We Are Our Avatars II Over. Done. Finished. Other synonyms for complete.

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As Dromaeus stayed invisible on the Marine's flank, Doc Com's portal opened and he heard the argument on the other side. He stood up, becoming visible again.

"Those voices sound familiar to everyone else?" he asked.

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"Oh-ho! The pot calls the kettle black!"
Regulus replies to Jio.
"I am keeping her safe, thou would hath her embrace her demise.
The gods hath shown me many things, including the new side to thy little robo-pilots friends.
Go on, hath a chat with them and find out what I mean."

Doctor Com walks out, "No! You will make things worse!" He says to Charlotte. He looks at Laguna, "You help Ferdinand."

Ferdinand starts crying, "PLEASE! PLEASE DON'T JOIN THEM! PLEASE!"

Laguna looked up at the portal and listend to the debate drifting through it. "What the... Lilah!" He walked through quickly but cautiosly.

"What the....?" EMily said as the portal opened up. The drop in temperature... she felt it coming from the IS's.

Dromaeus immediately readied his bow.
"And that's Regulus. After you Laguna." He waited, and then rushed through the portal.

"Hi there. What's going on guys?" I ask the group (Regulus, Kidd, Jio, etc) in my best casual tone.

"Now that's just pathetic." Kidd says as he sees Ferdinand bawlin' and pleadin' like a child. He sees Tanner and some'a the others and says, "Ah hell, who invited you folks?"

"How can we? We can end this right here and now. Regulus's defeat and the Kidd shall be sent back into the Void...."

The IS starts charging the HTB Cannon......

Ferdinand looks at her, "I swear, in the name of imagination, the muliverse, and everything that lives, breaths, takes up space, or thinks, that I will protect you, Lilah. I swear. What can I do to prove it?"

Doctor Com dives at the IS's

"And there we hath it!
Go on, Jio, Just try to keep Lilah safe from them."

Jio pulls out the Soul Gem. "Honestly, this won't matter, once I place you in this gem, Regulus. I'll keep you here, so that you can't harm anyone or until Erica truly returns. I refuse to let you harm anyone else. I don't have to protect her from them. They aren't after her."

"You two would know all about showing up uninvited, would you not?" Dromaeus said to the Kidd, aiming an arrow at his forehead.

EMily and Winona follow Drom cautiously. They draw energy from the Earth.

"And you called us destructive. Here's your friends to blow us all to kingdom come right in the middle of our civil discourse." Kidd says, seein' the giant robot gettin' ready to fire. Kidd chuckled at Drom's comment, "Suppose I walked right into that one."

"Hahahaha! No."
It says to Jio.
Time to make a tactical retreat, I think.
Regulus says to Kidd.
"We art leaving."
Regulus grabbed Lilah and teleported to a unknown location.

The IS grabs Doctor Com, as it brings it closer to Charlotte's face, her usual purple eyes shaded with a harsh grey color.

"Do.No.Stand.In.Our.Way...." she tosses Doctor Com to the floor.

"DAMMIT!" Laguna shouted as Regulus and the group teleported away. "So close, we were SO close..."

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Dromaeus fired a shot at the Kidd before he could teleport after Regulus.
"Not so damned fast."

The IS's feel heavy, and suddenly freezes.
"You are making things worse."
He sees them diappear.
"I'm too late..."
He collapses.
"I'm... too late..."
He stares at the IS's.
He picks up his cane.

'This is getting out of hand.' I think. "Whow, whow, whow. Alright, let's all just calm down. There is not need for treats of any kind. They're really not helping." I say, my voice being amplified.

"Dammit! I knew it. I knew he wouldn't allow her to choose. Damn it!" Jio punches the ground.

Kidd brings up his shield to block Drom's shot at him. "Whelp, been mighty nice seein' you all again, but I believe that is my cue." He said as he gave the group a showy bow and teleported away.

Ferdinand sends one message, one single message.
They did not allow you to chose. You are now their slaves, congrats. There is sorrow in his voice.
He stares at the IS's, "You've caused this..."
Doctor Com tries to Dive at Ferdinand, but is frozen.
"Its YOUR fault..."
The cane starts becoming electrified.

"It seems as though Kidd has picked up on Regulus' taunting. What a cowardly trick."

Then I see Regulus and the girl disappear again. "...God Damn...Mother...Ahhh!" I'm pretty mad right now. "You people really don't know what you're doing, do you? This is ridiculous! I can't believe you let this happen again! GOD!"

Dromaeus uttered an animal growl.
"Do you think they will ever stand and fight as honourable warriors should?" he said to no one in particular. He glared at Tanner.
"Calm yourself. Right now. Words have never yet gained us any success against these worms, any more than force!"

"Dammit! Maybe I should have tried to place Regulus's soul in the gem upon my arrival, but I didn't want to scare the girl. She was obviously confused. Damn him!"

"Is that all you ever think about? Fighting? There are other, BETTER, ways to get what you want you know!" I can't even stop myself at this point. Man am I pissed off. "YOUR words don't work because you try to talk with your sword and shield!" I say to Drom.

Roland looks at rose after the follow the group, "Rose... we should run..."


Doctor Com runs up to Charlotte, "Run!" He shouts.

Discord watches, and eats some popcorn.
"Too entertaining.

"He is being tactical, playing with our heads so that we might be less hesitant about killing him or destroying him with the girl around. Next time I fear we may have to be more forceful."

Laguna sat down dejectedly. "Why? Why do I keep messing up? I try to keep people together, to stop them from turning away, but I cant do this anymore. I just..." He put his head in his hands.

Dromaeus wheeled aroud and marched over to Tanner, glaring right in his face.
"THEN WHAT WOULD YOU DO?!" he roared. "What pearls of wisdom do you have hidden away that would get that warped sadistic beast to see reason?! To stop preying on others?! How much experience do you actually have in talking down a demon?!"

The Kidd reappeared next to Regulus and Lilah. "Well then, you got an answer for us?" He asked Lilah.

Rose enthusiastically nodded at Roland and started running.

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