The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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Escapist Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Weapon's Storage
With Assistance from Bluerocker
Gunnery Sargent Percival Ross and The Raiders | ARES-35 | Dimitri | Viscus

If it had been the goal of the Rising Dawn crew members to not only avoid a conflict with Ross' Raiders but also impress them, both ARES-35 and Viscus could consider their objectives completed. The sound of armor piercing explosive tungsten slugs breaking the sound barrier echoed down the hallway for roughly four minutes and forty-five seconds as Sargent Ross maintained a perimeter around the room, not so much for ARES' and Viscus' sake so much as his desire to keep his men and women from being ripped limb from limb by a horde of angry extra-dimensional beings.

"What in the fuck is that?" a soldier by the name of Ramirez blurted out in disbelief before firing an ineffective salvo of automatic fire at the ten foot tall, lizard-like, bipedal horned demon with the razor sharp claws. The creature roared in annoyance before getting hit in the head by one of Sargent Ross' MAC rounds.

"Maintain the perimeter, Ram," The Sargent ordered before re-entering the weapon's storage room just in time to watch as the "human-looking non-human woman" somehow managed to massage Private Lafferty's heart back to life. The woman coughed loudly as she sucked air into her lungs for the first time in ten minutes. Comparing the private's previously terminal status to her current one, the unlucky Sargent was rather thankful that he had opted to negotiate with the female humanoid rather than shoot her on sight, as were his standing orders, his thankfulness doubling upon spotting the matte grey power suit, Viscus, that entered the room, keen on grabbing as much tech as he could.

"[Viscus Mark 3. Armor : Online : I *live* again!]" It blared loudly, making a grand entrance.

"What's this world coming to when a woman claims not to be human and a robot claims to live..." Sargent Percy muttered to himself as he eyed the woman that had saved Private Lafferty's life.

"Hmph. My old employers used to think we were so different... I don't see how. The human body is like a biological machine in a way. All it's parts working together like gears in clockwork to make you function. She's not exactly awake yet, but her heart's beating and she's in stable condition. She'll live, provided you can get out of here before worse occurs to one of you." The armored woman stated in a rather neutral manner.

Between you and I, dear reader, this wasn't going to be the last time ARES and the crew of the Rising Dawn would run into Percival Ross and Ross' Raiders, but at that point in time, a future encounter seemed rather questionable given what was unfolding around the prison. While the prison guards had been able to suppress the uprising in some of the cell blocks, namely the ones that contained creatures that couldn't breathe outside of their own atmosphere or ones that contained beings that were inherently pacifistic, others had grown out of control.

"This is all pretty strange but..." Ross started to say before being interrupted.

"Think it strange all you want, I do have to apologize for hurting your friend there. It wasn't my intention, all I wanted was to get my restraints off. Pretty inhumane to line control collars with explosives, you think? That said, looking over the files on the personnel your employers did manage to capture... I've got rescue coming, in addition to the riot. Of course I don't know that for sure, but it's not like the crowd I associate with to leave anyone behind. It would be rather wise to make yourselves scarce as soon as possible." ARES advised pragmatically.

Percival Ross signed the weary and tired sigh. Another job that he had chosen where the employer wouldn't be able to pay him, however, there was something of even bigger importance than his own survival on the line.

"Can't do that." Sargent Ross stated in a rather flat manner, "If what you're saying is true, that the prison is under full scale riot, that means that we've got thousands of beings that have been treated the same way as you and your friends, meaning we've got thousands of beings that are rather angry and once they finish tearing this facility apart, I don't think that they're going to stop."

Ross paused for a moment to let his meaning set in. If kidnapped extra-dimensional beings took control of the prison, given their relative isolation from the remainder of the population, it was highly unlikely that they would differentiate between the World Marshall and the World at large.

"So... either we've got to secure the prison or..." Ross paused again, this time for an entirely different reason.

"Do you hear that singing?" He asked loudly.

"Singing...? I can search for sources of audio in the immediate vicinity..." Dimitri's disembodied voice responded as he began to scan the hallways, "Subjects detected. Displaying on screen now."

"Oh that's just wonderful." Ross said as he viewed just about the cutest little robots ever conceived, each one holding a turret in their blade-like arms.

GM's Note::


EVE Specs:
Armor: Titanium Alloy
- Hidden Arm Mounted Plasma x2 (Long Range)
- Blade Arms x2 (Short Range) - Robot's torso will begin spinning very fast when in use.

Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Canteen/Hangar
Diana | Others

As the crew was called to the hangar for briefing, Diana thought about joining them or not joining them for a while. Her feet carried her towards the hangar however. Still, she was lazy enough to come in well after Major Rhodes speech had already started, and as furious and impressive it was, Diana still just yawned. Another change in leadership? It was odd.

After hearing the assignments however, Diana decided to join in the mission, because of one thing and one thing only: Being allowed to just destroy. And what better part for her to play than joining the anti-air team, to directly target the ones responsible for her long delay in the previous encounter.

Her lips still red, she joined the group, without saying anything.

Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Secure Cell Block: Designation A-Class
Mio | Teri | B.C.M.Bison | Bruiser | Caim | David | Ghost of King Leoric | Nadalia | Shadow/Agent | versus - FULGORE | Prison Guards | [unknown]

"Why hello there! I hope you don't mind, but I overheard that you all are planning on gettin' outta here. Mind if I... Tag along?" a female voice sounded from behind Mio. She turned immediately, and froze. This was ... hot. Before her stood a very lightly clothed young woman with a sultry grin. "The name's Bombshell Carrie! Pleased to meetcha!"

Mio raised her arm as a greeting, before realizing she still had the sword in it, and lowering it again. She grinned back, however, clearly looking B.C over several times. "Someone like you always can tag along, Bombshell." she answered, before Teri spoke to her, asking her to take off the collar. Which she did, in a gracious manner. At least in Mio's mind.

"You can take mine off, too. Don't hold back! Fondle it off me!" she said, after this was done. "I mean, I would like the accessoire, but only if it would not have a chance of exploding."

In the meantime, Teri was able to use her healing magic again, and Mio felt it, mostly in her previously injured legs. She led out a pleased sigh. "Ahh, you are better than I thought, Teri." she said. "I feel warm and fuzzy near you. I wish this would never e ..."

Right then, someone shot at the group, but not having any good aim in this place, blatantly missed. As far as Mio could tell, it was a soldier, who now fumbled to get his sword out instead, hoping it would give him an edge. In the meantime, Teri waved her hand over Mio's sword, whose eye glimmered as she saw what she did. "It'll last for about half a minute, make it count!"

"Thank you!" Mio called out, as she rushed towards the guard, of course taking another glance at B.C. before arriving in front of him. Now, he had armor, but his weapon training seemed much insufficient as Mio fought him straight, one-on-one. She seemed to dance around him and around his blows, only getting scratches, which healed instantly. Her own hits were far fewer, but every time she hit, she seemed to find a weak spot in the guard's armor. Of course, every time she hit the guard also got slower, the freezing blade doing its effect.

Finally, she gutted him, not even looking, instead blatantly staring at B.C.'s body again, before barely dodging a shot from other guards ahead. Mio quickly returned to the others. "Time to get moving, I guess!" she called out. "Lead me to my coat!"

Avatar Adventures | The Airship: Rising Dawn | Anjali's Cabin
Anjali | Eddie the Dead

Anjali opened her eyes and rose from her wet, cold, bath. She looked up at Eddie as he was standing in her bathroom door and spoke: "Ya know, people of this world usually bathe with their underwear off. Not that I'm complaining." Anjali did not know what to answer to this. It had been less of a bath and more of a ... sleep. And she felt like she had to be ready, for anything ... not that anything could hide in this bath, but instinct was instinct.

"How are you adjusting? I saw you got yourself a new pair of clothes. I take it the crew hasn't given you trouble?" Eddie said, and Anjali smiled up to him after she had left the bath. "No, most of the crew was very nice to me." she answered. "Two little ... monster kids showed me the Rising Dawn. I hope I'm not getting lost here.
People seem much more accepting towards my ... condition, as well. I thought I was a freak, but it seems there are mostly freaks here."
she let out a small laugh, then got serious again. "But I'm still not used to it. I eat ... raw meat. This is weird. But I felt like I had to. And then ... there were these two people - I think they were faeries, but only kind of? - they only spoke in riddles, and showed me weird dreams. Something like a bond towards the Rising Dawn, but also ...

it's not normal here to just torture little faeries, right? Even if they can be summoned again? We are the good guys, right? Not just ... I don't know. I don't really like violence.
But I'm sorry, I'm talking far too much."

Anjali now seemed to realize she still had not put on her uniform, and she took it off the curtain, having to stand on the toilet seat to get to it. "How are you doing, Eddie?" she asked. "What is your role here, anyways?"

Escapist Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Weapon's Storage
Gunnery Sargent Percival Ross and The Raiders | ARES-35 | Dimitri | Viscus

Viscus wasn't really tuned into the discussion, instead he was busy going though the technology that his captors had managed to secure and picking out what best suited his current armor.
While it was an older model, his AI still had plenty of data on it's functionality, as well as what improvements he made in later versions.
But as he was picking out a model of flamethrower for his left arm's sub weapon, the singing began to get his attention, prompting him to slowly turn and face the oncoming killer, but cute robots.
A sense of confusion began to wash over Viscus as he stared back at the incoming enemies, then to his "Allies".
[....Threat level: low] He then dismissed the machine before returning back into the lab they had just escaped from.
5 paces in and 3 to the right, he then plunged his fist into the wall, prompting a surge of electricity to crackle throughout the room as he ripped out one of the EM field emitter bars that had been used to keep the area on lockdown.
[All units: remain behind me at all times : I will mark deployments of the EM weapon with the prompt "Firing" : Manage your configurations accordingly to prevent hardware and software failure] He explained to the group as he broke off pieces of it and bent it into a crude staff of sorts.

[Firing weapon in 3...2...1] He then announced before walking into the enemies path, using his armor's power source in order to fire off a wave of electromagnetic energy down the hall, like some mechanical mage.

Escapist Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Detention Area
M.Bison | B.C. | Bruiser | Caim | David | Ghost of King Leoric | Mio | Nadalia | Shadow/Agent | Teri | versus - FULGORE | Prison Guards | [unknown]

As the riot began to grow and the body count began to rack up, there was one soul in the battle that was rather unconcerned with the bloodshed around him.
"Dammit, where is my crown?!" Leoric languished as he haunted the battlefield, searching for the last remains of his kingdom and mortality amidst the fog of war.
He phased though friend(?) and foe alike in his search, unable to find his precious crown whist David and Caim barged right though his spirit.
"WATCH YOUR PATH! YOU ARE IN THE PRESENCE OF ROYALTY!......Wait, no, please come back, I can't find it anywheeeeeeeereeeeeeeee!" He yelled before whining like a banshee, not exactly happy with the notion of his "Freedom" being limited to be trapped in the embrace of undeath for all eternity.

Speaking of David, fresh off his confession to Caim and Teri's healing aura, he was feeling a LOT better about their odds of getting out of this situation alive.
Spraying a few weapon bursts at the HENTAI units, he shouted to his comrades "Try and get more cells open if you can, we need the extra numbers or we'll be overrun!"
With that, he began to open fire on the cell locking panels, attempting to get some more prisoners on their side.
"Anyone see the kid?! (Katya) I saw her get dragged off, where is she?" He then shouted to his friends, the mental image of what a bunch of insane Cybernetic Neo-Nazis might be doing to teenage girls behind closed doors being just as unappealing as it sounds.

Bruiser meanwhile was overwhelmed by the Heal Pulse Teri had just given off.
Months of torture and ill treatment just washed off his form, his arm was still missing but just the fact that he was even able to stand unassisted was quite the shock to his system, to the point where he nearly flat out collapsed from all the sensations that wasn't pain now being felt along his body.
Resting on his knees for a brief moment, he slowly stood back up before glancing over his body, as if still unsure about what he was seeing.
As such, he was the one that was able to see the HENTAI unit that was prepping to strike at them from one of the empty cells.

From Teri's point of view, suddenly a massive wall of muscle was racing towards her as the Machoke charged in her direction.
Time seemed to slow down as many painful memories began to arise from her mind, flashes back to that dark room and to that question she struggled with for so long: Fingers or toes?
But why now? Why would he attack her in front of everyone after all that happened? Was his soul really that corrupt? Was it all just an act?
She tried to find an answer to all this, right as the HENTAI unit behind her made it's move, launching itself at her from behind.
By instinct, she then dived to the side, the machine grasping at nothing but empty air whist the Machoke was able to get a rather nice helping of Revenge on his former tormentor.
His lone arm struck at the machine, screws and bolts going flying in all directions as it was flung back into the cell, shattering into steel plates and scrap upon impact with the wall, the force of which made the cell door slam shut afterwards.
The strangeness of his moment was not lost on either party as they shared an somewhat awkward nod of acknowledgement while the Pokemon took point.
Standing in front of the group, he then let out a feral Roar before charging at the robotic hoard, keen to even the score for all his suffering.

Bison, like his villainous friend, too was a little shook up from going from "Oh dear god, I'm on fire, it hurts so much, help me!" to "Right as rain" in the space of a few seconds.
Doubly so as the positive energy began to clash with his own negative energy, resulting in a rather conflicting sensation though the reaches of his very soul.
The former Presidential hopeful laid there for a moment, eyes wide as he realized the situation he was in.
As well as the fact that he was now free and able to get his revenge on-
That line of thought was soon veto'd by David as he rammed the butt of his rifle in Bison's face, the impact of which knocked his head back against the steel, quickly giving him a ticket to Sleepy Time Junction.
"David!? What the hell!? I just healed him!"
"Oh spared me the lecture. After everything that happened today, he's earned that!" The sniper shot back as he hoisted the mad dictator into a fireman's carry before resuming his covering fire.

The Rising Dawn: Hangar Command Center
Time to get this show on the road!

With Major Rhodes' speech delivered, the teams drawn up, and additional communicator rings distributed to those lacking, the PA system crackled before a familiar feminine voice began to speak, a display nearby showing a red, hooded figure on the screen, "This is AI Vermilion speaking. In light of recent events, I shall act as your tactical officer during this operation. User: Harold shall act my organic relay while you are on site."

A meek looking G-corp grunt gave the Anti-anti Team a weak wave, before Vermilion continued, "Should any changes in available information or necessary tactical maneuvers be made, Harold will let you know. Now, I shall begin with the preparations for the commencement of our rescue mission....
Airship Rising Dawn is being moved into position. All members of Team 1, prepare for launch into aerial assault in T Minus 2 minutes. All members of Teams 2 and 3, please remain on standby."

Following Vermilion's short spiel, members of the varying crews began to run around here and there to do a number of tasks, such as clearing out the runways, beginning to make ready the drop pods for later parts of the mission etc; leaving the seven fliers to position themselves as necessary. Angelus, the large dragon that she was, had been instructed by varying members of the assisting crew to take point, the others following on either side of her wings. The purpose of this was threefold, the first being that would provide a wind break and allow the others to travel more efficiently; the second, an attempt to throw off the enemy radar, and the third (and perhaps grimmest of duties) to provide as a shield for the smaller fliers.

A loud noise rang overhead, a siren to gather Team 1's attention once more as Vermilion called out,

"Airship Rising Dawn has been placed in proper assault position. Team 1, launch and engage!"

It was a quick affair, a flurry of wings and magic to bring Team 1 to their designation. The smoky ruins of Denver remained below, the scent of the battle below entering the nostrils of the more scent inclined of the bunch. As they moved into position, the "sound" of a communicator ring activated, and the meek man's voice entered their minds over the rings' "link",

"Is this thing on..? Ah, it's working now. Hi, it's me, Harold! Um... According to Vermilion, you should start seeing some ground Anti-Air Units pretty soon. Keep on the lookout, they have a bad habit of sneaking up when you least expect it! Once you clear those things out, we can move the Dawn to get the Extraction Team in there. Good luck!"

Almost on cue, the sound of grinding metal and sirens filled the air, albeit muffled and distant. The darkness of the night was an inconvenience for a normal human being, but for a group of individuals with "special" talents; this was less so. A good thing too, as they began to see, a bit off in the distance, movement on the ground, the distant sound of whirring and-

The small walking units, (pictured below)

had made their way towards our completely innocuous septet of flyers, their barrels spinning as a rapid fire of bullets began to shoot up, hoping to catch the fleshy under-bits of the stomach and wings.

