We Are Our Avatars V (Closed)

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Marisa smiled as she got what Majeh was getting at.
"Ah, I see your point now. Any how.... good night Majeh." She turned over to Reimu. "Don't get that outfit dirty, ya hear?"

She looked up with apathy towards Marissa.
"You ain't my mom." She scoffed and she extended her sleeves. Her spirit cards went into them. She dusted her dress.
"Anyways... so what now?"

"What about Rozalin? Where do you think she is?"
"I'm... not sure."

The clone calmly cleared its throat and turned to shout back to Yuki. "Let's just say... there wasn't really a point. It just sort of happened..."

Yukino looks at the clone(Skye) and sighs. "At least I don't have to listen to your bull anymore." Skye interjects quickly. "On the contrary, Miss Nishida. I'm still a part of you technically... So it is my duty to make sure you keep in line!" Yukino just groans and buries her face into her palm.

Stealing stuff again, Sparky?
Rex completes his hacks and starts to climb into the cockpit of the jet, taking the PDA with him.

"You do know that Espeon can read your right Hircine. Your not really sneaking up on anybody right."

Valvatorez chuckled at Bryce "You would assault a teammate unprovoked and expect us to know you we're sedating her?"

Looking back at Rozalin he said "Well you probably received that name from your parents."

Hircine roared again.
"I'll butcher your Espeon before anything else!" he yelled

As Majeh lays down to rest, he smiles. I certainly need to rest. I'm not sure I could have avoided that spear if I stayed outside... Well, I wonder how the others will handle our little friend outside.

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"Who the heck are you?" Reimu yelled in a demanding voice towards Hircine.

"And why are you wanting to kill the purple cat...spirit... thing?" Marisa said, now taking a better look at the Espeon, not quite sure what to make of it.

Espeon's head jewel glowed and Hircine felt a crippling pain through his body. As if he was stabbed several times with a knife
OOC: Espeon used psychic

"If you wish not to, I understand. I too have hid from... Painful ghosts." Bryce told her. "I expect you to notice a lightning storm emanting from one of our allies, or her change in everything." He left off the idiot part.

"I am the stalker your kind calls Hircine." He replied, staring Remu in the eye. "I wish to kill this...Espeon...for the reason it keeps me from my hunt. Although I will admit it is somewhat impressive."

OOC: @D-Class Espeon just attacked Hircine

Reimu gasped jokingly and then took a deep breath before speaking.
"Yeah, I have no idea who you are."
"I've never heard of a person called Hircine. And what is your hunt anyway? What's your game?"

Hircine grunted from the pain, but continued speaking.
"As your mortal mind is too thick to understand, I will simply say this: I am the god of the hunt. My hunt is of anything I wish. I am the father of lycanthropes, and one of the seventeen Daedric Princes."

"I'm...confused, zam." Was all that Yukimaru managed to get out in response to Yukino. "Why does that clone sound different, zam?" She asked, trying to get a handle on the situation. Hearing Hircine's yell, she hopped off the Warhammer, keeping her knife handy. "Just tell me later, zam. Something's happening now, zam."

"M-Maybe it would just be better to get it all out." Rozalin admitted to Nemesis and Bryce. She took a several deep breaths to prepare herself, then told those who were around her about the Nightmare She had experienced while under The Disciple's influence. By the end of it, she was having to use all of her self-control to keep from breaking down into tears once again as she retold the event from memory.

OOC: I'm just linking to it because it would take forever to type out dialogue for Rozalin to explain the whole thing.

"Hmm." was all Nem said as she lightly massaged Roz's shoulders, hoping she would find it comforting.

"Lycanthrope? You're a wolf person? Well, it would make sense if you're a hunter."
Reimu got a little crossed at Hircine's insult, but kept her cool.
Don't call me 'thick.'

"I saw her on the ground, head in her hands, while lightning struck none of us. That is when you struck."

Turning to Rozalin he said "A sad tale indeed lass."

