We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Rita walked closer to the base, stopping to cast a spell "O demon who crawls the depths of the earth, gore my enemies and crush them to dust! Riot Horn!" Stemming from Rita's position, the ground began erupting upward in spikes, quickly charging at the soldiers and threatening to impale some of them.

Black gave a T_T facial expression. "That's not my name, and you know it" She said to Yukino. "and no I don't have a sweet tooth, I don't think I've even eaten chocolate before...."

Yuki giggled as her ears twitched a bit. "I can give you a nickname, can't I?" She seemed to almost teleport near Black's face. "Oh really? Let's go get some then..."

"I guess you can, I'll see if I can think of one for you" Black said to Yukino, being slightly sarcastic on the last part. She tilted her face back a little. "Um...okay then?" She said to Yukino, surprised at quick she was.

Jessica had followed Sophia to her room, staring at the half-finished sculpture of her that Sophia had given her to hold nearly the entire way, occasionally looking up to make sure she was following Sophia and to avoid accidentally bumping into anything. If Sophia were to look back at her, Jessica's face would be unreadable, as she felt a mix of emotions with none particularly dominating over the others.
Once they were back in Sophia's room, she made sure that the door was shut tight and there weren't any open windows without blinds covering them as a precaution. Handing the unfinished carving back to Sophia, she took off her coat and folded it up as best as she could before setting it aside.

Nybeth snarled as he was pegged in the shoulder by a shot from the soldiers who noticed him before he could retreat from the edge of the room. Not willing to risk moving towards the edge and getting shot at again for the moment, he cast a smaller-scale Meteor Strike at the soutward heading water-carfts, bringing down a few meteorites in their path as he didn't have the power to conjure up several as he had done before.

Four of the Xiphatian zombies that had been downed stood back up. Having been on the outside of the wall, they moved towards the gate. A Shield-user protected them from fire from the water-craft while the other three attacked it, two conjuring up bolts of lightning and another using water magic to rock the boat and unsteady it's aim.

With the Xiphatians dealing with the boats, the four remaining Legaian zombies moved to cover the two still upright Xiphatians in the base, coming through the gate and immediately firing at the soldiers flanking from the east. Those firing from the west downed the earth-user zombie, to which the lightning-user responded by blasting at them with electrical bolts as it used its comrades body for cover.

Yukino smiled a bit as she spun on her heels and began walking toward the faint scent of chocolate.

Black shook her head slightly then followed Yukino. I really need to know how she moves that fast....

Sophia had noticed Jessica's expression on the way, which made her doubt that she was doing the right thing.

As she took the carving back, she thanked her and set it on her desk. Watching that she was checking all the windows and whatnot she sighed. "Jessica... you don't have to do this if you don't want..." She stated, wiggling her bare feet. Knowing that Jessica already knew about her secret she slowly undid her sash herself, since there was no reason to continue having it balled up as she did.

"So, what are we looking for?" Erica asked Ness as she followed her. "I was only told to help you, not just what helping you entails."

Rita's earthen spikes raged vertically across the yard. Two wounded soldiers were impaled by them, as were three able-bodied soldiers. Those unfortunate enough to not die instantly writhed helplessly as they were left to sbcumb to bloodloss.

Nybeth's Meteor Strike crashed down right ontop of one unfortunate watercraft. While the other meteorites missed, the violent waves that occaurred as a result of them hitting the water forced the remaining watercrafts to slow down, lest their speeds cause them to flip over upon hitting a wave.

Its aim heavily thrown off as it was rocked about in the waters, the watercraft that was firing at the zombies couldn't posibly hit any of them. When the Xiphatian zombies fired their barrage of lightning bolts at it, the bolts eventually fried the majority of crew, effectively neutralizing the threat the craft posed.
Although Nybeth wasn't visible, the two soldiers kept looking at the roof, rifles raised in case he would re-appear.
The four Legaian zombies coming through the gates caught the eight soldiers approaching from the east by suprise and killed three of them with their shots. The remaining five bolted for cover and returned fire. One of the soldiers coming from the west was fried by the lightning bolts fired at him. Another was struck also, but survived. Heavily wounded, fell to the ground, dropping his weapon as he went. A soldier pulled his wounded comrade behind cover, while another provived cover fire.

One of the bullets fired at him narrow flew past Loki's head, leaving a small gash on his cheeck. Crouching down, he took a moment to aim for the area of the watercraft where his previous shots had landed and fired. Hitting dead on, the watercraft began to sink.

