We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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OOC: @Outis. Well, we're about to see Regulus finished off/banished/etc.

"Do thee believe this small moment of weakness means that I exhausted my powers?
Think again..."

Regulus teleported some distance away group but still within sight.
As the sigil on its chest faded, the black aura now covered the sky completely.
Lights could be seen within the aura and red lines connected them, forming the constelation of Leo.
Giant pillars of dark matter blasted down from the void, further destroying the already ruined city.
"I will scorch this world until there is naught left..."

OoC @Berk: Go for it.

Doctor Com handed AEanna the gun.
"Shoot it after you use your magic!"

Roland makes a sheild around Rose and him.
"I was wrong, okay! Don't rub it in!"

OOC: @Outis. Well, we're about to see Regulus finished off/banished/etc.

Aww...shoot...I was going to ask if you guy's could wait till I got home to fight Regulus but my phone wouldn't post the message...oh well.

@Drak: If you're putting Conel under 'human', you should do it with Joel. And Matt.
And Asha is more 'ambiguous'...

OoC: @Drak The list was good, but I think you missed the Sniper and Berethor. Also, maybe add bits for good and evil characters that are on a bus.

"You're forgetting Regulus, think about your namesake... stars don't last forever." She followed AEanna and the others as they approached it. It looked like AEanna had a plan.

OOC: @Silver or Wacky. EWa and eventually Sara should be on there.

Hey luggage lets go over to that Tavern wonder if they accept copper here

Laguna walked up with the others, his machine gun ready. He pointed it at Regulus. "Move, and you turn into a lead pincushion."

OOC: Already got something prepared Wacky.

As Regulus gloated in triumph, AEanna began to sneak closer to it. The ground shook as its pillars of energy tore the city apart around them, but she never lost her footing. Even to an observant eye she would have been easy to miss due to her vampiric magic and her top class training, but Regulus was not even paying attention, wrapped up in his belief that he had won. She kept going until she was right in front of him, then sprung up. He glared at her in surprise for a moment, before she drove her enchanted katana deep into his chest, right though the sigil.
"This is for Dromaeus, you abomination." She hissed as what parts of the blade were visible flashed, and the banishment spell began to draw out Regulus's soul.


Rincewind goes into the tavern"Hey whats up with the dress"say a random bar patron"Why this is a aprentice Wizard robe""oh ya and I'm the toothfairy

As AEanna was standing behind Regulus and drawing his power, EWa stood in front of Regulus making it concentrate on her from her presence, her eyes glowing a bright teal and nebulous as the matter created from the big bang.c

OOC: Still forgot Berethor, @Silver.

Ferdinand sits by Ricewind, "Hello there. Who might you be? I don't beleive I have been to your world."

You vanish into the past, do do something you did yesterday.

@all if i/drak fogot someone say: *name* (*alive/dead*) [*user*]

@Trilby: Joel's a cyborg, so I'm not putting him under human. Also, why does everyone keep spelling 'Conall' wrong?

OOC: Never mind.

As AEanna's sword pierced its chest, Regulus' body began to fade. Despite this, it laughed.
"Think I am this easily defeated? How naive. The tales of grandeur must hath clouded thy judgement.
Hehehe... think, bloodsucker. Why would I come out into the open like this instead of fighting on my own turf where I am most powerful? To be nice? ...as if."

With the last of its strength, Regulus send out a message to the minds of the group before its body faded completely
I am always two steps ahead...

@Trilby: Joel's a cyborg, so I'm not putting him under human. Also, why does everyone keep spelling 'Conall' wrong?

So, what is this for anyway?

Huh I'm back at the libray how did I get here wait what day is,its yesterday which means I can get out of this adventure" Rincewind runs to the docks to buy a ticket to Klatch

Ignore me!

Laguna lowered his machine gun. It seemed a bit too easy, but Laguna would take any break he could get at this point. "It's finally over." He slumped down. "Erica..."

Doctor Com stares at Regulus.
"Well, balls. He's gotten away somehow."

Ferdinand shakes his head.
"Waver at 20%. God..."

Roland looks at Rose, "Uh... sorry."

You shrug.

As Regulus' body faded EWa cooled herself down back down to her ground state into EMily and Winona.
The both of them took a deep sigh. But they couldn't help wonder what Regulus meant by its last words.

OOC: I'm guessing he meant the special 'gift' given to him by Eliphas.

Rincewind curently at the docks"Yes I want to go to Klatch that is five gold coins right okay just hurry I need to get there fast"

AEanna stepped back from the point where Regulus had been standing, her sword falling to her side.
"What? What did he mean by that?" She demanded, to no one in particular. "How could he still be so damned confident even with eternal imprisonment with his hated brethren in Deadside facing him?"

OoC @wacky: Wrong.
AEanna succeeded in bannishing it.

@Outis: Silver just asked someone to make a list and I felt like it.

"Regulus just gets off on trying to screw with us doesn't it?" Four commented as she climbed out of the Komodo.

"It's fine." Rose said as she smiled at Roland and gave him a kiss.

EMily and Winona looked at Laguna and went over to him. They placed their hands on his shoulders and kneeled down with him. They weren't quite sure what to say except: "I understand your frustration. I really don't know if we had another choice. Part of me also wants Erica back. I'm sorry." They both hugged him with saddened looks on them.

Laguna smiled at EMily and Winonna. "Thanks." He looked up at AEanna. "It was just one last mind screw. Dont let it get to you."

OoC @Silver: I'd put Charlotte and Laura in the neutral team, since they're hardly good anymore.

OOC: So anyway...

I wake up in the armory and find I am alone. 'Disappointing.' I think as I get dressed.

wrong, mias naked there

"Perhaps..." AEanna turned away sheathing her sword as she did so. Seeing Laguna sitting on the ground wit EMily and Winona on either side, she went and knelt in front of him.
"Erica?" She inquired softly.

Rincewind on the boat to Klatch "I forgot my Luggage shit"

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