We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Data raised an eyebrow, "I am pretty sure no such race as the one you speak of exsists. However, their culture does appear quite primitive. Now may I ask why they want you?" he says.

@Outis: And also, I don't read Batman comics, nor have I seen TDKR.

@Outis: And also, I don't read Batman comics, nor have I seen TDKR.

Aww...Well, Bane was in WAOA 4...

Yukino shrugs. "Same reason as you, pretty much. Not sure which side to take... nor do I really care... but I'd like to get home asap."

Ness sighs and nods toward Saber. "...I see. If you truly feel something so drastic is necessary... then so be it... But if you cared this much about your people to want to do this, you're already showing you were fit to rule in my eyes."

She listens intently to Lyra, nodding to signal to her to continue.

Savranth continued his work healing the prisoners one by one.
The whole time, they all seemed rather nervous.

The Xiphatian airship returns from the North and lands outside the main gate. Before long, General Tiberius steps out, being flanked by Volarian.

"Oh, look, our benevolent overseers have sent us a gift. Why, it would be rude for me not to take it up." Soto said as he ordered a heavy duty mech to be sent out to pick up the pod.

After a moment, Richard appeared on his communication channel. "What are you doing, Soto?"
"Why, I'm just taking up our present. Nothing more."

In time, a large Mech appeared at the pod and picked it up. It started moving back to the laboratory.

"Dammit... What is that madman up to?" Richard said aloud. "More importantly, why did they drop that on us?" He said looking up. "I warned you... Now, the Hunters will be the hunted..."

It took Jessica several moments to respond to Ness, as she was simultaneously listening to Lyra, as well as mulling over what Ness had asked. "...Maybe sometime later. It looks like we've got more important things to concern ourselves with for now." She mentally replied to Ness. Still looking at Lyra, she asked the woman, "So what all does this have to do with the people apparently threatening to kill everyone on the planet if they don't get their hands on you?"

Nybeth observed as the airship returned and Tiberius disembarked. He approached the man and nodded to him, a display of polite respect more than anything else.

"The end justified my entire rule... I shouldn't have been king..." Right? Saber said to Data, attempting to keep her inner thoughts from showing.

"So then what would you do then Vanessa? What would you do? Your kingdom in an uproar, your best friend and knight, who you know had an affair with your 'wife', but you know that there was no love there... But as king, you had to wage war against him. And in the end, your own son kills you. What would you do?"

"Saber...." Iri mutter, still be shocked.

After some time of maneuvering himself back to the shoreline, Envy set off back to the mainland

"Hmm. Seems like I might as well go with you. You want a ride?" Marston asked Yukino.

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Good for WAOAIV.

After healing another soldier Savranth looks around. "Do you still think I wish you harm?"

Tiberius nodded and motioned for Nybeth to come with him. "How fairs it?" He asked the wizard.

Envy would find the ocean fairly calm, if choppy. Though, all around him there were numerous animals. Fish, sharks serpents.

Ness nodded in response to Jess before turning to Saber. "What would I do in that situation? If my kingdom doubted me over an affair?" She pauses for a few moments as the question starts to hit home for her. She bites her lip a bit before responding. "If I had to go to war... against my own best friend for whatever reason, I'd fight until I dropped dead. The person who slayed me wouldn't matter, so long as I left something of worth behind for my underlings."

Yukino looked over and smiled faintly. "...No thank you... I'll be fine walking. Can I ask you your name?" She looked at him, still having her eyebrow raised slightly.

Envy ignored the sea creatures around him, and kept moving south

Data looked at Saber, "Actually, events mid-life can actually alter a persons history entirely, along with any event that they might have caused. If I were to die, right now, or to die thirty years from now, who knows what will change. However, If I were to not have killed Lore, more people would have died, and Lore would have in-time destroyed the enterprise." he said, "As for being king, you could always have ignored what the people expected and divorced your wife. It might be unexpected, but if there is no love, why pursue it?" he said. "As for the problem with your son, question why he's trying to kill you, and try to make amends. If the time comes, kill him, and admit that you have failed him." he said.

