2009 March Mayhem: Developer’s Showdown Starts Today!


The 2009 March Mayhem: Developer’s Showdown starts today with a preview of all of the match-ups in this year’s tourney.

Wondering what March Mayhem is all about? It is 64 of the top game developers going head-to-head in a bracketed tournament to see who the best developer is! The Escapist community votes to see who will move to the next round until there is only one developer left standing. Last year Turbine, Inc. went into the finals against Rock Band developer Harmonix and eventually brought down the house with the help of their enthusiastic Lord of the Rings Online community. The ranks have been given and the divisions made; all that’s left is for you to go to the forums and check out the match-ups.

Now, here is how it all involves YOU! Being an Escapist community member allows you to vote on each and every match-up. Becoming a member is free, and voting in every match-up will grant you a limited edition March Mayhem badge for your profile.

For more information please visit the tournament page or hop over to our March Mayhem Forums for a list of round dates, a list of developers and rules of participation. If you would like an overall view of this year’s March Mayhem: Developer’s Showdown, watch the exclusive Pre-Tournament Show from Escapist Magazine News by Clicking Here!

The voting begins March 19th, so get ready to vote and cheer your favorite developers on to victory!

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