personnel! There is a enemy force trying to make it's way into the base from the Hydro-electric plant. All Black Hand units report to sector 4 surface access. We are now at DEFCON 1, This is not a drill, repeat, This is not a drill!"

"...Dammit, Dammit, DAMMIT!" Wesker said as the Base's Kommander spoke over the intercoms before bringing up a feed of the battle raging above them, the hidden camera catching a familiar looking shadow in the sky as G-Corp VTOLs began to land.
What Inuart might have noticed more though was the appearance of a red dragon flying past one of the cameras.
"How the hell-...Inuart, get to the hanger. I need to get the Redeemer online. We don't have much time before they breach the labs. You need to get out of here before then. Get going!" The Administrator ordered as he began to rally the base's online defense grid as alarms sounded throughout the base.

Location: Hydro-Electric Dam | Black Mesa
Liberty is a thing beyond all price.


The Bridge Knight leaped backwards and let the tank shells slam into the dam. The kinetic shells did more damage to the wall than Azan ever could with his great-mace, causing slabs of concrete to slip off of the larger superstructure and smash into the valley below. There are none that may challenge me upon a bridge.

"HEY! MIND TAKING OUT YOUR AGGRESSION ON SOMETHING SMALLER THAN YOU INSTEAD!? LIKE THE GUYS SHOOTING AT US?!" Azan faintly heard David over the constant barrage of explosions. This was a chaotic fight indeed.

Yet there are none which my command Azan. Not now. When a second barrage of tank shells and missiles converged on Azan's location, he charged forward. The barrage of shells broke hard against the concrete of the dam. By now the outer shell of the dam was beginning to become compromised. Any more and the internal superstructure would be open to damage. Yet, heading David's half-plea half-snark Azan ignored his original catch-22 strategy and charged the infantry lines, tackling into one of the soldiers and slamming another off into the gorge with his great-mace. Their low-caliber rifle fire did little to deter Azan, whose armor was built to withstand the hard strikes of demon Apostles.

Azan turned to watch the fight on the other side of the dam.

There the little boy was, standing up. His long blonde hair had come undone and he had in his hand two massive weapons. His voice was soft, but Azan could hear it, strangely enough. It was a voice that seem to come from all around him at once.

"Type XI: Optic Barrel."

His voice was soft and calm. Almost without emotion. It was so serene, especially in this sort of chaos, that it was more unsettling than anything he had experienced in this world so far.

NOD-4 was launched into the air as a massive detonation ripped the ground under it asunder. There was no projectile, no logic. Not even line-of-sight, but whatever those weapons had summoned had created an explosion that shook Azan's armor even this far out.

"Engaging combat parameters. Combat limiters removed. Unit memories repressed. Combat paradigms activating. Kido, kido, kido. Engaging combat." His voice was flat. Lifeless. Like a doll. That boy wielding the guns ignored David and dashed forward with an astounding speed, beating even Azan at his best. Such a small creature packing such strength!

The gun-wielding boy slammed into the back of NOD-4 as it was about to land from it's trip into the sky.

"Type V: Assault Through."

Then he flipped and slammed the bottom of the tank with the heel of his foot, launching the tank back into the air.

"Type III: Spring Raid."

He jumped after the tank and spun in the air, firing those strange weapons all the way, filling the air around him with yellow fire.

"Type XIII: Revolver Blast."

The tank was in free-spin now, but the Lieutenant was not done. He vanished again and appeared on top of the tank, aimed his guns down and the started firing mercilessly into the cockpit of the tank.

"Flash Suppressor: Finisher"

And then one last 'bullet,' larger than the previous ones, hit NOD-4 and slammed it back into the ground. The Lieutenant reappeared back in his original position and placed the two pistols together. They clicked and let out a soft hiss alongside smoke and two spent shell casings.

"Combo Complete. Chain Revolver cooling down. Damage dealt: 4500, combo length - 10. Heat gained, 50%. Distortion Drive ready."

Oh. Azan slowly realized as he fended off the CQC attempts of another one of the soldiers. That actually might be a maiden. How embarrassing.

Black Mesa: Hydro-Electric Power Facility Exterior: Strike Team Vs. NOD Stealth Tanks
OST: C&C: Tiberian Dawn - Prepare for Battle (Remix)

Invisible...invisible tanks? Insano thought. That's impossible! That's insidious! That's ingenious! I might just have to nick that for myself... Standing up, he shouted, "TANKS! FOUR OF THEM! TWO ON THE DAM-" Insano pointed to their positions ONE ON THE CLIFF-" Insano pointed that one out, just as ARES collided with the tank rolling in on their position, uncloaking itself. "AND THAT ONE!" Insano said, just as all the tanks uncloaked themselves. "Why do I even-"

Edge took a deep breath. Just a moment ago, he had thought he was done for, but now...he wasn't feeling 100%, but he felt better. Hearing a pattering in the dust, he realized that most of the shrapnel lodged in his body was gone, presumably pushed out by his own body, and had fallen on the ground. Snapping out of his daze, he turned to Nickolai. "Do you have any grenades?"

Nickolai looked on his person, and shook his had. "Niet, friend. My granada were on the helo."

Edge turned to Insano. "Brainy, do you have anything that blows up good?"

"Not the way you want, no." Insano said. "About the best thing I can give you is a stinkbomb."

"And I didn't bring any explosives..." Edge muttered. "I guess we're going to have to do this the hard way." Taking off his now shredded robe, he said, "I'm going to help David and with the tank on the cliff. Nickolai, does your rifle have APR's?"

Nickolai shook his head. "Not any that can pierce that kind of armor."

Edge nodded. "Insano, can you pilot one of these things?"

"Not only CAN I-" Insano said. "But I would consider it a privilege!"

"Good. Then we're gonna try to do that. Nickolai, you help out over at the bridge and lay down suppressing fire. Insano, you see if you can do something about-" Just as Edge turned around, Selmy was laying the smackdown on the tank that had been heading their way. "...those two tanks on the dam. I suppose."

Nickolai and Insano nodded, and Insano began walking towards the dam, blasting metal at the tanks as he did. Nickolai took up a defensive position at the bottom of the cliff, and began shooting at the soldiers that had come from the tank on the bridge. Edge, meanwhile, walked over to Ryan and Faith. "What are the odds that one of you would be able to attack the person in that tank up there without doing damage to the tank itself?"

As ARES was thrown from the tank she had collided with, the guns on an artillery unity pointed squarely down at her, her eyes went wide as she could almost hear the launch of it's shell crush her like an insect that wandered too close to someone's boot. Surprisingly however, as she leaped back and onto her feet she did hear the blast of an explosion, and was sent backwards from such concussive force that she wound up back at the landing site to see the tank being shot to shreds... by Dolores well over 30 feet in the air!!

(Well... I should make a mental note here to never criticize them on their choice of apparel again, thank them for saving my skin, AND TELL THEM THE HELL OFF FOR NEARLY BLOWING ME UP THEMSELVES!!)

Shaking the simulated shell shock from her skull as she got back onto her feet she quickly located her Fusion Cannon and, seeing the tank up on the cliff beside them about to give Caim and Blade a rough time, she figured it would be best to interfere with that...

Breaking into a sprint she used her jump jets to get on level with the tank as she let fly a few low charge (roughly 2-2.5 second charge out of a possible 5) shots, which would travel quite a lot faster and have less of an explosive radius, but if nothing else allow a higher rate of fire.

She landed on top of the tank, and using her afterburners to get as high into the air as possible (about 50 feet) a small dome of energy surrounds her feet as she begins plummeting feet first MUCH faster than she really should in the given time frame. As the distance grows shorter between NOD-3 and herself, the energy dome on her feet has evidently charged during the descent, and she crashes into it with such force that if she doesn't just go through it and leave a crater she'll probably have broken the guns off the top of it at very least.

