12-year-old Dylan Phifer has set a new world record for Guitar Hero, cranking out over a million points during a Labor Day rockfest at a Washington state Game Crazy store.

The boy with the fast-flyin’ fingers racked up 1,019,682 points of guitar heroism, handily knocking over the old mark of 1,009,000. “I never expected to break a world record on something that is kind of important,” Phifer told “Maybe something kinda small but not this big.”

“Important” may be relative, but as Drew McGillivray, manager of the Game Crazy store where the new record was set, pointed out, Phifer’s got some undeniably mad skills. “He’s incredible,” he said. “I’ve never seen anyone play Guitar Hero like him. It just baffles me how good he is.”

“This is such a great thing to see anyone break a Guinness World Record, but on top of that having a 12-year-old come in and do it was fantastic,” he added.

His mother said she’s not concerned about the amount of time he spends with the game because he’s an honor student and a “good kid.” She claimed he’s always had a “natural ability to really focus in on things,” and also admitted that she’s a fan of a lot of the music he plays along to. “I just love hearing the songs,” she said. “I’ll start singing the songs and he’ll tell me to stop.”

Despite his accomplishment and new-found fame, the youngster remains humble. He said he’s not actually the best Guitar Hero player in the world, just one of the few who bothered to go through the hassle of the Guinness verification process, which requires a videotape of the feat, statements from witnesses and a pile of paperwork, all of which has to be sent to the Guinness offices in England. But he does acknowledge that he seems to have a certain talent for the game.

“When I finally got to expert, I thought I might actually be good at this game,” he said.


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