GM Notes:

Whew, sorry that took so long, kids!

Long and short of it, there's a bunch of mechs on the ground shooting up at you! Kinda jerkish of them, amirite? Anywho, feel free to flavor/flourish your character's departures from the Dawn as you see fit, and have fun working with the ground-bound anti-air. Just be careful, I hear their gatling guns are really rough on wings!

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | World Marshall, Undisclosed Location | Secure Cell Block, Designation: A Class
"I'm Queen of the Castle, I'm Queen of the Castle!"
B.C. | King Leoric | Bison | Bruiser | Caim | David | Teri | Mio | Shadow/Agent | FULGORE | Others

It was a little odd, which was appropriate given the day's events, how the woman in front of her seemed to react whenever the collar was finally off of her. After a sharp gasp, B.C. could swear that there was a warm, subtle glow that started to emanate from her, and she realized that the light burns that she was starting to get from the nearby, dying inferno were starting to ease, along with the spreading headache that she had refused to acknowledge earlier. Then all of a sudden the Space Convict was being dragged behind this woman as she looked back with a grateful smile.

"Thanks again! I-I'm Teri, by the way. You'll learn everyone else's name soon enough, I'm sure!"

"Hey, no problem, just gimme a--Oh. What's this?" B.C. started, only for a glimmer of gold nearby on the floor to distract her.

It was an ornate crown, one that she had seen before very recently at that. Leoric's Crown. Bending down, she snatched it up with the barrel of her rifle. Examining it idly with a greedy smile, she flicked her wrist and managed to flip it up so that it landed jauntily on her head. As she did, she could hear the familiar voice of her former cellmate.

"WATCH YOUR PATH! YOU ARE IN THE PRESENCE OF ROYALTY!......Wait, no, please come back, I can't find it anywheeeeeeeereeeeeeeee!"

Pursing her lips, she whistled shrilly and grinned as she hopefully got his attention.

"Hey! Where's your crown, King Nothing? It's mine now." she called out, sticking out her tongue.

As she did, she noticed one of the others had raised a sword in greeting and realized it was one of the other women. In fact, she, like the rather heavily-wounded fire witch, was down an arm. But she didn't seem in the least bit concerned as she grinned and looked over B.C. with a look she was rather familiar with. Really, it was flattering.

"Someone like you always can tag along, Bombshell. You can take mine off, too. Don't hold back! Fondle it off me!"

At that, B.C. broke out into low, sultry laughter and shook her head before pulling away from Teri and bending down to take off another collar. As she punched a quick code into the collar itself, there was a nearby burst of gunfire that seemed to be woefully inaccurate, and when the collar popped off with a click and slow beeping, the woman she had freed was off to take care of the source of said gunfire.

She was quick, and only having the one hand didn't seem to be much of a disadvantage at all. She weaved between the guard's blows as she slashed with her sword at all the right places to bypass armor. What was really impressive, however, was the fact that she did so without so much as looking away from B.C.'s body, specifically her tits. Even as she gutted the guard with a flair, she just continued to eat the eye-candy that was the scantily-clad Space Convict.

"You know, a girl likes to be appreciated for her looks, but you might wanna focus on the guards instead of me. I'm probably still gonna be here even after they're dead." she pointed out with a giggle as she shook her head.

She started to turn back to Teri, opening her mouth to say something when a blue blur at the corner of one eye caught her attention, at the same time that a dark shape at the corner of the other did. Stepping back as the blue-skinned alien that had been tending to one of the more heavily-wounded inmates rushed past both her and the healer, she leveled her rifle at his target: A mechanical, tentacled shape that wouldn't have looked at all out-of-place in a space porno. And there were more not far behind it.

Focusing on the group of HENTAI units lagging behind, she let loose with a long, barely-controlled burst of gunfire and grinned.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Canteen
"Hello there, Sexy Satan."
Sloth | Envy | Selena | Luke | Tania la Fey

It didn't take long after she entered to be hit all-at-once by a sudden influx of thoughts, doubts, sources of jealousy, and even more from the various patrons of the Canteen. Reeling back at how overwhelming it was, the floating form of Sloth behind her abruptly dropped to the flood of the Canteen with a heavy thud, followed by a loud snore. The people here weren't mere mortals. Some of them were more. The bartender was a deity, while one of the patrons had a mental passenger that even Envy wasn't about to put up with, while others seemed to mentally scream their inadequacies to her, save a few.

"Attention Crew. Please report to the main hanger for briefing."

The sudden, blaring announcement was enough to snap Envy out of her mental struggling, and she seemed to look around in disorientation for a few moments.

"As entertaining as it all is, I think some of you may be a bit more interested in the briefing?"

The bartender gave her a pointed look as those that felt obligated got up and made their way out to get to the briefing. Envy stepped aside so that she was out of their way. Once those that were going to leave, left, Lucifer Morningstar directed his thoughts more coherently to her.

~I am in no mood for your games. Why are you here?~

The Anthropomorphic Personification of Jealousy seemed to shrink a little as she walked up.

~You would have to ask Sloth, he was the one who felt he needed to come here.~ she told him, before looking down at the Vice's sleeping form.

It was quite the sight, really. He had been dropped in such a way that left his rear end hunched up into the air while one cheek pressed against the floor of the canteen and a growing puddle of drool started at the corner of his lightly-snoring mouth.

~Though, you'll have to ask him later...~ she continued sheepishly before she looked back up at Lucifer.

It gave the feeling of not so much being stared at as being stared through. For most, it would have been incredibly unsettling. Making her way to the bar, she sat awkwardly on one of the stools and wrung her hands in her lap. When she spoke next, she took care to focus solely on Lucifer, so there was no chance of anyone else catching anything she thought.

~... I suppose I should be asking you the same thing, Lucifer Morningstar. Why are you here? The Vices have a job to do here, but I don't think that you do...~ Envy told him, never once seeming to avert her gaze from him.

The skies.
A less than relaxing flight.

Were it a simpler time than she found herself in now, Kalastryn would have found their flight thrilling. Before she had earned the favor of some far off deity, she always envied those who could fly. There was an inherent beauty in it, she thought. The freedom found in the defiance of gravity, the feeling of the breeze surrounding and rushing past you from all directions, unchained by any obstacle on the ground.

Now was hardly a time that allowed such a mindset to seem realistic. When you get right down to it, flight is just controlling in what direction, from what height, and at what speed you fall. Sure you may propel yourself so very high into the air, but you have to land eventually. It was a state in which with a wrong move you could fall to your demise at any time. This, coupled with the lack of cover aside from the size of Angelus' draconic form and anti air units made her feel quite vulnerable, despite her airborne agility.

As the anti aircraft units on the ground began to come into view of our winged warriors however, she began to worry less about herself and more about her companions, namely the largest target among them, Angelus. "Be ready, they'll see you long before the rest of us!" she shouted, not that she was far behind, but the whirling wind, especially with the steady beating of Angelus' wings was loud from so close.

She began to think over just how difficult it would be. There was value in occupying their attention, but they were supposed to deal with foes that had an advantage over them from their exposed positions on high. Wouldn't a better plan have been to clear the anti air forces from the ground prior to- no. If they were in respectable range to drop to the ground to deal with them swiftly, they would no doubt target the Dawn itself.

Kala could spend all day thinking about how things could be, it was just how she thought. Possibilities upon possibilities. The reality was this was the route they took, and they needed it to work. Though her former way of thinking did bring an idea to mind. "I'm going to split off here!" she said, and by the time the group had come into view Kala had dropped significantly in altitude. As much as she could very well try, she tried to keep her descent subtle, splitting from the group just before she thought they had been seen. Just in case however, she made sure to do it quickly, wrapping her wings around herself, and diving in a spin straight toward the ground.

While the weapons they were tasked with destroying would be hellish to be struck by, she figured that what she had said was true. Angelus was a much larger and more visible target. By the time gunfire rang out, she had righted herself and was gliding down to get a close look at what they were dealing with... and a closer shot for bolts of lightning to short circuit whatever they may.[1]

[1] For the GM(s) concerned, I mean to say with all this that when things begin to happen, Kala is going to be attempting to cast Lightning Bolts at the walking units, relying on Angelus and the others being a much more obvious target to hopefully gain an element of surprise to begin with."

The Rising Dawn Adventures

The Rising Dawn | Medical Bay:
"Wow, it only took Ryan an entire month to make this post ... what a fag."
Jenny | Chrysalis

Fun fact about your brain- even when fully asleep (or unconscious), it's still a rather active organ. In fact, it's been proven to generate as much brain power due to how long your dreams last compared to daydreams ... This was no exception when Chrysalis began to dream of her past. You see, she would never forget the events that unfolded on the day of the Camerlot wedding.

For those of you whom are unaware of that day, here's the step-by-step layout of what happened.

- Chrysalis disguised herself as Princess Cadance, while hiding the real one down below in the dungeon.
- Planned on marrying Shining Armor so she could feed off him for the rest of her life.
- Also planned on her Changelings blending into the public / civilization to feed off citizens.
- Twilight and her friends obviously come in to cuck stop her from succeeding.
- Chrysalis defeats both them and Princess Celestia ... only to be taken down by the real Cadance and Armor.

How did she get defeated? By their love, which is ironic since she feeds off it. After being thrown out of the city, you can imagine the shame she bore and how her subjects felt. This is what Chrysalis was remembering, the dream that would never leave her mind regardless of how good life became to be.

"... Curses! How in Equestria did they learn to do that kind of magic?!"
""Queen Chrysalis, you .. you allowed love to best you?
"It's, it's more complicated than that. They just-"
"Our Queen let the very source we feed off of, to destroy our salvation!"
"She isn't fit to be a leader! She threw it all away for us to starve!"
"No, NO! I would never let my subjects grow hungry. As your Queen, I alw-"
"S-Silence! I will not tolerate suc-"
"The Queen is not who we thought she was! She betrayed our trust!"

As the Queen tried to reason with her Changeling army, it proved futile. They surrounded her, cornering her into a wall within the outskirts of Camelot. She began to snap at them, ordering them to halt but they did not heed to them. In fact, it only drove more to show up and overshadow the helpless Queen. Her expression quickly went into fear, legs shaking from the fact there was really no escaping this. "I'm your Queen! .. I-I'm the one who gave birth to you, brought all of you into this world. I demand you lower your fangs and le-"

Suddenly, a Changeling came up and tried to snap at her hoof, forcing the Queen to withdraw further against the wall. More came, hissing and snarling at the now frightful Chrysalis.

"Now we're going to go hungry with nowhere to go!"
"How did you let the power of love destroy our future, when we thrive on it?!"
"You're a disgrace to our kind!"
"Take off the crown at once; for you're no longer our Queen!"

"Down with Chrysalis!""Down with Chrysalis!""Down with Chrysalis!""Down with Chrysalis!""Down with Chrysalis!""Down with Chrysalis!"
They began to chant, giving no personal space to Chrysalis ... leaving her to break down on the spot with a humiliated face. Not only was she going to get the thrashing of her life, but she would never be welcomed by her people ever again.


"Hey....Hello?...Can you hear me?..."

.. Why was I having that flashback for? ... Wait, is someone talking to me?

". . .. .. . Nnh ..?" Chrysalis winced, trying with all her might just to wake up. If she could grasp the will to speak, she'd be cursing like a sailor in how much pain the Changeling Queen was in. However, her body had absolutely no energy to consume, and she certainly wasn't going to risk moving anymore than her mouth since everything was stinging like you couldn't believe.

". .. . Oowwahhh, ah ... .fffuu ... ckk." Chrysalis turned to her side, only to go right back to her original position, arching from the sudden jolt of pain shooting through her entire spine. She couldn't remember what happened, only she begged for mercy from whatever God cared enough to show sympathy.

She did manage to turn her head and open her eyes, well, barely. It was still enough to see the Gardevoir staring right at her, whom didn't look all too good herself. "W- wh ... are you? ... W-what the fu ... fuck happened." Chrysalis couldn't keep her head turned, just had to revert into staring at the ceiling. She winced, holding back tears from the screaming muscles and the few broken bones (which is putting it lightly) that made her regret being awake. "S-someone ... anyone, gi- give me some diamorphine for fuck's sakes. S-someone. Aahgg! A-ANYONE!! SHIT!!!" She started to panic, all the pain showing it's ugly face and the build up not stopping there. After all, the guards did simply dump her there instead of giving her proper care, and with what Wesker did- she was lucky to be alive in all fairness.

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The skies.

Icarus was a Natural Flyer; the freedom of spreading your wings and seeing the earth below you, to be unattached to the ground, There was no greater feeling.
Icarus wasn't flying for amusement this time, His whole body was tense. Anyone close to him could feel an electrical vibration around him, there was a sense that if one were to touch him they'd get a dangerous shock. He stayed in formation with the other fliers, Specifically he was behind The Massive Red Dragon Angelus. As they approached he noticed the Devil Woman Kalastryn had started to descend, they must be getting close. He attempted to clear his own mind and viewed himself as a patch of clouds just a soft, gentle cloud, Before long he appeared to fade away thanks to an illusion.

There were many people In prison quite a few he had become friends with, and while no one told him explicitly, he knew he had made several mistakes in the fight with Bison, the fact that he had been rendered unconscious and had to be dragged away proved that.
Whatever he did he couldn't let them down, not again. He Kept his eyes open for Hostile Aircraft's. Despite Some warnings he felt like he was back to full strength, And he'd need to have energy to spare if he planned on not only taking out threats in the sky but then joining the rescue team when this was done. He had His partner The Twilight Dragon ready to summon into a gauntlet, he had a minor curiosity: if giving Cadolbolg a charge made him grow up significantly, what would it do to someone like Angelus?

The Rising Dawn Adventures

The Rising Dawn | Hangar Command Center:
Kazuya | Angelus | Miia | Ruby Babbage-Lovelace | Major Rhodes | Rory | Kalastryn | Slindis |
All other Relevant parties

Finally arriving at the Medical Bay, the Lamia couldn't help but stay just long enough until the guards took Violet away from her. She decided it would be best to stay at his side, maybe even talk to him about what happened with Diana- however, something else came up which made reality sink into Miia's daily life.

"Attention Crew. Please report to the main hanger for briefing."

Miia's little happy world suddenly folded in itself, as the girl recalled where she was exactly- on the Rising Dawn. And what does the Rising Dawn do? Dangerous missions that required the most elite (or insane) of people to participate in, and she knew this couldn't be ignored. Gulping, Miia slithered back to the hanger with the others, keeping quiet to herself. Even when she saw Kalastryn, the red haired woman said not a word for someone she did not recognize stepped forward with what looked like angels backing her up.

"Attention!" she bellowed. The rest of the world seem to honor her with a revered silence. The Major spun on her heel and slammed her hand onto the projection of the wall behind her. Her eyes were inhumanly fierce. "I am Major Rhodes Selmy of the United States Air Force! I am now in charge of this operation since your commanding officers are incompetent!"

I have no idea what's even happening anymore ... Miia mentally sighed, not understanding exactly who the Major was referencing to and what's going on with the world she was sucked in. Denver was a rather confusing if not nightmarish mission to partake in, and diving into it yet again or somewhere even more sinister wasn't settling well with the pacifist Lamia.

"As I have been told! Your people have been captured! And despite that fact, you are all safe! Floating in this flying fortress of yours! Have you no duty to those who protect you!? Bear you no weight of guilt?" The Major paused and turned around to look at the PowerPoint slide. Her raised her chin high, and let her long hair drape down behind her. ]"Nonetheless, you will be redeeming your honor."

".... !" Miia silently gasped. She was so into her new look and daydreaming about Darling, that she had forgotten the other factor- her friends were in trouble. A tight feeling sat in her chest, making Miia all the more self-aware of the situation. She could either back out and pretend everything's okay, or suck it up and be a hero to save those she deemed as friends down below.

What am I doing here, acting all happy and cheery when everyone else is greatly suffering as captives? Am I going to turn my head away and ... no, NO wait a second! I'm not a damn coward! I may be a simple and pretty Lamia, but i'm not a weak little princess who can't handle herself! Y-yea! I, I can ... I can do it! I can make Kala chan proud of me! I can-

The Major took off her beret and tossed it to an angel. She buckled her belt and pulled a tight vest over herself. "This is your time, Rising Dawn, G-Corp, Heroes. Put on your best face. Failure is not an option."


