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The Rising Dawn: Server Farm

Upon seeing the skeletons, Mio grinned and, with a glint in her eye, said: "I have come to take what is rightfully mine! Step aside!" In the same moment as the skeletons were just trying to comprehend what she was saying, during her talk, she stepped in front of one, drew her cutlass, and with the movement cut off the hand that was holding its sword. Before it could react, she had taken a step back again, holding out her cutlass like she was in a duel.

"You're pretty slow, huh?" Cut and slash, she stepped forward and back, and one of the skeletons heads fell on the ground. Then, she dropped the cutlass. "Oops." Bending down to pick it up again, the skeletons seeing their chance to make their move, she jumped, putting one hand on one of the skeletons collarbones, and made a cartwheel over its head, before drawing and ramming the dagger she still had on her in the back of its skull.

Then, she just ran away, into a dark corner of the room, the skeletons too slow to follow her movements and quickly losing track of her, at least until she reappeared behind one, ramming the cutting its skull off with the cutlass she had in her hand again, god knows how. "Guys, you disappoint me. How about you, would you rather be buried or cremated?" She said, getting back into her duel stance and pointing the sword at the leader of the skeletons, seemingly not even caring about the one still standing, and the other disarmed but also still standing confused skeletons. She still had the murderous glint in her eye and smiled, not dropping a sweat.

Lou went outside. Many women were staring at him. He stared back. Many women yawned and went away. He grew weary of the sun and decided to go back home.

What a day. The sun was blinding. It had no reservations. The sun kept him company. Now it was time to go underground. He went to the train station. The train was empty for a Friday night. He was empty too. They were happy to be together. Lou had no happiness. The happiness was the only word that came close. What it was... what it is, he didn't know.

The Rising Dawn: Server Farm

The "Disarmed" skeleton looked about as impressed as you'd imagine, if it still had eyes they'd be rolling as if to say "Oh yeah, real original!".
While his friends tried (And failed) to stop the Captain, he was able to re-attatch his hand before rejoining the fight, kicking away a rolling skull from a headless body attempting to pick it up.

Their leader meanwhile decided to accept her duel, motioning for his defeated minions to back up as he started to bang his sword against his shield like some sort of ritual.
He then seemed to point at the ground beneath Mio's feet as a strange Burning Void started to form where she was standing.
It started to eat though the floor and even the heels of her boots, growing in size and intensity the more Walloon channeled it.
Several smaller pools started to form nearby, making a slight "Ring" for them to duel in while his minions provided moral support, knowing better then to get in the way of a Royal Bodyguard, alive or dead.

With the stage set, he let out a crackling laugh before charging at Mio, attempting to bash her into one of his Desecration pools with his shield.

"Oh, we won't need luck," Alesha answered, "Inuart is a hero after all." Then she turned to Inuart, "Where to next then, hero?"

"Don't call me that."

The words fell out automatically, like water off of a stone; Inuart's expression souring at the moniker. Even if the woman didn't know better, every instance of it's use felt like a slap to the face. 'Hero'? No- the 'Heroes' were the ones parading about on a gods-be-damned ship in the sky, a prison for folk Inuart would much prefer to be in the company with. Heroes 'saved the day' (or in his eyes, soured the plans of much more capable people), heroes 'fought evil' (paraded self righteousness) - Inuart?

He was a musician; a failure of a warrior who made use of a talent that ill suited his old world. In Caerleon he was pathetic; unable to protect the one he was supposed to have loved; even if he made a pact with a dragon at one point.

If only he had the strength

In the Modern World he was an 'artist', a title held in equal parts esteem and disdain. Some considered him lazy, others brilliant- but what use was brilliance when his life lacked those who actually gave a damn? The ones who looked past the glamour, the weakness, and saw the man? What was he without them?

Inuart forced himself to smile again, swallowing the bile building up at the back of his throat as he spoke, purposefully attempting to hide the storm in his heart, "I have a name after all, Ms. Alesha. Inuart will suffice."

Looking back to Elluar, Inuart's head bobbed in a small nod, "Thank you sir- your map is greatly appreciated. I'm...sorry for your loss. May your son's soul rest in peace."

A platitude, and not nessecarily one Inuart believed in; but such things helped grease the wheels of social interaction. After they turned and walked away, Inuart mulled over what the man had said, the particulars and logistics distracting him from his earlier anger and thought aloud, "I suppose we can go to the Western route- although the theocracy is a cause for concern-if what I heard from our conversation was anything to go by; it will be an easier journey for you."

He didn't leave any room for delays, following the path of the sun to take them to the Western exit of the city and on the road to Crior. As they passed by people and animals, men and women with bundles and carts, Inuart allowed for the silence to fill the air as they left the city behind them; waiting patiently as the people thinned before he initiated the next step of his plan: Q and A. As the wind blowed against his skin, the former bard hummed quietly into the air, an old tune that had been his companion since his youth. Usually, it'd be accompanied by his harp or guitar, but in times like these, the voice alone would have to do. When the tune finally winded down, and he read the atmosphere as relaxed, he carefully broached the subject,
"You know- as quickly as you've seen fit to designate me as your companion, I realize we know next to nothing about each other. I've...a few questions. For one-I saw what you did in that field, or rather; what happened around you. The way the earth moved, the way things seem to shift and change around you. Is such magic common here? Just how much power do you have? Do all of the Daughters have such abilities, such as the Daughters of Crosis that man mentioned; or is it just you?"

Table for Two
Nina's story

[1] Now if Ensay wants to stop Nina by whatever means, I can edit this out and put it in later
[2] And at this point, Nina's gonna continue down the hall into the next car that'd have the kids and the eldritch leaders.

Table for Two
Nina's story

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