Enemies: 9 soldiers. 3 wounded.
4 watercrafts.

Ness continued walking through the forests, eventually coming up to the crater the blast had left. "Apparently, we need to kill a fairy of some sort. Our contact said that it tended to cackle. I was hoping to fake its death somehow and still obtain the key... however part of me doubts that as a possibility."

Yukino looked back at Black for a moment as they neared Sophia's room. She noted Black's head shaking "Hm...? What's up? Did I do something 'stupid' again?"

Rita cast a spell at the remaining ground soldiers "O frozen blades, fly sharply across the heavens... Freeze Lancer!" A blue portal appeared in front of her, which began to shoot ice spears straight ahead in a circular pattern towards the soldiers.

Envy contacted Richard "Still nothing going on over here, has Xiphatia made any movements anywhere?" he asked, mostly due to boredom.

"No not at all..." Black said to Yukino. "You startled me with how fast...and how close...you can get to people is all..."

Jessica stared at Sophia and blinked a few times. "I already said I'd do it, didn't I? Overall I don't mind, so I agreed to it. Why are you acting like this?" She replied. She had already taken off and set aside her coat, so her arms were already bare and laid out to be seen. She shifted her weight to one leg and rested her left hand on her hip while her right arm hung almost limp at her side.

@Nailik: It was four Legaian zombies that went through the gate, not two Xiphatians.

Three of the Legaian zombies who entered the gate were cut down by return fire before they could make it into cover.
The one remaining Xiphatian zombie still up within the gates was also stilled again by return fire as his allies body proved inadequate as cover from sustained fire.

The two Xiphatian zombies that were stilled upon initially entering the gate had managed to stand back up. They tossed fireballs and rocks towards the enemy soldiers approaching from the west, while the remaining Legaian taking cover by the gate fired at the eastern soldiers again.

With the boats no longer posing a threat, the four Xiphatians that were dealing with them moved into yard of the base, two aiding the Legaian attacking the eastern soldiers, while one aided those attacking the west, and the fourth tossing bolt of lightning at the two soldiers who were covering the roof.

Having spent himself for the moment, Nybeth meditated on the roof of the main building, though the bleeding wound in his shoulder made his attempts to regain his spell-power less than wholly efficient.

Yuki put her hand to her chin for a moment. "Why I'm so fast? I don't really know either... I guess it's a genetics thing. I was one of the slower ones in my clan before they got wiped out, but as a result I was better at control. Normally, My clan can break the sound barrier, but their control is sheer ass, so they end up skidding off stuff. One of my brothers died skidding off a cliff. ...It was bad."

Sophia sighed when her tail was let go, stretching it a couple of times before letting it do its thing. She sighed as Jessica replied to her. "Nevermind... forgot I said anything... I'm just overthinking things." She said.

Unless Jessica had anything else to say, Sophia would go and look at the arm, looking at the finger digits, and how it was overall designed.

Jessica would also start to smell chocolate off of Sophia since it appears that Yukino and Black have already been for a while even if I didn't mention it, but I'll let them have the benefit of the doubt anyways.

"Wow...I'm sorry about your Brother...and your clan..." Black said to Yukino. "If you don't mind me asking, how was your clan wiped out?" She asked curiously but also slightly nervously.

Valentine was still following Erica.

OoC @Drakmorg: Fixed.

"Kill a creature?" Errica asked, unpleasantly surprised. "I was told that I would be part of a non-combat team. Helping someone kill a creature doesn't strike me as being non-combat. I don't approve of this, and frankly, will have no part in it." she continued, speaking with a somewhat stern tone, not best pleased to have been given half the information yet again.

The icy spears which Rita conjured up killed two injured soldiers, amongst them was the soldier who had been wounded by the lightning bolt cast by one of the zombies earlier. The soldier who had dragged the wounded one into cover also was killed by an icy spear, being struck right in the chest. Another spear went through the eye socket of one of the soldiers who was watching the roof.

Overwhelmed by the rocks and fireballs thrown at him, the soldier in the west who had provided cover fire was forced to return to cover, where he saw those he tried to cover had been skewered by the ice spears. Just as he peeked out of cover to see where the one responsible was position, the soldiers was hit in the head by a thrown rock. His face caved in, the soldier fell over, dead.

The combined gunfire and spells killed the soldiers positioned in the east, but not before one managed to throw a grenade at the zombies attacking.