The room cheered loudly, roaring in a battle cry that soon spooked the daylights out of Miia. She was so into her thoughts, she didn't realize the speech was over with, hence she was caught off guard. Another matter was, she didn't see / notice Elise among the people she did recognize. Taking a moment to pop out her cell phone, she noticed the Spider Queen was in a private room on Map Finder, in which Miia wondered why she didn't attend the briefing. She was able to sneak away, and see to it in getting Elise to help her on this risky mission.

The Rising Dawn | Hotel Room:
Elise | Miia

In a hurry, our beloved harem-crazed Lamia slithered hastily in the hallway in search of her friend Elise. While she didn't exactly look forward to the mission, she couldn't just ignore the call of finding her friends when they're in need of rescue. However, she also wanted to see why exactly Elise of all people didn't show up for the hearing. That was when she had reached her destination ... in front of a hotel room's door.

Now, Miia thought perhaps Elise just overslept or maybe was taking a shower; maybe was watching some movies on TV and didn't hear the announcement. Also unlike most people, she didn't knock, instead, Miia merely grabbed the door handle and went to see if it was locked. To her surprise, it wasn't- so she basically went right into the room with the words, "Hey, Elise! Are you okkkkkaaaaaAAHHHHHH OHHHH MYYYY GOODDD!!" Miia freaked out on the spot, horrified from the sight on hand.

You had a naked woman (Elise) over a now hollow looking guard with blood drained out of him on the bed. Elise's eyes glowed like a wolf's does in the night ... an icy blue and a slanted smile to boot. "AHH, AHH, W-W-WHATAREYOUDOINGELISE?!!"

"Here you are again, my dear ... to spoil my appetite once again." Elise looked at her fingernails with no shame in what she was doing, yet her action was really making Miia shake with her skin going white. "Can't you just accept death is all around us love? You would be much better off ... oh, don't continue to stand there with that look. The guard was a means to keep me well refreshed."


"Hhahahaaaa~ no love, i'm an Arachnee... and I don't eat meat. I simply drink blood, I don't expect you to understand because you value life to the fullest." Elise didn't even bother dressing, leaving herself exposed in nudity to Miia ... although Miia wasn't even noticing that factor. Rather, she couldn't look away from the dead human being on the bed, whom had wrinkled skin and sunken eyes, with an expression that you'd only expect to see out of Horror Movies like the Grudge's victims.


Sighing aloud, Elise got off the bed with no mood to hear Miia's pathetic attempts to rationalize the Spider Queen's injustice. She made Miia press herself against the wall, as Elise placed a hand against it, right next to Miia's head. "Look love, i'm done playing nice. I'm an assassin who feeds off blood, and you're going to not tell a soul about this. I personally thought about getting close to Doom and the other prisoners so I could get their blood without the Rising Dawn having a fit over it. Yet, every time I tried to play the nice card, people like you came into the picture to screw it all up. Even when I caught some soldiers back at the Damn, Nadalia kept killing all the runts. Do you know how blood gets spoiled once the host is dead ..? You can't have that, and so I need living beings to satisfy my thirst."

Miia looked pale, seeing Elise in a different view before asking her, "D-d-didn't .. didn't you get upset when Kazuya nearly killed Doom? He was like a fri-friend to you wasn't he?!"

"You're dense, aren't you dear? I needed Doom alive so I could feast on him. But that bastard shot him bit-by-bit, and if Doom is dead ... the blood is rotten. It enraged me how a free meal was passed up out of dickishness, not because of friendship. I may rely on others to help me achieve goals, but deep down love ... I have no friends. Even Nadalia was a means to get by so the Rising Dawn would accept me. I want blood as payment for my service, and I think you owe me too dear."

Elise brushed Miia across her cheek with her index finger, making a little cut form; blood slowly flowing down the Lamia's cheek. The assassin leaned in before licking Miia's cheek, enjoying the taste of Lamia blood which caused the girl to be frozen in terror and helplessness. Of course- Elise underestimated Miia at the same time. You see, she isn't used to living under the roof of our over-the-top-harem girl like Darling is, because if she was .... she'd know how Miia reacts in self defense.

Before the Spider Queen grasped what took place, a serpent's body began wrapping itself around Elise in a matter of seconds; even the arms were under the pressure of the snake-like body that belonged to Miia. "Miia, what the ..?? Release me at once, Mii- AHAHAGGGG!!" She cried out, being squeezed with such force it made Elise yelp. Miia wasn't paying attention to Elise's pleas but rather, having her hands on her scaly elf-like ears while screaming. Now, in the world she was in- this reaction would be funny to most since she'd do the same to Darling after something perverted happened and the guy is simply knocked out from Miia's intense binding. But, Elise was not Darling. She did not have the resistances, the body structure, or the physical strength of a man who's used to abuse from a Lamia that could crush a tank (literally) with her body. So instead of humor, Elise felt the life leave her, the girl trying to change into her Spider Form yet failed because of how strong Miia's grip was. Miia still did not realize what she was doing to Elise, merely freaking out with her eyes closed and screaming aloud while looking away. As the body tightened it's grip ... well, everything in Elise's body collapsed on itself.

The ribs, the organs, everything from the chest to toe gave in, making Elise gasp with blood dripping out of her mouth. Miia slowly opened her eyes, for she too heard the crackling of bone from Elise. Turning to the person she once saw as a good friend, was now blanked face ... no smile, no emotion on Elise, nothing. Yet the light was not in her eyes anymore, the Spider Queen remained mute.

"E-e .. . . .. El.. ise?" Miis trembled, reaching out to touch Elise's face. However as she did so, the head limped back like a dummy's would- indicating she was nothing but a sack. Seeing the blood also made Miia yelp in fear, entirely letting go of Elise's body. As the assassin's body hit the floor, Miia held both hands over her mouth with tears building up, for she saw what took place during the panic attack. She had killed the assassin, the body looking like it got hit by a truck with the legs, the arms, the torso, the stomach & chest all scrunched into an ugly sight for eyes like Miia's. Suddenly, the little blue crystal on Elise's pillow glowed, wrapping the dead Arachnee in an aura of blue before slowly making her fade away like a ghost's. Miia stood there, unable to gather what just happened but did not move a muscle ... for she still couldn't understand what the hell was happening to her life anymore.

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The Rising Dawn Adventures

Escapist Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Detention Area
M.Bison | B.C. | Bruiser | Caim | David | Ghost of King Leoric | Mio | Nadalia | Shadow/Agent | Teri | versus - FULGORE | Prison Guards | [unknown]

Fume Knight swung furiously, groaning with it's hollowed out voice as it tried to remove the HENTAI robotics off it's body. Nadalia tried to keep an eye on her precious follower, however the mist was making it rather difficult to see. Even as Caim came forth to notify her of where the Iron Queen's allies would be heading towards, she simply gave him a look. It wasn't out of annoyance or disrespect of course, but rather- she did not plan on leaving a good fight. Seeing her expression caused the worthy fighter to shrug and move on, as Nadalia turned to see her Fume Knight fall onto his knees with the sword pressing into the floor for support.

"... Does thou seek strength already? ... You are as rusty as thee, Raime. That makes two of us, fickle in the eyes of our comrades. I will not allow it ..." Nadalia whispered, merely clenching her fist. Right on cue, as the Bride of Ash did this- Fume Knight felt a surge of energy pulse inside him. His sword began to glow a black, wicked fire that covered his gigantic weapon, and as a result, made Fume Knight rise up despite multiple units were holding his arms & legs down along other parts of his body. In one swoop, he managed to get most of them off with the force of his brute strength, before slamming his mighty greatsword onto them in a line- crushing them completely. Bolts, metal, scraps- they all flew across the halls as the Fume Knight roared once again in a barbaric manner.

This made Nadalia smile, but of course- something caught her eye. A figure was shouting in the fog, seeming to miss something precious to him, and as Nadalia came up (while easily smacking away any HENTAI units trying to get a hold of her), she saw a pile of bones on the floor. But, it wasn't the bones that got her attention, rather, it was the ghost standing over them. He seemed upset (or highly anxious) over something, and that drew the connection to a girl wearing what happened to be a crown.

"Hey! Where's your crown, King Nothing? It's mine now." she called out, sticking out her tongue.

".... Hmm" Nadalia pondered, walking towards the woman whom was occupied with what looked like a tentacle monster you'd see in those Rated R DVD's that if your mom & dad walked in on, they'd question if they had failed as parents. Seemed like this girl was capable of dealing with that abomination, and with that- focused on the group of HENTAI units lagging behind.

Whether or not she'd make enemies with this girl, Nadalia did snatch the crown from her head despite the battle echoed on.
"One does not simply take the name of a lord's position. Seek'est your own destiny, not steal it." That move alone was bold, because Nadalia could of gotten shot on sight by B.C. since she didn't know the Iron Queen personally, yet her actions left the girl having an eye-to-eye stare down with the Pyromancer. Before anything else occurred, she did stumble a bit ... realizing her strength withered a bit. Perhaps she granted the Fume Knight too much power, thus backfiring on Nadalia herself. After all, she did not fully recover from the beating while having the accursed collar on, and the fight with FULGORE with only one arm. Sighing, she told B.C. ".. Maybe after this, you may end up wearing my crown instead." She huffed, before somewhat limping the Leoric's position and doing what she felt was right- placing his crown onto the skull's head. One thing about Nadalia, was that she respected royalty and it was something no one should have taken away from them. Even if the crown did nothing for the fallen king, she felt his reputation should not be stripped by some crazed woman with a sultry voice.

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The Rising Dawn Adventures

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Rising Dawn Private Quarters - Ryan's Room
Ryan | Annie | Nina and Phillip

"Attention Crew. Please report to the main hanger for briefing."

Nina looked up to the disembodied voice of the speakers as the group was assembled, obviously the call didn't matter to her, and she figured Annie didn't care about it either, but she thought she might as well ask. "We're gonna be ignoring that I assume?"

Annie didn't technically respond right away, for she was looking into what Nina had stated in their conversation. For one, the girl was right- she'd have to clean him, take care of his 'waste', and ensure that the man doesn't choke of his built up saliva during the night, or even the day since a coma is usually over 24 hours. The Titan Shifter didn't know what to say, her mind was togging on two options: Ignore Nina's logic and try to keep Ryan safe or simply allow him to get proper treatment in the Medical Bay despite her own experience here. To say it was a difficult choice was quite an understatement, so much so Nina had to ask a second time for the girl to snap out of her thoughts.

".. Didn't mean to space out. But, you're right. I have little to no experience in handling a patient that needs care every waking hour and to handle those undertaking requirements."

Annie brushed some hair out of her eyes, looking down with a peaceful expression. It would relief her if she didn't have to babysit her ex-Author like this, and he would get the treatment necessary to keep him alive. That was, until Ryan began coughing abruptly, making all heads turn to him. Annie quickly leaned next to him, placing a hand on his arm to see what was wrong. Little did she know, Ryan turned his head directly at her's- coughing in her face which got some spit drops among the surface. He opened his eyes, breathing heavily with the following words, "Aauhhh ... Holy crap I couldn't breathe. He-hey Annie, what's going on?"

She slowly wiped the sprinkles of spit off her face, with a rather annoyed expression which made Ryan pause in his stance. However instead of hitting him or doing anything hostile, she merely replied, "Never mind, we don't have to worry about what happens to him now. Go and have your chat with him, Nina." This was before she went away into the bathroom, closing the door behind her with a bored expression. The author blinked a few times, sitting up on the bed slowly before shifting his gaze at Nina and Phillip.

"Uuhhhhh ... w-what are you guys doing in my room? .. Wait, we're on the ship then? What happened back in Denver? Did everyone make it out alive??" A thousand questions began building up in the guy's head, but the most questionable thing was his vision. Although he could 'see' Nina and Phillip, the vision was somewhat blurry. Ryan placed a hand over his eyes, starting to slightly lock up from the realization that perhaps he overused his powers.

Oh god, did I- did I overdo it? My Sharingan, my sight ... they're hazy. Because I spammed their forbidden potential and went over my body's limit, soon, i'll ... i'll go blind. He sighed, wishing that at any time his vision would go back into being 20 / 20. Sadly, it did not and glasses wouldn't help either. He just had to deal with having somewhat crappy vision despite he could tell who was in front of him.

The Rising Dawn Adventures

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn Air Ship | Hotel Room: Deceased Elise
"Holy hell this is the worst day of my life. Oh god today is 2016 Election Day as well? WORST. DAY. EVER."

Miia using the very upper rear of the snake's body to sit on the bed, bending like a human's body would for proper seating ... just sat there with dreadful, traumatized eyes with black skin formed underneath the eye sockets. Even wearing her 'Darling' cosplay was not going to get her out of this mood, not by a long shot. Let's review what she's been through shall we?

    - Nearly torn apart by Hydralisk in an abandoned workshop
    - Choked out by her savior when trying to save people's lives
    - Helpless to stop Ryan & Kalastryn fighting each other.
    - Witnessed Katya being beaten to death by a security guard.
    - Seeing the security guard drown in Katya's blood.
    - Seeing the security guard splattered everywhere by Eddie.
    - Almost dying within the flying truck that flew into the Capital.
    - Almost got wasted by Bison's energy.
    - About to get obliterated by a mass of missiles.
    - Being shot at by cyborgs.
    - Being forced to knock them down, and witnessing Elise murdering them while they're unconscious.
    - Seeing Violet with a finger chewed off in a dark closest of some sort.
    - Seeing Elise drain a man all of his blood.
    - Elise driving her to murder the poor assassin by accident.

Yeah, all of this wasn't spread out either- oh no, within just a day or more, all this happened. Miia fiddled with her fingers, sometimes forgetting to blink. She didn't bother washing off the blood that stained her Lamia body, and it wasn't even Elise's either ... she never got to clean herself fully from the other incidents in Denver. Her eyes began to slowly close, the girl's breathing calmer now, though her chest was hurting like crazy.

"I ...... I can't do this anymore. I, I thought I could muster the courage to be a good person and save my friends, but ... i'm unable to ... d-damn it. Damn it."
She sobbed, lip slightly quivering and the girl trying to avoid staring at the dead corpse on the bed alongside her. She couldn't take it, her life was never this insane or dark to begin with. As told time and time again, Miia had a normal life who did regular things you'd expect the average human being to do. She's never done anything on par with fighting people, seeing death before her, death experiences, getting cut up, abused, and thrown into situations that could scar anyone for life. This was all beginning to pile up, and Miia couldn't stop sobbing from the emotional weight she felt.

"................... I just, want to go home." She sobbed more, wiping her eyes with one arm before sniffling. She ended up placing her face into the pillow, letting her emotions flow through with the continuing sobs until she winced from something poking her neck. Leaning up, she saw Elise's little crystal. Holding it to her eyes (regardless that they were red and sore), she examined the material.

It began glowing faintly, hardly visible from afar but noticeable close up. Miia turned the thing, wondering what it was doing on Elise's bed for. "Didn't this ... make Elise disappear? ... W-what did it do with her ... .. . I can't think about that." Miia shook her head, refusing to conjure up the memory of how Elise looked due to the Lamia's binding. During this, she clenched the crystal hard in her hand while fighting the memory, which ended up triggering the crystal's special ability.

A blue aura formed around Miia, making her hair slightly float upward like the breeze was guiding upwards. Miia had a surprised expression, unsure on what to think or feel about this moment but was too afraid of moving.

The sound of rushing energy soon soared in her ears, making Miia shut her eyes in fear of what's to come. That is, her body vanished completely in thin air, as a whooshing noise was released in the room with Miia nowhere to be found.

Another Dimension | Tokyo | Kimihito Kurusu's House

Miia finally opened her eyes- sitting on a bed. However this was not the Rising Dawn's bed, but instead her very own bed. Not believing it for herself, she scanned the room. It was her own room, which didn't seem like it was possible to her. Quickly looking down at her hand, the little shard was cracked, if not in pieces from the overuse of it's Recall Powers [1]. Like a child on Christmas morning, she quickly got out of bed and rushed out the door, racing down the stairs as fast as a slithering Lamia can, and caught herself against the open door frame leading to the family room. There, she saw the backside of someone in an apron ... with spiky black hair, and a scent she recognized by heart.

