We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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"Yeah, an answer as to why we're going to freaking Alaska would be nice." Eddie said to Rose.

"Alright, does anyone object to taking Roland's ship?" I ask the group.

"If it is in the universe luggage can give it to you and since I'm Twoflower's tour guide I have to come along since he wants to see the sights in this alaska"

"I want you to find my 'family' for me. They are on this planet. Somewhere. I feel like it is a good time for a Reunion. I'm dying to kill them, you see. They shouldn't be hard to find. They will either be evil incarnate. Or Goodness incarnate. I want you to find at least three to start. Then, return to me. These kinds of things have to be done face to face." Satan grinned at the thought of finding the other Recipes.

Roland looks at Rose, "Well, I think we should bring wackymon along. I can supply other things. What else do we need?"
Roland Looks at tanner, "If we do, we'll need some potatoes. Lots of potatoes."

mia and four had finished and mia started getting dressed hearing the conveersation outside

"That's fine with me. I should save my energy for turning into Photon form later."

"We'll still provide warmth should anyone need it."

"Let's go!" Winona said with eagerness, jumping up and down.

OoC: Ok, I'm switching to Lambda so she can come along, but leaving Laguna here so I have a presence in both locations. And I'll probably have to come off mid-Alaska tonight.

Lambda booted up. She hovered out of the ship, and saw the group. She floated over, giving a quick wave.

@Gear: Please don't have Lambda float anywhere near the mechs... It won't end pretty.

The butterfly wings wrap around the mechs as they disappear....

Because the plot demands it--I mean we're gonna go kill an evil guy." Rose said to Eddie.
She saw the Hagane disappear and said, "Or I guess we'll have to use our ship then."

OOC: I'll help you out, @Gear.

"Sounds good to me." I say as I walk back to my ship. I see Laguna. "We're going for a trip, could you watch my ship while I'm gone?" I ask him.

OOC: Hello?

"Well, I could probably use some slightly warmer clothes. I don't want to waste too much Spirit honestly. I've used a lot today. Could use a bite to eat, too. Should restore my fighting strength." Jin says.

OoC: @Jort Nothing too major. Mostly some minor plot building and such.

Laguna looked up at Tanner. "Sure. I'll try and see if I can spruce her up a little."

"The Plot? ...You sounded like that Wacky fellow just now, don't do that, it's scary.
Anyway, who're we after?"
Eddie asked Rose before turning to Jin.
"Would you like another piece of Tollusk?"

So I am to give thee a family reunion? ...very well.
Where should I start?

"This thing actually flies I thought it was just a crashed ship incappable of flight I don't like flying"

@Jortlulz: We are going through a mini-plot with @Trilby: I don't see how the Orks will fit in actually... Due to their random attack patterns.

"Thanks...try not to blow anything up..." I say to Laguna as I walk into my ship and get ready for the trip.

"Sisters, gather ample energy while on board the ship. Don't want to be too chilly when we're there." Sara ordered.
"Got it." EMily nodded back.

@Jortlulz: We are going through a mini-plot with @Trilby: I don't see how the Orks will fit in actually... Due to their random attack patterns.

Maybe they could follow us to Alaska? But they just want to blow up the planet at this point right?

Lambda looked at the group. "Did I miss something?"

Roland nods, and looks at Everyone. He holds up his hand, and looks at Rose, "Alright, everyone coming along, grab one of our hands if you want to come along to Alaska.."

@Outis: That's exactly the point... At this point, they just want to blow up the Earth.

"Who knows? They could be anywhere. But I theorize that at least one of them is here in my future flagship, and the harbinger of this world's end, Shin. It's a massive vehicle. They might try to dock or hide it somewhere large. Like a mountain, a large building, or a canyon. I'd start in such places as that."

"Sure, if you have some left." Jin replied to Eddie. "Are we leaving soon? What ship are we taking?"

Roland shrugs, "The Roseland. And someone Grab wackymon for me, we might need him. When should we leave?"

I look at them, and shiver.
"Its gonna be a cold winter."

"Are you serious Roland we're going to telport there holding hands are teleport powers really that limited man seriously I have been watching TV and I noticed this ovbious flaw in this teleport man but if you insist"

EMily and her sisters each grabbed a hand.

"Ready when you are!"

I finish loading up for the trip and get into my armor. I walk out when this is done. "Just hold on a second." I say to Roland.

OOC: Would like to talk to Four quick, @Drak. Where is she?

And then everyone was in Barrow, Alaska.
They can see a building in the near distance.

And then everyone was in Barrow, Alaska.
They can see a building in the near distance.

...Someone is getting impatient I think...

OOC: well if that is the case then i may be planning to blow up something you all see in the night sky

The ork kruzer seemed to have disappeared over the last few days. The sky was clear of ork influence, but that was only a ploy.

"kaptin what was da use of dat!?! wes just flew off into da darkness not seein anyt'ing and nows you want us to fly back to dat humie infested rock wit da great destroyer? wes only repaired da damage we took yesterday!!" Mr Nailbrian asked

"Shut it yer spineless coward!!! We's are orks and da good orks NEVER RUN AWAY FROM A FIGHT!!!! NOW GET US BACK DER.......we's gonna put on a little show."Kaptin Bluddflagg yelled as the ork kruzer flew past pluto, heading straight for earth.

Eddie pulled out a piece of roasted Tollusk, wrapped in aliminium foil from his jacket's pocket and handed it to Jin. "Here ya go. Bite-size Tollusk.
Makes for a great snack."
He said as he walked over to Roland and grabbed hold of his hand.

Very well, then.
I will contact thee once I hath found them.

Regulus activated its Soul Search ability and teleported to the Grand Canyon.
Let us see... Regulus flew alongisde the canyon in search of any life.

OoC; Yeah, that just feels lame. I guess we should accept it as a "time skip' and assume everyone is rested and clothed...


I end up falling on Four, but naked... damnit trilby! Why is it I always get the small side of the stick... its because I hate myself, I suppose...


@Trilby: Probably for the best.

"Hey son! Where are we supposed to be going anyway?" Four asked Conall, realizing that was something everyone should have figured out before-hand. She pushed Wacky off of her after he fell on her. "Dammit! I already said you aren't my type!" She shouted at him.

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