Uninformed 7 Eleven store clerks seem to be making gamers’ days this week.

In all likelihood, the release of Gears of War 2 – officially set to launch tomorrow – is going to be catastrophically awesome. Apparently, a lucky few have managed to tap into that awesomeness a bit early, by taking advantage of the gaming industry naïveté of 7 Eleven store clerks.

Reports of 7 Eleven clerks breaking the GOW 2 street date surfaced earlier this week. Nikole over at received a tip Monday night and gathered a posse to go hunting. They were able to buy five copies of GOW 2 between two different stores. “Obviously there is nothing official going on, just stores not knowing they aren’t supposed to sell the game yet,” writes Nikole in a blog post Tuesday. Following her success, others followed suit and posted similar experiences.

Hell, even Tycho over at Penny Arcade was able to obtain two copies. His humorous post about the matter: “Hypothetical situation. Let’s say you were to ask the people at 7 Eleven if they ‘sell videogames. They may answer in the affirmative, and then hand you a stack of games, from which you may choose what you like. They might sell this game to you even if there is a sticker on it that expressly tells them not to do so.”

It’s unclear what, if any, repercussions 7 Eleven stores could see from their loose clerks’ transactions. One might presume Microsoft is not amused, but in the end does it really matter? The world will experience chainsaw duels and glorious conflict against the Locust Horde soon enough.

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