Black Mesa: Hydro-Electric Power Facility Exterior: Strike Team Vs. NOD Stealth Tanks
OST: C&C: Tiberian Dawn - Prepare for Battle (Remix)

The Many artillery shells firing from the Tanks were enough to make the ground tremble, and the concrete was shredded like paper.
Such a situation would normally inspire panic But Selena swallowed her fear and forced a calm mind set, this was one of the laws of elemental magic, emotional discipline, her fingers traced ancient runes, a simple Focusing charm
The shout made her snap back into the reality she readied her wand and tilted her witch hat downward to keep the sun out of her eyes.
With a wave of her wand a murmured chant a suddenly the heroes found themselves surround by a prismatic sphere the large shells deflecting off the walls of the sphere.

Austin Texas: Icarus
It was not a pleasant trip in Texas He landed in the city with his handheld device pining that indicated the door was close eh had to find a place to land, using an illusion to make him appear as a huge black bird he swooped down into an alley he sighed, the illusion fell apart the minute he touched the ground.
The sun was hot he had taken off his cloak but the black shirt and leggings were black and intensely hot even with the chain-mail serving as a heat sink he felt like he spent an hour in an oven, as he stepped out he saw a huge crowd listening a a man on the podium he felt dizzy and stumbled, onto the street leaning against a light post, the door t the Vault was close but he was dehydrated and in danger of a sunstroke.

Avatar Adventure | The Rising Dawn | Black Mesa Damn LZ

All hell was breaking out on top of the dam. The stealth tanks had been quite the surprise, especially for Katya who should have been able to sense some sort of radio transmission being emitted from their communications antennae. Fortunately it seemed that the group had it handled. There was an explosion on the near side of the dam as the new chick (Selmy) demolished the crap out of a Stealth Tank with some sort of combo chain attack.

Hopping off of the VTOL, Katya ordered her grunts to follow her as she took cover behind the wreckage of the freshly wrecked tank. Looking over the side, she saw that there were still 3 tanks remaining with one focusing on Anti-Air Attacks, specifically shooting missiles at the Dragon and Cadolbolg.

"Ballzzz." The Haxxx0r muttered to herself as she saw that there was yet another tank between her and the one focusing on the Dragon duo. Measuring her options, the young woman had two choices. She could have assaulted the tank closest to her but that would have burned more time than she would allow herself, potentially getting the Dragons injured. The other choice that she could see was dividing her group, sending a group to distract the closest tank while she and her main force assaulted the rear tank.

"I need 10 on that tank over there, B3WP." The l33t haxxx0r said to B3WP who relayed her orders.

Like the clockwork cogs that they were, Ten of the Former Mercs stood up and headed for the closest of the Stealth Tanks, their guns erupting in a percussive symphony, the reports of their guns bouncing off of the canyon walls, the tinkling of the bullet casing as they hit the ground. It was almost enough to bring a tear to the eyes of the haxxxor as she lead the remainder of the group towards rearmost tank, now perched on a 90 degree cliff face.


Turning around, Katya noted the fact that she was now 10 grunts down, the agile tank having opted to squish them into a paste rather than waste its ammunition on them. It was fine though, if everything went according to plan, Katya would be up one tank by the end of this.

"Light that bitch up!" The techno-wizard yelled to her remaining marines who opened fire a few milliseconds like, sending explosive slugs around the tank. Inside the safety of the tank's cabin, the Stealth Tank's crew was probably laughing at what horribly poor aim the Infested Grunts had, never realizing the full danger that they were in. It wasn't until the cliff face started breaking off that they realized what was happening but by then it was already too late... the tank was in full free fall.


The Tank's treads and suspension too the brunt of the impact as it landed right side up. Despite the marvels of technology, the the fall left the crew dazed, disoriented and vulnerable. Outside, the Haxxxor opened up an access panel and popped the hatches on the tank, exposing the crew to both sunlight and her grunts.

"No no no no no NOOOO!!!' The tanks driver yelled as he was pulled out of the tank and tossed over the side of the dam. The gunner soon followed as did the loader. The Tank commander was the only one who made it easy as he opted to exit the tank while his crew was unceremoniously ejected from tank. Finding himself surrounded, he leaped over the side of the damn, aiming for the deeper part of the river below.

Waving to the dragon, Katya hopped into the tank's cabin and started working on the unlocking the controls.

Tank Interface:

>> echo username
>> login #209
>> **********
Incorrect Password!
>> login admin
>> echo | deepcrypt /usr/admin.passwd
access granted!
>> /etc/init.d/DRM disable
>> install /dev/bt001/b3wp.src
b3wp.src installation completed

"Now I have a tank, ho ho ho." Katya said with a smile as she hopped off the tank before it cloaked itself, heading off in the direction of Tank #3.

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The President, Wanderer, and Merlin Feat. Dr. Zero
Location: Angel Research Sector | USA: Black Mesa Research Facility
OST: .Hack/Infection: Castle Dungeon extended

With everything spouting from Zero's mouth, The President only grew angry when mentioning nothing with what he asked. Pulling out one of his signature pistols, The President seemed ready for blood. "I'll get something from yo-" Before finishing his sentence, the leader noticed that that Merlin smiled and walked ahead of the two, yet the aura around him was far from amused. "Hmm, you seem rather pitiful for one who studies higher beings. You learn, yet you believe you are above." Merlin said, his gentle, smooth tone turning colder.

Wanderer's instincts realized what could happen. Pulling back the President, he shook his head. "This is beyond both of our powers." As the two went to the back of the room where the guards lurked, Merlin gave a short burst of laughter. "I can see you believe humanity can control everything ... I've met people like that, not the best things have happened to them." Merlin said, giving a cold gaze towards Zero. Coming from the background of a legend, the master Wizard knew much about holy and dark magic, and how one should not mess with it.

Shaking his head, Merlin waved his hand quick enough to obstruct his face and body, and it seemed he took on a different appearance. By the time he looked different, he sat in a stone chair that he seemed to spawn out of nowhere. Not only that, colourful, mystic flowers covered the floor below him, and his white hair grew very long. "I give you one chance to reveal your secrets ... One. Single. Chance." He smirked, playing around with his hair as he casually sat in that chair.

Of course Merlin did not take this man seriously, wanting only to play with his mind. Even if he underestimated Zero, it could only be delivered in return, but, Merlin has the advantage of not giving his identity away.

*Entering combat*

Suddenly a loud siren flared overhead.

"Attention all personnel! There is a enemy force trying to make it's way into the base from the Hydro-electric plant. All Black Hand units report to sector 4 surface access. We are now at DEFCON 1, This is not a drill, repeat, This is not a drill!"

"Hmm, how interesting." Merlin said mockingly.
In the back of the room, both President and Wanderer knew what was happening.

No bother man, I've been there :D

The President, Wanderer, and Merlin Feat. Dr. Zero
Location: Angel Research Sector | USA: Black Mesa Research Facility
OST: KOF 2002 UM: Dark Gravitation

"I give you one chance to reveal your secrets ... One. Single. Chance."
"It seems that you share the misguided anger that plagues your comrade's administration. You presume that merely because I thread past the comfort zone of the arcane arts, that I am "Pitiful". And who are you to come before me? I have used my talents to do more for humanity then you could ever dream. The fact I work from the shadows where men fear to venture doesn't sully my intent..." Zero explained as as too flexed his power to match Merlin's display, a dark aura starting to surround him as the alarms and sirens blared around them, the cries of the lab's defense forces being able to be heard over them barely.
The Aura began to grow as pair of feral looking creatures oozed from the shadows behind him, taking a form akin to a panther as they snarled at Zero's "Guests".

"Attention Angel Research Staff, secure the President, repeat, secure the President!" Kane shouted over the intercom, resulting in a evil smile appearing on Zero's face.
"I believe that could be arranged...." He said before-...disappearing? as his panthers began to dive into the floor as if it was mere water.
A tense silence filled the air as the soldiers moved to get the president out-
"GAHHHHHHHHHH!" one of them screamed before holding their chest, twitching for a moment before suddenly falling flat on the floor.
This quickly happened to much of the remaining forces, Merlin able to see way as the panther's attacked the shadows of the men, focusing not on their mortal shells but rather their very souls, dispatching them without so much as a papercut.
Panic quickly sank in as they opened fire on the panthers, pumping the floor full of lead to no avail as they were each taken down one by one.
Wanderer quickly moved over to the President before trying to get him out of the room, a plan that was halted once Zero suddenly appeared before them.
Quickly striking the floor with his fist, he suddenly brought up a Dark Vortex of some kind, swiftly taking them off their feet before sucking them inside to some shadowy prison.
Once they were inside, he closed it again with a swift toss of his bladed cloak, sealing up the portal before saying "They are safe where they are...more then I can say for you..."
Taking a moment to recall his pets, he then slowly cracked his knuckles as he said "Not all of my research was hand delivered by the military, I've learned how to use my life's work to my advantage...And it's times like these I find the most interesting of all..."
A evil laugh escaping his lips, he then sicced his beasts on Merlin.

