We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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OoC: Angry Sherlock is Angry

OOC: um are none of the characters in the shopping center phased by explosions and dudes teleporting or......

"Interesting. Well then, where is the man we're looking for?" Sherlock asks.

OoC: @Raka In the world of IS, a lot of things explode so.....

Charlotte and Laura both follow the man to the roof.

"What the hell? Answer her question!" said Laura, aiming her Heavy-Railgun at the man.

The man stared down at them his eyes glowing with the same blue color as the lightning crackling off his body
"I do not take kindly to being ordered around....
he then turned his head back to the city investigating the landscape for a suitable place to stay

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Oh wait

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvqzWHvrZiA " title="" target="_blank"> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvqzWHvrZiA

Inside the helecopter is a single screw, pointed upwards on the seat in te hope someone will sit on it. Knife bushes it off the seat, and sits down. Te helicopter takes off, heading towards the shopping center.


Wesker heads towards a Evac Point in the City Park.

Walking out of the hospital, the Tophat decided to walk towards the goverment buldings. Hoping for some answers there.

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Laura starts grinding her teeth, while Charlotte tries to calm her down. Finally, they both simply boost up to him.

"Please, we are simply trying to find out about a zombie outbreak that has been going on."

@jag:your video doesn't work
@Diablo: is weskers evac helicopter?

The man doesn't turn or acknowledge them in any way
"i don't know anything about it..."
He looked closely in the distance and thought he saw something moving through the sky

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OOC: Fixed the video.

OOC: Scott and Romona's moves.

Charlotte sighed. "Might as well leave then."

The two started flying back to where Sherlock was.

@Rak: Was Going for a Car, but ok, be interesting.

Wesker sat at his Evac Point, Once the Bomb Went off, the whole city would be mad and it would be the last place he would want to be.
He waited for his helicopter to arrive.


The man stood and calculated the acceleration of the helicopter projecting its trajectory he then telported to the destination he calculated and looked around he was standing in a park
Why here?

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Simo was left alone, the girl who had helped him suddenly ran off but she did say he was in Berlin. Germany was a friend of his country especially after the soviets attacked the motherland, but this seemed like a different Berlin than the one he had heard of. Simo decided he needed to find out more about Berlin. He took off his camouflage and rolled it up into his side pouch, exposing his army uniform. He then went back into the ally to find his guns, after a few minutes of searching he found his Mosin-Nagant rifle and his Suomi KP/-31 submachine gun, he slung his rifle over his shoulder but kept his submachine gun close at hand in case of enemy contact. He then went into the massive storage looking mansion across the road and tried to find the girl he had spoke to earlier.

Wesker Saw the Man Appear and played Cool, He would most likely leave before the Helicopter arrives.

Knife's helicopter, meanwhile, flew to the shopping center and landed on the roof.

Scott and Romona started making out before Sherlock snapped. "What? Its love!" Scott said.

"Love is boring." Sherlock says, then walks away.

Scott and Romona started to follow Sherlock. "So Sher where is Watson?" Scott said worrying if Sherlock will say he's hair is shaggy.

"Not here. If you aren't going to contribute, then please shut up." Sherlock replies.

While walking through the shopping centre in awe, Simo saw a man wearing a scarf walking away from two kids making out. He stopped the man and asked for help

//hello...What is this strange place if you don't mind telling me?//

"Ok, Hey Sherlock i watched your work recently your pretty good now and i was wondering if you wanted to you know work together?" Scott said with Romona eyeing him supiciously.

"I don't speak Finnish. Sorry." Sherlock says to the man in white.
"No, I don't. Unless you know something I don't, in which case why haven't you already told me!?" Sherlock replies.

Charlotte and Laura find Sherlock and the man that Charlotte talked with earlier.

"Why hello again." Charlotte said.

"We know from a man that a man put a briefcase down somewhere near a bench and walked away before setting a timer" Scott said acting smuggly.


ooc: Tick Tock, Players!


Scott smiled and ran with Romona towards a bench with a broken light above it. "ITS ON 21 MINUTES!" Scott screamed.

Scott smiled and ran with Romona towards a bench with a broken light above it. "ITS ON 26 MINUTES!" Scott screamed.

ooc: You are aware it's at Government Building at the other side of the City, Right?

Edit: also, No Instant Dis-arming because then what's the Point?

//Hello again miss, can you tell me what is happen?//

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