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Still looking into the lounge from around the corner at the end of the hallway, Solaris scanned the area, wishing the shooting would continue. She noted Hort backing away, also paid minimal attention to it. When Pix spoke, however, Solaris looked down towards her, feigning a confused look. "What...?"

"What... what in Russ's name are you talking about? Haven't even gotten to Mars yet? Where are you from? And yes, it really does."

"You know since I'm wrapped around you, I can tell how your body's reacting... even when you're acting in a completely different way." Pix stated. "I don't really care, mind you. It just seems that everyone here's a crazy, so you don't really have a reason to hide you being a crazy."

"Kinda self explanatory, spaceman!" Kenna said. "Never thought I'd have to break the news that we're not in space yet..."

The Action Turtle Warrior, spoke to Ragnar "Well we haven't landed humans on Mars yet. Plenty of rovers are there though

Ragnar finally twisted to look around at Kenna, his bolter lowering as he did.
"Mankind has been spread across the stars for 50,000 years! None alive today can even remember a time when they were confined to Segmentum Solar save for the Emperor! For what you are saying to be true, you would have to be older than known human history!"

Solaris looked down to Pix in silence, wondering if she was bluffing. "I'm both perfectly sane, and stabile. There is nothing crazy about me." She commented, looking around the corner again. "I don't know what you felt that made you come to this bizarre conclusion, but you're wrong."

"Hey, I'm not old!" Kenna said angrily.

"Aren't we all suppose to be from different realities or dimensions or some shit. Thought I heard someone say that." Rex offered.

"A sane person doesn't try to giggle at people getting shot, Solaris." Pix said casually. "Don't try to talk to me like I'm a dumbass, this isn't the first time I've done this 'armor' getup for a human. I know full well what I'm talking about."

"What can I say?" Ragnar replied, shrugging his shoulders helplessly. At Rex's offer he looked sceptical. "How can there be other realities, besides... well, reality? And the only other dimension is the Warp. If she were from another dimension, how could she speak of Mars as though it were close to home?"

Looking back down to Pix, Solaris scowled, and blew a sigh. So. She offered to be my armour, only to get a read on me. Well played... Let's see where this goes. "Giggle? I don't know what you're talking about... That was my breathing speading up because I was at risk of being in the line of fire. If you've done this before, you should know that's only a natural reaction..."

"If we are all from different verses, that could explain it..." Kenna said. "But even I find that hard to believe."

"Sure it is." Pix said "By that logic, you should be sweating bullets due to the fear of being shot as well, especially since you're not.... war-torn or anything like that, but I definitely don't feel that on you. That coupled with the fact your breathing wasn't nearly as shallow as someone as frail as you say you are should be in this situation."

Rex only gave a small shrug so as not to effect his aim.

Ragnar scowled at Rex.
"You'd want to lower that weapon soldier. Now."

"After you." Rex said as he glowered at Ragnar.

"That's nice. But you're still wrong. I don't enjoy seeing anyone get hurt, let alone die." Solaris responded, deciding to keep denying. Pix would feel Solaris' breathing slowing down as she fought the frustration at being found out. So... That makes two people who know too much, and with these damned machines, removing either of them will do no good... Annoying...

Ragnar hefted his bolter slightly, where it had been aiming loosely towards the floor. Then he started.

"Shit! The xeno!" He whirled around, fully expecting to see the alien's pistol levelled right at his face.

OOC: For the love of God, just say that Mordin has used the opening to make himself scarce.

Mordin would be nowhere in sight.

"You still after that poor scrawny bastard?" Rex said with contempt.

Solaris response got a silence out of Pix before the slime girl laughed, the goo around the woman vibrating a bit with each chuckle. "Hahaha! Oh god-haha!" Pix choked out through laughs "You're probably the biggest sadist I've ever partnered up with and you're still trying to cover it up. You're even trying to throw be off by slowing your breathing down..." She chortled for a bit longer before finally settling down. "Ah, man.... I think I'll stick on you for a while, lady. "

Kenna looked around, sniffing the air and listening carefully to try and find where Mordin went.

