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10 Rejected Facebook Reactions That Should Have Made The Cut


In October 2015, Facebook Grand Emperor Mark Zuckerberg declared that his social media platform was testing emoji reactions as an alternative to the “like” button that we’ve all come to know. After much testing – by top men, no doubt – Facebook Reactions were rolled out on February 26, offering users a way to truly express how a post made them feel… within the range of half a dozen emojis.

Pictured above, the new reactions include Love – when Like just isn’t enough; Haha, because simply Liking something that is funny apparently doesn’t convey your amusement; Wow, for those times when you don’t know what else to say; Sad, so that you no longer have to question whether it’s inappropriate to Like that post about your friend’s dog dying; and Angry, so that there’s no confusion as to whether you Like the fact that terrorists have done bad guy things.

Now clearly, this handful of emojis cannot possibly capture the full spectrum of human emotion, so here are 10 additional Facebook reactions that our top men here at The Escapist feel should have been included. Our team of experts spent literally thousands of seconds developing and testing these ideas among a think-tank of mostly uninterested staff members who were clocking out for the weekend.

Here are the results:

Let us know which of these emoji you’d Love to use, and which additional ones you’d like to see come to Facebook!

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