Fecl walks/slides/whatever by Marston.

"Where are my manners. John Marston." Marston said to Yukino as he tipped his hat to her.

Lyra glared at Data. "My people you're talking about. Might want to keep those thoughts to yourself." she tapped at her bracer, bringing back in the image of the changed predator. "Now, as is the nature of the predators, this led to a feud. This lasted several thousand years, during the rise of humanity and several larger wars that the yatjua had. Eventually, my clan, the wolves, and our long fang, our leader, tried to negotiate peace. There was a reluctant agreement, and so for a thousand or so years they reluctantly agreed not to fight. Now, at this time there was a change in the major clan's leadership, who began to believe the universe belonged to us, trying to begin a genocide against the rest of the race in the galaxy. Our clan claimed this was insane, that the great huntress would never approve of it, and abandoned the race. after a hundred years or so, the leaders of the major clans were killed, and replaced. Our clan returned, in the hopes of fostering change. They were captured, and a cruel game was set. The venomous fangs and several other clans were put in an arena with all of our people. They massacred us by blade, every man, woman and child, although we fought back and killed the venomous fangs leader. The only one left alive was Dancing Blade, who took the mantle of Long Fang. He was given a small ship, and forced to wander the stars as his clan had before they were killed. He was called to the great hunt, where he realized the strength of non Yatjua races. At that point, he invited myself, and several other humans into the clan. We built ourselves up, and defended earth from marauding bands of hunters. The long fang, dancing blade, fought the attacking Yatjua clan leader to clan leader, as it is said you should in the ancient days. During his last battle, the venomous fangs brought along two other clans, who challenged him at the same time. He still managed to kill them all, but died in the process. We couldn't stay on Earth forever, so we left into the galaxy and made a name for the wolves, allowing other races to join us, like Xyleena here." She patted Xyleena's head, who gave a purr.

The queen held still inside the pod, waiting for her time to strike.

"I see..." Saber said to Ness, lowering head. So in the end... What did I leave behind? Just a broken country?

Turning to Data her jaw was slightly slacked as she quickly regained her composure looking away, angry-looking but mainly at herself. "..."

Iri just watched as the other's talked with her. During the time the two were silent, despite not directly being a Master for Saber, she had a few memory dreams that came from her.

Ness blinked at Lyra's story. "So the people who are after you are a part of one of these clans that still hold a grudge against the wolves? And they have no qualms with taking the entire planet out along with you it seems... " She puts her hand to her chin and grits her teeth a bit. ...Don't drag innocents into this, you bastards...

Noting Saber lowering her head, Ness sighs a bit. She and I may end up sharing similar fates... Ness thought a bit freely, so Jess may have picked up on it.

Yukino turns to Marston and gives him a curtsy. "Yukino Nishida. A pleasure to meet you, John."

Holly, feeling compulsive as ever, got up and hugged Saber's leg. Echo looked a little worried about this.

"It is simply an observation of fact. Your culture, in appearance, is primal, primitive. So I assume they want to destroy any remnants of your clan?" He asks.
He turns to Saber, "However, such an idea might not have occurred to you, or you might have held on to your honor instead." he said.

"It fairs well. Victory was claimed. Are there any more words that need to be said on the matter?" Nybeth replied to Tiberius. "What is next?"

Jessica found a place to sit nearby as she continued to listen to Lyra, waiting until she got to the point where she explained why people were so eager to kill her that they'd threaten to destroy an entire planet in order to do so.

"I'll await your answers in time..." Savranth said as he left the prison.
Where did everyone go...?

"Next, we need to decide. There are four cities we should consider taking next. Holadino, Granite Pass, Fourside, and Port Letosh. Port Letosh is the ultimate goal, but I feel we need to take at least one of those cities. Any of them would be wise. for different reasons." Tiberius explained as they walked.
"Sir, should we gather some others for this?" Volarian asked.
"Yes. We should see who else will assist."

The heavy duty mech came to the lab. It dropped the pod off in a large shielded room. Outside the shield Soto awaited as the mech left. As it left three men entered, each had a sword on their backs. GRUNTS.

