Josh Holmes of 343 Industries addressed concerns over microtransactions in Halo 5: Guardians in a recent blog post.

“I’m seeing a lot of questions on Twitter and in forums about the new Requisition System (REQ System) in Halo 5: Guardians,” development chief Josh Holmes wrote in a recent blog post.” REQ points are earned after multiplayer Arena or Warzone matches, and can be used to purchase REQ Packs.”

“Each pack contains a variety of requisitions (REQs) in the form of unlockable weapons and armors, skins, assassination animations, and more.” Holmes says REQ Packs will be received as rewards for leveling up.

While REQ Packs can be earned, they can also be purchased with real money “as a matter of convenience,” with a portion of the proceeds going toward prize pools for the Halo Championship Series.

Holmes stresses that only cosmetic items can be used in Arena mode, “to ensure that all players start with the same weapons and abilities.” In the newly revealed Warzone mode, however, weapons and vehicles obtained from REQ packs can be used. “These requisitions are governed and balanced by Warzone’s in-match REQ Level and Energy systems, which are driven by player and team performance within the mode.”

When asked about limits and restrictions for Warzone, Holmes reiterated “Warzone has built in REQ Level and Energy system to maintain balance and prevent pay to win.”

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