Her expression was lit, her face showing speechlessness, and her heart stopped. The figure turned around, with a friendly smile. He eyed her before asking in a calm manner, "Hey Miia, you're up already? Guess what I cooked for you, your favorite! So- ... Uh, Miia? Hey you ok? Did you not sleep well?"



Miia cried so loud it made his eyes turn pure white from the sudden shout, only for the Lamia to launch herself at him at speeds of a bullet. He wasn't anticipating this, nor did he have the reaction time to ready himself. She hugged him during flight which ended up sending both crashing into the stove- a loud crash to follow. Pots, pans, some dishes fell off the counter and the kitchen rattled loudly in return. Darling's head spun, but soon he snapped back to himself when he heard loud crying in his chest. Miia, shoving her face so hard into the man's chest you'd think he was gone for years or something.

"Ah, Aih, aiiheee-eee, Oww! Miia, what's gotten into you all of a sudden?!" He wasn't mad, just utterly shocked from how emotional Miia was being and her tackle on top of that. As for the Lamia, she clung to him like her life depended on it, crying madly while trying to talk, "D-D-DDDa-DAAR LING!! I-I .. I M-MMma iisseedd Y-YoU UUUU SOO-SOOOO MUCCCHHHHH!!!!!"

Doing the typical anime cliche of rubbing the back of his head, he was confused by what was going on. Cerea, Papi, Suu, Rachnera, and Meroune all came in with puzzled expressions ... some bewildered, others curious.

"Hold it, what are you doing to my Master!? Why are you crying so much for Miia?"

".... More importantly, why is there blood on your body Miia?" Rachnera pointed out, the Lamia failing to realize she came into this world again but in the state she was currently in after that 'incident'. Miia sniffled, looking back at her friends and then back at Darling. She couldn't help but hug him again, repeatedly shouting without holding back, "I'm home, i'm home again. I'm HOME AGAIN!! I-I'M FINALLY HOME AGAIN! I'M HOME AGAIN!!!"

Suu and Papi being the children that they were, slowly tugged at a book clinging to Miia's skirt which was the very book Kalastryn made for Miia to master. "Did you have an awful dream last night? Like when Dorothy was in the Wizard of Oz and had to go through so much drama ... ahhhhh, drama." Meroune cupped her own face, enjoying the idea of drama and tragedy. Yet, Miia got a hold of herself and slowly grabbed the book away. At this point, Miia knew- it wasn't a dream. She really did go into another dimension and went through so much in a short amount of time. But now, now ... she was back in Darling's house with all of her friends and the man she loved. Yet, she stood there holding the book with her mind drawing blanks.

All she could wonder was .... would she ever be the same after such a rough experience? Even Darling placed a hand on Miia's shoulder, asking her, "Miia, did you want to talk about it? Did something ... happen?"

[1] Recall is an ability that all players have access to regardless of selected champion due to this crystal. Recall causes your champion to hard channel for 8 seconds. If the channel is not interrupted, the champion will be teleported to their base or original location

Location: Rising Dawn
Travel lightly in both things material and immaterial.

Saren Selmy

Saren was walking down one of the halls in the upper deck of the Rising Dawn alone. Laeta had taken Lola away to the training rooms for her physical therapy session and now the youngest of the three sisters was left to entertain herself in the warship as it descended into combat airspace above Denver. Saren let her fingertips drag along on the surface of the walls as she walked. She could feel the thin breath of the ship as she walked. She could hear it creak and strain, tremble against the whirling winds. She could hear the beating heart, the fuming heat of it's reactor and engines. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She could smell the history of this ship, it's shifting hallways, the stains of blood and sweat. She could almost see the faces of all of those that had once called this vessel their home.

Saren was a technopath. Her senses were sensitive to say the least, her entire body was like a conduit for electric pulses. So much so that she could interface with people and things outside her body.

People were hard to interface with though, the chemistry involved meant there were some significant barriers to melding with them. Electronics though, they opened their secrets as soon as Saren beckoned. They were almost like a second body to her. It had certainly taken time to learn how to read them, but now she was accustomed to visualizing the machine code as a second reality.

She tugged on her sweatshirt. It was loose and baggy, hanging gently on her skin. Any more and it might had been distracting. She hated wearing clothes. They made her feel like she was suffocating, no matter how thin the fabric was.

Saren reached the training room door. She paused. I made full circuit already? She brushed her bangs to the side and put her fingers on the metal door. Maybe I'll spar with Laeta while Lola gets checked over. This idleness is murder on my mind.

"Lola, do you like that I'm inside you?"


"It... it feels kind of weird... but I... I don't dislike it..."

"Mmm... I like it though. It means that we're closer than ever. Here..."

"Eep! What... what are you doing!?"

"I'm just getting a feel for you Lola, mmm you're so tight."

"Don't! Don't touch me there!"

"How could I not take advantage of you when you can't defend yourself?"

"Ah.. no... please... please stop... You're getting me all wet..."

"It's only natural, Lola. I have to get you wet to help the muscles loosen up, or else I might just end up hurting you."

Lola whimpered and then squealed, "Laeta! You're being way too rough! You're going to break me!"

"Oh shush, your body's much stronger than that Lola! And I'm having way too much fun! You're so soft and hot and slippery..."

"Lae- Laeta! Your... your breasts are..."

That's far enough.

Saren swiped right and the servos holding the door in place spun with wanton ferocity, slamming the metal door into the wall cavity. "Okay, that's far enough! How many times do I have to tell you Laeta, you can't have sex wi-" Saren paused and exhaled. Laeta had taken Lola's shirt off, that was as far as it had gone. The white silk was folded neatly on her lap, Lola's hair was undone and gently bunched over one shoulder. Her shoulders were bare, but that was it. Laeta was leaning in on her, an elbow pressed against the nape of Lola's neck. Both girls were glistening with oil. Saren took a breath. Baby oil.

"It's not sex." Laeta pouted. She had taken off her sweater to facilitate the massage, leaving her in a sheer white camisole. "The doctor told me to help loosen up Lola onee-sama's muscles before they put her through the physical therapy test."

Laeta paused and bit on Lola's ear, she squealed. "Though, I wouldn't mind doing a little more service on you later, onee-sama."

"P... please don't..." Lola squirmed uncomfortably in her wheelchair. Her cheeks were red and Saren could smell the anxiety growing within Lola's breast.

The doctor came in soon thereafter. He was an old man of Asian decent. Small, thin, and kindly. He was flanked by two hovering automatons. The man was too weak to administer the physical therapy himself, apparently. As he had his robotic assistants push Lola into the next room over, where some medical equipment had been moved into a climate controlled training room, Laeta and Saren were left alone in the main chamber.

The two sisters looked at each other.

"Wanna fight?"

Saren smiled, "Don't hold back boobzilla."


The Rising Dawn Adventures

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Rising Dawn Private Quarters - Ryan's Room
Ryan | Annie | Nina and Phillip

Phillip's steady scissor clipping filled the otherwise quiet air as Nina stared at Annie's space case moment. Adjusting her sitting position a bit as she waited for Annie to answer her, she continued to sit at the edge of the bed, her back to the foot of the bed and facing forward towards Annie and currently unconscious Ryan. At first Nina would give her her undivided attention; the delay in the response was a bit jarring. She'd play with her soup mug a bit, before her head turned to look at Phillip. Silently she looked at him then down to her mug before lifting it forward to him as an offer. "Thanks Phillip~" She said quietly as one of Phillip's tentacles slinked across the floor and climbed onto the bed near Nina. From the tentacle, a small orifice opened as several tendrils looking very similar to a sea cucumber's inners discharging slinked out and retrieved the mug from Nina gingerly, the thing looking quite a bit like a sea cucumber's inners. Having be semiinterupted from her conversation with Annie, Nina had to take a moment to remember she was still waiting on her? Her lips pursed as she looked up to Annie again.

"Annie?" Nina asked, slowly waving her hand to get Annie's attention then giving a couple snaps of her fingers. "You okay?" She eventually asked, unsure at this point if Annie was still thinking, or perhaps somehow she was experiencing some caregiving related PTSD of some sort.

".. Didn't mean to space out. But, you're right. 'Fuck ya I am! Didn't doubt it for a second!' I have little to no experience in handling a patient that needs care every waking hour and to handle those undertaking requirements." Nina felt pretty proud of herself at this point, compared to her other conversations so far, this one turned out far smoother. "So then, you're going to-" Nina started to say as she noticed Ryan stirring. She gasped in surprise at this, frankly expecting to have waited a month for this to happen, but a measly hour was peanuts to this. Ryan's projectile spit however caught her off-guard however; the splattering across Annie's face left Nina in a brief state of surprise followed quickly by a fit of feverous laughter. Laughing as she did have the unwanted consequence however of tipping back, falling off the bed and landing on her back. "Ow..." Her laughing fit was quelled, her legs still up on the bed. Nina lay there a moment; unable to see Annie wiping her face off, but at least she heard her comment. "Never mind, we don't have to worry about what happens to him now. Go and have your chat with him, Nina." Nina in turn raised an arm up, her hand coming into view as she gave Annie a thumbs up. "Okie Dokie, thanks Annie."

While Ryan sat up in the bed, Nina got herself up off the ground as well, now properly back at the foot of the bed. Additionally Phillip was now sitting on her lap, Nina holding onto him much like one would hold a big teddybear. "Uuhhhhh ... w-what are you guys doing in my room? .. Wait, we're on the ship then? What happened back in Denver? Did everyone make it out alive??" Ryan asked, looking pretty rough even if he was at least speaking now. "Well, it was a bit of an adventure getting back. Eddie kidnapping me wasn't my first choice after all." Nina giving Ryan a bit of the gears, having not forgotten that blunder on his end. "As for the other stuff, seems like something must have come up at least, someone announced an assembly only a couple of minutes ago? I made my way here after I got dropped off so that Phillip could stretch his legs a bit, isn't that right?~" Nina giggled a bit as she tickled the one arm of Phillip's still cutting away at the coupons, having now gotten pretty close to finished with the newspaper. Another tentacle tried pushing her hand away, seemingly not liking being interupted. "But Annie didn't mention anything about anyone not making it, so probably everyone's okay? She isn't really much of the chatty type..." Nina added with some concern, unaware of the prison situation going on currently.

Nina frowned however, obviously wanted to ask about her room situation, but even now Ryan covered his face with his hand, he obviously wasn't feeling awesome. Her discussion was made however when Phillip prodded the side of her cheekbone with a tendril. "Alright, alright I got it." She let out a sigh, looking up to Ryan again. "Ryan I know you're probably feeling really pretty awful right about now, but well, me and Phillip really need to know how this home situation is going to play out. As far as I understand, my home came along with me here to Denver, but with all that happened..." Nina let out a long sigh, fidgeting with her fingernails a bit. "I kinda asked this of Annie, but what do you think the other people on the ship would think of Phillip, I've been scared to show him to others where I'm from. This could be good for him to socialize more. Given how totalled my home probably is by this point, would it be possible to move my stuff up here maybe?" Nina eventually asked, unsure if this was an option, but given her thinking, this was probably a good idea as any for now for her and Phillip.

A thought crossed Nina's mind after which she looked down at Phillip sitting in her lap. "Oh, we don't have any onion soup left for Ryan, do we? He's probably a bit hungry." She asked Phillip, which after a brief pause she let out a soft sigh. "That's too bad, if I'd only known I wouldn't have had that second bit." She smiled again, tussling some of Phillip's tentacles. "You aren't hungry right now, are you Ryan?"

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | World Marshall, Undisclosed Location | Secure Cell Block, Designation: A Class
"Don't you know I'm a Space Alien, from Space?"
B.C. | King Leoric | Bison | Bruiser | Caim | David | Teri | Mio | Shadow/Agent | Nadalia | Others

Thoroughly preoccupied with killing robots, B.C. began to think that things were starting to look up. After all, while rendering these tentacles automatons wasn't a particularly satisfying flavor of mayhem, it was still pretty damn fun, and on top of that she was on her way out. As a bonus, she had a rather nice crown now, even if it was a little too Gothic for her tastes. She preferred more gaudy shows of wealth.

She finished off the first magazine by emptying it wholesale into a single HENTAI unit, and as she started to reload, she felt a sudden loss of weight atop her head.

"Wha--Hey!" she called out as she realized that the crown she rightfully stole was stolen from her in turn.

"One does not simply take the name of a lord's position. Seek'est your own destiny, not steal it."

While the Convict's smile didn't disappear, only dimmed, the look in her eyes were clearly one of irritation. They practically said "Who the hell do you think you are, lady?". In fact, she basically said as much out loud.

"Hey, hey, hey, who do you think you are, lady? That's my crown now, I stole it fair and square." she protested.

She had to give the girl credit though. Missing an arm, looking beat to shit, and limping away the way she was, she had a pair on her. Or triplet, quad or quint, depending on the race, though she looked perfectly human. Not that normal humans tended to call up firestorms or summon big, fuck-off knights in dingy armor.

".. Maybe after this, you may end up wearing my crown instead."

As she made her way to the pile of bones that was Leoric, she set down the crown, only for B.C. to dance over and snatch it right back up. Once it was placed back on her own head, she looked down at Nadalia with an edged smirk.

"Listen, you wanna give me your crown, I'd be happy to take if off your hands, but this is my crown because I did a little thing called Dibs--DIBS!" she called out, before giggling a little to herself and continuing.

"See? Where I come from, Dibs is legally binding, and in this case, there's no takebacks. So the boneheaded King Nothing can find a new one." she lied with practiced smoothness.

Giving her a cheeky, finger-waggling wave, B.C. pirouetted past. Extracting a fresh magazine from her cleavage, she reloaded her assault rifle and gave Nadalia a single backward glance.

"By the way, honey. I'm a thief. I'll steal whatever I want, wherever I want, whenever I want, and from whomever I want. Doesn't matter to me if it's a crown, a lordship, or a piece of chewed-up space bubblegum. If I want it? I'll take it. Not much is gonna stop me." B.C. told her, her voice being completely devoid of the playful, almost sing-song tone that it had earlier.

The Rising Dawn Adventures

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | World Marshall, Undisclosed Location | Secure Cell Block, Designation: A Class
"Is this how it feels to age ... ? The feeling mortals have when they reach their twilight years?"
B.C. | King Leoric | Bison | Bruiser | Caim | David | Teri | Mio | Shadow/Agent | Nadalia | Others

Before the Iron Queen even finished straightening herself out from bending over- B.C snatched the crown and was wearing it once again upon her head, with an edgy smirk to show off. "Listen, you wanna give me your crown, I'd be happy to take if off your hands, but this is my crown because I did a little thing called Dibs--DIBS!" she called out, before giggling a little to herself.

You've succeeded in testing my patience ... Nadalia mentally growled, her eyes turning maroon red with her one hand glowing hotter and hotter by the second. "See? Where I come from, Dibs is legally binding, and in this case, there's no takebacks. So the boneheaded King Nothing can find a new one." she lied with practiced smoothness.

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't remove your head instead ..." Nadalia threatened, though B.C didn't really seem threatened at all. Giving her a cheeky, finger-waggling wave, B.C. pirouetted past. Extracting a fresh magazine from her cleavage, she reloaded her assault rifle and gave Nadalia a single backward glance. "By the way, honey. I'm a thief. I'll steal whatever I want, wherever I want, whenever I want, and from whomever I want. Doesn't matter to me if it's a crown, a lordship, or a piece of chewed-up space bubblegum. If I want it? I'll take it. Not much is gonna stop me." B.C. told her, her voice being completely devoid of the playful, almost sing-song tone that it had earlier.

Right as Nadalia was going to ignite her with a reckoning to be remembered ... she slowly lost interest? It wasn't so much she stopped caring but rather, her fire within was flickering, such as when a candle is going out. Her eyes slowly returned to their purple color, the angry expression now ceasing to keep it's presence; hell her face was on terms of loathed defeat than anger now.

When the Fume Knight was given manna from Nadalia, it seemed to of extracted far more power than the Iron Queen tolerated. While she wouldn't mind doing so since she has respect for her companions and followers alike- she was already in a weakened state. Cursing under her breath, Nadalia had to let it pass ... for now. "Off with you then. I have matters to attend to, and if you are to cross my path with a fetid approach like before, you'll be charred with all of your internal organs and bone turned to ash." Whether B.C. cared about her warning, Nadalia would hold this to heart. She wasn't in the mood for mind games, and certainly not being made into a fool by some stranger. Walking away from the two (Leoric and B.C), she ended up being alongside the Fume Knight, victorious in shutting down every HENTAI unit & robotic enemy alike whom tried to assault the giant.