Ragnar finally lowered his bolter and uttered a curse before turning back to Rex and Kenna.

"Look, I don't know where you come from, or how you managed to completely escape any knowledge of the Imperium." He replied, exasperated. "But xenos- all xenos- are the enemy. That is just a simple truth. "Kill the alien. Burn the heretic. Purge the unclean." These are words that are far older than you or I." He glanced at Kenna. "Uh... maybe not older than you. I don't know. I mean no insult. But yes, I will have to destroy it, and the daemoness as well." He glanced quickly around.
And it's gone as well. Morkai's breath!" At this point he noticed Kenna sniffing for Mordin and watched, bemused.

"If there was a scent to be had, I'd have it. I'm sure it's hidden itself well by now. And... why are you trying to find it? Last I checked, you were asking me not to kill it!"

As Pix began laughing, Solaris. "Is that so? Am I really a sadist?" She began, closing her eyes for a moment. "Seeing how amused you are by this alleged fact, going so far as to express desire to stay with me, I wonder what that makes you?" Having said that, she chuckled, then opened her eyes again. "And this is your word against mine. Which one do you think our juggernaut would take as truth? Just a thing to bear in mind..."

"Just wondering where he's gone to hide. Maybe I can talk to 'em, try and get him to come out and understand we're not all gonna try and kill him. Besides, people usually don't get past me..."

Pix chuckled again. "Were you listening before? I said I didn't care how much of a sadist you are, I was more curious about you." Her head popped out of the breastplate to stick a tongue out at Solaris. "I never said I wasn't a sadist either, lady. I'll be waiting to see how you end up pulling this off... if you can, that is." She seemed to say nothing regarding her statement about Ragnar.

"Speak for yourself." Ragnar replied somewhat distractedly, giving the air an experimental sniff himself. Nothing. He shrugged.
"Oh well, it'll show up eventually. They always do. Alright... I suppose I should apologise -again- for that. I had hoped not to have to fire any shots in here again."

Solaris rolled her eyes as Pix stuck out her tongue out of the breastplate, and crossed her arms. "Pull what off?" She asked, seemingly confused.

As Solaris crossed her arms, she inadvertently shoved Pix's head back into the suit. In response, Pix simply had her mouth pop out of the breastplate. She had the urge to lick Solaris and coat her face in goo as revenge, but decided against it for the moment. "Whatever it is you're actually planning. I'm not a mind reader, lady. I'm just assuming it involves a lot of bodies."

"Maybe he tuned invisible and walked off. You should go look for em before he get's too far." Rex said as he finally lowered his own gun and moved further away from the door way. He was obviously being sarcastic.

"I'd hate to disappoint you, but I'm not planning anything of the sort. I want to go home, that's all." Solaris commented. "That some blood needs to be spilled in order to make that happen, that's nothing I can help... I don't want to fight, even less so because someone says I have to, but I'm definitely not going to lose this and face whatever it may be they'll do to the losers after this is over." She added. Wherther Solaris spoke the truth or not was impossible to tell.

Kenna nodded at Ragnar. "Right. Thanks." She turned to Rex as he walked away. "Hey, he might be able to, we don't know."

"That's why this big dope should get out of here before the scent gets cold." Rex said in the same heavily sarcastic tone as he moved his head toward Ragnar.

Pix hummed for a bit to herself, pondering whether or not to believe. "Alright then. Don't have a reason to doubt that anyway." She said after some time. "Either way, you're gonna have to fight... I'll help and all..." Since I'll probably get credit for the win anyway... and if not, hell I don't mind a new universe to faff around in... "...but it's not gonna be easy by any means."

Ragnar growled at Rex's contemptuous remarks, fangs briefly exposed beneath his lip, but left his bolter hanging by his side.

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