We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Where are you? Yet another person not from "here?"
"You're near Holadino. Bad wizards came and captured our town." said child-Envy

"I kinda crashed here, so I'm not sure how to answer that. Maybe there's someone else I could explain all this too? So I'm not distracting you and keeping you from spotting any possible threats." I say, trying quite hard to even get through the door of this place. Gotta love war time security measures.

"Really? 'Bad Wizards?' And where on earth is Holandion?" she asked.

"It doesn't matter. But I would know your name. You say you crashed here?" Tiberius asked.

Envy pointed to the obvious town some distance from the mountains "You're stupid, it's right there stupid!"

I like this kid already.
Heidi looks at the city, and nodded, "Alright... Where is here, then?" she said.

The Kidd sits back, and watches the fellow with keen eyes.

Envy looked around "...These are mountains, how dumb are you?"

I see the other man walk up. He's a military man, and a high ranking one too. I can tell. My posture gets a little straighter and my face loses all emotion. "Yes. People must have noticed some kind of disturbance in the sky a few days ago. That was my ship." I start the explanation.

Heidi sighed, "I mean, what's the WORLD like. I'm sorta new to the universe and I'm lost and-"
She slaps her hand across her mouth, seemingly involuntarily, as she continues speaking, her voice muffled. He might hear something about lattes.
If my form didn't have a broken leg I'd take over right now. Really, you're telling this guy you're not from this universe?

"I see. So, you're not from our world." I begin to suspect that something is causing them to gather here...
"You have yet to tell me your name."
Tiberius said to Tanner.

"Sorry, sir. Lenard Jerome Tanner." I say, staying very stiff and straight.

"...You're starting to scare me... go away..." said Envy as he backed up into the little cave behind him.

"Well, Mr. Tanner, as you may realize, you are not in your own world. And you've arrived at a time when our normal strife has roused it's head once again." Tiberius said to Tanner.
"I am General Tiberius Ehrgeiz of Xiphatia."

Heidi continues to try to speak, before uncontrollable walking backwords away.
Oh come on, we reach the first person in weeks and you're dragging us away, Goth?
Actually, that's Mild doing that.
Wait, MILD!?

... Sorry... I just don't... Think it's a good idea...

She stumbles, and falls down.

The Kidd continues to watch.

"Nice to meet you, sir." I say automatically. I almost salute, but hold back on that.

Since this was on a cliff, Heidi would have fallen right next to the edge. Envy approached and attempted to push her off of the cliff with his foot. He pushed pretty hard. "You're a bad wizard aren't you! Disappear evil-doer!"

"Likewise. Anyway, come on in." Tiberius says. Seeing the apparently mute Kid, he asks Tanner. "That boy with you?"

"...Not really, no." I say as I make to follow the general. "I understand you're acquainted with a woman named Yukino?" I say.

Heidi begins to fall down... And she shifts form. She receedes, before... Well, becoming Mild. Mild... Well, begins to float, slowling down, eventually reaching a stop. She looks up, twords where she was falling.
"... Sorry..."
She was doing what she thought was best.

Mild sighs, as she begins to try to float down the side of the mountain... Occasionally flipping in mid air.

The Kidd continues to watch the folks. He looks at them, and lets from his mouth a few small words.
"Can I enter?"

"Yukino? It is my understanding that she died after betraying our efforts?" Tiberius responded. He holds up his hand to the Kid in a sign to wait one moment.

"She told me she had enlisted with you, or at least your side. And she seemed quite alive when I last saw her." I say, wondering how this misunderstanding came about.

Envy watched them fall before heading back into the cave

"Last I heard, she attacked our people during a battle and was killed by my son during the conflict." Tiberius explained.

"Well...I wouldn't know anything about that." I say to the general.

OOC: Did Yukino join under a false name or something?

"I find it odd that you claim to have met her, and they she has come to aide us. Can you explain this?" Tiberius asked.

Ooc: @Outis: She gave her last name, I think. No reason they would know that.

Ezra was wandering the land looking for Jessica "I will show that freaking cat to throw me away" He now tied the fangs of a snake to his sides. He saw Mild coming down and started walking towards her
OOC: Is there any one in Holandio right now

Mild clumsily lands, landing face-first in the mud.
"... Ow..." she mutters, slowly getting up.

"Well, I believe she said something about wanting to atone for things she's done in the past." I say, pulling at my beard lightly.

"I see..." Tiberius said, pausing to think for a moment. After a few moments pass in silence, he speaks. "I ask you not to tell her anything of what you just told me, should you see her again. We'll want to confirm this ourselves."

OoC: Demon: Pretty much everyone.

OoC: @Salty, think we have enough people for Xiphatia to move out now? @Drak and @Hatchy are here now

Ezra comes towards Mild "Would You be interested in a proposition"

Meanwhile Steiner paced around a room "I can't believe the Legians took over. I always thought magic triumphed over technology... I wish the Princess was here"
OOC: @Salt So who isn't in Holandio than

OoC: @demon, the Legaians didn't take anything over...

Jessica woke up from her sleeping spot on the couch in her hotel room. As usual, she stretched out the limbs that she felt the need to stretch out as she sat up. Once she was up, she idly rubbed the crystal pendant on the necklace Savranth had given her.

Nybeth had given up on trying to learn more about the explosive substance he had bought for the moment and made his way into Holadino.

"...Alright. I won't say anything about what we talked about." I say to the general. "Now, about me potentially serving you?" I ask next.

OOC: Shower.

OOC: @Furi Well they invaded and Xiphitains are about to leave from what I understand

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