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8 of the Coolest Items from Batman’s Arsenal


Sure, Batman doesn’t technically have any superpowers – but he also proves that you can be a brooding rich guy with absolutely no natural other-worldy abilities and still be a superhero! How does he do that? With a ridiculous amount of ridiculous gadgets, of course! Never at the disadvantage (ok, “never” is a lie, but work with me), Batman’s greatest strengths are intrinsically tied to the vast arsenal of often random, usually helpful items that he just happens to have at his disposal. So here we are – 8 of Batman’s coolest gadgets. Did we miss your favorite? That’s what comment sections are for!


Explosive Gel

In Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, Batman had what was quite possibly the most useful item one could imagine – explosive gel. Without speculating on the scientific properties, this is actually a believable item for Batman to be in possession of – I can’t even imagine how much time would have been saved on previous adventures if he could just blast his way through any wall bold enough to stand in his way.



The Batarang is arguably the least gimmicky, yet most useful, gadget that Batman has ever been in possession of. Is it simple? For sure. But it’s also widely used and incredibly useful – especially when it got its computer-programmed upgrade in Batman Returns. Type in some targets and take them out in one hit. Simple, sleek, efficient, and every bit as iconic as the man carrying it.


Bat Sonar

For those times when it isn’t quite intimidating enough being a grown man in a bat costume, you can call on your real life actual bat friends to come lend some much needed flare to the scene. It’s unsurprising that a super-rich genius would think of such a tool. It’s a distraction as well as a flashy, ridiculously over-the-top awesome visual.


Rocket Boots

I don’t really need to justify this one, do I?


Cell Phone Tracking System

Are the bad guys hiding from you? That won’t be a problem, because you have a super useful morally questionable computer system that allows you to locate them with the assistance of some special lenses – assuming you have a buddy to help guide you. Are they in buildings? You can see them. Sewers? Yup, you can see them too. Basically, Batman was a one man NSA, which is definitely a nasty moral situation to find yourself in, but he was at least cooler.



The disruptor was, hands down, one of the coolest Batman items ever to be introduced anywhere ever. Batman has carried some convenient, yet implausible, weapons over the years (Shark Repellant… really?), but this Arkham City addition actually made sense. Despite all of his amazing gadgets and outfits, Batman cannot, himself, deflect bullets. The next best thing is the disruptor which, when used, was capable of jamming any firearm from a considerable distance. Sure it had its limitations, but it was still invaluable.


Batsuit Taser

In the event Batman does manage to find himself overwhelmed, despite the plethora of weapons and gadgets at his disposal, he created his suit to be the ultimate last line of defense – it has its own built in taser! An electric charge can be sent through the entire costume, and can be used to effectively take down any enemies that have the bad judgement to try to touch him.

Bruce Wayne’s Brain

Hear me out. You may think this is cheating – but I actually bumped some really cool items off the list just to be able to write this one. Bruce Wayne is freakishly – freakishly – intelligent. Never was this more obvious than in Batman Forever, when Wayne and Alfred are solving The Riddler’s clues. “Mystery!” “And what’s another name for mystery?” “Enigma!” “Mr E Nigma. Edward Nigma.” That’s just ridiculous. 60 seconds to figure out the most ridiculous, over-the-top clue possibly ever. I bet Superman couldn’t have done it.

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