Activision CEO Bobby Kotick said he doubted that even a one-billion-dollar investment would be enough to take on the immensely popular MMOG World of Warcraft.

“We don’t think that even if we made the $500 million or $1 billion investment to get a product out [to compete with WOW] that we would even be successful doing it,” he said at an investor meeting.

The assessment is a bit of a moot point for Activision itself, which merged with Vivendi late last year to form Activision Blizzard.

Pointing to other industry giants like EA, Microsoft and Sony, he said none of them have managed to take the throne despite considerable capital investments.

“Look at all the money that’s already gone to these businesses that have failed, there didn’t seem a likelihood that even a well managed company like Activision would have the prospect for profit any time soon in this category.”


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