We Are Our Avatars VII: Universal Shift. (Closed due to Bridge Drop. Thanks, Obama! )

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Nanami listened to Milly before she looked down at the cat considering whether or not she should bring the cat along. Since it seemed to be lost, Nanami decided to bring the fuzzball. She mounted Rook, and made sure that Milly wasn't going to fall off, they then swiftly returned to the estate, the ride being surprisingly smooth.

"You can't keep a secret from a ninja! We have ways of making people talk." Shiryoku said to Rika, stepping closer and standing on her toes to try and seem more imposing.

Rika turned on her heels and stuck out her tongue. "But you just said you weren't gonna hurt Rika. She's not gonna talk then. You can't break your promises, right?"

"Weeeel...Ninjas aren't always to most trust worthy you know. We've been know to...stab people in the back!" Shiryoku said, poking Rika in the back lightly with her sword for emphasis.

Rika jumped a bit at the poke before turning to Shi and shaking her head. "Well, I guess that ninjas aren't very nice people then."

"And that's why you don't wanna get on a ninjas bad side." Shiryoku said with an evil smirk.

"Well, you don't wanna get on a witch's bad side either!" Rika rebuked. "Once Rika gets better, she can summon all kinds of scary monsters and call down lightning on you. You wouldn't have anywhere to run!"

"A ninja always has places to run. You and your monsters wouldn't even see me!" Shiryoku responded, remaining confident.

"But witches have spells to see everything. Ghosts, goblins, vampires, demons all with their own powers to see through everything... You can run, but they'll always catch you!" Rika said, lowering her hat and speaking in as dark a tone as an 11-year old could muster.

"Even if they could see me, which I bet they couldn't, I could still beat them with all my other master ninja skills! Ninjas aren't just good at running and hiding you know." Shiryoku countered in her own serous tone (serious for a 10 year old at least).

Gummi was keeping rather quiet while listening to Rika and Shi converse. But then chuckled out loud a little.

"NOPE! The guy is blocking me with a dimensional wall, can't get to him....have to wait till he gives up..." Alice replied to Greed, still looking out the window.

"What's so funny?" Shiryoku asked Gumi, putting her hands on her hips.

Rika looked to Shi, not amused. "Hmph. Rika could totally summon something that can beat you and whatever ninja powers you have!"

Looking to Gumi, she pouted. "Why are you laughing?"

Gummi looked at Rika and Shi, then put her hands up, slightly defensively. "Oh don't you two worry about me!" she said to both of them.

"She's making fun of us!" Shiryoku exclaimed to Rika as she pointed her sword at Gumi, seeming to have already forgotten about their little feud.

Rika had a bit of a pouty face as she looked at Gumi before looking to Shi and smiling. "Maybe we can work together for now..." She said as she let her wand's jewel light up.

"Woah woah wait a cotton picking moment, I was laughing because I found kinda cut-" Gummi said to explain but stopped. actually, they both look like they could do with some practice...I got an idea! she thought to herself. "Actually, yeah I found you two funny, so what are yall going to do about it?" Gummi asked Shi and RIka in a jokey matter, sticking her tongue out at the small girls.

"Well, that sucks. That could take ages..." Greed remarked with a small sigh. "It's not as much a problem for me, though, since I have all the time in the world. but still." Driving into London, Greed slowed down further, to below the speed limit. He took note the destruction the tornado caused on the way, but didn't care enough to think much on it.

"GrrrNOBODY MAKES FUN OF A NINJA OR HER FRIENDS!" Shiryoku shouted at Gumi. "Hit her with some lightning or something!" Shiryoku commanded Rika as she readied her still-sheathed sword.

Gummi immediately started to run away. "Yall gonna have to catch me first!"

Alice gave a "Hmmm" response as she looked at the destruction. "This place is so pretty!" she said with a smile.

Rika nodded and drew back her wand. "You're not getting away!" She then casted a weak stream of lightning at Gumi. It would at most tickle her.

Gummi stopped running, but only because of the small static tickled her. "That's it, right on Target!" she called out to Rika. "But your gonna want something a little stronger then that you two!" she said with a small smile.

"Pretty? It's a dump..." Greed remarked as he drove further into London, begining to look for a clothes store. "But I guess you're into that. What ever floats your boat."

Shi was able to easily close the distance between herself and Gumi very quickly. When she was in range, she jumped high in the air and went to bring her sword down on Gumi's head. Thanks to gravity and momentum and stuff like that, this attack would leave a bump on Gumi's head at most if it connected.

Rika nodded and shot out a small, but slightly stronger stream of lightning. It wouldn't do much damage, but Gumi would feel it. The spell went a bit off target though.

"Happy lives make me sick, I prefer everything to be ruined!" Alice said to Greed with a smile.

Gummi put her arms up to Block Shi's strike, but due to Rika's lighting it made her arms spazz out slightly and lowered her guard. The bump hit her on the head, living a tiny bump. "Ouch, well it's time I got back at you!" Gummi said, as she went to Grab Shi, trying to tickle her.

Shi wasn't exactly expecting to hit Gumi, so when her strike landed she ended up falling flat on her back on the ground, leaving her defenseless for a few precious moments.

As Nanami climbed back up on Rook, Milly took it as a sign that they were about to move. She shifted from laying down to sitting up and crossing her legs. She quietly marveled at how the trip back to the mansion was both fast and smooth. It's actually kinda nice seeing something that isn't so strange...

The cat just laid around in Nanami's arms, seeming content to not do anything else for the moment.

Greed raised an eyebrow at Alice's responce, glancing curiously towards her, although not looking at her fully, keeping an eye on the road. Now that just sounds like you've a personal vendetta." he remarked. Seeing a clothing store in the distance, Greed began driving towards it, speeding up by a small margin. "So, what's the story? What've they done to piss you off?"

As they made it out of the forest, Rook stopped for a moment as they saw Carmen's corpse lying near the side of it. "Cccaarrmmenn..." Nanami said as she noticed, sounding quite saddened by the sight. Rook approached the body slower, being a bit respectful as a giant crab could be.

Gummi, sizing the chance bent down and tickled Shi under her arms. "Gotcha ya little Ninja!" she said with a smile.

"Nothing, I just want certain people dead and certain people alive...." Alice replied to Greed, folding her arms slightly. "General Greenie is one person I would prefer to keep alive....the one who keeps blocking me is someone I want dead..."

Shi squealed and flailed desperately to fend Gumi off as she started laughing.

Rika gasped at Gumi tickling Shi. "I'll save you!" She cried jokingly as she shot one more slightly weaker stream of lightning at Gumi.

"Yeah? Why the hate for happy lives, then?" Greed asked as he pulled up to the store, switching off the engine. He didn't get out just yet, however, instead resting his elbow on the wheel, looking at Alice. "Gotta be a reason for that, right? So, what is it?"

Gummi continued to tickle Shi, chuckling herself and stopped when her arms shook a little from Rika's lighting bolt. "Your next little witch girl!" Gummi said with a smile as she ran towards the girl, trying to pick her up.

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