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Black Mesa: Hydro-Electric Power Facility Exterior: Strike Team Vs. NOD Stealth Tanks
OST: C&C: Red Alert 3 - Rock and Awe

It went without saying that the driver NOD-4 REALLY wished that he had went into ANY of the other tanks when Delores suddenly ended up unleashing a massive combination of attacks, the only thing that really gave him comfort in death was how cool that most likely looked from the outside, something David was keen to point out.
"...NOW THAT'S HOW YOU FIGHT! FROM NOW ON, THAT'S HOW YOU FIGHT!" He shouted over to Delores as he pushed up along with the rest of the G-Corp grunts, only to stop when Faith suddenly teleported right beside him.
"Alright, move up and take the-JESUS CHRIST?!....God! Faith, you trying to give me a heart attack?!" He whined as he brought his hand to this chest for a moment to calm himself down, right as both the Gardevoir and Selena began to cover the main forces advance from projectiles.
"Nice one, Keep it up girls! They'll be raining fire on us until we get inside and I forgot to pack my umbrella!" He urged the two spell casters[1] As Ryan came over, talking about bringing in some backup.
"Alright, come with me. BLONDI! (Rugal) Need to cover the kid for a moment while he phones a friend, Keep the push going!" He said before dragging Ryan by the arm towards one of the walls that had yet to be blown up, shoving him behind it as he peered out of it to land a few more shots.
"I hope for both our asses that you aren't just getting Sonia O'Sullivan or something...Then again, I heard she was in the Navy at one point..." The sniper casually quipped as the battle raged on around them.

Blade meanwhile was able to peak out of cover in time to see ARES suddenly zoom in before engaging the tank he had failed to disable, watching her slam clean though it before standing up from the impact.
"....Errrr...Thanks...I-...softened it up for ya..." He murmured, looking rather embarrassed about having to be bailed out like that, glancing over to a disapproving Caim as he seemed to grumble something to himself, whatever statement he made seemed to frighten Ton Ton a little.
"Hey, you guys alright?..."
"...I heard him think "there had better be more inside." Ton answered, causing Caim to grin a little before adding [color=darkblue]"No matter. I'll just get the next enemy Blade "Thanks" in combat..."[/color]
"Hey, normally that move works, alright?!" The Strider snapped as the Swordman threw him a cheeky grin, right before the ground started to shake beside them.
On both sides of the dam, a series of large imposing Obelisks began to raise out of hidden compartments, a total of 5.
Each one had a rather large laser emitter at the top of them, something they were doing to find out first had as the began to charge an-

Hydro-Electric Power Facility Interior - Teri vs. Turbines?

The Turbines of the Dam spun ominously before the Cleric, who was in turn trying to assess what would take down the sources of power. Squishy had already began blubbering in Aquatic that he would require more elementals than himself to even consider Vortexing the turbines to destruction; and a lack of any proper bombs on her person made attempting to destroy the turbines difficult, which only left one other option. Instructing her faithful elemental to keep her steady in the water, Teri began to focus upon charging the Kaiser Wave.
Moving her arms back, he built up a nice bundle of Ki energy before firing it off, shouting out "Kaiser Wav-WHOA!" before the surge of energy knocked her back, nearly cracking her skull against the concrete if it wasn't for Squishy padding her recoil with his mass.
Either way, it worked like a treat as the underwater wave cut though the turbines one by one, the fact it was pushing aside water seemed to increase it's effectiveness.

And back topside

Almost as suddenly as they appeared, The Obelisks soon seemed to shut down as Teri finished taking out the Dam's turbines, robbing them of power they needed, making them an impressive, but useless, piece of decoration.
"...Alright, that happened...Think we better get moving. I don't want to be around when they plug those things back in..." Blade then said as they re-grouped with the main body of the strike force.

Rugal was able to keep the attackers moving forward, him and Azan making a big dent in their forces as Katya showed a few unlucky defenders what "A-Move" meant and Elise gave a tank crew a lifelong case of arachnephobia (provided they even survived this encounter).
Soon, the entire landing team was able to make their way to the base's blast doors, Rugal taking a moment to give it a quick "Test", namely punching it and not even leaving a dent in it.
"Hm...I see Wesker still uses the fancy stuff for his blast doors...Alright, Demo team, Get in position. We need this door down before they can get the power back up!" He quipped to himself as he rubbed his fist before bringing up his Communication Ring.
"Teri, It's me, you get out alright?"
"Everything's fine. Still got the water breathing boots, Squishy's leading me out of it no-
...That too."

"That's my girl. We're blowing the doors now, I'll have a few of Kazuya's men pick you up, unless you feel like climbing."
"In soaking wet robes and in the desert? Pass."
"Tch, Alright, keep in touch."
He smirked as he watched ARES get into position.

*chk* ARES stifled back a slight chuckle at Rugal's test on the door. "For all your strength I don't think an unarmed fist is the best way to open something meant to block explosives... let's see..." ARES trailed off jokingly as she raised her Fusion Cannon with a motion for everyone to stand back, barring anyone on the ground with any explosives handy.

"We'll probably be able to keep a lot of our ammo supply if we shoot all at once, and the rest of you aim for where the door meets the building." She said to what of the G-corp grunts managed to land with them.

"on three." She said as her fusion cannon was already charging. "One... Two..." As the Fusion Cannon's bolt reached it's full charge, a huge concussive ball of plasma was visibly extending out of the barrel of their gun.

"THREE!" She barked, as the explosives were let fly. The result was a musty cloud of dust choked air, and as it cleared, the combined explosives were enough to weaken the building around the blast door, not the door itself... however, the door lay a good 15 feet away from it's initial position, a HUGE scorch mark from it's central impact with the Fusion Cannon's blast having rent it wholly from the building it once defended.

The second the doors were blown open, every single combatant waiting on the otherside (Least the ones that weren't crushed by the door being blown up) in the Building's Lobby opened fire, in some cases Literally from their cover, having moved in some of the more bulkier lab equipment in to re-enforce themselves.
There was also some laser gun turrets on the ceilings, but with the base's power cut, they wouldn't be shooting at anyone anytime soon, much to the concern of the base's security.
As the remaining G-Corp VTOLs began to try and set up a forward base by their landing zone, the sounds of missiles rang out as did the peppering of bullets all over the dam as a entire fleet of Attack Craft began to fly into the area, shooting at everything that moved, including the team.

[1] I think Faith is close enough to the term to be counted as such

Avatar Adventure | The Rising Dawn | Black Mesa Damn LZ
Damn this Damn Dam Dammit!

Great. Not only was there a horde of heavily entrenched goons firing from cover in the dam's lobby but there was a veritable fleet of NOD Venoms flying overhead, shooting at everything and everything that wasn't nailed down. Katya's newly acquired stealth tank took a few shots to its side before it was able to successfully stealth out... which didn't make a like of difference since the Venoms were able to detect the tank and rained more shots down on the vehicle.

"Little Miss, I am afraid that this tank cannot sustain many more direct hits from the aircraft overhead." B3WP stated as it maneuvered the tank onto the bridge, giving a bit more room to move.

"I know! I know!" The Rising Dawn's Resident Techhead yelled in frustration as she ordered the tank to fire a number of missiles on the assault craft overhead, causing a few of the fragile and lightly armored fighters to crash either into the side of the canyon or into the water of the reservoir.

Looking around with an eye for RTS strategies, Katya noted that area around the dam was fairly open with not a lot of space to hide from the assault craft overhead. There was one spot, however and Katya might have been crazy enough to do it.

"BEWP. Let's crash a party." Katya said as she ordered her remaining grunts behind the tank to offer covering fire from the Venoms, "Go!"

