The Webway: A Warhammer 40k RP (Started, Still Accepting!)

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The glob would hit his right side of his face. Yelling in anger and just barely missing the Tyranid neck as his ax cut into the side of the ship deeply. The right side of his face horrible disfigure before he could get the acid off of him fully, but he lost the function of his right eye.

"Da! Ya better run ya git!" He shouted as he look down at the vent. Wondering if the little bugger would be back as he tended to his wound. He started to work on a "new" eye to use. One that could see better in the dark. He just pull some more parts form the ship and made a scrap together piece of junk for a eye. Pull his damage one out and apply the new one. He wasn't no Pain boy, but he knew how to make new eyes.

"Well we better pack everything we can and begin moving then. I say we set walking for a good 6 hours before setting up camp again. Hows everyone feeling about that plan?" Richard said with a tired voice.

Richard was glad with the new allies, a strong group though untrusting of eachother there was a chance of getting out of here. With the Eldar in the group mabey even a chance to get to his home, but first to get everyone where they need safely. Richard knew only thinking of his goals would only get everyone killed, working together for eachotheres goals might get us out of here.

"We have to set up sentries and a timetable. Everyone sleeping for one night means we're never going to wake up" Ace snapped.

"Very well," says Sarge. "How shall we decide shifts?"

"Depends. How much sleep do you Tau need? I only need about 4 hours?"

"Four is fine. How do we decide who goes first?"

"I will; not sleepy anyway" Ace replied.

"I'll take second shift I suppose." Richard offered.

Goresmas'a finally finish his bigga shoota, but it had a few modification to it. He didn't have enough bullets for a normal bigga shoota so he made it fire the laser the Imperial Guard use as he find some extra stash within the ship. The bigga shoota had the laser clips(I believe they are clips, but not so sure) around the gun. In Goresmas'a mind, the more energy clips into the gun, the stronger the laser. He then headed out to kill some 'umies!

Are you still accepting?

If so, I wish to play a Bloodletter. (If acceptable)

Mind if I join in on this?
if I can join,this would be my character, just to give a heads up.
name: hormie
sex: neither
age: two years
race: tyranids
ability: consuming biomass allows hormie to modify its body in small ways
items (bio enhancments): poison sacs,allow them to develop poison like pyros tyranids adrenal glands, small synapse broadcaster, one termagaunt rifle, rations
Bio: hormie was born as a simple hormagaunt. Its job was to charge the front lines, and murder the enemy. In his first battle, a tactical marine squad was lodged in a building, and hormie needed to remove them. charging into the enemy, against all odds, with his squad not only was hormie able to prevent the marines with interfering with their charge, they killed the enemy squad.
The hive mind, suitably impressed, lavished gifts of strength on the squad. Hormie, earning the most kills, was lavished with the ability to modify himself with biomass. they were ordered aboard a myetic spore and sent off to fight enemies everywhere! but on the way, hormie fell into a wormhole! our brave hero must find a way out of the webway, and back to its hive mind!

I don't know man, it's pretty damn old.

well, why don't we start it back up? I realize its been awhile, but it had some great ideas and was really shaping up. We could run it if we need too, everybody has a character, end goal is established, all we really need is someone to toss trouble our way. of course, if you don't want too, I'll live with it.

I wouldn't mind but we'd have to get the players back, maybe find a new GM.

I hope you are still reserving, This sounds like some great fun. I have a great deal of knowledge of the 40k universe but I've never done a Forum role play before.

When are we supposed to create our characters and how is this going to be organized? Btw I already got a character in mind just in case I get accepted.

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