Sony’s sold out 20th Anniversary PS4’s are selling for thousands on eBay.

Last week, Sony celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the PlayStation brand. As a part of its celebrations, the company unveiled a special edition 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 adorned with retro coloring, etchings and logos taken straight from the original PlayStation. Intending it to be a rare collector’s item, Sony only produced 12,300 units, all of which swiftly sold out when it went on sale this past weekend. If you were hoping to get your hands on one however, there’s still hope. You just might need a few thousand dollars.

You see, while most probably bought their Anniversary PS4’s with the intention of using them or holding onto them as collector’s items, others took their newly acquired consoles straight to eBay where they’re now being sold for far more than Sony’s $500 asking price. One PS4, for instance, features a buy it now price of $17,770. And while that might sound like a crazy amount to spend on a game console, other auctions are drawing in sums that are barely more reasonable. One auction, based in the UK, just recently sold its Anniversary PS4 for 4,800 GBP (roughly $7,480.40).

Which brings me to the part where I’m going to say that I don’t get this. I understand selling these PS4s. Heck, if I’d known people would pay this much money for them, I probably would have tried to resell one myself. What I just can’t fathom is doling out that much cash for a console that’s really only special because Sony’s management decided to turn the factory off after they hit a certain number. Honestly, I can understand paying $2,500 for a defective Amiibo figure more than I can this. At least there’s only one of those that was produced by accident.

What do you think? Would you pay thousands for a 20th Anniversary PS4 or does that strike you as a bit much?

Source: eBay

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