We Are Our Avatars IV (Uh, closed for real now)

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@Random: Hello there! Its nice to see you on the Halo Effect Thread! :)

Katrina looked at the hat then said. "Yeah...."

"I do remember a person called that..."
OoC: Shower, back soon.

Katrina rolled her eyes. "Yes because knowing someone's name instantly means that they are the same person." she said dryly. Katrina shifted her position sitting to be more comfortable.

@Rosh and @Kirke Hey lads. What's up?

@Rosh And you called us here lazy posters? I honestly cannot believe the pace that that one is moving at. I also can't believe how quickly and effectively I screwed things up for my character. I really don't do bad guys well.

@Random: There once was an upsurge with that... Then it ended all of a sudden. :(

@Rosh Yeah, its a pain. I would have liked to try a Mass Effect heavy RP, and I was looking forward to playing a Drell charatcer. I didn't get to do much with Thane back in WAOA 1, and he almost got in a couple of really good fights. Mind you, the way this one is going, my new guy could just end up getting imprisoned or executed almost immediately anyway. Particularly if I get bored of it. At least the pace doesn't demand the same kind of investment that this one did, though as usual I'm missing RPing with you guys. It was a great way to fill in long days or evenings where I had nothing to do. And a not so great way to fill in days where I had a lot to do, but meh. I survived it.

@Random: Well this thread honestly should have ended days ago, but for some reason we just keep dragging it out. I'm just gonna do my part to end it. Also, not to sound bitchy, but we do still have that Chat Group for OOC stuff.

The sounds of thunder could be heard outside the space-ship. For those who were outside (if there are any, I don't even know where anyone is right now), they'd see a massive amount of lightning falling on a specific point a few dozen meters from the ship as a shining blue glyph started to appear on the ground on the spot where they were striking.

"It's not exactly an usual name, now is it? Let's see here... Woman with silly hat, used the powers of hell?"
Tophat's camera spinned around to watch the lightning, and a ward came up around Tophat.

OoC @Berk: Hai Berk! :D *waves*

*Waves back*
@Nailik! You're lurking too!:D

@Drak Yeah... I actually never thought to look up that group, even when I was playing. Might have been an idea to have done so.

"Ah yes, of course. Ask the woman that hasn't seen this person." Katrina snarked, raising an eyebrow at the lightning bolt.

"I wasn't asking you."

Katrina turned to the sleeping Crystal and Venomion. She rose an eyebrow at Tophat.

@Kirke: @Hatch: left.

"Hold on, those are dreams! Blimey, those two have fucked up dreams centres."
OoC: @Rosh Missed that.

The lightning storm subsided as the glyph on the ground fully formed. a few pillars of light streaked up into the sky from the edges of the glyph before a massive one in the center formed and blocked sight. Once the light show was over, the glyph was gone and a rather small, scrawny boy with a massive scarf was standing where the glyph was previously.

"Ugh, this better be the right place. I'm tired of looking." The boy said to himself. He noticed Katrina and a magical flying hat off in the distance. Shrugging at the sight, he walked over to ask them a few things.

"You're weird. But then again, case in point: A magical talking Tophat." Katrina picks up Crystal, and levitates Venomion with the Elemental Orb of Wind. She then starts walking towards the ships until she sees the little boy.

@Drak: Laharl? Why?

Hmm. Idly looking back, that WAOA Behind the scenes thread actually looks like a fantastic idea. All the fun of the old characters and the new ones together in one place, but without the need for any formal plot.

@Random: I can start that... Its an intermission between real threads soo....

"And you are an incredibly inefficient hulk of biomass. Weird is a matter of perspective."
Tophat said to Katrina before hovering towards the boy.
"Hello there!"

"Oh good, some service." The boy said as Tophat came over. "Let's just get to the point here, I am the great Overlord Laharl, and I'm looking for someone. She's about so tall..." The boy held his hand about a foot over his head, indicating a height of about 5'2". "Has long blonde hair, and is annoyingly cheery. You seen anyone like that, or am I wasting my precious time here?"

