The bigger/smaller console hits shelves on August 2.

Microsoft kicked off its E3 presser this year by showing off its newest console, the Xbox One S. Despite being 40% smaller than its predecessor, the unit is capable of 4K Ultra HD video, will support 4K Ultra HD Bluray, and will include an upgraded version of the Xbox One controller, with textured grips on the back and Bluetooth wireless. Oh, and it features a 2TB hard drive.

At the time, Microsoft stated that the launch edition would be available in early August, and they weren’t kidding – a post on has now confirmed that the $399 console will be available in select regions starting on August 2. In addition, Microsoft promises that all pre-orders will also arrive on August 2 – and they’re still accepting pre-orders, although “availability is limited and demand is high.” Two other versions of the console – 1TB ($349) and 500GB ($299) – have not received release dates yet.

“With the biggest blockbuster lineup of games in Xbox history coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 this year, platform updates to help you stay connected with friends on Xbox Live with even more games across your favorite devices and more hardware options available, 2016 and beyond is looking to be an incredible time to be an Xbox gamer,” the post reads.

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