This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Oh you want opinions on Guardians of the Galaxy, do you? Oh boy do I have opinions on Guardians of the Galaxy. On the one hand it’s a snot-squirtingly mediocre game that like so many triple A games of its ilk has the air of something that was stitched together from preexisting templates by about nine different teams who haven’t been talking to each other since a harrowing experience at the company picnic, but it also has a licensed soundtrack that includes Kickstart My Heart, so on the other hand it’s my game of the year, no more questions please. I can only assume someone at Square must’ve stolen my high school crush diary ‘cos how else would they know that Kickstart My Heart is my one weakness. See, there’s absolutely no action a living being can take that doesn’t become slightly cooler when it’s done to Kickstart My Heart. Even fingerpainting with Grandma takes on a sort of air of euphoric defiance. Anyway, Guardians of the Galaxy is Square Enix making hay as the Disney contract shines with a cinematic strictly single player non-live servicey game based on a Marvel movie property to hopefully counteract what they did with Marvel’s Avengers and convince us to stop sitting on their head.

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