@Rosh: Because I need a way to get Etna and Flonne to leave, and this is what I came up with.

@Rosh If you do, give me a shout. If its something that can be dropped in and out of without even the slightest concern for location or plot, then I could manage it on nights like this where I can't work, have no one to drink with and can't be bothered to paint. T'would be a preferable option to checking on the off chance that I can put up some arbitrary post with a character that I probably won't even like on the other thing.

@Random: Gotcha!

"Hmm... We have Flonne." Katrina said to Laharl. She rolled her eyes at Tophat, really feeling to lit it on fire.

OoC @Berk: Yeah, I'm lurking too. I'm bored out of my skull.
Also, you'll be happy to know I made about 0,2% progress on the drawing. Yay!

"Overlord? That would indicate you are of higher status then me, which is not likely. Now, I don't know who the people here, good night."
Tophat hovered into the ship, and to it's hatrack.
(To Katrina: Don't even think about it.)

@Nailik That reminds me, I was going to ask if you could update it to portray her as 25 years old, with Snow Elf armour and a dragonbone tomahawk.:|
@Rosh Nice one.:)

Tophat's been expanding his repertoire of magic tricks, I see.:)

OoC @Berk: Why yes, I could. Techically. :P

Laharl let out an exuberant laugh upon hearing what Katrina said. "That's the one alright! I've been looking for her for weeks now. So this is where she ended up, huh? Where is she now?" He turned to Tophat, still smirking, and said, "Of course I'm a higher status than you. I rule an entire planet! But whatever, I don't plan on staying long."

Meanwhile, Etna and Flonne were just waking up and leaving their tent after hearing all the thunder.

@Random: Behold! I am being passive-aggressive!

@Kirke: Katrina in theory has the ability to OHKO (1 hit KO) Tophat because she is also a SoulWeaver (Splice Tophat's soul from the hat itself and destroy it... Considering that she can weave souls into materials, the same can be done in reverse.) ... Or light him in eternal flames.

And what will you do to stop me, huh? Learn respect, even if the supposed 'Overlord' is an idiot. Its easier to trick them later. Turning back to Laharl she pointed in the general direction where Etna and Flonne were.

*Draws a pistol on Nailik in one hand, and raises some kind of banner in the other*

@Nailik Consider this the minion uprising that was once hinted at. As you're new master, I command you!

Heh, nah, even if I would seriously ask for it, I think this picture is better. The mix of modern clothing and Skyrim armour is more interesting, and its from a classic period in WAOA history anyway. Speaking of which, I remember seeing your avatar before as well. When was that made?

@Drak Ah, thank you.:) I might not use it when the Behind the Scenes thing is active, if it does happen, but if not then I might just drop in on the chat group when I feel like showing my metaphorical face.

Etna and Flonne had noticed Laharl had shown up. Flonne happily skipped over to where Laharl and Katrina were, while Etna rolled her eyes and stood back from the scene for a bit.
"Hello Miss Banks! I see you met my boss." She said to Katrina. She turned to Laharl and said, "And what happens to bring you over here Sir Laharl?"
"I came looking to get you back. My castle became a total pig-sty after you disappeared, so I need someone to clean it up again."

Katrina raised an eyebrow at Laharl and nodded at Flonne. She sighed. "I need to get something to eat..."


@Berk: I dropped you a line in the chat group.

@Nailik Ah, so you did. Responded.

OOC: Oh screw it, I just don't have the creative juices to keep going anymore.

After a decent amount of negotiating, Laharl managed to convince Flonne and Etna to return to working for him once again. So then they all left the planet, with Flonne leaving behind a pleasant goodbye note and Etna taking all of her stuff with her.

OOC: And that's it for me this thread. I'm obviously still planning on hanging out in the Chat Group though.

OOC: Hi everybody.

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