Just as the soldier who had been watching the roof was about to run for cover once his comrade was struck by the ice spear, the soldier was struck by a lightning bolt from one of the zombies. The bolt not having been fatal, the soldier began weakly crawling towards cover, hacking and couching as he struggled to move.

The four watercrafts reached the south, but saw the battle was lost. Rather then pointlessly make a last stand, they began making their way towards another base.
With the battle won, Loki leapt over the wall and admired the number done on the soldiers, visibly taking pleasure at the sight. Oh, this is glorious... As enthralled as he was, Loki didn't pay much attention to the wound on his shoulder, nor any of the more severe ones.

(Battle over. There are two wounded soldiers left.)

"The front line in the north aside, no. They haven't made a move anywhere else either, or so the reports tell me." Richard answered Envy.

Yukino looked back slightly shocked as she noted the smell of chocolate coming from a door nearby. She went to knock on it repeatedly. "I already told you. Tragic backstory, puppet strings, me unwillingly killing everyone I loved and swearing revenge... You really forgot that?"

Ness scratched her head a bit and nodded as she continued trudging through the forest. "I understand your position, Erica. That's why I said I would attempt to not kill the creature at all, despite what he's said. That man we met was a bit of a lunatic, so I'm not sure this fairy is as dangerous as he says it is. I just want to see what it's doing is all."

Black facepalmed slightly. "Sorry...no you did tell me that before..." She said to Yukino with a small sigh. "I haven't been focusing that well recently..."

Dusting her hands off Rita walked over to Loki "Well that went well, now what?"

"How goes the northern front anyways?" asked Envy

Seeing that Sophia had started to examine her prosthtic, Jessica held it out in front of her so the ferret-girl could get an easier look. Her ears twitched a bit as she noticed the smell of chocolate again, but she had practically gotten used to it at that point and had an idea that Sophia was sensitive about it, so she said nothing of it.

Sophia would see that Jessica's mechanical arm was made up of a dull grey colored metal that was polished to have a respectable sheen to it. It was built to mimic a natural arm as much as possible, with similar articulating joints, aside from a ball-joint at the elbow that allowed Jessica to bend her arm the opposite direction to a normal elbow, though she never seemed to take advantage of that.
In addition, it seemed to have a few bits of coloration that would seem decorative at a first glance, like her right pointer figure begin painted red, her middle finger being painted yellow, and having a gold line inlaid along her forearm that ended in a hollow circle on the back of her hand.

The zombies that had a grenade tossed at them were too slow to react, and were thus blown to pieces.
With no other targets available, Nybeth's zombies had nothing left to attack and simply stood by.

Nybeth, hearing an odd quiet when his zombies no longer had viable targets to attack, assumed the battle was over. Locating a fire escape, he climbed down from his perch on the roof of the main building and made his way to the main yard. Finding a wounded soldier, he pointed his walking stick at him and cast Drain Heart once again, sapping his life force and dealing with the remained of his wounds.

After some time, some of the stilled zombies stood back up once again. A handful however seemed to have suffered enough structural damage that their bodies became inert once again. Taking a damage assessment, Nybeth estimated that he had lost about half the zombies he had brought into battle with him. He didn't seem too beat up over this fact.

Yukino continued to knock on Sophia's door calmly as she gave Black a light playful bop to the head. "That's probably because you don't get sleep. I mean... you look like a vampire."

"Now?" Loki repeated to Rita. Walking over to the final wounded soldier, Loki flipped the man on his back with his foot, leaned over the soldier and stabbed him in the heart with the blade of the scepter. Pulling the blade out and wiping it on the man's uniform, he looked ack to Rita. "Now we do what the point of this entire excersize was." Turning to Nybeth, Loki said, "Re-animate the bodies that are posible to revive still, would you?" Havingsaid that, Loki walked over to the entrance of the building, held his breath, then opened the door, allowed the gas that had been pumped around the building to escape.

"I see. The "part of me doubts that's a posibility" kind of threw me off. I appolagise for judging prematurely, then." Erica answered Ness with a small smile. "Still. I wish I would be told these things before I agree to help someone. No good deed goes unpunished, it seems."

Ness, Erica and Valentine would see a small glimmer of blue light in the distance.

"That's need to know only. And you don't." Richard answered Envy.

Sophia looked along the arm, although unnatural, Sophia still couldn't help feel a mix of uneasiness and appreciation for it. Her world had nothing like this, yet looking at it for a second time, and also having rediscovered her hobby, she could see that it did have a lot of work put into it. She saw the red painted finger, seemingly ignorant of the other things. "I didn't notice last time, but why is this finger coloured red?" She asked looking up at Jessica.

