30,000 Dominoes Proves Fan’s Love of Nintendo


Watching this many small rectangles fall is more fun than Tetris.

There’s something pure and childlike about the joy one feels watching a meticulously-placed display of dominoes fall one by one. The clicking, the anticipation, the spectacle of a crash all culminate in a smile. It’s similar to how a great and simple videogame can delight and entertain you no matter how old you are. Nintendo fan and YouTube channeler “ShanesDominoez” put those two loves together and created a wonderful display of more than 30,000 dominoes. Then he turned on the camera, and knocked over the first one and watched them fly.

There a few nods to specific Nintendo games like Mario Bros., Pokemon and Zelda, but I especially liked the console section with depictions of the DS and the Gamecube. Some might scoff at the inclusion of Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog, but ShanesDominoez says he has enjoyed those games too.

“Also, Sonic/SEGA belongs in this video! We have enjoyed the Sonic games on Nintendo consoles since the early 2000s,” he said in the video description.

Quibbles about publishing companies aside, the display ShanesDominoez created is a fun way to spend three minutes. Thanks!

Source: YouTube

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