8-Bit Parody of Cee Lo’s “F**k You” Has Got Soul


The Nintendo 8-bit console is a spurned lover in a parody of Cee Lo’s “F**k You” song: “If I were Sega, I’d still be with ya.”

I certainly let out a giggle or two when I first watched the video for Cee Lo’s “Fuck You” with its explicit lyrics and animated titles. Even the official video was pretty entertaining, if only because it confirmed that Cee Lo looked exactly as i imagined him. The original song had a videogame reference with the line, “I guess he’s Xbox, and I’m more Atari,” but chiptune composer Inverse Phase decided to take that one step farther.

With only the tones available through an 8-bit music processor, the titles of “F___ed 6502” are written from the point of view of a Nintendo console. What do you think it felt like when you moved on to the Sega Genesis?

Here’s a snippet:

I pity the fool
That’s playing games with you

Backup singers: (Oh shit you play Street Fighter)


(better get yo’ moves tighter)


I got some news for you

Yeah, and go throw your damn hadokens.

Clever stuff, and kudos to Inverse Phase for keeping the soulful flavor of the song intact with only the sounds available on NES.

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