1 in 3 Potential God of War 3 Buyers PS3-Less


Could God of War 3 be more of a system-seller than predicted? OTX analyst Nick Williams thinks so, claiming that one-third of people who intend to buy the game don’t even have a PS3 yet.

As part of the most recent “Analyze This” column on Gamasutra, Nick Williams said that his company’s data showed that Kratos’ third rampage on consoles could be a veritable goldmine for Sony’s shiny black behemoth of a console.

It’s no secret that the Playstation 3’s steep price point is a stumbling block for Sony’s console, and one of the primary reasons that the console hasn’t enjoyed anywhere near the broad market penetration of its predecessor. Williams believes that Sony can continue to lower the costs of production for the PS3, which means that they would be financially able to slash the console’s price by Summer 2009 – right in time for God of War 3 to hit in late ’09, early ’10.

The one-two punch of a hot new exclusive and a cheaper PS3 might be a winning combination for Sony, argues Williams. There’s also the counterargument, which says that this scenario will simply result in lower-than-expected God of War sales, rather than a spike in PS3s. Obviously, Sony would prefer one to the other, but nothing is certain.

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