300 Heroes Rips Off League of Legends, Naruto, Shrek and More


The Chinese bootleg proves once more that there is no Mandarin word for “copyright.”

Ladies and gentlemen, we have found the mother of all Chinese bootlegs. Introducing 300 Heroes, the game that rips-off every franchise or intellectual property it can get its hands on. The game is a League of Legends clone in the sense that it is literally League of Legends with a bunch of other copyrighted character’s skins slapped over the top of existing LoL champions. The copyrights infringed include (but are not limited to): Naruto, Shrek, Disney, One Piece, Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies.

This game is currently available in China only, and failing the simultaneous death of every single lawyer in North America, will never see release anywhere else in the world. The game features Shrek (although he is totally not Shrek, as the game says he is “Green Ogre”) wearing a black Zorro mask and using poor Donkey as a projectile attack, the entire cast of both Naruto and One Piece, and a Monkey King-type character that throws Angry Birds. Wall-E even shows up to add to the randomness.

All of the characters are simply LoL champions with new skins and custom animations – some of which are actually pretty cool considering everything else. Crusader Cast admits that the models do look nice, and “fit in well with all the stolen League textures.”

Lastly, for whatever reason, Plants vs. Zombies art is used as the backdrop for the game’s lobby. This, to me, is the strangest of all the game’s infringements. It’s almost as if the developer was specifically trying to infringe on as many copyrights as humanly possible in a single game, and stealing the PvZ art for the lobby was a quick way to rack up its total.

Source: Crusader Cast

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