This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee discusses a roundup of 2021 video games he didn’t review, like Unpacking, Eastward, and Tales of Arise.

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2021 is over, another January wasteland stretches ahead of us like the romantic comedy our partner forces us to endure before the begrudging blowjob of the quarter one releases. It’s time for my second ever roundup of games I didn’t review. Last time I did this I did it before the awards episode in case I wanted to sneak a dark horse candidate up the drainpipe to clandestinely bugger expectations with its giant dark horse willy, but in practice anything I don’t review is most likely just fine and not worth harping on about, so that was like trying to add croutons to my salad by shaking my keyboard over it. So with expectations set nice and low, let’s begin.

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