Show About Games Show: The Pilot

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The HD Trials guy made me chuckle. Not bad for the pilot, if this keeps up we may finally have something to fill the cold dead space in my heart left by Doraleous and Associates.

This is exactly the type of random ass show the escapist was missing, good job.

it was very hit and miss
but enough bits were funny to buy my attention for next time

Damn, Cooking Mama is scary. At least in Doomsday Arcade she only tried to poison you, in this show she shoots laser beams from her eyes.
I'm looking forward to seeing more of this, and you should have deleted Borderlands. Stupid Claptrap.

Decent for a pilot episode. I really liked the "Hard Drive Full" skit. The rest was marginally humorous and has potential. Hope to see this show go in a good direction! Sketch comedy on this site is definitely appreciated by me.

This wasn't funny, I watched the first few minutes and got real bored.

Poor material, poor script. If this was the best the film festival had to offer I'm glad I "missed" it.

You give Demented Shaman a bad name.

I thought it definitely had a good concept, just need some more thought into the jokes.

Stupid damned internet. Causing me to make double post.I SHALL DESTROY YOU!!

That show was most excellent. I can wait to see more, but I wouldn't mind having it now.

This is exactly the type of random ass show the escapist was missing, good job.

Yup. I guess it's true where "haters gonna hate" because they're hating right now. Unbelievable! Another show like all those big picture and etc? There's enough of those in that category. What they don't seem to get is that if you flood the category it will start overlapping and constraining the producers.

I loved every second of this, especially never knowing what to expect. Cooking Momma wanted to cook him, and I am a big fan of lasers.

The chainsaw gun coming out of literally nowhere got me, as did the red ring.

It's not always about the content people, but comedic timing. If you don't have a taste for comedic timing, it can be hard to find the humor in a show like this. Thankfully I can, so this was a riot.

very funny!
I love how you had cooking mama shoot lazers out of her eyes! It can feel like that at times.
I also love the way you said aw crap.
I shall come back next thursday.

One thing to remember:

It won't ever be as bad as Game dogs.

Well, 60% of that wasn't that funny but the trails guy was epic.
And yeah, I was expecting extra credit style show too.

Looking forward to how yer gonna try and set yourself apart from the LRR team.

They can do that by being funny, ba dum tish. Nah to be honest I like both, although I prefer unskippable to the actually LRR show.

This was pretty good, I look forward to new episodes.

That was pretty refreshing, though the first sketch was far better than the second. As long as you can keep it fresh, I'll keep watching. Sadly the problem with sketch shows is usually the fact that they run out of ideas and start recycling them, or maybe do a recurring sketch.

As a sidenote, that Portal Song Sure is awesome!

One thing to remember:

It won't ever be as bad as Game dogs.

well of course but taking it as lowest standard would make it too easy to make better show

mainly meh
has potential
too bad a ps3 owner couldn't relate to any of these gags

and where is the song from the dude hears over his headphones again?
i know this song but i can't put my finger on it

I think it was the cooking mama sketches that made me laugh the most. I did not expect that at the end.

Finally! One of the series from the Film Festival will be out weekly now! Still looking forward to the Yugioh/Pokemon/Every Card Game Parody though (Card Masters? I forget the title). But this was good still.

"WOOOHOO!" "Trials HD guy?" "WO!"
I almost fell of my chair, this is pretty damn good.

.....Well that sucked.

One thing to remember:

It won't ever be as bad as Game dogs.

I dunno. It's almost there.

The cooking mama bits were Eggcelle.....What am i Saying? So glad i didn't finish that sentence.

Looks nice. lets see how it goes.


Naaah. Not my thing.

Wow, Zach Galifianakis is looking pretty fit.

Good for him.

should have deleted trials
...crappy game

and I don't know what to say about the rest

and every castle crashers fan KNOWS why to keep that game until February 6th

that was very funny if there is more like that to come this will be added to my viewing list for sure

Awesome! Looking very much forward to the next episode. My favorite part was the Red Ring and the cooking mama sketches.

Michael O'Hair:
Where is the Dislike button? If I knew where it was I would mash it until it stopped working.

Agreed. Escapist needs more smart stuff like Extra Credits.

That was great! The Cooking Mama bits and the first sketch in particular were awesome.

And Tali is not loose! She'a s sweet, exo-suited angel. Stupid Epic Games developers.

Sorry, doesn't really do it for me...

I like it, I like it a lot :P The guy who did John Marston did it really well! The cooking mama jokes we're also fun. I didn't quite get the Gears of War 3 thing though.

Can't wait to see more of it ^_^


and where is the song from the dude hears over his headphones again?
i know this song but i can't put my finger on it

That'd be the radios in Portal

Cooking Mama sequences way better than the sketches, but the first sketch was pretty good tho.

I'm proud of these guys for trying this, I mean, my college has a sketch troupe too.

But seriously, I am so tired of lazy game humor that thinks it can make tired observations and jokes just because it is about games. This show is just another entry in the "airplane food is bad" category of video game jokes.

I am saying this because all of the jokes in this episode are just retreads of the same things that gamer webcomics have been going over for a long time. Yes, it is hard to decide what to delete when you want to download a new piece of DLC, we get it already (on a quick side note, why did that guy only download the most recent, most publicized games? Why not include some older classics? UNO perhaps?). The second sketch wasn't fresh either. Gears of War came out in 2006. That's 5 years ago. And violence in video games has been discussed heavily since long before that. So why did these guys think a sketch about how even violence in gears of war is rote and predictable at this point would be fresh or funny at all? Somebody in this thread said that comedy comes from timing, and yes that is true, but comedy also comes from the unexpected, and I have seen all of these jokes before.

Trials HD guy did make me laugh though, that was excellent.

Also, could people please stop calling this show random? It was advertised as a sketch show about video games and it then showed sketches about video games. There is nothing random about it. If you do not believe me then please look up the word in a dictionary.

TL;DR: Didn't like it, but unlike everybody else I actually explain why instead of just posting that it was stupid and then leaving.

T'was alright. Kinda silly, but I think I'll watch next week too. I have a feeling it'll get better. :)

To some of the people complaining:
1) It's a pilot. Pilots are usually not as good as the final product.
2) I understand that a lot of the humour requires you to know the source material. If you didn't find this one that funny, it may be becuase it parodied games that you don't know very well.
3) It is faster paced than LRR and completely focused on games. I think it can find a unique fanbase.

I personally found this quite funny but it needs to improve on the execution a little to make it into another Escapist must-see. I liked it enough to watch it again though, since I'd already seen it in the Film Festival.

Good idea, not great video though. Hopefully it will improve, but if this one won I guess the others weren't great either :P

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