3D Dot Game Heroes Makes Cloud’s Sword Look Like a Toothpick


Atlus’s upcoming PlayStation 3 RPG 3D Dot Game Heroes could incorporate the largest swords ever seen in a videogame.

Aww, look at Cloud’s little sword, isn’t it cute? The Final Fantasy VII star has been severely trumped by the latest 3D Dot Game Heroes trailer, showing off the massive swords players will be wielding when the game is released in May.

The main character from 3D Dot Game Heroes starts with a Cloud-sized sword, and upgrades from there. Upgrading simply requires a trip to the blocksmith… err, the blacksmith. After he’s through with your weaponry, a single swipe can take out every enemy on the screen.

3D Dot Game Heroes has been compared to Zelda by the entire planet at this point, but now the game is starting to show how it could be so much cooler in its own way. Link’s sword might be able to fire energy bolts when he’s at full strength, but an agile enemy could dodge them easily. You’re not dodging a sword the size of a house.

I’m really trying to contain my excitement for 3D Dot Game Heroes, I really am. Combined with the fact that it’s going to be cheap, I don’t see how any PlayStation 3 owner isn’t going to want a game with so much charm and humor. Knowing Atlus, more trailers are sure to come, along with some kind of cool pre-order bonus hopefully.

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