He huffed with cold, chilling breaths that would leave mist to escape out of his helmet's opening; no one being able to see what Raime's face even looked like. "You're hungrier than usual, my faithful knight. Leeching off my flame so early on ... how would you manage without thee?" He didn't respond but rather, went onto one knee with a knight's bow to honor his Queen, Nadalia taking notice. She didn't smile towards this act, nor frowned upon it. Instead, she placed a hand onto his shoulder and ordered the black giant, "Have your rest. You've been summoned and delivered a great service to your Queen. I thank thy enterprise, Raime." With the order given, he slumped more, both hands on his sword's handle before slowly going into the floor with blackened mist swirling around his space. She merely watched as he vanished, yet even doing him this favor did not grant her the power she gave, back. Instead, she felt even more drained because of the energy it takes to send her follower back into the Abyss.

While a lot of sci fi / fantasy movies touch up on immortals trying to understand or grasp 'emotions', there's another coin to this spectrum - being in their shoes. Nadalia may be immortal, never aging, all powerful, and beyond a mere mortal, she could possibly feel what it's like to be tired. That feeling when you've had a long day with physical wounds that couldn't be seen by the naked eye, pain that just persisted in making you miserable as you can do nothing about it. Her pride, her body, her physical form was all tested today and sure enough she felt miserable about the experience.

She sat on the floor, watching the chaos unfold with a vision ... that one day, she could retake her pride and have the energy to be lively again. For now, she would simply take her time recovering, as she casted Warmth to finally give herself another arm which would take time to heal.

Note: Nadalia is just chilling, trying to gain her strength back. She'll be occupied for 12 posts (as in 12 posts from now by whomever) before she's ready to join in on the fight / escaping the prison. I'm also working on a post, it'll be posted soon!

Escapist Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Weapon's Storage
Time for things to go wrong...
Gunnery Sargent Percival Ross and The Raiders | ARES-35 | Dimitri | Viscus

The lights flickered through out the detention facility as one of the four primary power conduits was brought down by a herd of electrovores, fuzzy sheep like creatures that fed on electricity. As one might imagine, this produced a fair number of issues, some of which included the loss of power to certain sections of the facility, bringing the automated defenses offline as well as a number of energy containment fields. Needless to say the Rising Dawn inspired riot was getting out of hand and had passed beyond the point of being containable by the World Marshall and the Detention Center's guards.

"Ah shit..." Gunnery Sargent Percival Ross cursed as he watched a camera feed from the elevator shaft that served as the facility's main point of entry and exit. Watching the scene unfold, he noted that the constant stream of retreating scientists and technicians had been reduced to just a trickle and now had been replaced by some of the facility's less aggressive guests... the ones that didn't feel the need to take revenge on the guards. While that was good for those in the prison, in that there that many less bodies that were being thrown against them, it would probably be trouble later down the line.

Of course, this was the least of their problems since the Sargent had been monitoring the status of one of the World Marshall's more "Special" projects. Judging by the reaction on the Sargent's face, things were going down the shitter pretty quickly. Looking over his shoulder he spotted ARES-35, the cybernetic war machine that he hadn't figured out was a cybernetic war machine just quite yet.

"Hey... you...ummm... what was your name?" He asked despite having a billion more important things to ask instead of ARES' name, "I'm deactivating the drones and the calling off the guards next door. You need to get yourself and your friends out of here... NOW! Because in about 15 minutes, this place is going to do its best imitation of the surface of the moon."

As he sent ARES off to grab the remainder of her comrades from the detention area, the Sargent who was Suddenly Concerned for Everyone's Safety activated a facility wide PA system and started broadcasting an evacuation message.

"Attention all personnel. Containment failure eminent. All personnel are ordered to evacuate the facility. Repeat. Containment failure of Project Instant Kaiju eminant. All personnel are ordered to evacuate the facility."

Satisfied with the message, the Sargent then turned his attention to a radio that sat along one of the walls. He was aware that even if he managed to evacuate the prison and the surrounding areas, if what World Marshall had been developing in secret got loose, there would be no such thing as minimal safe distance. With the current status of the organization in tatters, there was only one thing left to do and that was to make a request for assistance from the outside world, specifically the Rising Dawn. Stepping up to the radio, the Sargent spoke.

"Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! This is Sargent Percival Ross of the Ross' Raider's issuing a request for assistance from the Rising Dawn on all channels. I repeat: Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! This is Sargent Percival Ross of the Ross' Raider's issuing a request for assistance from the Rising Dawn on all channels." He waited for a moment to allow for the Rising Dawn to get a fix on his radio frequency, "Attention Rising Dawn, in roughly 15 minutes, a large creature is going to be emerging from this complex. Request your assistance in destroying this creature." His fingers flew along the keyboard as he started transmitting an encrypted file labeled 'Project Instant Kaiju'.

"Attention Rising Dawn, I'm transmitting data on the creature now." Ross said into the radio before pausing once again, "I'm attempting to secure safe passage for your comrades from the prison."

With the message sent, Ross checked a map of the complex and noted a series of nearby escape pods, which when activated, would be launched out a series of tubes to the surface. Turning to the repair console that held FULGORE, Ross entered a sequence of commands which would launch the repair pod out of the facility.

"Raiders fall in!" Ross called out, leading them towards the holding area, "New mission. We're providing cover while these guys get out of here."

GM's Note:


I'm fast forwarding the arc to the final encounter. I'm giving everyone an opportunity to get into position for this encounter. As can be expected from a black book project called Project Instant Kaiju, the Rising Dawn will be up against a rather large creature that was developed using a fusion of the technology, biology and magic that World Marshall had been acquiring from other dimensions.

Team Mom wrote some of this

Escapist Avatar Adventures | Undisclosed Location | Weapon's Storage
[...Okay : that might actually be a problem...]
Gunnery Sargent Percival Ross and The Raiders | ARES-35 | Dimitri | Viscus

When the PA system activated with the frantic pleas of the remaining on site staff, Viscus quickly became interested in whatever this "Project Instant Kaiju" was.
Granted, the name was a dead giveaway but the nature of the project would greatly aid his efforts to eliminate it (Because odds are he'd be called in to do so once the humans of this facility try and fail to contain it).

If it was designed as a weapon: They might have developed counter measures to fight it should it go rouge
If if was designed as a defense measure: There might be a flaw in it's design he could exploit
Or if it was just a big showy "Fake Threat" used to get more Pentagon money, then there would be nothing to worry about!

For now, he refocused his efforts on getting out of the building, with the security disabled (least the ones that were shooting at him), it allowed him to move much more freely as he managed to use his built in jets to hover though the hallways.
[Dimitri : What's your status?] He then radio'd in to his ally as he navigated his way though the screaming hoards.
As Ross sent out the communique to the Dawn, Dimitri scrambled about to try and find something and make his allies' progress a faster one. With the security down, that was made a lot easier for the beleaguered AI to start sifting through the files of the World Marshall Network.
"Mapping data, mapping data.... Ah, here we are! Viscus, ARES - I have something that should be able to help. "

With a few 'keystrokes' ARES and Viscus found a message with an attachment labeled "MAP", detailing a rudimentary, but functional layout of the current floor; including locations of the prison barracks.
[Confirmed : Transmitting Nav-computer data...] Viscus then responded, using the his own systems to mark out his location and the locations of his current "Allies" back to Dimitri in real time.
[Dimitri : I am on my way to the Prison Barracks : Where are the others located?]
Hmn... Well, based on what I'm seeing in some of these records, the most recent transfer of prisoners were in this quadrant. User ARES has the Dawn's equipment, so her reconvening with them is paramount."
[Affirmative : We are on our way]

Before long, ARES and Viscus were able to re-group with the others, quickly returning their stolen gear and weapons

((More to come, honest))

The Rising Dawn | Medical Bay:
"Think he's bad, you could see Darren...When it's New Vegas, he can't be there quick enough but when it comes time to post..."
Jenny | Chrysalis | Blade | Strider Hien

Jenny was a little startled when Chrysalis began to lash out in pain, attempting to help ease the wounded Queen's agony as best she could.
"He-Hey. Calm, Caaaaaalm...Just relax, you are going to be fine..." She softly said before pressing her palm against her forehead.
It wasn't "Proper" painkillers but she was able to target a few key nerve centers in her brain with her Psychic powers, intercepting some of the pain response and effectually "numbing" the pain enough for her to at least be comfortable.
She wasn't in the best shape herself, looking a bit fragile and shaky as she sat next to Chrysalis but she powered though it.
"Ahhhh...alright then...I'm not that kind of doctor but I should be able to help with those wounds a little..." The Gardevoir then added before waving over a trolley of medical supplies (literally) and getting to work.
Using a bit of the training she got from Teri and Slindis, she then used her powers to quickly and comfortably dress and mend most of the heavy stuff, keeping her palm in place to stay the pain even as she reset bones and jabbed her with needles
Sighing slightly from the effort, she then said "O-okay...I don't know how long it will take for the painkillers to kick in, but you are going to be okay, alright? I'm going to move my palm and when I do, it will hurt again. So I'm going to do it slowly and you are going to stay calm and breath normally..."

She took a firm grip of Chrysalis's hand before slowly easing off the pain suppression, letting her squeeze as hard as she needed to in order to get her though it.
Little by little, the pain returned with a vengeance only to then slightly dull down as the chemicals in her blood began to filter in.
"Good...good...Well done...y-you did great..." Jenny reassured her patient, making her reconsider her medical field, she could get used to this.
" that we know each other better, I guess I should introduce myself, I'm-"


A frantic voice called her name as the Groyvle returned, with a few new scars and a bandage over his mid-section.
"BLADE?!" she cried back before the two of them collapsed upon each other in an extremely public display of affection, the two of them too exhausted to say anything yet enough not exhausted enough to make out,funny how that works...

As for Hien (if anyone cares), he was currently lording it up next to the other wounded soldiers, his shins and wrists bound in a very specific manner to prevent any more of the Traitorous Strider's trickery.
While he wouldn't get far with that wound on his chest, Furiae and the remaining G-corp guards knew better then to underestimate a Strider, wounded or not.
As such, he was mostly silent since he got back, a lot of his ego and hot-hotheadedness cooling as he considered his options while a medic worked on his wound.
He still had cards he could play, he just needed the right moment to do so...

The Rising Dawn Adventures

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Rising Dawn Private Quarters - Ryan's Room
Ryan | Annie | Nina and Phillip

"Well, it was a bit of an adventure getting back. Eddie kidnapping me wasn't my first choice after all." Nina giving Ryan a bit of the gears, having not forgotten that blunder on his end. "As for the other stuff, seems like something must have come up at least, someone announced an assembly only a couple of minutes ago? I made my way here after I got dropped off so that Phillip could stretch his legs a bit, isn't that right?~" Nina giggled a bit as she tickled the one arm of Phillip's still cutting away at the coupons, having now gotten pretty close to finished with the newspaper. Another tentacle tried pushing her hand away, seemingly not liking being interupted. "But Annie didn't mention anything about anyone not making it, so probably everyone's okay? She isn't really much of the chatty type..." Nina added with some concern, unaware of the prison situation going on currently.

Jesus, that's a huge relief. I figured everyone would make it out alive, but ... you never know. Ryan thought to himself, before reaching into his pocket and grabbing his IPhone. He wanted to see if any of his crew mates tried contacting him before Nina spoke up again, "Alright, alright I got it." She let out a sigh, looking up to Ryan again.

"Ryan I know you're probably feeling really pretty awful right about now, but well, me and Phillip really need to know how this home situation is going to play out. Oh crap, I've completely forgotten about Nina and her situation- As far as I understand, my home came along with me here to Denver, but with all that happened..." Nina let out a long sigh, fidgeting with her fingernails a bit. "I kinda asked this of Annie, but what do you think the other people on the ship would think of Phillip, I've been scared to show him to others where I'm from. This could be good for him to socialize more. Given how totalled my home probably is by this point, would it be possible to move my stuff up here maybe?"

Ryan rubbed his eyes, trying to snap out of his tiredness, the feeling one gets when waking up from a deep rest and yet you aren't entirely awake yet. Even with the help of blinking more, his vision did not improve with the same blurry side effect continuing to plague the Author's vision. While he could make out Nina, and Phillip, it was as if someone photoshopped his vision to see them with a hazy effect with certain details being unidentified. What a mess i'm in. First I fainted in mid battle, then I wake up to my friend who is now homeless because of our cause ... I-"You aren't hungry right now, are you Ryan?"

"W-what? Sorry, I was ... in thought. You asked if I was, uh, hungry right?" Ryan tried to get into reality but his mind was clogged with so many thoughts and concerns.

What was he going to do for Nina? Would she be better off here or a rebuilt apartment in Denver?
If she chose to stay, would she be equipped in handling whatever the Rising Dawn throws themselves into?
Was Phillip to be trusted? For all the people here know, he could end up being like 'The Thing' or 'Alien'.
How would Ryan come to repair his eyes? Would he need to create another clone and rip those eyes out?
He didn't know what happened to Miia, Elise, Nadalia, and his other friends. Were they really okay or ...?
Was the mission a failure? Is Denver just the beginning and the other settlements / cities in USA are doomed to follow?

Yet he wasn't going to ignore Nina, since the Author did want to make her feel assured of things, and with that, told her straight up, "You know, it's probably not safe to live in Denver anymore. Even though it'd be easy for me to repair your apartment to it's former glory ... I mean, you're still in a wasteland of ruin and decay. You should move here, and i'm sure Phillip- uh, will manage. We have some interesting members here and I don't think Phillip will cause any problems so long as he's being kept under control."

"Honestly, you wouldn't even need to move your stuff ... I can just use my Author powers to create new furniture, clothing, materials- whatever you needed for a suitable room. Then again, most of the guest rooms here are state of the art if not ahead of your generation's time. You'll definitely feel above middle class when living among the Rising Dawn. All I ask is, you just don't ... well, get involved with these missions just yet. I dragged Miia into the recent mission and you saw how that turned out. Ugh....."

Ryan placed his face into his hands, trying to wrap up all of these thoughts into the back of his mind ... compressing stress if possible. He felt guilt for dragging his pacifist friend into a mission that was going to become a warzone, and the man knew of that possibility. He thought of his other friends too, until ... all of a sudden, a single thought rushed forward to trigger a reaction.
Wait a second. I haven't heard from Faith since- forever. Is she still on the Rising Dawn? How did I forget about her??

Quickly, he dialed the phone to try calling her- leaving Nina to look at the conflicted Author. The phone immediately responded with the following message, "I'm sorry, the person you have reached no longer carries this number. Please contact Wireless Support for further details." "What??" Ryan asked aloud, before dumbfounded while staring at the home screen of his device. "... Faith deleted her number? ... D-did she run off? ......... Hold on, maybe if I can sense her-"

Nothing. He tried to contact her with his mind, since Gardevoirs were known to connect with their Trainers telepathically. With no response, Ryan was 100% sure she ran away for some reason. He dialed his phone to contact Elise since she may of known the whereabouts of his friend (after all, Elise kept records on most of the people here). Yet, the phone repeated the message that was delivered to him moments ago, the Author growing weary of the situation.

He dialed Miia, to see what was going on ... only for a third time to get the same message. Ryan blinked, with sweat beaming down his face before grabbing his tablet. His tablet was unique, because it revealed the status of his characters. In truth, Ryan normally wouldn't do this because 98% of the time, it told him of the characters being 'Active'. However, when checking ...

Status on Followers:

Chrysalis - ACTIVE
Taokaka - DEAD
Dragonborn - INACTIVE
Lucy - DEAD
Ryan - DEAD
S'zami - DEAD
Annie - ACTIVE
Nadalia ACTIVE
Elise - DEAD

Ryan paused, giving a long and hard look at the tablet's reading with his brain trying to gather what it was picking up. Elise was dead.
"............ H-how ... HOW?" Ryan started tapping into the tablet, trying to gather the data on what happened to Elise's fate.