"Well, let's see how the second generation fairs?"

One of the men approached the pod taking his sword, he struck it to open it, aiming for the ends.

Several creatures noticed Envy. Some considered trying to devour him. In fact, Envy may feel a nibble on his toes.

Saber saw Holly grab her leg, as she looked down. As startling as it was, she had a spot spot for children as she place her hand on her head, gently rubbing her hair.

"It was... honor bound I suppose." Saber said in a low voice to Data. Turning to Lyra as she frowned deeply, gripping her sword. "What is wrong with you? I have no qualm for honorable fighting, but you KEEP non-combatants out of it."

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Envy turned around and aimed a kick at whatever was nibbling at him "Damn fish!"

"Likewise miss Nishida." Marston replies, saying her name slowly to try and not mess it up.

Holly smiled up at Saber and tried to give her some naive encouragement as she kept up the hug. Echo just gave Saber a bit of an embarrassed smile.

"Like I said. At the time, the major clans were trying to make predators the only race in the galaxy. Venomous fangs like to ride the coattails of the more famous, and they're desperate. Ever since we left Earth, we've been hunting them as payback for what they did to our clan. We don't kill their children, but we do kill their warriors, destroy their ships, and remove their trophies. Its been a dirty couple of years, one I haven't been proud of. We do it because if we let them live, they'd do what they're threatening now to earth. Burned clean, and made a bobble for them to point to when people question them. They hunt me now as some way to get payback. They killed the grandfather, father, and the current generation's long fang. They own us, you see? Its about image, its why they hunt me."
She glared at saber. "I agree. what did you think I've been doing? those venomous fangs are the ones that killed children and noncombatants. not us."

As the pod was chopped, the alien queen swung out and knocked off one of the doors, sending it flying into one of the grunts. She hissed, looking about to find a hostile target, her eggs opening to release facehuggers, who crawled onto the edge of their eggs.

Data nodded, "Even if it was not honor and just a mistake in logic, it happens to sentient beings. It has happened to me and my captain on multiple occasions." he said.
He looks at Lyra, "Have you tried diplomacy?" he asked.

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Fecl flows past Marston, to a random nearby city.

The GRUNT got up, barely seeming to register the hit.
"Looks like my upgrades are working out fine." Soto said with a smile. He activates a comm into the enclosure. "Now, don't kill them all my pets. I want to see what they can do. They maybe useful in my research."

Each of the GRUNTS takes out their swords.

As Envy had said, it was just a fish nibbling at his toes. Soon, he would see the mainland.

Ness made a small "Tch!" at Lyra's story. "So in short, you're being chased by a bunch of space fascists. Do you know what they would use in order to burn a planet clean, as you said?" They can't be allowed to continue on like that...

Yukino giggled slightly at Marston's pronunciation of her name. "Feel free to call me Yuki, if you want. As I'm sure you noticed, I'm not always the formal type." She took a lazy glance at Fecl floating over but paid no mind.

OoC: If Soto creates a corporation named "Weyland-Yutani" I'll laugh

Envy frowned and kept swimming, for good measure he dove beneath the surface and became a large shark.


"don't kill them all my pets. I want to see what they can do."

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"Right. How far away is this town we're going too?" Marston asked Yuki.

Saber gave another nod to Data and she looked down at Holly and smiled, continuing her action. How cute...

Turning to Lyra she said. "I have nothing more to say on the matter."

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"Hmm? What do you mean by that?" Jessica thought at Ness after hearing her free thought.
"So what are we supposed to do about this then? Because I can't let these guys hunting you kill everyone else on the planet." I've put way too much effort into this assignment to let things go to hell now. She said to Lyra, sounding quite determined.

"Oh, so we'll be taking a city then next?" Good. Far more people. "Which one will hurt our enemy most to lose? Or perhaps I should be asking which one is the smallest?..." Nybeth asked.

@Saber: What? Holly is not a lion!

Echo sheepishly pulled Holly off of Saber and gently held her away.

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