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"Wait you yelled you were going to kill my Espeon and than you stand here and talk about who you are!"
OOC: @D-Class if only my daedra worshiping Dragonborn was here.

"I am not a wolf-man myself. Nor am I a lion-man or a crocodile-man, as those are also two more forms of Lycanthropy. I am, however, their creator, I made the diseases that make them into Lycanthropes, you understand?"

Yukino and Skye look over at where the sound was coming from and simulatneously went to check it out.
"Something's up? Great. I was starting to get bored."
"I'm not a clone... I'm a virus that got shoved into a clone.. ....Oh, this is a bit confusing..."

Rex jacks the PDA into the flight contorls and switches to a game controller program. "Woo. Just like old times..." Using the controller-PDA, Rex takes off and starts flying around the city.

"Yeah, I suppose. But giving a disease doesn't sound like a good marketing deal. That makes it sound like more of a bad thing than anything else."

"People refer to it as a 'disease' despite the gifts it gives: increased hunting prowess, the ability to fight for longer and fight better... The reason I am here is because I have grown tired of my huntings in Solstheim. Did you not see what happened? 'Fire from the Eye of Glass...' 'The Tide of Woe'... and then the Bloodmoon."

"Fair enough. Both of us messed up." Bryce rubbed Rozalins back, not saying anything as he thought about what she said.

OoC sorry for slow replies.

"I'm afraid you don't understand. We don't know who you are or what happened in your place that you come from, because we aren't from wherever you're from. We're from Gensokyo."

Rozalin felt slightly more comforted and at ease from what Nemesis was doing, but she did little to show it. "What am I even supposed to think after that? What am I even supposed to do now?" She quietly mumbled to herself, going over everything in her head once again.
"W-What are you both talking about?" She asked Valvatorez and Bryce, having no recollection of what had occurred.

"You wouldn't happen to be the same kind that Bryce has, would you, zam?" Yukimaru curiously asked Skye. She kept an eye on the situation with Hircine, keeping herself ready to jump in if things possibly escalated into violence.

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"So everybody is just going to ignore the fact that he threatened to brutally murder my Pokemon"

"Yes, yes they are. What is Gensyoko and is it good hunting grounds?"

Skye nods happily with her hands behind her back. "Yes, I'm the granddaughter to his strain technically." Yukino just stares at Hircine, a bit bored. "If you got bored back in your homeworld, you're sure as hell gonna be bored here." She flicks her tails about in an effort to entertain herself.

"Give it time. You'll be able to sort it all out . Don't force anything, and don't try to rush to any conclusions." Nem said as she kept doing what she was doing with Roz.

Hircine looked over at Yukino.
"'Bored'...it is a mortal term, yes? Still. New areas and new people and creatures to hunt."
He ajusts the deer skull completely covering his head at the word 'hunt' as if something moved on his face underneath that was about to knock it off.

"But this Espeon is mystical and sentient being. And nobody is going to treat it like actual person. I see how it is Attack when somebody threatens to murder the humans but not the Pokemon. Oh no they are just animals. Don't pay attention to them." He than turns toward Yukino "It's not that boring here"

"It's a mystical place that has a portal to Earth. It's inhabited by lots of Youkai. I would advice you not to hunt anything there. The youkai there aren't for hunting. And many of them aren't exactly mortal."

"And many of them aren't pushovers, that's for sure." Well maybe Cirno is.

"Seems you transformed, really shocks me how many people have final forms around here... Anyways, you had trouble controlling it"

"Curses. And you, boy," he turned to the Trainer. "Don't you dare defy me, nor your Espeon. Yes, I see it is intelligent. It just attacked me without touching me. However, it is a blockade to the hunt. Not that it is much of a hunt now anymore, anyway." He let out another inhuman growl, looking around at them all.

Yukino just shrugs. "Yeah, bored is a mortal term. Trust me, stag head, you'll get sick of this place quickly. Enjoy the new smell while it continues being 'new'." Turning to Ethan, she scoffs. "Aside from the things that happened last night, you'd agree that fuck all happened, correct?"

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