Private Data:

Character: Elise
Status: DEAD
Details: Internal organs crushed, spine snapped, shattered ribs, collapsed lungs, fractured pelvis, paralyzed from the waist down, heart faliure
Cause of Death: Constriction

His chest felt heavy, with a theory conjuring up in his head. The only thing he knew that would cause someone to die by constriction would be a serpent or worm-like creature and the only person to have that kind of body was, "...................... Miia ... wouldn't ..."

Part 1

The Rising Dawn Adventures

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Rising Dawn Private Quarters - Ryan's Room
Ryan | Annie | Nina and Phillip

Grimly, Ryan began to slowly hover his tablet's wheel to scroll ... allowing him data on Miia herself. He didn't know what became of her, but he checked the details. With a press of a hesitant finger, he got into her file on the device.

Private Data:

Character: Miia
Status Inactive
Details: Healthy, 100% physically in tact, no signs of instability or crippling side effects
Cause of Inactivity: Sent home

Seeing this further made the Author spiral into confusion, his mind racing with far more questions than the few answers he was given. Doing what he considered 'spoiling himself', he decided to look into the relations category in his category based on the followers.

Private Data:

Character: Miia
Relations: ... [Elise] Acquaintances
Current Status: Terminated
Reason for Current Relations: Miia executed Elise, self-defense

He bit his nails, starting to pace across the room front & back with his eyes glued to the screen. What exactly made Miia result in having to murder Elise? The tablet may of given specific answers, but not the layout of the entire situation. It was a useful, yet simplistic tool that granted the Author the ability to create and keep track of his characters ... not exactly the "everything you will ever want" because that's beyond the scope of what an Author can do with the information he / she has gathered in their own spectrum of reality. After all, it doesn't say what will happen in the future, in the past, what will come to be, or what other's will end up as ... it only reports what has happened and the current moment so long as they're in the same universe as the Author.

Even though Annie is no longer Ryan's "character" and Miia was never Ryan's to begin with ... they are still listed on his tablet so the device was flawed as well. However, even he couldn't doubt what was displayed on the screen and with that, Ryan began stressing the hell out. As Annie got out of the bathroom with a towel to dry her face- she noticed the Author's unusual behavior of walking in hurried power strolling. "... Did I miss something? What's up with you Ryan?"

Ryan turned to the Titan Shifter, explaining in depth, "What's wrong? I'm losing touch of what happens to my characters is what's up! Faith is nowhere to be found, my sight is slowly fading and Miia flat out KILLED Elise for some FORSAKEN REASON!! This is horrible! HORRIBLE!!"

Even Annie looked stunned, having to ask him, "Miia ... who's afraid to even come in touch with blood and screams over everything ... killed Elise? You're joking?"

"I WISH!! Holy mother of God, what is happening anymore? ... OH god. Okay, calm down Ryan. You got this ... just, go and investigate wha .... wait, no. NO I CAN'T because MIIA IS NO LONGER IN OUR UNIVERSE. OHHHHHHHH FOR THE LOVE OF-" Ryan flipped, chucking his tablet against the wall with enough force to knock a frame down. He clutched his face before Annie had to step in with a serious tone, "Ryan. Snap out of it; you're making a scene over assumptions. You need to take deep breathes."

"Don't you see? I'm losing control over my characters. You know what that means? I can't stop them or control in how they cope with the environment. Miia would never in a hundred years in my control, kill another member of the Rising Dawn. I also would never give Elise a reason to MAKE Miia murder her. This all happened while I was in a coma, wasn't it?! ... S-shit. SHIT. OH GOD i'm CUSSING NOW!! NOOOO-" A hand made it's way against Ryan's cheek, the slap loud enough to startle perhaps Nina and Phillip. Ryan had a bruised cheek, with Annie looking rather irritated. "Last time Ryan ... calm down and take some deep breathes. You're under immense stress and need to relief the tensity, or I will do it for you."

Ryan rubbed his side of the face, the sting strong enough to make him lose focus on the pressing matters. He did feel a surge of anger towards Annie, but understood the decision behind her brutal backhand. He was not well, least in this current moment and needed to gather himself before proceeding to take any further actions.

"Annie, I .... y-you're right. Yea, you're right. I need to get my crap together and think hard about what to do from here. Nina, i'm sorry for the sudden outburst but, can you and Phillip leave us be? I-I need time to sort this out before I can help anyone including myself. Please ..." He asked, with Annie giving Nina a look of 'you heard him' but without the malice behind it. "Just go to the Canteen or look around the ship ... doesn't matter. Right now, Ryan can't help you and neither can I. I'll stay here and look after him." She offered, helping Ryan sit on the edge of the bed as the Author looked literally disoriented with a pale expression and fear struck in the pupils themselves.

Part 2

(Note: Nina can choose to stay and try to help, or let Ryan have his space. Right now, i'm having Ryan collect the outcome of his character's fate and trying to cope with the harsh reality that is being presented here.)

The Rising Dawn | Medical Bay:
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Jenny | Chrysalis | Blade | Strider Hien

Without saying a word, Chrysalis accepted the help from Jenny. It wasn't like she was ungrateful but rather, it hurt too much to even speak. Her windpipe was soar and she didn't have the energy to bother talking. She did end up squeezing the Gardevoir's hand pretty hard, but at least it wasn't going to leave a bruise or anything. "Good...good...Well done...y-you did great..." Jenny reassured her patient, making her reconsider her medical field, she could get used to this. " that we know each other better, I guess I should introduce myself, I'm-"


A frantic voice called her name as the Groyvle returned, with a few new scars and a bandage over his mid-section.
"BLADE?!" she cried back before the two of them collapsed upon each other in an extremely public display of affection, the two of them too exhausted to say anything yet enough not exhausted enough to make out,funny how that works...

.... I would say get a room, but i'll never pass up a free meal. Chrysalis weakly smirked, eating off the love both Jenny & Blade were producing. Yet, despite enjoying the delicious gourmet, something was bothering her. No doubt the love itself was a craving no one like Chrysalis could pass up, but rather it might of been the scene itself that was playing out. Something about them embracing one enough, tearing up, kissing away without a care about anyone watching, just the immense passion that was pulsing through Chrysalis made her ... envy them? You see, it'd usually go down like this with Chrysalis:

> Shape shift into a beautiful woman
> Hang out with a lonely guy so he'd spoil you to gifts, dinner, and more
> Sleep with him to get the juicy energy from his lustful love
> Dump his @$$
> Rinse and repeat

Sometimes she would skip to the sleeping around part, and men weren't the only ones that could get into Chrysalis's pants. Hell there were days some people would pay Chrysalis on the streets to have sex, and she'd just accept despite the Changeling Queen wasn't a prostitute. Aw fuck, why do I care that i'm single? I don't need a man to make me happy. I'm already the best thing anyone will ever lay their hands on. She chuckled to herself, but the pain wasn't exactly subsided even though the painkillers were starting to kick in.

"..." Her prideful smirk became somewhat of a frown. Deep down, she wondered if anyone could possibly love her for who she was. I'm not talking about just her personality or shape shifting powers- i'm talking about loving a black insect-like horse with fangs and walks on 4's. Not only is it right under beastiality but the very thought could be a crime against humanity with how vastly different she was from humans. Try explaining to your parents about getting frisky with an animal that has a long teal mane and insect-like exoskeleton ... you'd either be disowned or thrown into an asylum or simply hung.

".. As touching as this all is, don't you have someone to attend to?" Chrysalis asked with annoyance, then added the comment, "Not to be a cock block 'Blade', but ... your Gardevoir is the savoir-faire to my misery and I need some fucking assistance so I don't die." She winced from turning her head, so as a result she had to stare at the ceiling with her fangs displayed and eyes glowing green, but at least she didn't revert to her true form. In the end, Chrysalis could do nothing but accept that she wasn't going anywhere for awhile.

maria's story

"The influence of a prison does not end at it's walls."

Maria lunged at the party going directly after the Thaumaturge at the group's back. He great halberd tore up the stone at impact and tossed the young girl into the air. The Dark Knight ran in and placed himself between Maria and his Thaumaturge. He swung his sword wildly and with each stroke he took a step forward toward Maria. His presence started to dominate the combat space as he drove Maria away from his healer one step at a time, the great mass of his blade sang as he brought it to bear with each swing. The Lancer dove for Maria's open back, striking hard and fast with a lance imbued with fire. And just as it was about to pierce the Librarian between her shoulder blades, the entire mass of her hulking body vanished. The Lancer slammed into the ground and tumbled over toward the edge. The Dark Knight ran forward and grabbed the Lancer as she was about to fall off.

Maria reappeared some distance away, her body coiled around itself, claws scrambling against both scale and stone.

[Solemn Vigil] Donald Hein: "What in the world was that!?"
[Homura] Stella Munn: "Gah, I have no idea. She just fucking... vanished. All my buffs are on cooldown now too... This fucking blows."
[Solemn Vigil] Donald Hein: "Damn, I don't like this. We have to figure out her moveset or we can't do anything to that monster. Vonn! How long do we have to enrage!?"
[Solemn Vigil] Vonn Emberwalker: "Twenty two minutes on the timer."
[Solemn Vigil] Donald Hein: "Damn it all, that's not enough time."
[Clearvim] Shria McLaud: "Shield are ready! 2 minutes until the next set!"
[Solemn Vigil] Donald Hein: "All right, let's make it count."

The party was rattled by Maria's show of prowess, but on the rafters above the Guardians of the Library were unsettled as well. Jiyam rested her catalyst on the floor and leaned on the wooden staff. "Something's not right," Jiyam said. Her voice was pensive and unsure, "I've never seen Lady Maria ever dodge an attack. She's fighting way too seriously for this to be normal." Heralded by the beating of wings, a great owl landed on the platform that the group was standing on. He reared his head and bowed to Jiyam.

"It is as you say. I have served the Lady for many hundreds of years and she is wont to take attacks in reckless charges. She enjoys bloody combat and playful slaughter." He raised his eyes and looked once again at the arena. Maria was actively dodging the attacks of the adventurers while trying to sneak in hits with her magical flame-spitting satellite.

"I thank you for your vigilance Horace," Jiyam replied.

"I am your eyes, Flutterstorm Herald," and in another storm of feathers the great owl was again soaring high in the darkness of the cavern that housed the library.

Jiyam closed her eyes and rocked back an forth against her catalyst, "The mana here... it's too rich. Something's wrong. Jezell, can you feel it too?"

Jezell laughed, "Yeah, there's a leyline converging below us right now. The magic is rushing so violently that even Lady Teresa's nullification abilities can't empty it fast enough." Jezell sprung to her feet, "To be honest, it's getting me all hot and bothered too. I can't imagine what those humans are feeling down there, since I doubt any of them have actually come in contact with raw unfiltered mana before." Jezell pulled on her top to loosen it, the skin around her chest and cheeks were flushed red. "It's a very human thing Jiyam. An excess of magic makes people euphoric, and with the amount of activity going down there, I'd say that they're actively drawing on power two or three times in excess of their natural ability."

"And Lady Maria refuses to put a stop to this charade?" Jiyam asked incredulously.

Jezell shook her head, "Nah, that ain't it. It's more like right now she's doin' all she can not to get hurt. An injury now could mean that nasty critter she calls a vagina will go on a rampage."

"Then we have to help her! How can we just sit here and watch if Lady Maria's in real danger!?"

"Put on some panties Jiyam, she ain't in no death throes. She's trying to keep the adventurer's alive is all." Jezell drew her rapier, "And if worst comes to worst, remember that we're Guardians of the Library, not of Lady Maria." She turned toward Antoinette and Katya, but kept her rapier pointed at Benedict. "Though, this space is built in the void, so the appearance of a leyline is something of an unnatural occurrence to say the least. My bet's that it's got somethin' to do with our guests."

"They're Lusiya's guests, I doubt that they are the ones causing a mana confluence event to occur here. On the way here I did not even sense a single speck of magical ability from any of the three of them."

Jezell grinned, "Oh then," she put her rapier back in it's sheath. She fell into Katya and stared at her eyes, "You sure are adorable, what are you? Fifteen? Sixteen? Too young to be out here." Jezell put her hands on Katya's cheeks, "I wonder if you can feel it to. Like a river of fire running through the core of my being, this mana." she licked her lips and pressed against Katya, her chest pressing against the weeb's own. "Ya know, I wouldn't mind too much if ya..." she leaned in closer, taken by the purity of the young one's soul. "Ya got a scent to ya, untouched... clean. An' I jus' not right now, can't resist it no more. I just wan' to eat ya up."

"Gissella!" Jiyam said sternly, pulling the larger woman back by hooking the clasp of her bandeau with her catalyst. "What's gotten into you!?" The clasp snapped.

"Ehehe, I tol' ya. It's all the mana. It's gettin' me all... what's ta word... cloudy minded ya know." Jezell pulled the thin cloth off of her chest, leaving it bare. "Damn thing breaks all the time... I should give Marcell a good beatin' for his shoddy craftsmanship."

Jiyam stepped onto Jezell's stomach to keep her from moving, "Well whatever the case, I don't like the way that the fight is going. It looks like Lady Maria is losing her patience."

Below the battle was starting to heat up, Maria was lunging across the platform with her halberd in hand, swinging wide to try and catch the party of adventurers in a fatal blow. Yet the Dark Knight matched each of her swings with a time parry from his greatsword. The movements of each of the combatants were becoming faster and faster, each spell came out more ferocious than the last, and even their steps were tearing away chunks of rock from the foundation upon which they fought.

[Solemn Vigil] Donald Hein: "This is bad! We're running out of time and we haven't done any significant damage to her!"
[Clearvim] Shria McLaud: "It might be time we use our trump card."
[Homura] Stella Munn: "Yeah I got it. Activating [Immortal Killer] now!"
System Message: Immortal Killer has been applied to Stella Munn's [True Longilus +15].
[Solemn Vigil] Vonn Emberwalker: "Using [Evasion Down] now! Your next hit is guaranteed!"
[Clearvim] Shria McLaud: "[Tempered Steel] has been cast, you can't be stunned!"
[Solemn Vigil] Donald Hein: "[Iron Will], [Spirit Unbound], [Dark Arts: Bloodthirst], have been cast! It's all on you!"
[Homura] Stella Munn: "HERE I GO! DOOMSDAY CRAFT: DRAGONSLAYER [Spear of Heaven]!"

The Lancer launched herself at Maria, her spear now pulsed with so much power that each wave even shook the hearts of those watching the fight from high above. The weapon was amplified a million times over it's original strength, blessed with magic both forbidden and lost. The Lancer brought the spear back in midflight, launched herself upwards, and then came barreling down like a comet.

[Solemn Vigil] Donald Hein: "THIS IS IT!"

Maria turned and watched the Lancer descend upon her. The air around them was filling up with a blinding light, not only from the glow of that immortal-killing spear but now the frenzy of Jiyam's butterflies. Maria raised her halberd to block...

And in an instant the Lancer was eviscerated.

System Message: [Homura] Stella Munn has been killed by Maria, Eldritch Librarian.

Bits of her flesh splattered across Maria's body, coating her hair, face, and breasts in a thick viscous black-red blood. Thick piles of meat landed around the arena in a morbid rain. The great hungering maw on Maria's body began to eat the remains. Then finally, Stella's spear clatter to the floor and dispersed into aether.

Donald, Shria, and Vonn were aghast and without words. Vonn let her short bow clatter to the stone floor as she fell to her knees. Shria could not stop the flow of tears from her frightened eyes, and Donald could not hold back his incredulous anger. He took a step forward, his entire body shaking, and then fell to a knee. He had to plant his sword into the ground to keep himself upright.

"What... what the fuck was that..." he growled, "Stella's dead? Are you fucking with me right now? Can't we just raise her!? Her body should have come out unscathed!" He drew his sword from the ground and gripped it with what strength he could muster. "It's... impossible... this has to be some kind of trick... We're not supposed to die! We're chosen ones! We always come back to life!" He took three steps forward and raised his sword, "DAMN YOU, MONSTER!"

System Message: [Solemn Vigil] Donald Hein has been killed by Maria, Eldritch Librarian.

Before he even had the chance to swing his sword, Donald's head was rolling on the floor. His body collapsed into a puddle of his blood. Then his armor and his blade vanished back into the aether. Maria brought her halberd over her head and let her arms rest against it as if it were a bench.

"That... what... what in the world just happened there!? Did she just kill an adventurer!? How is that even possible!?" Jiyam screamed. She stepped off of Jezell and found herself standing at the edge of the observation platform. The rest of the Guardians stood in similar shocked states, either clamoring over the recent events or just sitting in stunned silence.

