Not content with ruining films and videogames, 3D effects are coming to book covers.

The push for 3D technology has been met with both acceptance and hostility amongst the general public, mainly because people seem divided about why they should pay extra for the privilege of wearing clunky glasses that dim the images they’re looking at (though apparently porn fans love the effect). However, it’s now been revealed that 3D is coming to a rather unexpected type of media: classic sci-fi books.

Vintage Classics, a division of the publisher Random House, announced that it’s going to re-release some of its most-beloved pieces of science fiction with “collectible” 3D covers:

? Planet of the Apes
? Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea
? The Lost World
? Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
? The Call Of Cthulhu And Other Weird Tales

You can see the covers here; they look great, though they seem a little abstract to imagine in 3D. The books are currently only for sale in the U.K., though if you order them through Amazon, you can have them shipped worldwide.

Source: Geek

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