A top Sony official has said that 2008 is the key year for the PlayStation 3 all around.

Scott Steinberg, VP of Product Marketing at SCEA, said in an interview with Gamedaily that with the format war resolved, Sony ‘s attention is focused on games, movies, and networking capabilities.

“… We’re ecstatic about what we have in 2008. It’s finally to the point where there are no standards uncertainties, so consumers now can evaluate us on the skills and attributes of our lineup, and we’ve got an incredibly diverse lineup,” he said.

Steinberg further pressed the point later, adding, “So 2008 is going to be the year where both on the service side as well as on a Blu-ray side, you’re going to see everything that we’ve got.”

The Sony official also expressed no hesitation about the console’s pricing, indicating that $400 for the 40GB unit and $500 for the 80GB one was not going to change in the near future. He said Sony actually underestimated demand for the higher-priced model and that analysts’ predictions about supposed consumer jitters over the $500 price point were not panning out.

Source: Gamedaily.com

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