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I respawn where I was before.
"Did you believe me? Seriously?"
I start laughing.

"Oh yum. I love that film." I start sealing off vents. I then put up turrets around the black slime hairball thing.

"You evidently do not know your Cowboy Bebop. It's immune to literally every weapon." I pick it up and eat it.

"Wait. So if we'd adopt a wriggler or something, that'd mean we'd need to get Gamzee and Vris-oh god."

N0t t0 menti0n where y0ud get a virgin mother grub


"Gamzee, don't tell me you don't know how grubs are made."

"Let's not get into this discussion..." I start playing the film, Aliens, in the entertainment lounge.
"Come on, lets watch."

"Well, we could probably get the captcha code of a matriorb... and I think Gamzee and Vriska would be perfect for making psychotic murder-kids. Regular ones, not so much."

"Let's. Not. Discuss. This." I beckon everyone over to the film.

"I prefer normal children."

"Oh. Then I suppose you could go find some human women for you... like X. Or Sister."

"The day Sister willingly bears a child for me is the day Hell's heat stops working."

"Just an example... there's got to be women around here! I mean, if there's a Mall of Negas, surely there's a Mall of women."

A fist flies from the shadows and punches Trilby in the back of the head.

"Ow. Hey Sister. I assume."

"Seriously, what the hell were you thinking when you said that?"

"You think I was thinking?"

"I hoped you were thinking."

"Well, I wasn't. I rarely do. Which is what my excuse will be if your lovely wife robosplodes and kills us all."

OOC: he thought he was thinking when he thought about him thinking that that he was thinking that he was thinking

>Connor T. Lonske: Give up search for Tox and Waffles for now.

You-ok this is stupid I teleport into the Dominos inside the food coart and think. Man, if I were my best friends in a alternate timeline, where the hell would I be? Hmmmm. Oh yeah, Anon's messaging me.


"stop what you're doing, you need to teleport to the alpha timeline. now."


"BECAUSE I GOD DAMN SAY SO. now fucking go."

"OK then cool guy." I hang up.

Hm, I still need to be on this timeline. Maybe if i use a non pardox looping time travel/teleport device, I'll be able to stay here and go there. Perfect plan. Now to calibrate.

...this thing makes a shit ton of noise.

"The hell?"

I enter the domino's, seeing a vaguely familiar figure.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Oh hel-"

A pardox of the timeline causes the entire Domino's to teleport else where, leaving a clone of myself and Salt along with the Domino's inside the mall it belongs in.

I continue like I was never interrupted.

"-lo. Um, is this the only pizza place here? Don't they have any real pizzerias in this mall?" I pretend to be a random Mall patron.

I walk over to the noise. "What the fuck? Some people are probably trying to sleep!"

"I don't...know?"

I crash an ocean liner through the roof of the Dominoes, barely missing Connor. I stumble out as it explodes, and hand Connor and Salt smoothies.

"Oh hey Salt. Do we have a new plot sorted yet?"

Ryan finally walks out of his room and mutters "Atleast it's stopped"
he looks around for a minute, heads back into his room, and begins making a copy of the key set that zombie stole from him.

I steal all the pizaa, and fall asleep due to pizza overdose.

"This is so sudden." I sip the smoothie. "Ooooo. What kind of smoothie is this?"

After Ryan finishes making his new keys he walks out of the fort, heads to the foodcourt, is about to enter the control room and sees the ocean liner, facepalms and walks towards the dominos "The fuck happened this time?"

"Sigma happened, obviously."

"who's the new guy then?"

Several glowing neon green veins going up his cheeks were noticable now

"Wait. Kanaya had the matriorb. She's dead."

"What you say salt?"

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