13-Foot LEGO Star Destroyer Heads to Kickstarter


Thomas Benedikt wants $15,500 to fund the construction of 13-foot, 90,000 piece recreation of the Super Star Destroyer Executor from Return of the Jedi.

We’ve seen some impressive LEGO spaceships in the past. Back in June, for instance, one builder unveiled a LEGO Star Destroyer that made the official version look meager. A few months before that, builder Mark Kelso completed a 4-year, 7-foot build of Halo‘s UNSC Spirit of Fire that left us pretty danged dazzled. If veteran builder Thomas Benedikt has his way, however, these builds (and pretty much every LEGO project) will pale in comparison to the project he has planned. A project so huge, he’s taken it to Kickstarter. ‘

After nearly 1,000 hours of design work, Benedikt has completed plans for an epic 90,000 LEGO recreation of the Super Star Destroyer Executor from Star Wars. The end result would be a 13-foot model of the famous Imperial starship weighing more than 220 pounds. To construct this beast, Benedkit hopes to raise $15,500. It’s a sum that he knows could come across as exorbitant.

“With the cost of everyday living expenses, I do not have the money to spend on creative endeavors,” explained Benedikt. “That’s why I’m on Kickstarter. I can’t spend half my salary on Lego.” He would go on to affirm that the Kickstarter funds would, in fact, only cover around 60 percent of the model’s final cost. The rest would “come from yours truly.”

This, of course, won’t be the first massive-scale Star Wars build that Benedikt’s worked on. Back in 2009 he completed a 7-foot, 30,000 brick model of the Mon Calamari star cruiser from Return of the Jedi. Benedikt’s Kickstarter, meanwhile, has currently raised $246 and has 24 days left on its timer.

Source: Kickstarter

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