"Holy... shit..." Jezell sat up and stared. It was all that she could do. Her legs were now too weak to stand. She was shaking and her breaths came fast and shallow.

The other two heroes stood their ground the best they could. Vonn drew her short sword and held it to try and fend off the Eldritch beast that approached her and Shria. But it was no use, her movements were too slow. It was not even in a blink of an eye that Maria had snatched Vonn into one of her massive scaled claws. Maria held the ranger as if looking upon a puppet. She grinned and used a thumb to tear the boiled leather off of the ranger as if she was peeling the skin off of a fruit. Then when all of the adventurer's equipment was shorn away, Maria held her straddling the massive iron blade that she had tied to her tail. Shria could do nothing but watch in horror as Maria pulled Vonn's legs down over the blade and split the Ranger in half.

System Message: [Solemn Vigil] Vonn Emberwalker has been killed by Maria, Eldritch Librarian.

Then finally Maria turned to the Thaumaturge, now collapsed on the floor in a puddle of her own urine.

And with her, Maria ate the Thaumaturge alive. She had each limb torn off in turn and fed to the ravenous toothed slit that dominated Maria's bottom half before finally dropping the half-dead head and torso of the elf into the gnashing teeth below.

System Message: [Clearvim] Shria McLaud has been killed by Maria, Eldritch Librarian.

With the fight over, the stone bridge that connected the arena to the rest of the Library once again reappeared. Though Maria was victorious, none of the Guardians made any move to congratulate their mistress. Jiyam took several steps back and collapsed. Her eyes were wide. There were no words for any of the Guardians to speak. They had just witnessed what was impossibly brutal.

"Hey Jiyam... go and fix up the dungeon... I'll bring our guests to see the Librarian..." Jezell said. She got up and made no attempt to preserve her modesty. Instead she just wore her broken bandeau over the nape of her neck like a scarf.

"Yeah... I... I... I appreciate it Jezell..."


When they found Maria, she was in one of the lower levels of the Library, where water running from underground rivers emptied into the huge aquifer that made it's home in the bottomless depths of the cavern. Her huge body was coiled together and she was washing herself in one of the many waterfalls that dotted this level. There were none Jiyam's butterflies around her this time, instead the area was lit by red light coming from several lanterns hanging on the cavern wall.

"Milady," Jezell said as they approached. She dropped to a knee a the water's edge. "pardon our intrusion, but these are the guests that Lusiya bid me to bring to you."

Maria looked down from her perch atop her coiled body and smiled. She covered her breasts with her hands. "Oh my, how embarrassing that they find me while I bathe." Her lower maw bristled and drank deeply from the pool of water she was in. The ivory fangs still glistened with pink residue from the blood mixing with the fresh water. "I would feel so ashamed were that you had not your own chest exposed like that Gissella. You must be quite proud."

Jezell was silent.

"Ah, you are quite serious today. Just when I was in the mood to humor your usual advances." Maria laughed girlishly to herself. Her body uncoiled and she brought her human half down to eye level. She was the same height as Antoinette and Katya when she was lowered despite her lack of legs. For the first time they got a good look at her face.

Maria had soft kind green eyes and long blonde hair. Her face was girlish and not at all frightening. In fact, if it weren't for her massive size, she might had been cute. She had two black horns that curved backwards around her head like an ebony crown, and her ears stood tall behind her head. They were less like ears and more like the spoked horns of a dragon. Between her horns was a small black gemstone. It looked like a cutout of the world it was so smooth. She smiled gently. "And just how can I help the precious friends of my first apprentice? Would you like something to eat? Or perhaps to drink? Or do you need a companion of the flesh? Just ask and I will provide anything you could want."

She paused as she brought herself out of the pool. Water sloughed off her scales in waves, casting small waves over the feet of those in her audience. "Oh, or perhaps you would like to hear a story? A fairy tale perhaps. After all, I might not look it, but I am the best storyteller in the land." Her smile was genuine and her voice was soft. The warmth of her body seemed inviting. But those kind eyes sent chills down the spines of all those that stood before her.

They were green, but deep. As if they were endless, and when Antoinette looked hard enough she could swear that there were flickers of ember and flame within those pools of green.

The Rising Dawn | Medical Bay:
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Jenny | Chrysalis | Blade | Strider Hien

".. As touching as this all is, don't you have someone to attend to?" Chrysalis asked with annoyance, then added the comment, "Not to be a cock block 'Blade', but ... your Gardevoir is the savoir-faire to my misery and I need some fucking assistance so I don't die."

"...Oh-...uhhhh..." Blade mumbled, seeming a bit more embarrassed about his public display of affection then he was a moment ago.
"No, it's alright. I-ngh-should really lay back down anyway..." Jenny added, echoing that little hint of shame as she sat back down on her own bed.
"Anyway, I-i-i'm sure a doctor will be around soon."
"....Y-yeah..." Blade merely added, not looking too happy about this situation, but in the end, that was Jenny's nature wasn't it? Didn't matter if she had been beaten halfway to hell and forced to do terrible things, all that was on her mind was helping others.
"Right-....need to watch over Hien-"
"Hien....That bastard is on board?..." Jenny then growled, all grace and kindless soon leaving her system as soon as this "Hien" was mentioned.
"Hey, hey, relax. We got him, Jenny. He's not going anywhere. Took him down myself. Well-me, Furiae and her Ex did. Just stay and get some rest and don't worry: I'll be sure to get you when it's time to put the screws on him on where Hiryu is..." The Grovyle then tried to calm her, though it seemed that her wounds were the only thing stopping her from pulling that asshole's brains out though his anus rather then her "Forgiving Nature".

"...You better..." She spat, wincing a little as she got back into bed and exhaling loudly as she laid back, still feeling rather raw from all she endured.
"Alright, and you-...errrr...Whatever-your-name is, I'll get a doctor down soon, okay?" The Strider then said before limping away, joining the rather large security detail in the middle of the medical bay.
"...R-right....So...was there something else you needed?..." Jenny then asked a bit coldly, her bedside manner seeming to have soured as a pair of medics began to give them the finishing touches to their wound dressings.

The Rising Dawn Adventures

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Rising Dawn Private Quarters - Ryan's Room
"Hopefully that doesn't go on my tab..." >.>
Ryan | Annie | Nina and Phillip

"W-what? Sorry, I was ... in thought. You asked if I was, uh, hungry right?" Ryan replied with a tone all too telling of his current condition. Although he wouldn't be able to tell with his blurred vision Nina gave him a disappointed look. Annie had said he just needed to rest, but even with Nina's limited knowledge of first aid, being out of it this much was not a good sign. Just about the time Ryan was considering if Phillip was something akin to The Thing or Alien, Phillip momentarily stopped the scissors he was holding mid stroke. The splotch that was Phillip in Ryan's vision would still be moving, but judging from the sudden and prompt lump that had formed in Ryan's stomach, even in Ryan's haze filled mind he'd still be able to tell this wasn't something from his eyes. However just as fast as that additional focus had found him, did it leave as well, Phillip continued his work on his own, leaving Ryan to the innate feeling he got from Phillip's presence.

Nina waited patiently while Ryan collected his thoughts, holding Phillip with her arms over him and giving him a periodic squeeze. She looked a bit more reassured once Ryan started talking again. "You know, it's probably not safe to live in Denver anymore. Even though it'd be easy for me to repair your apartment to its former glory ... I mean, you're still in a wasteland of ruin and decay 'Well, I don't think we've quite hit Detroit disaster levels yet Ryan?'. You should move here, and I'm sure Phillip- uh, will manage. We have some interesting members here and I don't think Phillip will cause any problems so long as he's being kept under control." Nina looked a bit insulted by that last comment however, Phillip kept under control? What kind of comment was that, Phillip's nothing but control? Compared to some of the not so savoury characters she'd met up with so far, Phillip was a saint in her eyes.

"Honestly, you wouldn't even need to move your stuff...'Uh, ya I do, no way am I living in one set of clothes up here.' I can just use my Author powers to create new furniture, 'No' clothing, 'Fuckin' materials- 'Way!' whatever you needed for a suitable room. 'That's outstanding! Screw the wobbling table, I could get... well anything! Although...' Then again, most of the guest rooms here are state of the art if not ahead of your generation's time. You'll definitely feel above middle class when living among the Rising Dawn. All I ask is, you just don't ... well, get involved with these missions just yet. I dragged Miia into the recent mission and you saw how that turned out. Ugh....."

"Well no, I didn't, not really." Nina replied in turn, since she hadn't really seen how the mission turned out overall, although what she had witnessed so far was clumsy at best. However what was sticking in her mind now was a couple problems with Ryan just magic-ing up stuff for her new room arrangements. As gracious as a gesture as that was, Ryan might be able to provide the items, but not the heart that came along with them. "But even if you can make me a gold plated everything... it wouldn't restore some of the sentimental stuff. Family photos, heirlooms, personal things; you know what I mean. Even if I can't take most stuff, I'd feel awful if I didn't at least attempt to see if some of our things survived. Even if it ended up fruitless I can't bring myself to just give up on everything there." Nina requested, not saying they needed to go right this very moment, but when it was safe. "And as for missions, look I helped save that crowd of people down there, stopped some missiles with a rock, advised Eddie to stop people exploding buildings before going on his little pastry run... which nearly bit him in the butt, and stood my ground against a bunch of hoity toity 'gods' just because they think they're all that and a bag of chips." Nina listed off but a couple of her accomplishments in his short romp through Denver today. "But you're definitely right, I'm nowhere near ready for missions. Maybe I could help on the planning side perhaps for now, although I'd need a general hat or something if I was going to do that." Nina smiled, although seeing Ryan cup his head into his hands she wondered if something had happened with Miia... whoever that was? Her name was certainly familiar. Wait that was that lady with the absurdly long dress, duh!

Ryan whipping out his phone was a new one though, was he getting her that hat? Was that how he magic'd up things perhaps? Nina watched intently as the magic happened only for Ryan to let out a "What??" Nina leaned back a little, looking around the room awkwardly, apparently Ryan liked his privacy when making his magic calls. "Well I was just curious-" She started to reply to his what, only for it to become apparent he hadn't been talking to her then, now beginning his journey into the maelstrom of his own shortcoming that would soon follow this path he'd. "... Faith deleted her number? "Who?"... D-did she run off? "Maybe?"......... Hold on, maybe if I can sense her-" Nina replying back to Ryan's vocal questions, feeling a bit put off that Ryan was now seemingly doing his own thing now. 'This must be what people stereotype millennials for all the time...'

When Ryan started furiously dialing more, Nina decided she'd at least go check on how her phone was doing with its recharge, Ryan seemed busy after all, might as well let him check on things for a bit. Nina gently lifted Phillip off her lap and pulled a leg off the bed before heading to the end table where her phone lay. It was about full by this point, the soup they'd made and had taking enough time for the phone to get a good amount of its fill as well. She picked it up for the moment now, looking it over before Ryan randomly blurted out "............ H-how ... HOW?" causing Nina to turn her head again. Her eyes blinked a couple of times as she made her way back to the bed, unsure exactly what Ryan was even looking at.

Ryan getting up and pacing however was not something Nina was expecting for a guy who not long before seemed unable to think straight let alone stand. "Ryan maybe you should..? Maybe just..? Ryan? Maybe standing isn't such a..? Ugh..." She attempted to get Ryan's attention each time he crossed the bed's threshold, to little avail. "Wonder where Miia got into so much trouble..?" Nina mumbled out, only for her to look down to Phillip pointing one tentacle to the right of the bed, in the general direction of Annie walking out of the bathroom towel on her face. "No no, Miia Phillip, that's Annie. Thanks for trying to help though, that's very kind of you~ Maybe Annie can get through to him right now though?" Nina corrected him, prompting Phillip to go back to what he was doing prior."... Did I miss something? "Yyyeeesss??" What's up with you Ryan?" Nina started considering she might just want to plug her face into her own phone for the time being. However she would decide to keep herself involved in the conversation, it would look bad on her to just bugger off completely from the conversation even at this point she was little more than an observer.

And observe she did, Ryan revealing to them Miia's killing of an unknown woman of Elise. Nina gasped at this revelation, nodding along to Annie's reply to such a strange situation. Even if Nina had only had a minute at best to get to know Miia, her impression of Miia was much more of a dopey booby lady than some sort of killer. Ryan's attempt of reassuring himself however only earned him a 'You don't got this Ryan...' from Nina's mind, and when Ryan turned to fling his tablet Nina cringed at the impending impact.

Or it would have, if not a jet of blackness whipped through the room. Even from his far off position of the bed, Phillip snatched the tablet from the air, now holding it aloft. Nina would look surprised for a moment, looking from Phillip to the tablet and back again, before letting out a nervous chuckle. "Nono, it's alright Phillip, that's not my tablet, that's Ryan's tablet." She explained, brushing Phillip top, not noticing Phillip was curling the long tentacle that still grasped the saved tablet. "That was a really great catch th-" Nina complemented him before a huge crashing sound rang out in the room as Phillip hurled the tablet at the wall, impacting it with such force not only was a frame knocked down, but a sizable dent in the wall. Needless to say Nina jumped from the slam, having not been expecting Phillip to do this. It would take her a moment to settle down, losing her concentration on the argument with Ryan and Annie, and facepalming herself a bit. Why should Ryan have all the fun after all. "Phillip, we're going to have a little chat about that later..." She said sternly, causing Phillip to freeze for a momentarily before churning a bit in her lap. "Later." She said much more punctual, visibly causing the tentacle monster to deflate somewhat.

Annie's hand slap would find a duel purpose as not only did it bring Ryan to his senses, but also redirect Nina and Phillip's semidivided attention back to their conversation too. 'Ouch, ooo that's gotta sting... Shit! How long were they talking for, did I miss anything!?' Nina straightened up in her sitting position, and listened to the rest of their exchange before scooting off the bed herself to give Ryan more space on sit. Needless to say, Nina wasn't overly happy with the results of their meeting, but what was she to do. She hadn't even expected Ryan to do the fixing up immediately but now it seemed like that plan would be set on the back burner. "It's alright... If this really is a thing then, wow... I don't know what to say really. Sorry for your loss." Nina replied, having not known Miia virtually at all, let alone Elise. There wasn't a sentimental attachment involved for her to get flustered, but that wouldn't stop her from having empathy for Ryan. "Alright so, I'm going to see if I can retrace my steps, and maybe figure out where I left my hat. I know I had it when I got here, but... well I don't know where it is now." Nina explained, holding the wiggling mass of Phillip in her arms as she stood there. "Phillip you wanna hang out outside this time? Maybe a piggyback, it's a bit awkward holding you like this." Nina asked Phillip, looking down at the mass as Phillip started to bring a couple tendrils up to Nina's shoulder's as he shifted around to her backside, looping a couple of tentacles around her shoulders and waist to comfortably cling to Nina while still leaving her free to move. Nina's long hair would act as a curtain, making Phillip obscured from behind for the most part. Nina would then gather her dufflebag and junk, and head for the door. "So good luck with everything Ryan, and Annie, make sure he doesn't do anything stupid, he shouldn't be running around like he was with him being so woozy. That'll only make things worse, k?"

Gripping the handle and strolling through, Nina would leave the bedroom and take a right down the hallway. Unbeknownst to her, Nina would walk right passed Elise's room as she vocalized in a low but stern voice "And don't you dare think I forgot about that tablet mister! What were you thinking throwing that at the poor wall!" to the disappointment of Phillip. As the odd duo continued to increase their distance from the bedroom, to Ryan and Annie's relief, Phillip's aura would slowly waned leaving them to catch their breath alone.

Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Denver

Diana followed the red dragon Angelus only for a short time, then she changed her form into something small, a sparrow, and flew downwards, where she spotted the air defenses, before they spotted the team. There was nothing suspicious about her, as she landed on the ground, turned into a mouse, and casually scuttled near one defense outpost.

Suddenly, she turned into a rhinozeros, breaking the metal structures they had put beneath their missile defense system. Despite the sudden increase in size, her speed did not decrease, as she wildly thrashed around, trampling everything in her path, and impaling a few soldiers. After the initial surprise, the anti-air soldiers who were left tried to shoot her with their normal weapons - whoever prepared the cannons did not think of using them as anti-ground force.

