Serial Killer Round 39: Return of the Doubles Round (Cycle 12: We Have A Winner!)

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@Link: I have to admit that I couldn't have told you who was still alive about 2 weeks ago. You were the only name to pop out at me when I finally checked so I thought that it had to be you XD

@Link I think I started to get suspicious when you started asking CA about what is used for running a round back on page 60(?)ish.

@staika: I'm glad I killed you near the beginning. None of this would have been possible if I hadn't randomly taken you out early.

In fact, random chance was very heavily on my side this time around. :P

@Berenzen: You're probably the only one who would be suspicious about that since I've expressed GMing interest in several past rounds. >.>

I've dropped a lot of hints like that if you're willing to dig through all of the comments.

My personal favorite. :P

@Link: HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THOSE HINTS!? but you could have left me alive for awhile since I didn't really try to find out who was the killer until about 2 weeks ago. I really just took random guesses as to who was the killer until someone told me otherwise. Also I just noticed that on the 23rd this round will have been going on for 2 months.

@staika: It's...complicated. It wasn't so much the fact that you died per se; rather, it was who randomly contacted me as a result of your death and the chain of events set off by that.

I'll probably elaborate a bit more after we get the next couple of deaths posted. I think some things will probably be a bit more apparent after. :P

@staika: It already is the 23rd, my time. So yes, two months of the same round.

@Link: There are a lot of things that go into the killer winning and my death is but one of the little parts of it. Besides I doubt I'd do anything game changing if I were alive XD

@CA: I have another hour and a half to go before it is the 23rd for me. I blame time zones, they complicate things.

@staika: I don't know, double voter powers would have been really potent at the end. I sighed with relief after the second double voter role was finally claimed. It was pretty much the last factor I was unable to control.

@CA: Three and a half hours until I reach the two month mark. I love time zones and international date lines. ^_^

@Link: I guess that's true, I guess you got lucky then XD

@Link: So, YOU were my epic colleague? Or are you just trying to mess with us?

Hangonhangonhangon... are you guys sayin' the killer is NOT dead?

You living people suck...

@WP: And you... you did not do great things with my sacrifice.

I am so so so so so so so soooooooooooo SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SOOOooooOOOOooooOOOOoooo disappointed with you.

@Link: I hate time zones. They are a pain to deal with when playing D&D, or when trying to get people together to talk about a roleplay.

@Schiz: The Medic can't save themselves, remember.

@CA: Dats tru... then I'm disappointed with the other medic...

so so so so so so so soooooooooooo SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SOOOooooOOOOooooOOOOoooo disappointed with him.

@Schizzy: Hey, don't look at me! Look at the other medic! <_< Ya fugg'n... ninja. xP

@CA: But if there are two they can save each other, right?


And CounterAttack made me do it (by correcting my misguided disappointmet)!

@MovieTime: Was watching Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows until my wife gave me the death stare, indicating I should be sleeping. I swear, I only had 5 more minutes left of the movie to watch, but I value my life (and sleeping on a comfortable bed) more.

@WarP: Indeed they can. But if two Medics and two killers are the last four remaining, and both pairs are working with each other... yeesh. I don't wanna know what could happen there.

Correct me if I'm wrong but there are three people and four unconfirmed roles. Is someone dead not labeled with a role or is there only one spy? It's been nagging at the back of my head for awhile.

@Ynnek: Yeah, it's been sort of bothering me, too. <_<

@CA: I'd like the think that the thread would implode into a 404 error out of sheer "what-the-fuckery." xD

@Ynnek/WarP: I believe this note in the OP will cover it.

Small Announcement: In light of the Priest role being introduced, courtesy of Link_to_Future, GMs will no longer announce to the entire thread whether or not the recently deceased had a role. The lone exception is the killer, which is kinda necessary to end the round.

I will confirm who had which roles when the round ends.

The stuff you learn when trying to figure out how to flood the earth. I learned that the polar ice caps don't have enough water to cause any real bad flooding so that's one idea for my RP that's gone. Science is so unforgiving.

@CA: Oh... Well, I feel a bit silly now. <_<

@WP: As you should... *smug smug* :P

@staika: Really?

Let the global warming commence!

@Schizzy: Yeah according to these different sites the sea level would only rise about 61 meters.

@Malyc: Well, I could also just be trolling you guys in a last ditch effort to make this thread interesting.

I'll let you be the judge for now. :P

@Medic: My guess is that if it wasn't Ynnek, then it had to have been Sonora. Round eight was the last time where my kills were blocked twice. I then ended up taking out War for the first time and then we executed Sonora. After that round, I never encountered another Medic save.

I was surprised when War wasn't protected by the remaining medic, but I took it in stride. It would make sense if War had been left unprotected simply because the medic was dead.

@staika: Hmmm... that puts all the cool bits in Malaysia underwater :(

I'm all for global freezing now.

@Link: what exactly quantities interesting to you, if u need to pretend to be the killer to make it such?

Enough shenanigans have happened to blow my definition outta the water...

@Schizzy: Well if you boil water and then throw it into a freezing place then you can make snow! Interesting stuff you find while trying to figure out how to flood the earth XD

@Link: You bastard... and I trusted you!

@Schizzy: But it also puts Florida under water... and I'm okay with that. :P

So wait, Link is the killer? He was my prime suspect...

@everyone: Murderers, killers and the like! I come to you bearing scary shit!
*lurk lurk lurk*

@Luna: *ahem*

Who are you?

@RaNDM G: I used to come on this site a bit, I played like 4 rounds of SK, fell out of the forum stuff, came back for like two rounds of SK or something, went to another forum, fell out there, got bored and came back! I think I played in the 20's or something. All I know is I was almost always executed real early on.

Well, this round is pretty much done. But you're welcome to join the next one.

Welcome... back?

@staika: Interesting... then we could retrofit our sunglasses business to become a snow goggle business. :D

I'm thinking there's a replacement word for comfort but I can't think of it. Suggestions? All criticism is more than welcome, I always want to improve my writing :).

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