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The Batman has garnered Robert Pattinson some high praise for his turn as Batman and reignited debates about who the best actor to play the character really is. Of course, those debates are all pointless as we all know the best Batman actor is, and always will be, Adam West. Need proof? YouTube channel Corridor has inserted Adam West Batman (not to mention a few others from the ’60s TV series) into The Batman in an edited mock trailer, and it is, by far, the best version possible.

This Adam West-ified The Batman trailer pulls out all the stops. This isn’t just a quick edit inserting West into Pattinson’s scenes. We also get a glimpse of the Boy Wonder joining Batman in the Batcopter, Burgess Meredith playing the Penguin, and Frank Gorshin taking on the role of the Riddler. The music is also redone to be a fantastic blend of the film’s score and the iconic Batman TV show theme. That’s not to mention the insertion of the original Batmobile into the chase sequence with the Penguin, which I will genuinely say looks even cooler than the film’s.

Strangely, they didn’t do any swapping in of Catwoman, though at that point it might have gone a bit too far. Maybe they couldn’t decide which actress to choose from, though I would have gone with Eartha Kitt. Accompanying the release of the fake trailer was a making-of video, which shows you just how much effort really went into this. It’s a pretty amazing bit of cinema trickery and finally confirms that Batman should have never stopped dancing.

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