On her order, the tank's engines roared to life, it's treads kicking up a cloud of concrete as it sped towards its destination, the Dam's lobby.

"Everyone outta the way!" The Haxxx0r yelled as the tank crashed through the over sized doors and into the lobby, kicking up a tremendous amount of smoke and dust as lab equipment and met went flying through the air. The dust was soon joined by a overly liberal sprinkle of bullets as the grunts stormed the lobby.

Location: Black Mesa Lobby | Black Mesa
The Devil is not so black as She is painted.


I... I can't. The air around me is so cold. I don't like this. Mom! Dad! I don't like this! Where am I!? There's blood everywhere. Its flying out toward me. This fire, this cursed yellow flame exploding. No. I can't. What is all of this?

Who is this lunatic!?

She's not listening to anyone, her eyes. They're empty and dead. She doesn't acknowledge the camaraderie of her friends.

David, no get away. Don't get so close to her!

She dashed forward into the lobby, Bolverk shook themselves into action. They found the beating hearts of those soldiers and tore them apart with a foreign force. That girl had no remorse. No desire, not even respect in her killing. She was just walking forward, arms out and fingers on the trigger.

One, two, three, four, seven, ten, twenty. The gunshots are so loud my ears are ringing.

Something from behind. The roar of an engine. She ducks, doesn't even have to look and spins around beneath the tank, guns still firing. My clothes... they're filthy. Oil, smoke, dust, blood. The blood will never wash off. She ran forward, kicking off the tank as she went. Others charged in. Fire filled the room, but the lunatic does not feel the heat of the weapons. She spins in the air and lets of three more volleys, turning more men into nothing more than quivering piles of flesh. These guns, armor can not stop them. They do not fire bullets. No. These guns can tear apart people from the inside.

It's awful. They're awful. Awful, awful, awful, awful, awful...

Four and twenty. Four and twenty men. She's killed a quarter of a hundred men.

In a hail of bullets and flame she's untouched, this monster. This... devil. She's not human. She's not human. It's like she's some sort of doll being possessed by a demon.

She's not me... she can't be me...

Something in front of me. A man, a soldier. He's charging at me with his rifle, not firing anymore. He swings, I flinch. I close my eyes. I don't want to watch.

It wasn't me. It wasn't me. It wasn't me. I fell backwards, but I was behind him suddenly, I fell backwards into him, my entire weight launching him out, smashing his body into the ceiling. His armor, I heard it break. He's bleeding through the cracks in his suit. Blood, so much.

His body falls onto the tank below him, some rubble joins him in his rest.

Twenty-five. I've killed twenty five people today. I want to stop, so why can't I stop!?

This girl's a monster. She's not getting hit. She's too fast. She's... she's... oh my god! Someone help me! Bolverk clicked again and let out a hiss. Two more canisters fell to the floor.

"Chain revolver combo complete. Bolverk cooling down. 25 total hits. Four drive attacks, one counter-assault. total heat count currently at 47%."

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Black Mesa: Hydro-Electric Power Facility Exterior: Strike Team - Breaking and Entering
OST: C&C: Red Alert 3 - Rock and Awe

Caim, Ton Ton

With the sudden disappointment of his query being stolen from him, (as well as some gentle ribbing in Blade's direction), the push of varying forms of destruction, from ARES' bomb, to Katya's tank "driving" skills and Selmy's rapid fire tactics with her guns, it was high time for Caim to show damn well why he was considered for the ground forces. Cracking a grin at his allies' choice of tactics, Caim plucked Ton Ton from his shoulder and gave him to Blade, patting the little Tonberry on the head before relaying his thoughts to the Grovyle, "I have an idea, but you can't go with me, Ton Ton. Not exactly. Keep an eye on him for me, will you Blade?" before beginning a sprint towards the Tank Katya commandeered, leaving Ton Ton to hang onto Blade's shoulder while processing the request -
"He...what?" Ton Ton paused; his mind beginning to receive 'images' of what Caim had planned, eyes widening in realization before giving an exasperated cry, "Mr. Caim, you're crazy!"

Unfortunately, Ton Ton's objection fell on deaf ears, as the Mute Swordsman kept charging toward Katya's tank, hopped once, and began running up it's top, before giving one final jump. Caim went flying into the air, and readied Swordsmasher mid descent, bringing the blade's flat down on the floor and sending a shockwave out to the troops in front of him. Unfortunately for them, this also meant that Caim had gained some degree of magical energy within Swordsmasher. With his battle grin still plastered on his face, Caim stood, before activating the invisibility magics within Swordsmasher - and winked out of the soldier's line of fire.

Teri, Angelus, Cadolbolg

Teri gave Squishy one last wave as the elemental began to return to his home plane, wringing out her robes as she did so. With the arrival of another VTOL as pickup to the dam proper, the Cleric heaved a heavy sigh. Even if she did her job with the dam, that still left the rest of Black Mesa's facilities to crawl through; and even after interrogating Cortex about what lay in there, Teri felt ill at ease for what was to come. Gently tapping her ring to call Garm to the proposed landing site of the (currently airborn) VTOL she was in, Teri could only wait until - BZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

A violent array of red laser beams suddenly rained down on her transport as a pack of the black attackcraft descended from the sky. Alarms flared, and smoke began to billow through parts of the cabin, the personnel panicking as they attempted to get the VTOL back under control.
"Dammit! Hold on. I might need to go in Ho-" Was the last words of the pilot before a stream of red hot death tore though the windscreen; shredding him and his co-pilot. Now with a pair of lifeless charred husks for pilots and the flight controls ruined beyond repair, the VTOL began a downward spiral back to Terra Firma.

Left with no other choice, Teri began a summoning incantation as she threw herself from the doomed craft, holding her hand out as the spell's chant was finished. An abnormally large eagle appeared underneath her, the Cleric giving a heavy "Oof!" when she landed. Pointing to the dam's topside, she weakly called to her temporary mount, "There, fast! Look for a black wolf." before clinging to dear life (and silently praying that those piloting the death machines wouldn't hit the eagle in the process).

Teri casts Summon Monster 4, calling up a Celestial Giant Eagle for help. The Eagle will stick around for 8 rounds, or 48 seconds.
12 Seconds till next 4th level spell.

However, a loud bellowing roar and the sight of a fireball flying past the eagle was a happy one indeed, as Angelus and Cadolbolg barreled past Teri; Angelus speaking to the Cleric via the rings, "Return to the ground swiftly, Cadolbolg and your's truly shall be getting our daily exercise and hold them off!"
Teri deigned it fit to not say much else, opting to keep a hold of the eagle as the sound of fireballs and lightning bolts filled the air and keep up the silent prayers to her God for safety.[1]

Speaking of the draconic pair, with Teri nearing the edge of the dam and the fleet appearing to fire upon the ground forcees, it was time for them to properly stretch their wings and do their leg of the job. For Angelus, that meant opening her great maw and focusing upon as many targets as she was able. With a moment to focus upon her homing fire, 8 smaller fireballs began their swift journey towards the aerial forces, Cadolbolg following through with his mother by charging another fighter, before swinging downward; bringing his sharp tail upon the cockpit. The tiny turtle dragon gave a (much smaller) roar of his own in imitation of Angelus as he did so, filling the larger red dragon's heart with pride - at least, for the short moment before she shot another blast at a member of the aerial forces.

[1] I'm going to assume by the end of this post she'll be on the ground/meeting with Garm

I'm sorry this is laaate! Q.Q

Black Mesa - Prior to the power outage Wesker Doctor Birkin, Inuart

Inuart felt a chill run down his spine when the finality of what was happening sunk in, his hand edging towards his sword as the alarms blared. With a confused look in his eyes, Inuart turned back to Wesker, his voice quiet with dread,"That dragon...Wes-... Doctor, I should stay here and fight by your side! You're my friend, and I owe you my life. Do you... really want me to leave?"

Wesker rubbed his temples at the query, knowing full well that while Inuart had his heart in the right place, this was not the time. Not if he wanted Bison to know what was going on...or for Inuart to remain out of the Dawn's hands. With a exasperated sigh, the doctor shook his head, and returned to his typing, but not before answering Inuart one last time, "Not really, but I do want you to live."

