10 Minutes of Arkham … In Polish


How do you fancy ten minutes of Batman: Arkham Asylum? Uh, it’s in Polish though, is that alright?

The cosmic scales must always balance, so while on one hand, I present you with ten whole minutes of gameplay footage from the upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum, but to balance it out, the narration is in Polish. And thus, balance is maintained.

I’ve watched it, and I have to say, the game looks pretty good, and not only do you get a look at the game itself, but ancillary things like the menus and the side quests are shown as well. The combat system looks especially good, with bonuses handed out for varying your moves.

The voice acting and all the menus are in English, so you’re not going to have an problem figuring out what’s going on, so sit back, relax and become the bat. Oh, and I’m pretty sure the Mass Effect thing is a joke.

You’ll see what I mean, trust me.

Source: Kotaku

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