We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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"Ooooh! Pretty!" Rose squealed as she saw the fire.

@Silver: Another new character? You're almost as bad as @Trilby or myself at this point.

OoC: @Silver whatever happened to Misa, Lilah and the others?

"So still a flame effect is it?"

OOC: What I posted, @Silver:

"So, Conall, what's with the change of cloths?" I ask.

And can we get a larger look at these characters of yours?

@Shadow: Can we see a larger image?
@Drak: *glare*

"What do you expect? I'm a master of the flame effect. It's only natural that it would be drawn out by me whenever I use this O-Part. No telling just how many effects it actually has though."

@people Lilah is just in the ship, not doing much. misa is just around. the Ai in conells portal gun isnt needed yet andk kisa died
I reply to tanner whilst looking at my outfit "Dont know, just looks cool huh?"
Misa flew over to Mia
@person i fogot who asked. ill get a biger pic in a moment

"...I suppose...if you like leather that much..." I say to Conall.

"Whats your point?" i ask admiring my coat

"So we're back where we started.
Guess we're gonna have to wait for a apprairser to fall outta the sky now."

"Hmmm, it must react differently for different people. Too bad no one else here can use it, huh?" Rose commented.

Matt puts on the glasses. "Heh... everything is red." he mutters.

"Just seems a bit...impractical to be wearing something like that." I say.

OOC: @Drak's got a point @Trilby...

@tribly can you re post conells shades, the pic didnt post properly

"Does anyone still have the Soul Gem?"

"Hey Matt, those look good on you" i say to Matt and turn back to tanner "Impracticle? hace you seen this movie called THE MATRIX?"

@Outis: ...

@Shadow: It posted fine for me... just give it a second to load.

"I think the Chuck Norris look-alike has it." Eddie replies to Jin.

"I have it, here."
Tophat gives Jin the soul gem.

@tribly hosted on Zerovhan.net use the link provided (no link is there), i cant see them

"You don't say?" Four said to Matt as he put on his red shades.

"Tophat was trying to get Jio out of it again earlier, I think." Rose said to Jin.

@Shadow: Oh right.

Matt glares at Four.

Jin takes the Soul Gem from Tophat. "Well, I have an idea." He places the Soul Gem next to the Key of Solomon. And then activates the effect once again. "Maybe this will do something." Jin shrugs.

"...No. I have not." I say to Conall.

Conel also glared at four, but tried not to look mean. he took the shades apart, putting sciency stuff in them and then put it back together(subtle portal reference)

Four smirked at Matt.

Rose watched what Jin was doing, hoping there would be a positive result.

@Silver: Wouldn't that require him to jam them into his skull as well?

@Shadow: They already have a lot of sciency stuff in them.
Including a self-aware AI.
And you just killed him.

TT: Hey bro, what are you doing? the shades say when Conall starts disassembling him.

@drak ...No?....

Tophat stood back, watching the soul gem.
"Let us hope it does."

conel looked at the shades and tried to find were the voice came from, h ethen tried to find were the ai must be "Impoving the look, mind telling me were you are so i dont hurt you AI person?"I say kindly to the shades

@Silver: It's just...there's no conceivable way those would stay on his face if they weren't anchored to his skull is all.

@drak ...Magik!

TT: I am in the fuckin' glasses. So I would appreciate you not breaking me.
TT: If you did that, I would effectively die.
TT: Plus, these shades would be expensive scrap.

"You have an AI in your sunglasses?" I ask Conall.

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