Inuart remained silent for another moment, before giving a quiet inclination of his head and turning towards the hangar, "Very well. I will not let your sacrifice be in vain!"
And so the bard ran to freedom, and yet, away from one of the few friends he had in this world.

I just realized this took more than a week. How the fucking fuck did that happen!?

The President, Wanderer, and Merlin Feat. Dr. Zero
Location: Angel Research Sector | USA: Black Mesa Research Facility
Merlin OST: Fate/Stay Night Emiya (guitar version)

The words that came from Doctor Zero's mouth was only a disappointment to Merlin. "You think you are a king ... or God. You don't know the place of a magus." He said, wearing his childish smirk, yet his eyes look as if they were focusing upon a failure. Merlin's mind was almost dumbfounded, after all, he did enter the room wearing a dragon tunic and unnatural hair, but he wondered if the Doctor's mind was racing to find out who this challenger is. Then Zero's dark powers began to create.

Remaining unnmoved, even as the creatures of the dark took shape, Merlin looked at them as if expecting more. "Shadow creatures. Not even familiars. I'll give you six points, needs more style though." He said, giving a relieved breath. With the sudden announcement over the intercom, and the capture of his comrades, Merlin seemed to look annoyed. "Yeah ... I'm making that four points now. Does thou have any other power?"

Before the beasts were ordered to tear the magus limb from limb, Merlin breathed normally. Yet with each breath, magic flowed through his body. His magical circuits were slowly raising his power, including the aura that surrounded him. For one who walked along side, and created magic, it was only natural for Merlin to conceal his true power. "Haha. I shalt tell you who I am, if ... You can get me off this seat." Merlin said, nodding to himself. Once that happens, it will be a true fight to him.

The dark beasts leap, towards the magus with intend to rip his jugular and throat. Raising his brow, it was a second before they approached, but a magic circle suddenly appeared below Merlin and his chair. Clicking his tongue with a satisfied smile, before darkness touched his flesh, the flowers below him opened up and thick vines spewed forth, impaling both beasts and tearing them apart.

Even if the flowers missed their attack, the magical circle below was a rather strong but thin barrier. It slowly spun as Merlin looked unsurprising.

"Please, throw something I can't see coming next time."

Steam Sales :P

The President, Wanderer, and Merlin Feat. Dr. Zero
Location: Angel Research Sector | USA: Black Mesa Research Facility
Merlin OST: Fate/Stay Night Emiya (guitar version)

"Please, throw something I can't see coming next time."

"Well, if you insist..." Zero merely said as his beast's remains sunk back into his shadow, reabsorbing the mass into his own aura.
"There is always something I find amusing about your kind...Of Mages who think themselves above others, that they can't be touched..." The Doctor said as he pulled out a remote from his coat, smirking as he pushed a button on it.
Right on cue, a series of panels on the walls and ceiling began to open up before more of those Power Suppression units from Wesk-..."Birkin's" office began to slide out.
"You will come to eat those words. And I will look forward to dissecting you myself..." Zero laughed as he pulled out a small gas mask from his coat and slipped it on, lest he also suffer from the effects of the T-Minus Vapors about to released into the room.
At least, that's what would have happened, had the power not suddenly cut out, disabling all the computer equipment and leaving all the unit's half cocked and useless as the torches in the lab provided the only light outside of Merlin himself.
"...Dammit...Must have disabled the Power Supply...No matter, I have other tricks..." He sighed as he took the mask off again before bringing up a dark vortex next to himself and reaching his hand though it, as if searching for something.
"...No...No...Ahhh...There we go...Hope your friend doesn't mind me borrowing this..." He chuckled in glee before pulling out something from the vortex, namely one of Wanderer's Nuke Launchers!
Firing off the cannon at the magician, the force of the mini-nuke blast shattered many of the glass tubes containing many of Zero's "Prizes", resulting in their contents spilling out onto the floor of the lab, alive but still knocked out from their containment.
Reeling a little from the explosion, Zero had a slightly shocked expression on his face as he looked at the weapon.
"...Your friend has good taste..." He laughed before casually lobbing it into another Vortex to return it to his owner.

Once he had done that, he closed his eyes and began to stretch out his arms, siphoning the darkness around him for additional power, just in case Merlin's barrier was able to absorb the force of the blast, he would need to up his game for his next attack.

Black Mesa: Dr. William Birken's Office: Inuart, Albert Wesker Dr. William Birken

The situation was quickly starting to get out of hand, much faster then Wesker would have predicted, it had gotten to the point that he was actively beginning to sweat as the Rising Dawn breached the upper levels.
At least Inuart was going to be able to get out before the base was completely overru-
All of a sudden, the entire room went black as Teri managed to cut the power, leaving the criminal mastermind in quite a bind.
Dammit...By the time I get the defenses back online, they'll be right in my office...grrrr...Have no choice then... He thought as the emergency power supply reached his office, giving him just enough power to relay the following order over the intercom.
"Dr. Breen, report to the Anti-Mass Spectrometer. All base units, make sure the doctor reaches the lab and no one else is allowed in. You wanted to witness the fruits of your theorems, now is the time. All departments, re-route power back into the base's defense grid and Sector C Test Labs. All Non-Base personnel report to the hanger bay for evacuation to the Daedalus aircraft. Ladies and Gentlemen...It's been an honor..."
And with that message sent, Wesker grabbed every watt of power he could muster to try and bring the defenses online in order to enact his final plan...

Back with Inuart, he stumbled along the darkness of the hallways until the emergency lights came on, the shade of dark red that filled the halls REALLY wasn't helping the panicked members of the science team as they all ran for their lives, dragging along family members and whatever belongings they could carry as the distant sounds of explosions and gunfire grew ever closer.
Before too long, he found himself greeted by a pair of the base's soldiers, stating "Sir, Dr. Birkin set up the transport. Keep up, we need to get out before they realize we're using the back door!" Before all three of them ran over to one of the transports, Inuart once again fleeing from the battlefield...

Secondary Power Grid activation in T-5 Posts: Upon activation, all base defenses will become Active!

As the doors were breached, and their welcoming party seemed very much less than pleased at the intrusion, ARES couldn't help but notice the Base's inactive defenses, and the fact that from the outside they were getting peppered by aircraft (least those not yet taken care of by Angelus and Cadolbolg) she figured it best also to leap into the fray alongside the tank piloted by Katya and the currently rampaging Dolores. She never was one much to shrink away from a fight anyhow, in the programming you know?

Using her jump jets, she hovered as quickly as she could over to one of the inactive turrets hanging on the ceiling, deciding it best not to get too unreasonably close to where the line of fire would likely be focused (standing to reason on Katya's tank.) Midair, ARES flipped upside down and clung onto the turret with her legs, and not even bothering to charge her plasma cannon, released a salvo of it's fire as fast as the trigger would allow at each of the guards below.

Which is also when the intercom message from Wesker came through the facility.

"Dr. Breen, report to the Anti-Mass Spectrometer. All base units, make sure the doctor reaches the lab and no one else is allowed in. You wanted to witness the fruits of your theorems, now is the time. All departments, re-route power back into the base's defense grid and Sector C Test Labs. All Non-Base personnel report to the hanger bay for evacuation to the Daedalus aircraft. Ladies and Gentlemen...It's been an honor..."

To this, they made two observations as they slung burning plasma at the grunts below.

Firstly, the power seems to be returning to the base, and focusing on the defenses... which could stall them greatly...

Second, with whatever is going on with "Dr. Breen" and this "Anti-Mass Spectrometer...

"I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think our run and gun grabbing of a wanted man just got a hell of a lot shorter time limit! Seems like the power's coming back, and from the sounds of it... I think he's trying to blow the place!!"

She says as she flips down from the turret she had mounted herself on, and gave that a 3 second bolt just to ensure it turns into a pile of scrap, and not one more gun to worry about if and when the power reaches this area of the facility.

Getting behind Katya's tank just in time to see Caim do exactly the opposite she cranked open the side barrel of her Plasma rifle to reload and... well, where she pulled the extra clip from was interesting to say the least.