Hearing the door knocking, Sophia stood up abruptly, then back at Jessica. "Um... W-who is it?" She tail had puffed up a bit.

"Very funny, but don't Vampires avoid the sun....not sleep?" Black asked Yukino with a knowing nod. "I guess you little innocent foxes can't tell the difference" She said sarcastically. then looked a bit confused when Yukino was knocking on the door. "Is there a reason were knocking on the door or?" She asked in her usual tone.

Valentine tired to make out what the blue light was. "Anyone else know what that is?"

"Right, but what's the plan with these guys?"

"Alright alright, I was just asking." replied Envy in a laid back tone rather than an offended one.

"Gladly." Nybeth replied to Loki with a nod. Looking out at the battlefield and taking count of all the dead soldier, he added, "I will need time though. I've nowhere near the number of reagents required to reanimate this many bodies, so I must collect what I require first. And then the reanimation process itself will require time as well." As he spoke, his zombies began picking up the Legaian bodies, and sorting them into two separate piles. The first pile they formed seemed to be composed of bodies that were mostly intact, most of them killed by wounds to the torso. The second pile consisted of bodies that were terribly mangled to the point of no longer maintaining structural integrity.

"Oh that?" Jessica glanced over at her pointer finger as Sophia asked about it. "Safety precaution. It indicates that it's dangerous, since it has a built in--" She stopped talking as she noticed the knocking and reflexively dove for her coat, assuming it was a teacher or a student of the school, and thus someone she absolutely did not want to see her arm.

"I was referring to making the man accept the fact that the fairy may not need to die for whatever reason he was spouting. I doubt that with the way he was raving... In fact, I'd be a bit scared for it if we brought it to him... And I'm sorry your kindness got you stuck with me on this..." Ness replied to Erica before continuing to the blue light, looking down as she said the last few words.

She turned back toward Valentine with a small smile. "No... but let's find out, shall we?"

Yukino called through the door. "It's Yukino, I was here when Nessy decided to play hero to that Lyra chick." Turning back to Black, she shrugged. "There you are with that innocent talk again. So funny! And I'm knocking because I can smell the chocolate from here. I know the person inside."

I don't see how that is funny... She thought to herself. "Oh okay....fair enough..." Black said to Yukino.

"One minute!" She called to Yukino as she looked at Jessica for a moment before grabbing her sash. She wrapped her tail back up with it, trying to think of who this Yukino was, at the very least she recognized her.

Once Jessica and her were in the all clear, Sophia slowly opened the door and looked out to see who it was in her doorway. "Hello?"

Upon hearing it was Yukino at the door, Jessica hummed to herself a bit as she laid on the ground clutching her coat, as if she were thinking of something. After a few moments, she stood back up, putting her coat and gloves back on and covering up her right arm once again.

Yuki waved a bit toward Sophia as she peeked her head through the doorway. "Yo. I brought a ...friend with me, if that's alright. Mind if we come in?"

"Store them for later use. One never knew when one has need of an army. And having an army is an option I would like to have." Loki answered Rita, quickly walking away from the door, to wanting to inhale the gas as it escaped te building. "It can help Nybeth with his research if nothing else." turning back to Nybeth, Loki said, "I dare say time is a luxury we do not have, however. Once word spreads of what has transpired here, there would be forces in far greater number then anything we could posibly deal with." Remembering something, Loki began walking towards the shore, to where Nybeth's Meteor Strike had capsized a number of watercrafts. Loki looked at the crafts, and sure enough, saw the crew who had been holding on to whatever they could grab swimming towards the shore. Pointing his scepter at them, he began taking potshots.

Erica sighed. "Now I just feel silly." Perking up, she looked at the glow in the distance and squinted her eyes, trying to tell what she was looking at.

As the trio walked towards the light, a tree root subtly raised infront of Ness, making her run the risk of tripping over it.

"Hmm... What happened to those off worlders?" Richard asked Envy after a moment.

Rita started wandering the area aimlessly, not having much to say or do at the moment.

"Beats me, haven't seen em since they teleported out. You got those pictures I sent you right?"

"Yes...it's best this curiosity is dealt with" Valentine replied to Ness with a smile.

Black raised an eyebrow at Yukino. She considers me....a friend.... She thought to herself, but kept it to herself.

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