3D Realms Responds To Employee Exodus Rumor


Following a rumor that 3D Realms employees have been leaving the company in droves, President George Broussard has come forward to respond.

Currently developing the long-awaited Duke Nukem Forever, 3D Realms has been subject to a great many rumors over the years. The latest from Shacknews indicated that a number of key employees responsible for programming physics and animations had left the company. George Brussard, President of 3D Realms, responded on the official message board today.

“Physics and animation systems are virtually finished and shippable. It’s simply maintenance and polish from here on out. We haven’t needed to make substantial changes to those systems in months. The changes we have made, were made without great effort,” he said.

Duke Nukem Forever does not currently have a release date. Thanks GameDaily.

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