"If I was in any position to give the Accord a piece of my mind right now, I'd tell them to work on making these damn fusion cores last a little longer..." she says as a compartment opened up in her chest, by the human ribcage to reveal... nothing. Virtually infinite empty space, and even as far as the eye can see, one couldn't peer to the other side to the inside of ARES back. Reaching in, she does however pull out the ammunition she needs and reloads for whatever may come next as the compartment automatically slams shut.[1]

[1] Basically what's just happened here is that ARES is made of a Crystite hybrid material. Now if you were to launch the Firefall game now, the intro cutscene is completely different, but at ARES' conception, it had actually stated that Crystite was a sort of super material that even drove mankind to accidentally create the melding trying to reinvent space travel to acquire even more of it in very far away meteorites.

The "Biosteel" that ARES is made of is made possible as it is infused with Crystite, and what makes it such a super material is that it has an, and I quote "Impossible Geometry." I interpret this in my characterization of ARES to mean Non-Euclidean... or, impossible to actually exist in a 3-dimensional space. Youtube search the game "Antichamber" for a rather unique way of looking at such a concept. Basically ARES units in my own spinoff (as they in the actual Firefall game are human being mercenaries) are much like that on the inside, and it houses their guns and ammunition.

Black Mesa: Lobby/Research Labs: Strike Team Vs. Black Mesa Staff

Katya was no doubt enjoying seeing what the famous "Squish" animation looked like in first person as she drove her tanks right into the middle of the tray, using it's armor to cover the others as well as just wreck shit.
Or in Dolores's case, a jumping board for her own brand of acrobatic combat as she kept her impressive kill streak going.
"SHIT! They got a tank! Now what?!" one of the defenders whined, he was not expecting to have to deal with this when he woke up this morning.
"Hang on, I have an idea!" one of the more stylish members of the guard said before leaping from the baloney on top of the tank.
Quickly pulling out a c4 charge, he slapped it on the entry hatch before jumping away, rolling to safety before blowing it up.
Now, the damage to the tank itself was pretty minimal, merely knocking the metal latch out of place and making it extremely hard to open, normally or with tools, but it was what the man said afterwards that was troubling: "Hatch is locked, cook the bastard!"
On cue, the Black Hand (AKA the guys with the flame throwers) focused "fire" on the tank, whatever lighter fluid they were using was much hotter then the leading brands as Katya soon began to make out all the metal inside her cockpit starting to turn bright red, making her suddenly wish for a functioning escape hatch...
Well, she would if she was actually in it and not just looking though the FOV of the marine who was actually, man, sucks to be that guy...

Back with Dolores, she did get her wish for someone to stop her when she suddenly found herself being struck in the chest by an unseen force, followed by a series of blows to her face and midsection, all topped up with her head getting trapped inside what seemed to be a pair of thighs before getting flipped over and her skull driven directly into the ground.
As she was getting up, her windpipe was suddenly cut off by a heavy boot as a woman stood over her, her stealth camo deactivating to allow her to get a good look at the gun she had now pointed in her face.
"Nice day for a kill, wouldn't you agree?..." She taunted as she went to pull the trigger, only for Caim's shockwave attack to knock her off her feet, right as the swordsman began to activate his own invisibility.
The emotions of the solders went as followed, surprised to confused to pain and fear to dead as they kept looking around before seeing the person standing right next to them suddenly have their chest explode in a violent fountain of blood.
"Dammit...FALL BACK! I'll deal with you later..." The Commando warned to Dolores before disappearing back into the fog of war.
As the order was given, ARES began to pick off the lucky few that Caim didn't tear apart, rather then getting ripped to shreds by an extremely painful looking sword, they instead got molten hot plasma rip them to shreds. (yay?)

Rugal and Blade meanwhile lead the mainline forces into the lobby behind them, quickly mopping up what few forces remained as the rest of the G-Corp army moved in to secure the room.
"...Alright, I'll admit, that was kinda neat...I-...could have done it better myself though..." Blade murmured under his breath as he moved in with Ton on his shoulder as ARES relayed the following warning.
"I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think our run and gun grabbing of a wanted man just got a hell of a lot shorter time limit! Seems like the power's coming back, and from the sounds of it... I think he's trying to blow the place!!"
"Heh...Yeah, that's Wesker for ya..." Rugal slightly smirked to himself, Wesker used self-destruct sequences like a addict, he remembered he wouldn't even visit a base without one.
"Hey, Task at hand please?"
"R-right, sorry. All units, spread out and take the labs. We have a lot of ground to cover and not much time to cover it with. Move out!" Rugal ordered the grunts and the crew as they fell in rank and file into each of the following labs:

Back outside on the dam: David, Ryan, Nadalia, Elise, Angelus, Cadolbolg

"....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany time now..." David grumbled as he checked his watch, this was taking a fair bit longer then he would have liked as he watched Ryan summon...whatever he was going to summon and taking his sweet time with it.
"...Hey-HEY! You! Yeah, you! Come here!" He shouted to a passing grunt before parking him in place next to the author.
"Guard that guy with your life. I have some ass to kick! HEY WAIT UP GUYS!" He ordered before running off after the rest of the strike team while the poor bastard who replaced him protested fruitlessly.
"Heyheyheyheyhey, no, wait! Don't-....awwww man..." The grunt sadly whined as he looked at the young author slowly gather enough power to summon his "Champion".
"...Man, why me?..."
With nothing else really to do, the grunt pulled out a cigarette and had a smoke while waiting on Ryan to finish.

Running towards the rest of the group, then stopped in his tracks when he saw Elise seeming to have a little bondage party with some of the enemy's forces.
"...Hey, Not-So-Black Widow, mind if we leave the kinky stuff for the after party?...Just-ummm..." He stammered as he pointed to the dog fight going on in the sky above them.
"...Time and place for everything, you know?"
"GO DIE IN HELL, GDI SCUM!" one of the guards shouted before spitting at Elise before his friend corrected him
"They aren't GDI! GDI don't have fucking dragons! Or freaky giant spiders! Besides, they dress in yellow."
"Don't worry guys, Kane will save us!"
"Oh Jesus Christ don't go on about "Our lord and Savoir Kane"! We're about to fucking die and I don't want to die listening to that bullshit again"
"You dare question the Tiberium Prophet!?"
"....Urg...I mess Area 69...."

Their conversation was cut short by Nadalia crashing one of the remaining VTOLs in the air right into the valley, landing nearby to the Sniper as he said "...Huh...guess that's one way of doing it...I'm heading inside to back up the others. Either follow me or keep the skies here clear. Kaz only has so many VTOLs he can send to bring in more men, the more they take down, the less re-enforcement we'll get. Give them hell, Nadalia!"
After that brief exchange, he resumed his run across the dam, passing by Faith as he did.
"We're moving inside, Keep up the good work Jenny."
"...My Name is Faith!"
"WHATEVER! Worry less about what I call you and more not to getting shot!" he said before running inside with another squad of G-Corp soldiers.

Back in sky, Angelus's and Cadolblogs efforts were doing much to counter the Black Mesa air-force, even doing so far to discourage any backup units to be sent in as the enemy VTOLs began to retreat, clearing the way for more landing teams of Kazuya's as they regrouped by the landing zone before making their way into the base over the ruins of the aircraft she had already taken down.
As they were matching on however, there was something coming from the west as the red dragon noticed a great deal of dirt being kicked up by something moving rather quickly towards them.
She soon found out what they were when half a dozen NOD Attack bikes suddenly roared on the scene.
Quickly splitting up, 3 of the bikes then began to hunt down C-Corp VTOLs with SAM rockets while the others proceeded to target the dragon herself, repeatedly jumping from one side of the valley to the other and launching homing missiles in mid air at the dragon before landing and moving in for another attack, constantly moving at high speed.

Edit: Katya wasn't in the tank, sorry ^^;

Black Mesa: Demonology lab: ARES, Guards, researcher

Upon arriving to the demonology lab, ARES was surprised that one of the scientists was still actually trying to work at his position given current circumstances. The labels on practically everything around gave her a bit of concern using her more... explosive abilities. Well... Kazuya did say that we were free to use other means to subdue the researchers... diplomacy gets people killed more often than fighting where I'm from, but... not knowing where the hell Wesker is could be solved easy if people are willing to talk for a damn change.