Despite riddling the rhinozeros with bullets, there were none that could pierce through it's thick natural armor. As cyborgs were slowly thrashed one by one, the actual missile system only being collateral damage, the ones left retreated, calling for backup. However, as fast as it had appeared, the rhinozeros vanished again ...

Only to reappear at the next outpost, helping to destroy all that was left of these annoying missile systems. It was natural brute force, seemingly without a mind of its own, but in the end, the effect was the same as it would be with targeted strikes: Twisted scrap metal, not usable for any original purpose it once might have had.

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Denver
Alert! Alert! Final Boss Encounter!
Anyone and Everyone that wants to take part in the Final Boss Encounter

The idea started simply enough: How would one go about weaponizing a Hammerspace Container? In this day and age where nuclear/chemical/biological weapons could be held in a lead lined briefcase, the thought didn't gain a lot of traction at first at least until World Marshall started pulling in creatures and technology from parallel dimensions and distant planets. At first it was only possible to capture roughly human sized subjects as the portal was too small to fit anything larger, for example a Catican Intergalactic Heavy Shuttle. This hurdle was overcome with the discovery of miniaturization technology which made it possible to fit something of that size into a Hammerspace container. It was at that point that science and profit driven minds began thinking. Could World Marshall make money fitting massive and dangerous creatures into Hammerspace containers? The answer was a resounding "probably."

Project Instant Kaiju (formerly codenamed Cup o' Kaiju) was the realization of this idea. Fit a giant, unstoppable, biologically enhanced, technologically enhanced and mystically enhanced creature in a Hammerspace container and unleash it in the middle of an urban center and wait for governments to come calling on World Marshall. Because the creature was designed by World Marshall Engineers, the military arm would know the creature's weak points and take down the monster with a minimal amount of effort and monetary expenditure. The mercenary group would wheel out some fairly impressive looking weaponry which, if used properly, could take out entire army divisions in order to give the appearance that the price they charged was worth every penny. But really it was all overkill.

Take Katya's recently acquired assault rifle as an example of excess: A weapon that propelled a tungsten slug with not just a plasma burst but then used a series of magnetic coils to further propel the projectile. It was a little overkill on anything, right? World Marshall didn't just stop there, they included a squishy sensor that trailed the tungsten projectile which would detect whether the target the projectile hit was personnel or materiel. If the projectile hit a piece of armored equipment, it would continue traveling but if the target happened to be a person, the explosive encased within the tungsten projectile would explode. In the hands of the standard World Marshall grunt taking part in an Instant Kaiju cleansing mission, it was overkill but bringing it out into the field would justify an extra few thousand dollars on the final bill.

It was a relatively fool proof plan... at least as fool proof as you could get once you threw members of the Rising Dawn into your holding cells. Once that happened, all bets were off and whomever was in charge should have realized that shit was about to hit the fan.


Deep in the core of World Marshall's Denver complex, Subject IK0001 had been undergoing the miniaturization process. Using a beam of gravitons, the space that existed between the creature's molecules was decreased, therefore decreasing the size of the target. The effects of the miniaturization beam was temporary, lasting only 30 minutes or so, long enough to shove the creature into its new temporary Hammerspace home. Unfortunately for the World Marshall technicians (any of the remaining population of Denver), the power to the beam was interrupted, as well as the neural dampener system that kept the subject unconscious. "Now, Generic," you're probably thinking, "Wouldn't these idiots have back up power?" to which the answer would be yes. Under normal circumstances, the backup power generators should have kicked in, at least they would have had they not been warped to the home plane of the Extra-Dimensional creatures being held in Cell Block Z. Now that I think about it, they probably kicked on but since they were located in a parallel dimension, it doesn't really much matter, does it?

ALERT! ALERT! Subject IK0001 is regaining consciousness. All personnel are to immediately evacuate the facility/country/continent/planet!!!

You can probably imagine the rest of what happened from that point forward.

~Insert the rumble of a monster breaking out of containment and destroying the facility simply by standing up~


Meanwhile on the Rising Dawn, the A.I. that was left in charge of the Airship's networks finished decrypting the initial portions of the encrypted message from Gunnery Sargent Percival Ross, Captain of Ross' Raiders... who were probably all squished under rubble at the moment. Seeing that usable information had been found, A.I. Vermilion transmitted the data to each and every member of the Rising Dawn that was taking part in the mission.

Subject IK0001 - Specification Sheet:

Code Number: IK0001
Codename: Grotesquerie Empress
Origins: Planet Midgard

Original Subject Description:
In original observations, Subject IK0001 was identified as the Grotesquerie Queen by <name redacted> and also identified as one of the creatures responsible for the destruction of its home planet, Midgard. Due to her immense size and strength she is more than capable of destroying an urban center with her physical power alone. It is her other capabilities that have made her a candidate for the project.

Her ability to create/birth grotesqueries, creatures that resemble giant humanoid infants with electrified wings and razor sharp teeth make it possible for this singular creature to become a threat to the world. In her natural environment, she has been observed singing, though the effects of this action are unknown at this time.

Subject Augmentations:
As described by the project documentation, the following augmentations have been made.
Personal Note: Sweet she looks like a hot chick with the attached to an ant body!

-Lower half of subject's body has been replaced with armored six legged chassis: While the creature is bipedal, the replacement of her legs with the armored transportation chassis offers additional turret mount points. The chassis also holds the equipment necessary to enhance the production of the Grotesqueries.

-Shield Generators (x3): Three Shield generators have been installed on the various parts of Subject IK0001 offering added protection from attack. Each of the shield generators also acts as a repair unit for the other two generators.

-Turrets: Various Anti-Air and Anti-Ground turrets using both standard ammunition as well as mystical power systems.

-Grotesquerie Production Unit: The GPU augments the subject's innate ability and speeds up the speed at which a Grotesquerie can be produced. This is possible by gathering organic materials, using the gathering stalks, and depositing them in the unit's port.

-Control Array: Colloquially known as the Control Crown, the device allows for World Marshall Central to control the subject's motor functions, although this should be rarely used as the creature is able to function independently.

- Armored Plating: Chest plating to protect the subject's internal organs from direct assault.

Take Down Sequence: (CONFIDENTIAL)

<Decryption not yet completed>

Grotesqueries? Subject IK0001? Sounds pretty rough, especially considering World Marshall did everything they could to keep random militaries from taking out their Instant Kaiju. Oh look there she is now!


The earth shifted and cracked as the World Marshall's facility was shattered and destroyed. Those who had escaped the facility could see that this was not caused by the destruction of the support structured that kept the city from falling into a giant pit but rather the awakening and emergence of a giant creature whose top half resembled and armor clad woman wearing a crown while her lower half resembled a mechanoid ant from hell. Spotting the Rising Dawn's primary assault group, the turrets that dotted the Grotesquerie Empress' lower half opened fire, filling the sky with lead, lasers and lightning.

GM's Note:
Final Boss! Have at it. Try not to die and figure out a way to take her down! 5 posts until the first line of the take down process is decrypted.

-The following was me taking forever and takes place PRIOR to the boss dropping. Apologies for chronologists out there.-

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | The Rising Dawn | Canteen
"Nosier than a hog after truffles."
Sloth | Envy | Selena | Luke | Tania la Fey

~... I suppose I should be asking you the same thing, Lucifer Morningstar. Why are you here? The Vices have a job to do here, but I don't think that you do...~ Envy told him, never once seeming to avert her gaze from him.

Lucifer Luke paused at the accusation, a strange sensation beginning to run up his spine. Something... Odd, was about to happen, he could sense it, like feeling the faint tickle of a insects legs on the back of one's neck, accompanied with a... Ringing? Blinking in confusion the bartender turned his attention back to Envy and gave his standard cordial expression, "Sorry for that, I just thought I heard something. As for your little question, I certainly do have a job - I tend the bar, it's in the title, after all. My name is Lucas Cypress, but 'Luke' will suffice. Can I or the imps get you something... Or perhaps relocate the one over there?" He gestured to the prostrate body of Sloth, who was currently attempting to break the record for "largest pool of drool".

Not really expecting a proper drink order, Luke busied himself with gathering the assorted glasses left behind on the counter and assorted tables after the battle orders were engaged, placing them in a small washing machine under the counter. As he did so, Invidia received another response, "Though if you mean something along the lines of what I'm 'really' doing here, that's none of your concern. My primary influence with mortals in this 'great' power struggle of heaven and hell is in the realm of mortals, is it not? It shouldn't be too strange that I stick around. I have secretaries in the Black Palace, they can manage the paperwork while I'm away."

The Rising Dawn | Medical Bay:
"Let sleeping dogs... Erm, Pokemon, lie."
Furiae | Jenny | Chrysalis | Blade | Strider Hien

Furiae had been keeping an eye on all parties involved, and after seeing Blade and Jenny's joyful reunion, decided that she would be best suited to leave the lovebirds be. Hien was already apprehended, and she had a second job to do. Quietly slipping past the sloppy lovebirds, Furiae made a pointed powerwalk to the Brig of the Rising Dawn with every intention of delivering Inuart's message.

The Rising Dawn | Brig
Cortex | Furiae | Wesker

After a brisk walk to her destination, Furiae found herself at her destination, beholding two of the men who had stayed at the AIM facility. The first, Doctor Cortex, was something of a fond sight to her - after all, he was one of the kinder faces she had encountered; and was the one who fabricated the design of bracers on her arms. The second, Doctor Albert Wesker, was something of a mystery to the lady Strider. She didn't hear much about the man, sans that he was the one who had granted Inuart some form of "enhancements". At least, if the scuffle with Hien and his forces were anything to go by, there was something unnatural about the way the bard moved these days, and it was entirely Wesker's doing.

Aside from the dramtis personae however, Furiae had noted two other things. The first, the dour temperament of duo, and the second, that Doom was missing from their number. Given what she had seen and heard from the Med Bay, he was probably due to arrive soon. Taking a deep breath, and going "ahem" to draw attention to herself, she opened with,

"Doctor...No, Doctors would be the appropriate term. I have a few things I need to discuss with you."

-back to our regularly scheduled timeline/sequence of events-

Denver | In the skies
I. Hear. A. Sound.

It was truly a grotesque sight. What was once something as simple as a ground to air fight had descended into something out of a horror movie. She erupted from the ground. Her upper complexion, at least, the parts that still resembled a "human" was ashen and smooth, almost akin to a gray marble statue. She bore no cloth that a human would, and her form lacked any particular markers for "humanity" (such as hair, a belly button, nipples, etc), her eyes even looked smooth, almost carved into being. However, the "statue" ended and the rest began with the machinery running and down her body; turrets, augmentations, even a little "crown" on top, almost a gross parody of the Queen's "glory". Her lower half best resembled the mid and hind quarters of an ant, with six great jutting legs from it's massive throax, ending with an even larger metasoma[1]; all of which a construction of metal. A distant tone, almost akin to a bell's, rang in the air as she made her entrance known, the only sound that the Empress seemed to "produce" at the moment.

After the Empress rose from the depths of the World Marshell building and began to fire it's varying weapons onto the group, the voice of the Herald - erm, Harold, rang in their minds via the Rings, "Hi, it's me again! I got orders from the top and we got a change of plans. With this thing distracted as long as you can, the Dawn's gonna make a break for the Marshell building and pick up the missing crew. Keep us covered as long as you can!"

There was a pause, before the rear thrusters of the ship began to activate, propelling the ship towards the lower wreckage of the Marshell building. In the meantime, those in the air were left to deal with the incoming onslaught. For one dragon in particular, this situation was beginning to look a little more familiar than was for comfort, and just barely managed to duck out of the way of one of the missiles as she quailed in the presence of the Queen, "What is this? This thing?! What can we do?"

Cadolbolg, on the other hand, shot a bolt of lightning at one of the missiles, creating a very pretty explosion that wasn't at all being noted by Angelus. As he tried to keep calm, the baby turtle-dragon shouted, "Mother?! Snap out of it, Mother; we need to fight!"

And if that were not bad enough, rubble from below began to rise in the air and spin. It was almost a mockery of planetary orbit, yet some of the pieces seemed large enough for a standard humanoid to land on - if it was able to support their weight.

In the wake of the oncoming madness, as well as some back and forth on the re-recovered rings, the Dawn was able to find and pick up the motely band of heroes who had barely managed to escape the Marshell building with their lives intact. With Vermilion bringing the party up to speed about the new threat, she closed with,

"Unfortunately, the drop pods are no longer viable at this point. With the density of the rubble filling the air, we'd be more likely to send you off course and to your deaths. However, we can do what we can to position you towards the larger pieces. If you have any additional flying magic or abilities that enable fast transportation, now is the time to use them."

Meanwhile, on the edge of the battle, a red-haired man watched the events with a grim expression, before running in towards the chaos.

DM Notes:

Reunited and it feels so goooood~!

Well, it would if you weren't left to deal with the big scary queen/ant monster. If you were not initially a Dawn member or were introduced via the prison, whether your characters decide to get back on ship or not is entirely up to you.

For those who wish to engage the Grotesquire Queen/Empress, how you launch yourself into combat is up to you - the Empress has provided (albeit, moving) platforms for you to land on and hop between, or you can simply engage her from the wreckage of the Marshell building.

[1] For reference on what a queen ant's body looks like, as opposed to the workers, the bottom part of the ant is a bit more fused than standard ants

The Escapist Avatar Adventures | Denver
Alert! Alert! Final Boss Encounter!
Anyone and Everyone that wants to take part in the Final Boss Encounter


It all happened so quickly.
First he was part of the original "Ground force" team that would try and break World Marshall's grip over the area.
Of course, that all went to shit when some god-awful monster was released and sicced upon the city, though it was hard to tell if that was intentional or not.
Either way, there would be another thing to nail Armstrong for once they finally found his sorry ass, At this point, Bison might be getting off light by comparison.
But first things first: The monster had apparently busted out from where the prison was located, the implications of this not being lost on Rugal.
The barrage of lead and lasers from the creature was a major deciding factor in his next move, namely leaping out from his transport before landing on the earthquake ravaged streets below (Not sure if a Kaiju monster's movements technically counted as such but the end result was rather similar.)
Before he could even really process what his next move was, he could already see waves of what appeared to be waves of demonic infants moving on his location.
These creatures...they are like the ones that Caim spoke his old world... He thought to himself, well aware of the threat they might pose not only for the city but to the entire world and Teri-

"What are you waiting for?..." a familiar voice called out to him, giving him pause even as several of those creatures began to close in around him.
"You know what you need to do, so why are you just standing there?"
"...Well enough." He answered back, recalling their arrangement as he got into stance, least before Lucifer added something rather distracting.
"Let's try 0.5% for now. Try not to spend it all in one place..."
"Wait-...only half a percent? I don't know if you noticed but I might need a bit more th-...then...."
Rugal trailed off as the brand burned onto his head began to glow slightly, overwhelming his senses as power overwhelming began to Engulf his body.
"Ngh-.....orah.....ohhhhhhhhh, thats gooooooodddd......" he groaned slightly, a slight raspy chuckle escaping his throat as he enjoyed a sensation that he hadn't felt since the time he stole the power of the Angels themselves.
"...Well then...what are you all waiting for?...Come on.....CHALLENGE ME!" He then roared at the incoming creatures before charging right at them in a move most would deem suicidal (Caim might disagree, but he would be the minority there), his slashing aura firing up as he jumped into the fray and rended all that stood before him.


"...Great...just fucking great..." The Irish Sniper remarked as he and the rest of the prisoners has seemingly escaped from the crumbling prison, only to find themselves being not unlike ants on the Kaiju's picnic blanket.
He was going to start thinning out the many, many, MANY little Mini-monsters this bitch seemed to be pumping out but it seems Rugal's latest tantrum was doing a good job of that.
Not that he couldn't use some help in that regard but David's priories were elsewhere.
While he was rearmed now and had Uncle Phil's gift of unlimited ammo again, he was starting to realize that perhaps he wasn't using a weapon large enough to even put a dent in that big ass Ant-bitch.
"Alright, Blondi is giving us some breathing room. While he's making friends, we need to figure out a way to punch though those shields and disable those generators. Vermie says they are also repair units so we need to hit them hard, fast and in rapid succession. And I am going to need something bigger..." He announced, firing off a few rounds into the hoard from his transport while he attempted to get a supply drop sent out: if there was ever a time for the Cobra Assault Cannon, this would be it...

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