Game On Hardcore

#012: En Route


This is, unfortunately, the last episode of “Game On, Hardcore” to be published on the Escapist – though the verdict is still out on whether the series will survive under a different roof (my own). If you’d like to see this series continued, be sure to let me know – and keep yourself updated on the possibility of its resurrection via my Twitter account (@koobismo), Facebook page ( or my personal website ( Or, hey, all three!

This episode is a bit different than the rest, allowing itself an even more chaotic structure, while also pulling on a few threads I wanted to pull before freezing it all up.

If you’d like to ask any questions about the events presented in the series, receive answers or hints to any of the outstanding mysteries or planned arcs, or simply tell me what you enjoyed and what you disliked about the whole shabang – jump into the forums, where I’ll be glad to share and comment on everything openly.

Here’s hoping we’ll meet again, either over the next chapters of this whacky story, or some other projects of mine (or yours!). Thank you for reading. Game On, Hardcores. Game On.

Jakub “Koobismo” Riedel wanted to become the Escapist’s longest-running webcomic maker, but failed miserably. Dabbles in game development and writing, known to converse with products of pop culture. You can catch his other work – including the Marauder Shields webcomic – at his site, Often hangs around Twitter, trying to convince the world that all it needs is just a little bit of Ecco the Dolphin.

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