Trying to take the least intimidating approach she could (easier said than done given her armor lending quite an imposing exterior) she hovered a few feet away from him before asking *ahem* "pardon me but-"

"Oh curses! At this rate t-t-t-t-t-they'll break everything in here!" He whined before noticing the team enter, nearly falling over in fright before barking out "Who are you?! How did you G-g-g-g-get in here! GUARDS! GUARDS!"

"AH HELL! CAN'T WE EVER JUST TALK THINGS OUT!" she said as the almost mechanically trained guards filed into the room, and she dived behind a unit of shelving, for cover.

"DAMNIT WE'RE NOT HERE FOR A BLOODBATH! Your boss is a wanted man, he's been hiding here on the government payroll for who knows how long and shit WILL hit the fan if we don't get him in custody and find the person he's working for! This Birkin guy's real name is Albert Wesker, if that's anyone you'd know." she tried to explain as she nevertheless started to ready her plasma cannon, but had a far more insidious idea to get them to back off, taking whatever two items were closest on the shelving in both hands and hoisting them over her head.

"We can talk this out, or we can find out what happens when this "Demonology" BS breaks to splinters, your call Doc. Also, if you feel any loyalty to the bastard, you may want to put it in your notes that your still working here while he's intending the whole base to self destruct right now... just for the record."

Avatar Adventure | The Rising Dawn | Black Mesa Lobby
Bada Big Boom!!!!

Looking at the signs that pointed towards various areas within the complex, Katya tried to make a quick decision. As cool as it would be to see what was in the demonology lab, she felt rather inadequate having no understanding in magic outside of card tricks. This left the Biological Weapons lab, which meant horrible horrible stuff was there. Most Bio Weapons labs would have contained stuff that was mutated and deformed, stuff that didn't really pique the interest of someone who was decidedly more modern. The main interest that Katya had in that lab was to see the sort of stuff that she'd be seeing in Splatter Horror flick.

This left the obvious choice, Robotics. Katya had the feeling that this was the sort of place where her talents could be put to good use what with Cyborgs, Unmanned Automated Robotics Research and anything of the sort. Sighing to herself, Katya headed towards the Robotics lab and was greeted by the sight of cyborgs roaming the perimeter of the lab. They were, of course, roaming about with a purpose, walking in the same sort of preset routines that the Rising Dawn's haxxxor would expect someone with a limited imagination in the way of setting up patrol routes would have taken. There was no visual redundancy and there existed several blind spots at any one time.

Even with this, it would still be near impossible to take the remainder of her infested grunts through without being spotted. This of course meant a more hands on approach. Pulling out her mobile, she started locking in on the nearest wifi router, hacking before establishing a firewall.

It seemed that the cyborgs were in desperate need of an updated driver's package. If Katya had time, she'd have updated the drivers so that anyone appearing in front of the Cyborgs appeared as a scientist with the proper access. Instead she did something else. She took the existing driver's packages and updated the visual range of each of the cyborgs to a couple inches in front of their nose before uploading it to the facility's mainframe for distribution to the bots.

Waiting for a couple of minutes, the Haxxxor sent out one of her grunts to test the visual acuity of the bots, hoping that the bots had finished installing the packages.

Merlin Vs Dr. Zero.
Captured: The President, Wanderer.
Location: Angel Research Sector | USA: Black Mesa Research Facility
Merlin OST: Fate/Stay Night Emiya (guitar version)

Witnessing the foreign weapon launch at him, the Master Magus smirked. "Hmm, interesting." He hummed, not interested in the weapon, but the fact that Zero used it. Before the bomb struck, Merlin cocked his head. "Not entirely a magician, heh." He said and began to stand from his chair. Suddenly, the explosion engulfed him. The firely flames licking all around him, and burning the flowers below to ash. The force even threw the stone chair across the room, smashing it to pieces against the dark walls. When Zero gave back the weapon to darkness, he could hear a slight voice. "Fuck you!"

The smoke faded away, and Merlin stood still, remaining with a smile. If Zero remembered where he stood, the magician gave no inch apart from leaving his beloved chair. "Infinite surprises. It is certainly good to be me." He said, remembering the many weapons, characters, and events that his adventures gave him. "Ah, well a promise is a promise." He said before giving a Courteous bow. Internally, Merlin reminded himself that it was a more deadly promise to this man.

"My name is Merlin of Camelot. Magus, advisor, and friend to he-" He said, suddenly stopping before smiling. " ... His majesty, King Arthuria. Now, where was I?" Merlin introduced, his smile becoming more cold. The magus started to breath deeply, and the approaching Zero suddenly noticed the walls, they were covered with magic circles. More than hundreds. Most he did not know, and to his surprise, some he knew very well. From what he could tell, many kinds of magic gathered in this room, and the man in front of him was master of each one.

Merlin opened his eyes, and the gaze he gave was one of a Legendary Magician. "Now excuse me, I believe it is a bit drab in here." He said before raising his hand. Before Zero could move any further, a strong force pushed him and a blinding light flared throughout the room. It cleared within a second, yet for some reason, natural light started flowing into the room. The legendary Magician was standing on top of a heap of rubble, and right above him was a large hole in the roof, leading right up to the outside.

The sun glared down upon the two, yet Merlin smiled brightly with it. His white hair now glowed with rainbow colours. "Ah, much better."

Avatar Adventures: The Rising Dawn | Black Mesa Dam | Outside Selena
Selena Was on her broom in her own spherical barrier keeping a birds eye view on the battle and looking up to watch the fight in the sky. She spent her time studying Magic, Mainly so she could take control of any situation. She tried to keep control a fruitless effort perhaps but since the Fire..... She wouldn't risk it.
She kept a special eye out if anyone might need her help.

Austin Texas: Icarus
As Icarus moved He reached for his flask he took it out to take a long drought, The blood rushed into his head, that's when he realized A, His wings were out and visible, and B, There was a group of 5 men walking up to him and he counted at least three base ball bats two chains and about 16 guns. He immediately made his wings disappear and carefully ducked into a small alley.
"Hey Boy Did I see you have a pair of Black Wings?"
"I'm sorry did You ask If I had wangs?" He asked not used to listening to people with such strong accents.
The men came forward.
"I don;t like your attitude, We'll fix that up real fast." They advanced on him

Icarus left the alley with a Black wide brimmed hat, Checking hid device he would need to blend in, better a short stop to a small clothing store and he was soon wearing a light blue work shirt, a leather vest, dark boot cut jeans and shiny black cowboy boots.
"now wheres that Gosh Darn door." He said trying to mimic the Southern drawl.

Location: Black Mesa Research Facility
Officium istis quis id minime quaererent it[1]

Dolores Selmy

The world was fading around me. I can't breathe, choked out by my own anguish. Oedad i lisce.[2] Words are ringing in my head. Iammus tresi es youme. Damn, I... I just want to curl up and cry. The ash, the dust, it won't let me. Why did this happen? Ioque len yemme tribus te. Two strong arms pull me up. Armored, scaled mail. I recognize this. It's Azan. Liye i yesse non Assan alonye.

"Girl are you okay?" he asked. His voice was gruff. Rubble and dust were still settling around us. He had his visor up so I could see his face. A big fat black mustache and small squinty eyes. He had skin like old leather and a worried frown like a pug. He looked so out of place I would have laughed if my body would let me.

Miese mossenen issate i sewos. Sa sa sa sa.

"..." I guess my answer wasn't very eloquent. Hase lu ai nen lomme. What can I do?

Azan set me on my feet. He looked at me with a mix of concern and pity. I guess I wasn't in the best of shape. My hands are grasping aimlessly at my side. Ubi yolede soena Belwerk sem. Bolverk is gone. Then why can't I control my body?

The girl smiles, "I'm fine. Thanks for your help." Its like I'm lost outside of my body, looking at a stranger controlling me. "This will do fine." She brings her hands up and opens and closes them, stretching out her fingers.

"I never go your name," Azan said suddenly, "I do not wish to continue to refer to you as 'the maiden,' since it is most rude."

The girl licks her lips and touches my upper lip with my finger. I could feel the cold wetness on my own hand. "You can just call me Lieutenant." Asho fi tende ca se, immowo tien se. Seh seh seh.

The Lieutenant turns and heads toward the bio-weapons lab, a sick gleam in her blue eyes. Startlingly so, eyes as cold and still as ice. I thought... I thought my eyes were green. Yon miam. This voice... it's talking to me!? Hye. This is insane! Me yon miam katte!

"Manifest: Soul Eater! Blood-Scythe!"

The Lieutenant pulled the sword-revolver-scythe from nothingness and brought it to bear, running down the hall and bursting into the bioweapons lab. The scientists gawked at the young woman. Her eyes were filled with a venomous fire. "You know," she said softly, transforming the greatsword into it's scythe-form, "I always had a bone to pick with you organization-types." Her voice had taken a deeper, more guttural timbre.

Who is this person who keeps using my body!? Molli... help me...

Monsters rose in front of the Lieutenant and struck out, malformed beasts, some retaining shreds of their humanity, others wer never human to begin with. Blood-Scythe fell fast and furious, like a whirling torrent. The air around the lieutenant was a river of blood. The searing near-magic blade of the scythe tearing apart the bodies of the mutants that rushed at her, drawing their anger and confusion into her soul, restoring her previously damaged vitality.

"Hah, let's destroy everything! This feels so good, it feels too good!" The monster with the scythe was lost in her bloodlust. "Allow me to deliver you," the Lieutenant smiled unnaturally, "from the fetters you call lives!" Bring me more, more violence, more hatred. Feed my hunger!

No, please. Don't. I can't control myself, I can't control myself! Someone! Someone please realize! This isn't me! This isn't me!


[1] Power goes to those who seek it least.
[2] Foreign sounding gibberish I came up with that sounds nice to say. Based in Kajiuran.

Sorry this is late, Deus Ex man >.>

Merlin Vs Dr. Zero.
Captured: The President, Wanderer.
Location: Angel Research Sector | USA: Black Mesa Research Facility
Merlin OST: Fate/Stay Night Emiya (guitar version)

Zero was less then impressed when Merlin managed to block his attack, even less so when he began to plant his magic runes all over the place, they slashed with the color scheme he had picked out.
And don't even get him started on the fact he cleanly removed part of the roof, letting in the light as well as the noises from the battle raging outside.
"...Well...I heard our Presidents administration compared to a monarchy, but I didn't think he went that far..." He snarked as the shadows soon retreated, depriving him of his power source, but even then, he had an idea as he looked at the slowly stirring bodies of the Dark Angels he had captured.
"Hm...If we are giving demonstrations, then how about this?..." He laughed before bringing his arms crossed over his chest and concentrating, his aura leaking off his body.
It was then that something strange seemed to happen, his entire body began to reform into something else...or rather someone else as a pair of dark wings began to unfold.

Sending out a dark burst of energy, he revealed his new form: That of the Dark Angel Tomoya!?!?
"Not sure if you took part in the war, but I was known for turning the tide of battle using merely the charisma of our enemy against him. I'm told it's quite the likeness. Some of the subjects you see here gladly turned themselves in when I told them to. Speaking of..." He explained before summoning up a red lighting bolt (Well, at least some kind of lesser magic that still looked like it), a noise that awakened the other Dark Angels, making them all cower in fear.
"YOU! OBEY YOUR MASTER AND TEACH THIS FALSE IDOL THAT ALL WILL BOW BEFORE THE DARK ANGEL TOMOYA!" He roared at them, quickly causing them to forget they were just held in captivity for the last...god only knows how long and quickly summon up their swords from their remaining magic stores before taking flight and attempting to attack the Mage.
All the while, Zero/Dark Tomoya began attempting to re-seal the lab by caving in the tunnel Merlin had made, keen to regain the darkness it would bring.

The Adventures of Gat and friends will return...Next post! Because Dues Ex!...And stuff ^^;

Merlin Vs Dr. Zero.
Captured: The President, Wanderer.
Location: Angel Research Sector | USA: Black Mesa Research Facility
Merlin OST: Fate/Stay Night Emiya (guitar version)

Examining the look upon Zero somewhat surprised him, after all, many worlds saw Merlin as a large threat, or even tried to eliminate him for his largest power. "Hmm, not so concerned I see. I am but a myth here." Merlin mused to himself, talking about this world's knowledge about him. "You shall see." He spoke with a grim tone, but still with a smile that could break any maiden's virtue.

Then suddenly, Zero changed himself to another form, one that Merlin did not know well, but he certainly knew about it in one way. It was a enemy from recent history, one who is still hated by world and former comrades. Yet the veil was lifted in Merlin's eyes, there was more to this story, and that person only wanted his own goal to be fulfilled, for love. It was something he could examine for a short second, but it was an intriguing story. Surprisingly, Merlin laughed at the changed Zero as he awakened the former holy beings.

"Is this your power, to steal another's?!"
"Hah, tis a joke and disgrace upon your class!"
"But I guess the light will forcefully change that lie." Merlin said with a now threatening smile. Remembering one of the more ruthless but great Kings of the past, Gilgamesh, who called a certain unique character a "fake". Hmm, you did have some merit Gil, but that boy beat you. Merlin thought, giving a better smile once remembering where that boy has gone.

"Ah my King, what a lovely partner you chose, and what a lovely day it was!" Merlin said out loud, certainly a confusing thing to say in front of this fake Angel. Yet this battle once again became serious as another large magic circle was summoned. This time, right below Merlin as he stood upon the large pile of rubble. Closing his eyes, Merlin's voice boomed throughout the room, and his aura reached impossible levels for a simply mage. Now it even seemed that the room was being invaded by light even more.

"Friends, comrades, I call for you from where you sleep. From within history, from within books, and from within legends. I call you here so you may serve one last time within the light of life. I do not only call for the Knights of Camelot, I call for figures of history itself.."

Three large figures were summoned right next to the magus. Each equally powerful and imposing.

"Come here and serve me. For her."

"King's Call!"

With those final words, it seemed that more spirits of Knights were summoned, with enough to match the Dark Angels. Merlin stood on the rubble, looking down upon them. Each look confused, but stood their ground as the Dark Angels hit the outer lines. "I apologize to you, friends. I will tell this, our King rests in a dream. Her wish ... No, miracle granted by love. I am here so it may not be disturbed." The Magus said naturally. Beginning to look upon the three larger than life figures, Merlin smiled more honestly.

"Bedivere, Lancelot, Gawain. You know what this means?" He said, and the three only looked at each over and nodded. Turning away each of their voices bellowed.

"For the King!"

With that, they turned around and became the main force of the group. Looking at Zero, Merlin smiled, one that was colder than any frost that he had felt in his human life. That was when a small, white ball began to grow within Merlin's hand, which was raised towards the hole in the roof. The two both knew that this thing would blow the roof off this place.

Merlin Vs Dr. Zero.
Captured: The President, Wanderer.
Location: Angel Research Sector | USA: Black Mesa Research Facility
Merlin OST: Fate/Stay Night Emiya (guitar version)

Needless to say, things weren't really going in the Dark Master's favor was Merlin seemed to have far more power then Zero could have imagined as he managed to summon up a series of figures to fight for him, quickly getting rid of his Dark Angel lackeys.
To make matters worse, the Mage then seemed to be charging up for one last final attack, something that seemed to be able to render this entire sector off the face of the ear-
"...Impressive...I yield..." The Dark Master then said before reverting back to his normal form, his hands slowly moving behind his head as he went down on his knees, doing his very best to show that he was surrendering.
"I underestimated your power, you are truly who you say you are...I will concede defeat this day to ensure I live another..." He politely said before pressing one of his hands against the floor, a small weak dark pulse, barely enough to knock over a flower, towards the bodies he had drained of their souls.
There was only slight movements at first as their lifeforce began to return to them, but before long, the entire president's guard was back on their feet, wondering what the hell had happened.

Speaking of the president, him and Wanderer were too freed as a small dark portal opened before Merlin, dumping the two of them out of whatever shadowy void Zero had trapped them in.
"I now offer myself into your custody, all I ask if your mercy in staying your hand. I now know I cannot win..." He said as he waited to be arrested...
...This is TOO easy...

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